14 pictures from our day!

1.  A run didn’t happen until about 1 pm—>  3 miles with Beretta (she pulled me for the first 1.1 miles of the run).

2.  We did get a few smoothies first thing in the morning.

IMG 9166

3.  Brooke painted for a solid 1.6 hours yesterday.  It’s her thing.


3.  And then she read while we watched the BYU football game.

IMG 9185

5.  Andrew carried around Beretta like a baby.

IMG 9170

6.  And they were crazy too:

IMG 9192

7.  We then drove over to my really good friend’s house (well, she is actually like a sister to us and I have known her since I was 5) to hang out.


8.  The sunset was gorgeous.

DSC08612 1

9.   Oh and the view of the lake was amazing.


10.  He’s just laughing at his big brother for some reason.


11.  We hung around the fire pit for some time talking about everything.


12.  S’mores are glorious.  Andrew had one with a Reese’s in there and loved it.


13.   He held her hair out of the way so she could eat her s’mores without any distractions!

IMG 9193

14.  And then we finished off the night by watching Hook outside.

IMG 9191


What are three things you have going on today?  

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I can’t even imagine it being cold enough to be outside with a fire. It’s still 95 in Phoenix. Send cold weather my way! Today’s agenda is working out, finishing homework and making carrot ginger soup and brownies.


firepit and smores -man i’m jealous! It’s still too warm here in DC for that, and too windy. We’re getting the wind from hurricane matthew so it’s super breezy out today. I think i’m still going running in it though haha.


Today I will be race stalking! Chicago marathon=my hometown race=today is like Christmas!
Also, my friend Johnny is a runner for Zap fitness and is racing in the USATF 10 mile championships today so everyone please wish him luck!!!
Also, pancakes today are a must #sunday

Love the hair holding technique for smores eating! So sweet!


Nothing better than a fire pit and s’mores on a chilly fall night…Or a warm summer night…or any night of any season, really.


this looks like the perfect fall day and giving me ideas for tonight! if only it wasn’t raining…I did get a nice 10 miler done on the treadmill though. and I’ve got some studying to do for a test coming up and time to clean clean clean. ah sundays. perfect time to recoup and reset for the week!


I’m just relaxing today. The weather is awful but then again I’m a big baby when it comes to rain though. Have a great Sunday Janae!


Just recovering my legs for a little. I have to do my laundry and some meal prep for the week. Not the fanciest day, lol.


Painting, reading, bonfire, and s’mores! Sounds like my vision of a perfect day. Hope that Sunday is off to a good start as well!


Mmm smores by the fireplace! Okay, I have to admit I actually don’t like smores (not a marshmallow kind of girl) but hanging out by the fireplace sounds so FALL like and I wish I was there!

It was 90 degrees (feels like 95) during my run yesterday and I contemplated moving to a different state like 20 times!


Mmmm…. s’mores! We haven’t done a fire outside for so long because it is still so hot out here :(
I love Sundays! The hubby and I just did a quick 3.5 mile run, now it’s off to our favorite bagel place with the kiddos on our bikes! Then lots of laziness and watching football! Go Broncos!!
Happy Sunday everyone!! :)


That is just a lovely day.


The sunset looks like it was gorgeous.

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada so I’m looking forward to a delicious dinner with family.


We just came back from Disney World in Florida. It was my 6yo first trip there. We had a little more (Hurricane) action that we had signed up for when we booked our trip! It only rained in our area but for safety reasons, we had to stay in our rooms at the resort for a day and a half. Not an easy thing to do for a 6 years old! So today is : unpacking, doing laundry and relaxing!


You’re doing it PEEEETERRRRRRR!!!


I would just love to know how many movie/tv show quotes are stored up in your brain. It is remarkable.


Three things today…..first run on my new treadmill; my oldest daughter’s birthday brunch at IHOP (she got a free meal and free ice cream); and baking chocolate chip cookies with my four year old.

Too windy for a fire pit today but that sounds nice!


Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! Yay for a new treadmill, cookies and BDAY brunch! Love it! Enjoy the rest:)


What a fun day you had! Very homey-love it.
Today: long bike ride, coffee, movie all wrapped up with parenting.


Wow, solid day day in the books! I love outdoor movies :)


That sunset is stunning. I have a feeling your sissy’s 2 baby boys will be very close as they grow up.
I really like Andrews hoodie and would love to get one for my brother, does he know where it’s from?


I love Jamba Juice!


Mmm s’mores! Nothing better.

Three things I have going on today:
-Running the Chicago marathon!!! Well … Ran the Chicago Marathon … And PR’d! :)
-Laying on the couch for the next 2 hours while watching the Food Network and thinking about what I want to eat for dinner
-Celebration dinner with my mom!


AHHHHHHHH ARTHI!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE CONGRATS TODAY!!! A PR too… you are incredible. Enjoy the relaxing and celebrating! SO Happy for you!


Thank you!!! Love when hard work pays off :)


My friend Lisa invited me to check out a new running trail that she discovered!!! So fun! And, closer to my house than where I usually run my long run!!! Definitely looks like I will be running this trail more often in the future!

Rest of the day? Napped— and don’t feel one bit guilty! Then, caught up the laundry!!! We have 3 in my household and I honestly don’t know how we accumulate so much laundry! NEVER ENDING! LOL! :D

It is still too humid here in South Georgia for fire pit!! But, I feel that cooler weather will be here soon!! We are still running in tank tops! Crazy? right?


YAY for finding a new trail and one that is close to home too! That is the best. I just woke up from a nap too:) HAHA our laundry feels like that too! Hope it starts to cool down a bit soon! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Looks like a perfect Fall Weekend Day!

Three things over here: Camping trip (SO FUN!), Marathon Training (Do miles at high elevation count more than regular miles? I sure hope so), Baby Man is learning to crawl (go, baby, go! And also, please slow down :)).


Here in the Carolinas, we are battling hurricane Matthew so the three things I did today:

Hunkered down for winds over 100mph and Prepped for mass flooding of streets and downed trees

Sat in the dark!

Got my 8 mile run in while counting the uprooted trees on our block (6!)

The whole state of NC suffered massive power outages but thanks to some dedicated electricians (ones from out of town and out of state!) we’re getting our power back!

It was about 36 hours of no power so we made s’mores with a candle and supper with a bonfire once the rains and winds died down!

Hope everyone else was safe during this craziness!!


Oh smores!! yum! I am so ready for some cooler weather so we can use our firepit again!

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