First Speed WORK in quite some time + they are finally back.

Andrew wins.

I haven’t had a speed work training partner (Josse is injured) lately but I’ve really wanted to get out and try a little speed with somebody.  Speed work is approximately 500 times more fun for me when I am with somebody.  Plus, when I am with somebody I feel way more comfortable running in some of my favorite spots.

Andrew volunteered to ride his bike with me in the freezing cold canyon.

IMG 1127

Yep, the FROST is here.  Next step—>  snow.

IMG 1114

The wind was crazy in the canyon but luckily it was a tailwind for us during the speed portion (thank heavens… running into wind is my least favorite thing but I just need to learn to get over that).  I started with 3 x 1 mile repeats with a 2-3 minute recovery in between them.  A total of 8.25 miles for the day with w/u and c/d.  For the three mile repeats I did a 6:29, 6:25 & 6:22 which I was happy about because going into it my goal was 6:30.   That last one was really tough for me at this point but I just reminded myself over and over that it is called speed WORK.  It’s supposed to take a good amount of effort.

Excited to try building back up again and trying all sorts of workouts over the next little while.

IMG 1135

I handed off my sweatshirt to Andrew for the last mile repeat because it somehow went from really cold to warm all of the sudden.

IMG 1137

Right back with the crew again!

IMG 1123

These two love snacking so I just keep a box of these in the car with us and they love them.

IMG 1139

Andrew went to his happy place.   Costco is by far his favorite store ever.

IMG 1132

And the second the kids got home again Knox changed back into his Halloween tank.  I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing a lot of this shirt;)

IMG 1141

I am thrilled because Costco has their sweet potatoes again.  They only sell them for part of the year and I tend to go through many of these large bags.  Andrew loves sweet potatoes too so we should probably buy two of them at a time.

IMG 1144

Okay, two more Costco buys…

A few people have asked what bread we use, this is it.  I adore this bread and we go through it pretty fast.

IMG 1146

I also picked up my necessary hand warmers—>  the things that make winter running okay for me.  On the really cold mornings I stick these in my gloves because frozen fingers are the worst.

IMG 1145

And of course some grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.

IMG 1153

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and I will see you in the morning.

PS I loved reading your comments this morning about sugar!


Three things your Thursday has included (food/workout/life/thoughts… anything at all)??

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Sweet potatoes should never have been invented. The only time I can eat them is when they are in fry form and covered in ketchup.


Those handwarmers are my favorite too! I actually think I am 500X happier doing speedwork by myself! Unless it’s racing, I prefer running easy with friends so we can catch up and chat!


A 3 mile easy run. Just to burn off some anxiety.
Payment on a project from my client :)
And a little house tidy sesh…I love vacuum lines in the rug. That is all.


You guys are too freaking cute!!


Tempo run during my lunch break followed by a very tasty chicken salad (everything tastes a hundred times better after a tempo run!) then a short power nap after work before picking up little guy up from school (total luxury for me!!!). That was a great day!


Thursdays are my rest day, so my Thursday included actually blow-drying my hair and wearing something other than workout clothes, walking the dog, and Thursday night football! Running with Andrew on his bike sounds like a lot of fun, and something you guys can enjoy together!


My Thursday has included a power outage at work, meaning…no work. So our boss took us out to a yummy breakfast, I got my hair cut, and soon I will run/work out!


2.3 mile run this morning after work. Slept for 5 hours. Now headed out the door for work tonight. Have a great night.


I love those little hand-warmers!

And I need huge sacks of sweet potatoes — they don’t sell those big bags by me and there’s no Costco nearby.


We bought steaks at the store tonight and made them with mashed potatoes on the side. So good! When I was in college marching band I relied on those hand-warmers–I’m sure my hands would have frozen without them. :)


1. This blog has gotten me addicted to making my own sweet potato fries. Thank you very much. :-)
2. Had a headache all day, so that effected any walk, run or work to be done.
3. Went shopping for snowpants and snowboots for my kid after school, before we get snow this year. Last year I procrastinated and we got snow early, she had no snowpants or boots for the most exciting first snow, Mom Fail last year. Got my tail in gear and went on Day 1 when they are out and on sale. Mom wins ! I’ll be annoyed if we don’t get much snow this year.


LOVE sweet potatoes. My Thursday had a tempo run and a busy day at work!


PSA in case you (or readers) didn’t know.. you can cook sweet potatoes by just stabbing them with a fork a few times and throwing them in the microwave for 10 minutes! I had no idea!! I always used to put them on the grill (still easy.. but requires a few extra steps/time). My favorite way to eat them is to mush em up and add a nut butter and pumpkin pie spice . MMMMMMMM


I absolutely ADORE sweet potatoes. Could eat them pretty much every evening, even when it’s not Winter!


Three things for Thursday:
1: So excited that it’s the end of my work week.
2: We HAVE to go to the grocery store…otherwise we’ll be eating Ramen for dinner…oh, wait – we’re out of that, too.
3: I’m excited for weekend running on my newly-fixed treadmill.

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