Silentish Saturday (Jimmy Eat World Version)

The thing we are most excited about—> We received the playlist paper and pick from Jimmy Eat World.  I died.

3.9 miles to start the day with Brooke’s addition to my Garmin.

IMG 9081

Day date:

IMG 9086

IMG 9112

Dinner with Andrew.

IMG 9123

Somehow she grew up another few years overnight.

IMG 9124

Brooke then hung out with grandma.

IMG 9143

We made our way up to Park City.

IMG 9132

Hot chocolate while in line.

IMG 9133

First matter of business—> shirts.

IMG 9148

Saw two friends from college… NADIA!!!!

IMG 9150

And Rico!!!

IMG 9157

Somehow Andrew and I got there early enough to score front row.

IMG 9154

JIM TOUCHED OUR HANDS!!!  The whole show was incredible.  They’ve been a part of my life for many many years now.  I have probably run 3000 miles or more over the years while listening to their songs.

IMG 9153

It will be hard to ever beat a night like that one!

IMG 9147

I hope your weekend is a great one and we will see you soon

PS it feels really weird to not do a long run this week.  Good luck to all of you racing and running loads of miles this weekend:)  I’ll be thinking about you during my few miles today!

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I love Jimmy Eat World! Putting the Middle on my playlist for spin today. such a jam.


Wow! It looks like you had an amazing time! I love Jimmy Eat World! I just recently started following your blog, and I think you are very genuine! Now you’ll be running to memories of the real deal in concert! Have a great weekend!


HEY BRITTANY!!! You are so right… I’ll be having all sorts of memories now of the concert when I run while listening to them. Thank you for following along and I hope you are having an incredible day!!!


What an awesome night! And I just realized the last time I saw a concert was Lily Allen in New Orleans. That was way too long ago!


I have always wanted to see them in concert. So jealous! I think they’re from Arizona too.


How fun! I won’t be running this weekend either…but for much more painful reasons. I ended up in the ER after falling during a run, so my weekend will be much less adventurous. At least I got a good blog post out of it.


OH MY GOODNESS…. Diana, I am so so sorry about your fall. I hope you are better and running asap! Just read your 5 Thoughts on your blog (PS your blog looks incredible)!!!


Thanks Janae for your well wishes and nice words about the blog! I can only hope my blog becomes even slightly as amazing as yours. You’ve definitely been an inspiration.


Sounds awesome! I’ve never been to a concert- but now I really want to :)


This reminds me of when Andrew and I went to see Sam Smith two years ago. It was the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE (shhh… don’t tell anyone…lol).


oh how much fun to be at that concert!!!

Okay, I have to ask-there must be lots of dentists in Utah because you all have such gorgeous teeth-your family AND friends-even the random friends you run into have great teeth!!!! (yeah for healthy teeth)

Enjoy the “extra” time now that marathon training is over for now.

Beautiful rest of your weekend!!!!


Oh you are so nice!! There does seem to be a lot of dentists here! Thank you Kelly and yay for extra time! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Looks like an awesome concert!!!! Intended to do 9 miles but the group I ran with, most were racing today. So only two others showed and they were doing 11! I do not do well with directions in an unknown area so I did the 11 with them. The longest I have ran since my last race was 7! I hurt. lol


So much fun seeing you! And the set list! I die! You are one lucky girl!!!




Looks like you guys had a fun time at the concert!


That last “blue” photo….smiles!

I have never heard of these guys…..I kind of live under a rock. ha!


A four mile run, In and Out, hot chocolate, Jimmy Eat World and Park City sounds like the best day ever!!!!


Looks like a deadly time at the concert :) So glad you got to mark that off your list!

Also, love the sleepers that Brooke is sporting!!


I am so jealous!!! Love jimmy eat world. 23 is my favorite song ever!!


I could tell you were just a tad excited in andrew’s IG story ;) and Andrew’s smile…He looked like a kid on Christmas morning. …or like janae in a donut shop. Either way, sounds like such a fun night. I know you touched his hand, but does Jimmy even know he touched HRGS hand?


You two are too cute!!


I run to Jimmy Eat World almost every run, they are sooooo good. But i haven’t been able to catch them live yet! One day~! Congrats on the set list & pick you guys need to frame that ASAP!


Brooke in her sleeper? ADORBS. Those colours are amazing on her!


Scoring a set list is always such an honor! I will die if I ever get a Pearl Jam set list!! I loved seeing J.E.W. years ago in DC. I adore their music!! I bet the show was epic!!!


there are no words for this post. only ” !!!!!!!!! ” expresses my feelings :)


How fun!!! I love concerts!

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