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On my to-do list:  Buy another pair or two of Minnie Mouse pajamas because if we put on any other pajamas than the Minnie ones Skye walks around the house saying ‘Minnie, Minnie’ looking for them everywhere.  This results in trying to wash them daily and I’m sick of laundry lately ha.

Random things from the run to talk to you about:

*You would think that a frozen gatorade in my water bottle would be the perfect option on a hot day (it was 80 degrees when we started) and it was for the first few repeats.. it tasted delicious.  Once we got back to the bottles after the 4th repeat the middle of the gatorade was not melting anymore.  It was a tease to see the blue beautiful bottle up ahead and then it was too frozen to drink still;). Next time I’ll thaw it out a little bit before we start so the whole thing melts during the workout.

*I need you to remind me to get back on the UCAN habit before workouts.  I totally forgot about it yesterday morning and had a few rolls with jam before the speed and it didn’t feel good… with UCAN my stomach is always happy.  I also took a gel at about mile 7ish.

*We had an answer to our higher-mileage experiment yesterday.  After we finished the workout we told our coach how we felt during the workout (hint: terrible) and while we hit the paces he assigned to us (5:36… the night before he told us to stick between 5:30-5:40 because of the heat and the high mileage) it was a different kind of tired yesterday and we are taking that as a caution sign and readjusting the plan.   I was on my way to hitting 80 this week and after the workout he said to back it to 70 this week which means 10+ less miles today and tomorrow which feels so right.  We’ll see what future weeks will look like now because it is probably going to take more time to join workouts and that high of mileage together smoothly.

*1.5 mile w/u

7 x 1 mile partly flat, mostly down @ 5:36 average (last time we did this workout we did 6 and averaged 5:26 and felt way way better)

.7 recoveries back up to where we started so it’s basically a 1.7 mile loop that we do for these.

Cool-down to 16.42 miles.

*We will be switching to flat mile repeats soon but our coach wants us to have a faster leg turnover than we do and the downhill repeats help us with that.  Downhill kind of forces you to speed your legs up and I’ve noticed a difference already.  He also says that it helps get the body used to going that fast so you can do it in the future on the flats:)

*There were about 10 of us doing the workout which was so helpful because it would have been so much harder without them all there.

IMG 2166

1.5 weeks without seeing each other so that was definitely the highlight of the day.

IMG 2167

I went straight from finishing the workout (only had time to get the girls ready) to pick up Knox which meant that I needed fuel asap.  I added whey protein to mine and it was delicious.

IMG 2180

Note to self:  If I ever need Skye to stay still for 4.5 minutes I just need to give her a smoothie and stay a few feet away because she is very apprehensive about me stealing sips.

IMG 2175

We also grabbed some fresh slices of Great Harvest bread. I think this tasted even better than the smoothies.

IMG 2181

Day #2 of swim/survival lessons and Skye put on her best skeptical face.

IMG 2193

Knox really missed Skye… he was all about her all day yesterday.

IMG 2206

Our evening involved having a picnic at the park and playing soccer there for a very long time.

IMG 2228 4

IMG 2212

IMG 2227 2

Tip from my niece:  Add cookie dough to the top of your cookie and you will be very happy that you made this choice.

IMG 2139


Gatorade, Powerade, other?  What’s your flavor preference?  Also, have you ever had someone steal or drink from one of your bottles that you have planted for your run?

-A friend of mine found her gatorade OPEN and half gone on her run the other day!

Jamba Juice fans… what’s your favorite flavor?

What was the last speed workout that you did?  How did it go?

Cookie dough or cookie… which is better in your opinion?

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I jumped into a 5k over the weekend in the middle of my long run and put my simple hydration bottle down on a bench. It was gone in less than 20 minutes! :(
Have you tried the honest brand sport drink? It’s soo good!


WAIT WHAT!?!? Someone stole it? That is nuts. Way to go getting in a strong 5k during your long run… killer workout!

I haven’t… tell me more!!


Oh my Utah is beautiful. I miss living out West. Living in NJ isn’t a great fit for us but we do enjoy the beach. Great job on your workouts! You are getting very strong. It’s awesome!


Oh that is so nice that you get to go to the beach often. Our kids would love that! Any chance you will be coming back west at all if it isn’t a great fit? I hope your day is a fabulous one Christine!


Re your friend’s open bottle: Eeeeew. That is my greatest nightmare.


Right?! I cringed when I heard about it… who would do that?!?! Have a great day Kathy!


Hard workout and congratulations to all of you for completing it. Looks exhausting! Surely making you strong.

Beautiful soccer/mountain pictures! Thank you for starting my day with lovely scenery :) Beats the work on my computer monitors. Ha!!


Hahaha I’m still convinced you need a trip to Utah soon for so many incredible hikes… let me know when you come;) . Thanks so much Amanda. I hope your day is a wonderful one!


That fierce hug between Brooke and Knox is adorable! And my favorite pics of kids are of them from the back, when they don’t know I’m watching, and holding hands. Too cute of those 3!
I don’t really have a preference between the ‘ade drink brands, but I’d much rather have a berry flavor than lemon-lime or fruit punch :P Ugh, I’d rather discover my drink is gone instead of half gone.
Your niece has the right answer=both cookie and cookie dough. How can you choose, and why should you have to? :)


Right?! I love those pictures so much too… they make my heart melt. Oh fruit punch is soooo gross! But I do love the lemon-lime stuff. Hahaha she is very smart and I can’t believe I’d never tried it before!


Haha oh no, did she drink it?

Mango agogo is my favorite and now I’m seriously craving it with bread :)

I did a tempo run this morning and then finished off with a few pick up intervals. I’ll probably feel that tomorrow.


I was too afraid to ask haha. I think you need to go today for both of those things. WAY TO GO on your tempo with pick-ups at the end. Tough workout Jenny… way to go!


I’m glad you keep talking about Ucan. Our nutrition needs change with the weather and training and it’s hard to remember what worked for me in previous seasons. I do remember that Ucan makes a HUGE difference for hard workouts, especially in the heat.
I like Powerade Lemonade (hard to find!) or Strawberry Lemonade. At run club we’ve had blue Gatorade lately. I don’t know which flavor but it tastes SO GOOD when it’s hot. We use the endurance mix and I think it’s better than the bottles.
That is so crazy that someone drank your friend’s stashed drink! Someone must have been very thirsty lol
I just love the family pic!! I can def tell Knox missed Skye so much!
My speed workout is tonight (800s) and I did some strides at the end of my run Tuesday. It’s hard and not a lot of fun because North Texas is super hot right now. We’ve finally hit 100* days :(
Great job on your training this week! Group workouts are the BEST!!


Yes…. I totally agree, Ucan is really great for hot workouts! I need to try the powerade lemonade. I didn’t even know that existed. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR 800s. I am cheering for you! I hope that a random nice cool breeze comes in for your workout… you are so strong to have trained through those temperatures. Thanks so much Elizabeth and I hope you have a great day!


My little guy isn’t partial to particular clothing items (yet) but does NEED his “lambie and bear” within arms’ reach constantly. This means that L+B get covered in everything from peanut butter and jelly, to snot. I find excuses to do laundry just to get them clean again.
I have never had my fuel stolen, but have been on a couple runs when I’ve been tempted to drink from random bottles I find on the side of the road. I haven’t resorted to that, but when I forget my water bottle, even puddles can tempt me.
100% cookie dough.


Hahaha I wonder how many times lambie and bear have already been washed! They sure find the things they love and hold them closely (I guess we do the same with our running shoes;). I have been tempted by puddles and sprinklers too. I hope you get some really good cookie dough soon. Have a great day Stacey!


Glad you’re listening to your body! I can’t stomach Gatorade – how do people do it? It feels too sticky sweet in my mouth and then I just want water afterwards/thirsty.


I definitely prefer to have some water right after too! Hopefully you like a different electrolyte replenisher:) . Thanks so much Jenni and I hope you are having a great day so far!


I’ve never had anyone get into my Gatorade/Powerade or water bottles but I did have a squirrel bust into my stashed snack baggie. But I also hide my bottles in bushes, behind rocks, etc so maybe that is part of it.

Frozen Gatorade tips: 1) only freeze 1/2-2/3 of the bottle, then add room temp water or Gatorade when you pull it out of the freezer. 2) Each time you pick up your bottle(s), give it a good, hard shake or two before you drink…it helps re-distribute the temperature and by the second or third time, you often get a slushie (super win on a hot day). 3) If you’re getting towards the end and it’s still kind of frozen, stick the bottle down the back of your sports bra, just to the side of your spine. Two benefits here…melts the ice faster and helps lower your core temperature. Maybe a little hard for sprints but works awesome for steady or cool-down miles.


A squirrel got into your snacks?! Boo! Thank you for the tips… they are just what I needed. Trying all of them, thank you! Have a great day:)


I love your niece’s necklace…it is so pretty!


Thanks Erin! It’s from Hawaii! I hope your day is a great one:)


I’ve been doing 6 x 200m hill sprints once a week lately and they are hard but so good! I need to start getting brave and throwing down some repeats on the track!



200m hill sprints are HARD and making you so strong. Way to go Paige!! PS LOVED Kyle’s bday cake on your blog… so so awesome.


Haha my 1.5 year old is the same with smoothies! I cannot approach lol! He loves to pull the straw out and put it back in too which always creates a major mess but it does entertain him!
That is horrifying that your friends bottle was half gone. Ewww and how odd that someone would do that.


Hahaha yes… Skye does the same! Half the smoothie ends up on her but maybe they do that to cool off in these summer months?!

I know… it freaked me out and I never want that to happen again! Have a great day Gillian!


Way to listen to your body and letting your coach adjust your schedule accordingly!

I don’t do speed workouts–I know I should in order to get faster, but every spring, I ease into it and I end up injured. However, I have noticed when I was training for my triathlon, I run way faster (close to 5k pace) after I bike and it feels effortless. I am thinking my legs get used to the fast turnover from the bike and it transfers to the run. I am going to get an indoor bike trainer for the winter and see if speed workouts on the bike transfer over into running….it might/probably won’t, but it is worth a try….or as my sister said “just bike before every race you run” ;-)

My heart melts to see how excited your kids are being reunited!


I really think that our cross training can make us faster. I used to use my spin classes for speed workouts and they really did help me to get faster. I absolutely agree that biking can help us with our leg turnover. I think your sis is on to something! Thanks so much Becky and I hope your day is a really great one:)


While I was training for my first marathon last year and out on a long run, someone stole my banana and frozen water bottle that I’d hidden behind a post. It was a terribly hot and humid day and I NEEDED both of them – it ended up being a complete death march.

Utah looks so beautiful! I hope we make it out there some time in the near future.


i’m not trusting, so I don’t plant bottles anywhere, I just carry it with me. Maybe at a track where it’s in sight the whole time, but otherwise no!

Cookie dough, all the way!


I need a Jamba Juice smoothie right now! Lol! Oh – I made the cookie recipe you shared about a week or so ago and they were DELICIOUS! My boys somehow talked me into “sampling” a cookie from each batch to make sure they were ALL ok! Ha!
I’ve never left water anywhere (too paranoid and not a good route planner!) and I have never seen water intentionally planted anywhere other than during my last trail race. It was a cup-less race and the bottle was at the bottom of a major climb about 5 miles before the next aid station so I’m starting to think that person was a genius.
I’ve been taking just water during runs lately but I’ve tried Tailwind, Nuun active and on my next long run I’m going to try Nuun Endurance which is their latest and greatest.
The last time I did speed I got an ache in my groin/upper hamstring area so I don’t plan on doing much speed any time soon! I do hill workouts about 1x/week though so although I run those slower, I count em! I really need to learn to run fast downhill though because I learned my hips are not adjusted to that type of pace/jostling/quick footwork.
Cookie all the way!
Have a great day!


Glad to hear that your coach is having you listen to your body and excited to see where this new type of training is going to take you.

Gatorade > Powerade and I have had my bottles opened and taken. I haven’t tried this trick again since we moved out of Denver. I am guessing bottles would be a little safer here.

Jamba is amazing and cookie dough 100%


i leave my water bottle on the bench while walking/running at the high school track. One time I was far away from the bottle and I thought I saw kids playing by it. I was watching with a hawk eye that they didn’t try to drink it. It got knocked over and the adult with them didn’t pick it up. Needless to say I knew there wouldn’t be any water because the lid leaks. I think I got a sip.


First things first- Cookie DOUGH all the way! Forever and ever, amen. I haven’t been brave enough to leave my bottle somewhere during a run. I always try and use my HydroFlask to be eco-friendly, and if someone stole it I think I’d kick myself for losing an expensive bottle. Plus, I have an awful “you never know” mentality of what if someone did something to it, etc. As I’ve said before, our trails are not so safe. Caribbean Passion is my go-to! I think it has been for like 10 ish years now? (yikes, that’s scary). Last speed workout was awesome! I’ve started doing them with the stroller, because if I can do it with, than Lord knows how much I’ll improve without! Have a great day!


My daughter is 3 and is the same way about her “minnie jams” as she calls them. She wore them/ I had to wash them so much that the pants got a hole in them. We just got our second pair and may need another!

I dream about gatorade during a run on hot days, so that much have been torture. Not that I’ve been running much lately. I’m 7 mo pregnant and live in S Fla. Its just too hot, even w gatorade! Haha

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