A date, you get nothing and YOUR RUNNING ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

This little girl is turning eight today so I got to take her out for a birthday date yesterday after school.  I used to take my niece’s on dates a few times a month and I have really missed spending so much time with them.  It was really great yesterday to get some time alone with Curly.

She requested that we listen to Party In The USA on repeat, she told me about how she is the fastest girl in her PE class, what she likes about her little brothers and I learned all about each member of her class at school.  The first stop was to get her favorite cookie at Sodalicious.  These pink sugar cookies took over Utah.

IMG 1164

And then by her request (not mine because I am afraid of heights) we went to a ropes course.  That little girl is brave.  She had to talk me into some of the sections of this ha.  I went skydiving once upon a time many years ago and I wonder how I did that… I think with each year of life my fear of heights doubles.

IMG 1174

We also played some games and with the tickets she won she got yellow warheads… I didn’t know people actually ate those things.

IMG 1179

She also gave me her opinions on all of the latest fashion trends lately.  There is a whole lot of personality jammed into that 8 year old body of hers:)

IMG 1177

Meanwhile during above date, Knox, Brooke and Beretta all crashed on the rug downstairs for a nap.  Andrew was stuck in this position until they woke up ha.

IMG 1186

For dinner we had one of my favorites.  Zoodles and grilled chicken with marinera sauce.

IMG 1182

A little baseball game out front.

IMG 1190

And stories before bed.

IMG 1195

This cereal thing is turning into a nightly thing for me.  I’m not mad about it and Honey Nut Cheerios never get old for me.

IMG 1196

Andrew sent this to me… Enjoy that extra hour;)

IMG 1156

Oh and this picture just made me happy.  My legs are pretty tired after yesterday’s mini speed workout so today will be filled with easy miles and Regina Spektor’s latest album:)  I cannot wait.

DSC08984 1


Thank you for sending in your accomplishments! I LOVE receiving these!  If you want to be featured then send your accomplishment to [email protected]


Kelly!!!  “I ran the Houston Half Marathon this weekend, and I finished in 1:29:40 (a new PR)!!!  My goal was to break 1:30, so I am over the moon happy about it!  I finished 2nd in my age group and 6th female overall.  My amazing boyfriend ran the 10k (his first), and he got 3rd in his age group!  He ended up running almost a minute per mile faster than his goal pace.  It was a great day!!”



Scott!!! “In the rain today.  Planning on a 13 miler Monday.”

IMG 20161028 093123


Monica!!!  “I ran my first marathon this past weekend! It was the 41st Marine Corp Marathon in DC.  I put a lot of work into this race and it was especially meaningful because it was my grandfather’s first marathon and this year it was on his birthday!  Knowing he was at the finish line cheering me on was what got me through those tough miles!  Running for the Marines also gives me so much pride to be an American.  And I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices they make to serve our country.  I can add the MCM marathon to my list of military races for this year, I also ran the MCM Half and Army 10-miler.  “We run free because of the brave”



Brooke!!!  “My 7 year olds, Charlie and Lily, ran their first race with me and my sister- The Zombie Mud Run.  They hung tough for the entire 5K, tackling obstacles, running from zombies, and diving in mud.  They were so proud to get their medals at the end!”



Chelsea!!!  “I wanted to share with you about my first full marathon experience this past weekend! I’ve completed 4 half marathons the past few years but I finally marked a full off my goal list! It was insanely hard but I truly enjoyed every second of it! I finished a little slower than I had hoped, but honestly my ultimate goal was to finish alive! ;) 5:24 was my official time and I even got 5th in my age group!  (It was a small race for full marathoners and only their 2nd time actually having that distance!) But, I used a run/walk interval method the entire time so I ran about 6 minutes and walked 1 up until mile 18! Then after that it was pure survival! Ha! But, overall it was amazing and I’m already looking for my next chance at the marathon distance with a few half marathons in between!”



Sarah!!! “I ran two marathons in 2012 (PR 3:10:40), followed by four years of success in shorter distances, but many injuries kept me from getting to the start of another marathon.  After my stress fracture in early summer this year I decided to do something different- and somewhat crazy.  I found a personal trainer (the best and most courageous one can have, I guess) who was willing to coach me for 10 weeks on my way to a marathon, aiming to run sub 2 with less than 60km per week and focusing on cross training (aqua jogging, elliptical) to prevent another injury during training.  Btw: my longest run was 25 km (15.5 miles).  During that time I told no one that I was planning to race the marathon, as there were so many unknown factors and risks ion the way.  Long story short:  I made it to the start of Frankfurt Marathon without injuries, and i made it to the finish line, achieving my goal running a 2:58:54.  I cannot tell you how happy I am, after so many struggles in the past!  The rest of the day I was eating, smiling, and wearing my “Sorry for what I said at mile 20” shirt- for the first time I was really ‘allowed’ to do so:)”

IMG 20161030 172149


Parents reading—>  at what age did your kids stop taking naps?  If they do now, how long are their naps?

-Brooke and Knox will take one probably once a week… usually it is in the car but yesterday it was a full nap.

Fear of heights… yes or no?  Ever been skydiving or bungee jumping?  Where?

Have any fun Friday night plans?

What has your nighttime snack been lately?

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The older I get the more scared I am of everything I never was afraid of as a child: rollercoasters, heights, scary movies…

BUT I am also not scared of some things like running a mile. If only I could go back to PE class and tell my old teacher that I can now run a mile. I think he would be shocked :D!


I don’t have kids, but I myself enjoy a good nap. I look forward to weekends with the possibility of at least two naps. I could actually REALLY use a nap right now. :/

I love that you take your niece on dates! I can’t wait until my niece is old enough for things like that (she’s currently not even three months yet). I already go over to my brother’s house at least once a week to hang out with her, but it sure will be fun later when we can have two-way conversations and do fun things like y’all do! :)


Fear of heights for sure!
Heading to the NYC marathon expo tonight sadly not because I’m running but I want to see my friends who are running and confirm plans for where I will be spectating on Sunday. It looks like I’ll be cheering at mile 18 and 23 :)


Each one of my kids stopped napping at different ages. My oldest, now 11, stopped napping before she was 2! And my 3rd stopped this year (she just turned 6). Time will tell for my baby.

All of my fears are amplified the older I get. But I always tell myself that fear is no good reason to avoid doing something. And it helps.
My great Friday plan is to take my kids to the movies. But shhh because they don’t know.
And night time snack has definitely been Halloween candy but that is stopping now because we donate our candy to Santa tonight.


Sooo afraid of heights!!!!!! I agree, it gets worse with age! I’m planning on a nice slow ‘long’ run again this weekend–I didn’t log my pregnancy miles the first 20 weeks because I’m dumb, but I’ve logged 221.99 miles from week 20-34, which made me so happy! Not that many compared to normal running, but I’m super proud of all of those pregnancy miles and I want to add a few more while I still can. ;-)


Happy Birthday, Curly! We’re going into DC tonight to celebrate because it’s my birthday, too!


My 6 years old was over with napping at age 2… He still thinks sleep is overrated ha So that Parent message Andrew sent you totally applies here! I always crave popcorn at night…every night… I never get tired of it!


omg the time change is the worst with little kids! my son would wake up at his natural time which would make the fall back sunday so super long. thankfully he is a little older now and stays in his room and sleeps! i need a new night time snacks these days. apples with peanut butter is starting to get burned out for me.


My brother has eaten a bowl of cereal every night since like 2nd grade! ?


I don’t mind heights as long as I don’t have to look down. ;-)

Love all these accomplishments today!!!! Congrats to everyone!!

P.S….Gotta say I totally smiled when I read Andrew’s comment on Instagram yesterday about your running pic…”Hottie”……(Newlyweds are so cute!)


Oh yea a fun Friday is planned. My kid never gets to go to the theater and see a movie, we always wait until it comes out on DVD. As a special surprise, a friend and I are taking my daughter to opening night of Trolls, WHO HOO, should be so fun. A treat for all of us. Mine stopped taking naps in the 4-5 age area. Sort of. Preschool messed her naps up big time. After that she’d had the occasional nap, but otherwise they were pretty much done in full by 6. My fear of heights and flying gets worse as I age. What is it with that. I about hyperventilated when you said you guys had bad turbulence recently. I pity the poor fool sitting next to me during turbulence. One really bad not quite a crash landing made this fear skyrocket. I just simply like my feet on the ground I guess. I had to do a rope course for a team building experience for work, it’s just amazing what can happen to your stomach in situations like that. It can’t be healthy, haha. Only fun part was the zip line bringing back to solid earth beneath my feet.


I actually have a fear of heights if it involves jumping into the water. I don’t particularly “like” heights but I don’t hate them either.

I also like reading about your Reader’s accomplishments as well. It’s so much fun!


No Friday night plans as of yet. Maybe a movie and a huge bowl of popcorn. I have a 10k this weekend that I’m resting up for!

Do you guys marinate your chicken in anything before you grill it? Do you prep a huge batch for the week?


I don’t think I’m scared of heights, but I went rock climbing once and when we were almost to the top of the summit, I freaked out a little bit. My recent nighttime snack has been crackers and cheese, yum!


I love everything about this post! The nap position is hilarious! What a good dad! I dislike the you get nothing pic. So true and so sad! If only I could nap when baby naps! When I can be a full time stay at home mom I hope I get to take naps. I hear stay at home moms say they rarely get naps but it’s a dream of mine. And I will keep that hope alive! ?


I think my oldest stopped consistently taking naps when he was 4. Now that’s he’s 6 naps are a rare exception. So far my 3 year old and 1 year old still nap pretty much daily.

I agree. My fear of heights has definitely increased as I get older! When I was in Costa Rica about 10 years ago I planned on bungee jumping but when I got to the bridge I looked over the edge and said, “I think God might be mad at me today. Pass.”

No major plans tonight but Sunday morning I get to do my first donut run. 8+ miles and 4 donut stops. Pure heaven!


Yes I have a huge fear of heights! I don’t even like staying above the second floor in a hotel. I always say someone couldn’t pay me a million dollars to skydive and that’s the truth!


I’ve had a fear of heights for a while now, and I don’t think it will change anytime soon ;)
Honeynut Cheerios are so delicious, they are one of my favorite bed time snacks too! Going along with your sugar question/tips from yesterday- one trick I found, to cut the sugar from honeynut Cheerios is to buy regular Cheerios and drizzle honey over them. It tastes just like it!


such impressive accomplishments this week!!


Those zoodles look delicious – I need to learn how to make them! Huge fear of heights, no way anyone would convince me to do that ropes course. My night-time snack lately has been chocolate milk!


Party in the USA is a good song! haha


I’ve been eating pumpkin Cheerios as a nightly snack! Have you tried those? I stocked up because I know they are seasonal. My 3 1/2 year still naps daily for 1 hour – 1 1/2 hours. Hope it lasts awhile since I have a 1 year old that naps and I like it when they both nap at same time!


Sounds like you and your niece had a fun birthday night out. You’re a good sport for doing something you’re scared of for her.


Jane, Brooke is so adorable! Your noodles with grilled chicken looks really good! Could I please have your recipe?
Have a great weekend.


I love love love the idea of dates for birthdays! I am definitely a quality time kinda gal :)

My daughter took naps longer than the my boys did and she’ll still take a good one on the weekends and she is 12! My boys stopped at around 3-4. We still have quiet (reading) time on the weekends though.

I absolutely have a major fear of heights! Even some hikes are too much for me. I have been ziplining, but that’s about the extent of what I can do height wise.

I’m taking off about an hour early and grocery shopping, then pizza and movie night with the fam! Tonight is the night that our kids get to eat as much candy as they can handle and then it all goes in the trash. We’ll see how this works out for them tomorrow ;)

My absolute fav nighttime snack is ice cream, but I’m limiting that to once a week, so it’s usually a babybel cheese or greek yogurt.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Happy Birthday Curly! You are right in the middle of all your siblings, (just like me), and we are super awesome!


I’m not afraid of heights but I totally have become more of a scaredy cat as I get older! From a positive perspective, I think it’s because we have more to lose ;)


I stopped making my daughter take a nap when she started staying up late at night. So, with that in mind, I would say age doesn’t matter. I would rather be awake with her during the day than be up at 10 pm with a small one! Mom is off the clock by no later than 9 at my house!


I am so scared of heights too!! I want to go sky-diving but I just don’t know if I can do it! I am loving an apple with almond butter or peanut butter for my nightly snack lately!


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