Sentence Per Picture!

Seven miles at an 8:15 average pace and I’m hoping to get in a little bit of speed work tomorrow—>  my legs are already nervous.

I absolutely adore running near water.

IMG 1025

I could listen to The Chainsmokers for pretty much each and every run lately—>  All We Know is my current favorite.

IMG 1051

ALWAYS the best when Knox comes home!

IMG 1020

What happens when I attempt to stretch after a run!

IMG 1053

Out with the crew to do some errands.

IMG 1067

Making sure her pup is ready to go out in public.

IMG 1060

A bike store gave them free water bottles and you’d think they were made of gold with how happy it made them.

IMG 1076

We need to grocery shop (procrastinating at it’s finest) so 180 Tacos took care of my stomach today.

IMG 1069

With their hair coloring starting to change a bit they are looking alike to me lately.

IMG 1071

Just snap chatting with Linds.

IMG 1075

Time for chores.

IMG 1078

When your shoes match your scooter you know you are doing something right in your life.


I don’t want to either:

IMG 0475


Have a sentence for your day?

What was your run?

What was the best thing you have eaten recently?

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I LOVE running near water too – here in New Zealand, I have two choices: Down to the beach, or up to the river! Blessed!


We need to come visit you in New Zealand and run there. New Zealand is definitely on our bucket list. Enjoy Karien!!!


I’m glad I’m not the only one whose legs get nervous for speed work. Good luck tomorrow Janae and enjoy it at least!

My run was downright awful today. My legs were not feeling it. LOL


I just wish I could try and chase you around on speed work days. Wouldn’t that be fun.

NO to an awful run today… I hope tomorrow feels a million times better!


Whatttt I love that picture of me and the kiddos!




I think Lindsey needs to do a makeup tutorial on your blog, Janae, Lindsey :) I’ve seen pictures of Lindsey before and she is gorgeous! No amount of makeup would make me look as good but it might help. Ha!


Love running near water too! So peaceful ?
I had a great, short run this morning, but averaged an 8 min mile ((ust a smidge over 4miles)!
Loving that it’s really cool in the mornings now too! ?


Seriously… can this weather stay forever? It feels so great to run in! Great run today Wendy and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


No run today; dance, abs , and lawn mowing. I hope that is my last lawn mowing opportunity for the season!

I made a pizza the other day that rocked.

My sentence for the day (week) is: I will be happy when the elections are over. (and my PSA: I don’t care who your choice is, just get out and vote).


Today was walk day since I did speed work yesterday. I am able to run 9 mph at one minute intervals or doing quarter mile intervals without my legs almost falling off or having to slow down the speed intervals. I never thought that would happen!
The best thing I have eaten lately that wasn’t holloween candy is probably the homemade chicken pineapple stir fry I had for dinner tonight. It’s my favorite! There’s enough left for my lunches tomorrow and Friday. I will not be sharing with my husband.


Sentence: There’s just never enough time in one day.
Run: Rest Day but got a 4 mile walk in.
Food: Pizza. I love pizza. I just had a really good one last week.
Question: What brand or style are those earbuds in the very first picture? They look like they sort of clip to your ear, is that right? I am having an awful time with them at the moment and on the look out for something better, something that stays in but doesn’t hurt.


HEY!!! Yes, they are Yurbuds and I love them!

Here is the link… I LOVE the over the ear pieces on them but I lost both ha. These definitely stay in my ears!


NOTHING better than running near water! Every single night I feel lucky to get to run at the beach. I can’t imagine not getting to run and hear/see the ocean!

One thing that would be better right now though is if my calves would stop being so tight!


Ohh I have to listen to that new song!


No run Wednesday……………lots of pressure washing and scrubbing at work was my workout!
Best thing I ate: Ghiradelli brownies
Sentence for the day: The CMA’s were fantastic.


My sentence for today is “It’s supposed to hurt”.

Took my first ever group fitness -bootcamp -crossfit style class last night — and LOVED IT!

Hubby and I both went — and it was awesome!


got a 10 mile tempo on the schedule today! best thing i’ve eaten in a while was tiramisu :)


I get nervous for speedwork. I am in offseason like WHOA so it has been about two month since I’ve done proper speedwork. Good luck with that workout!


I love the stuffed dog in the sweater and the tiara – too cute!


Does Brooke have trouble with her heels hitting the back wheels on her scooter? My daughter has the exact same one, and she never wants to ride it because her heels always get “run over” by the back wheels… She’s about a year younger, though, so she might just be too small for it?

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