Silentish Saturday!

Happy weekend!  8 miles @ 8:23 average with my running partner in the sunshine and then home to the littles and Andrew.

Thank you sunglasses for covering up the fact I was too lazy to take off my mascara from the day before.  PS this will obviously show you that Beck did not get his eyelashes from me;)

IMG 1243

We went for a walk.

IMG 1247

She makes pushing a stroller uphill very easy.

IMG 1258

Beck loves staring at the ceiling fan above him.

IMG 1272

She also got in some running…

IMG 1264

He RARELY naps on me anymore so I soaked up the fact that he did yesterday.

IMG 1267

Park after we picked up the big kids.

IMG 1280

IMG 1290

Pizza and a movie night…

IMG 1305

That then turned into more time outside.

IMG 1310

IMG 1311

Happy Easter weekend!

Time for some speed… I can and I will, I can and I will, I can and I will:)


Tell me three things that you have going on today?!

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Looks like you had an ideal weekend! We are having temps in the 70s here too and it is glorious =)

We are doing a neighborhood egg hunt this morning then we have a soccer game in the afternoon for my four year old.

We also need to prepare to host Easter brunch tomorrow, which is exciting since it’s our first family get together since getting vaccinated.

I hope you have a wonderful day with your family tomorrow, happy Easter!


Oh Beth, I am so glad that you guys are having the best weather too! SO fun that you are having an egg hunt and soccer game. I love watching 4 year olds play soccer. Enjoy every second with your family, thank you friend!


Have a really great weekend and a blessed Easter with your family!
Oh, and enjoy what looks like perfect temps ?


Thank you Wendy! Have the best Easter with your family too!


5 miles with friends, homework and date 6 (this is our third time seeing each other this week, I feel like that’s a good sign!). Also, very jealous because the weather looks gorgeous there! This morning when we started running it was in the 30s- not sure the weather knows it’s April haha.


I MEAN…. THIS IS HUGE!! 3rd time this week and date 6, I would say things are going well! Ummm the 30s?! Time to warm up! Glad you were able to go out with friends on a run and good luck with the homework!


Happy Easter Janae! Today I’m dropping off some Easter goodies for my friends little one, running with my husband, and getting some reading done! Have a wonderful weekend!


HEY AMY! You are the absolute sweetest to do that for your friends. Enjoy your run with your husband and happy one month (right?!?!)! Thanks friend, you too!


1.Cross country meet for my highschooler( yes weird timing( thanks Covid)
2. Talking to my missionary who’s in England
3. Hopefully a nap
PS where are your running shorts from in first few pics?


I hope your high schooler had an awesome race so glad they can race now! OH WOW, you have a missionary in England, that is awesome. I hope you had the best nap and here is the link for the shorts, I love them:


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