Weekending + Running Fun Fact + Easter Basket Ideas!

I survived the windiest run (even if the trees below make it look like it wasn’t windy) on Saturday and I only complained about it 3 times the entire run.  I’ll take any other type of crazy weather over wind but I just reminded myself during the run that these types of things are what makes us stronger.

PS here is a fun fact about running in the wind…

Screen Shot 2021 03 21 at 1 06 12 PM

I’m on my second pair of Ghost 13s so I thought it would be a great time to talk about them just in case anybody is thinking about getting a pair.

My feet feel like they are wrapped in a pillow each time I put them on.  They are a neutral shoe that weigh 8.8 oz and they are a road shoe.  They include DNA LOFT cushioning that ‘now extends throughout the midsole for an even smoother transition from heel to toe.’   They are my dream shoe for long runs and also all easy runs.  I have worn them for tempoish miles and they feel smooth and stable for those too but I wouldn’t wear them for speed workouts or long tempos.  The upper of the shoe has a super plush feeling but they are also very breathable.  I’ve worn them in both rain and snow a few times and the grip on the bottom is fabulous. The majority of my miles these days are in these shoes because the cushioning makes my recovery days feel even more like a recovery and on the long run they help me to feel like my body can last longer on the roads comfortably.  They are flexible and currently my favorite pair of running shoes.

IMG 0438

I went into the run with the idea to run anywhere between 8-13 miles (quite the range) and finished with 13.01 miles ha.  I ran with two friends and our conversations made the 13 miles go by very quickly.  If I was on my own I probably would have done 8 miles but I’m telling ya, running with people just pulllllllls me along.

IMG 0443

Here’s how the progression is looking!

IMG 0473

Saturday afternoon my aunt came over.   I hadn’t seen her in a while so it was good to finally catch up.  This is the aunt that signed me up for my very first race and talked me into doing it even though I wasn’t prepared in the slightest to run 13.1 miles (it took me a while to walk normally after that ha).   She has also run an insane amount of marathons and her favorite is St. George so we share that in common.

IMG 0448

Somehow we got hit with more snow….

IMG 0453

And for dinner Andrew and I were able to go out for some Thai food.  Masman curry is always my #1 choice.

IMG 0460

On Sunday it was the four of us and we went to church.  We go every other week at this point for about an hour with masks!

IMG 0464

I told the kids to enjoy the snow because I’m predicting (or trying to fool myself) that it is our LAST snow of the season.

IMG 0467

And then it just felt like heaven when everyone was reunited in the evening together.

IMG 0478

IMG 0485

For Sunday dinner I put in one of the crockpot meals from Beehive Meals with some mashed potatoes, roasted veggies and Rhodes rolls.

IMG 0481


Kimberly asked last week for some non-candy ideas for Kid’s Easter baskets!  Soooo I did what I do best and went shopping on Amazon and I thought I would share with you guys what I’m putting in my kid’s baskets along with things I’ve bought in the past that my kids have loved!  PS I’m really excited because this is the first Easter we’ll have Knox with us too… for some reason it has never worked out that Easter was on our weekend so I’m really excited to have the whole crew together this time!

*FIRST, you HAVE to get the EggMazing Easter egg Decorator Kit.  It is so much fun for everyone and it helps you to avoid all messes that come with dying Easter eggs!

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 0526

*I bought this Growing Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Egg for the girls.

*This touch & feel Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter for Beck’s basket.

*Knox is going to love these Easter eggs that are filled with building blocks!

*EOS lip balm is shaped like an egg and Brooke loves this stuff.

*Annie’s bunny cracker snacks.

*Sidewalk chalk is always a winner and this Easter set is adorable.

*Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  Another favorite children’s book with the BEST message.

*Crayola Washable Window Crayons!  Skye is going to love using these on all of our windows.

*This wireless bluetooth Karaoke microphone would be fun!

*Paint by Sticker books are the best.

*This cute rabbit wristwatch for kids.

*Brooke’s favorite—> Those double line outline pen markers… they are pretty much magic!

*Crayola Scribble Scrubbier Pets (you can color them and then they wash off so you can color them again a million times).

*My kids absolutely LOVE these little animal figurines and they are currently our most played with toys so I ordered some more:)

*THESE PJS (girls and boys) for toddlers are my favorite and they are buttery soft.

*The Crayola Ultimate Light Board is a favorite!

*Magna-Tiles are a bit pricier if you want to put something in there that they will pay for sooooo many hours and it is so good for their little brains.  My kids play with these all of the time.


What was your very first race?  Who got you into running your first race or did you decide on your own to do it?

What running shoes are in first place in your life?

Top 2 favorite holidays?

How are things in your area right now?  Things opening back up at all? School?

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Thanks for all the Easter recommendations!! It’s nice to not be all candy, and give kids something to play with or learn from!

My dad got me into running and ran my first races with me. We still run together when I visit home and he always asks me about my running haha.

Also, my second date this weekend went really well ? he is so sweet and easy to talk to, and he even told me he really likes me, which I appreciate not having to guess (that is what I hate about dating, all the guessing and games!).


Ahhhh I have been so excited to hear about how the date went! Noooooo games, that’s how it was with Andrew. I’m so excited about this and I just need you to keep me in the loop with it all. Have the best day Mariah!


I am so with you on wind being the worst to run in. It dries out my skin so much and hurts like crazy.

Also can you please make me an easter basket, that stuff all sounds amazing.


Send me your address and let’s get this Easter basket tradition going! Yep, that wind is so so cruel! Have the best day Victoria!


Thanks so much for the great Easter basket ideas! I really appreciate that you had several ideas from each age group.


Of course!!! Have the best day Kimberly!


Wind is the worst for running! But I try and think of it as resistance training… Ha ha
My husband got me into running. My 1st real race was the Surf City half marathon. I loved it! We do this half every year now. It has become our Super Bowl Sunday morning tradition.
When the boys were younger, I always put a new toothbrush in their Easter baskets, mainly because their Nana always gave them so much candy. Ha, she said it was her job as grandma. I also got new swimsuits (still do, or now a gift card to Old Navy), and a movie. I really love all holidays, but I think my favorites are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Easter and Halloween are close.
Have a good Monday!


I didn’t know it was your husband that got you into running! I love that! And the toothbrush and swimsuit idea, yep I am going to copy you! Love those ideas! Have a beautiful day Wendy!


I’m with you on disliking the wind – I can’t stand it. I’ve actually chosen the treadmill over outside before when it’s too windy. It makes me angry and I don’t like being angry when I run lol.
I got myself into running and ran my first race alone. Now my husband and MIL run too :)
Brooks Ghosts forever – they are my favorite shoe to run in!
My 2 favorite holidays are Christmas & the 4th of July. I love that the 4th is laid-back and all about the grilling and the fireworks.
Believe it or not, we have been full-time 5 days a week school since we started back in August and the school has never had to shut down or reduce days! I’ve been really thankful for that because my girls NEED to be in school vs learning at home. They do so much better around other kids and teachers.


I would ABSOLUTELY choose the treadmill over a really windy run too and that anger… all so relatable. That is awesome that you were the one to get yourself into running and that now you recruit others. Seriously, the Ghosts are heavenly. THOSE ARE MY two favorite too! That is fabulous that your girls have been able to do that… I’m so happy for you guys! Have the best week, Amanda!


I am seconding the paint by sticker books. I got my daughter one for Christmas based on Janae’s recommendation and was so great. (and I really like doing it too. ;)

Whichever holiday is in front of me is usually my favorite. I do have a pretty big love for 4th of July though…….something about a summer night, bbq, ice cream, no presents to purchase.


HEY YOU! I am thrilled that Hope (and you:) love the paint by sticker books! I’m with you, the 4th is just the best! And you still need to keep me updated on your St. George plans. Have a great one Erica!


Oh! Great Easter suggestions. I will share them with my sister.

My very first race was a charity 5km that a friend asked me if I wanted to do. I can’t remember who signed us up.

Right now I am wearing the Asics Nova which feel like clouds but I also like Brook Ghosts and saucony kinvara. I have the endorphin pro but they only get used for speed. Do I guess I like a lot of different shoes haha..

Hands down Christmas is my favourite holiday.

Things have been open for awhile in BC albeit with much less people allowed inside masks etc..Having said that churches movie theaters etc are not open. But our salons groceries etc are. And we are now allowed to gather with up to 10 people outdoors..this is very recent. Some of my my family recently got their vaccines so excited for them and for my turn haha!


Thanks Kristine! I hope your sis loves them:). Loved hearing about what got you started! Shoes that make us feel like we are running on clouds are just the best. I have heard great things about the endorphin pros and there is never such thing as too many different shoes haha. It’s so interesting to hear how things are going for everyone and YAY for your family getting their vaccines… and let me know when you get yours! Have a beautiful day friend!


Good Morning!!
At a certain point growing up, my mom shifted to less candy in our Easter baskets – one year I got a copy of Runner’s World magazine. Maybe she could see into the future??
First race was a wicked hilly 5K that the guy I was dating at the time talked me into. I had only been running for about 2 months at the time. Needless to say, those hills were a challenge! That was more than 15 years ago and I still have the cotton race t-shirt – I wear it for paining projects!
Current favorite shoes are the the Glycerine 18s :o)
Top 2 holidays…going with Christmas and Memorial Day (it’s in the spring and sometimes my birthday falls on the federal holiday – always feels like an extra gift!)
I’m in NY state where things have been quite restricted. However, we are starting to see things loosen up a bit, which is nice.
Have an awesome Monday!!


I LOVE that your mom put a Runner’s World magazine into your basket! That is so great that you still have the t-shirt from your first race (and all of those hills for your first race… that sounds rough)! The Glycerins are amazing. Hahaha I hope you get plenty of bday/memorial days! I am so happy that things are starting to loosen a bit for you all. Thanks for sharing and I hope your Monday is a great one too!


I’m in the market for new sneakers, and those sound so perfect! I’ve been running in the pure flows forever, but I want to try something new! My long run this weekend was 11 miles and it was freezing! I think the wind chill was 15. I’m running my first postpartum half next weekend and I’m excited!

My school has been in person, 5 days a week, since August. I’ve been so impressed! I’m thankful that I am on maternity leave this year, so I haven’t had to deal with all of the craziness. I was able to get my first vaccine yesterday, even though I’m on leave, so I am beyond grateful for that!

You are definitely the one who inspired me to sign up for my first half, and I haven’t looked back!!! Your blog is such a bright spot in my day!!!


HEY EMILY!! Well, your comment made my day! WHAT?!?! I just told Andrew, that made me really happy. So happy that running is such a beautiful part of your life! YAY for your first vaccine, that is awesome! Great job on 11 miles in crazy cold weather and PLEASE let me know how your half goes next weekend. I am cheering for you big time.


Thank you for all of the Easter basket recommendations! Those will be very helpful!! I love the Ghosts too, they are by far my favorite shoe for long runs. I generally do really well with Brooks shoes-which would you recommend for speed/tempo runs? I’m not super speedy either, more in the middle of the pack.
First marathon-Chicago. Loved it! 4 years ago I was inspired to start running after seeing a newspaper article about a local half marathon and was curious if I could do that. Discovered a love for running and haven’t stopped since!
Favorite holidays-4th of July and Halloween. I like not having the pressure of presents, I think.
We’ve been in school part time since the fall and it looks like we might be adding more school days which will be really nice! Have a great day Janae!!


HEY RENEE!! You are so welcome and the Ghosts are just the best. Right now I am LOVING the Hyperion elite but they are more expensive. If I were you I would go for the Launch for speed and tempo… have you tried those?
I really want to run Chicago, you’ll have to give me pointers and that is SO cool that the article sparked your desire. The 4th of July is the best@ So excited for more school to be happening for you guys. Thanks Renee, you too!


Snow again?! nuts.
I did cross country in school, so going to the half marathon wasn’t totally out of the blue, but I did my first one to prove a coworker wrong, ha! I got hooked.

2 favorite holidays are Halloween and St. Patrick’s day. No gifts, no stress, and so festive!

I love my Ghosts, and my st. paddy’s Launches!


The St. Patrick’s Launch are just the cutest! SOOOO true about the low stress of those holidays. I LOVE that you proved the coworker wrong and kept going with it. Have the best day friend!


Some of your Easter ideas, I just want for my 30 year old self haha. I saw an ad for that egg decorator and I have to say I was very tempted. Hate dealing with the dye.


HAHAH right?! You need that egg decorator. It. Is. The. Best. Have a beautiful day and treat yourself to an Easter basket this year!


I love your Easter recs!

My first race was City to the Sea in SoCal. My bff talked me into it because she was using it as a training run for a marathon. Up until 4 weeks before the race, the most I had ever run in my life was maybe 7 miles. I trained for 4 weeks and it was so hard. It was the hilliest run I had done and it was unseasonably warm

I really like Skechers Go Run right now. I have a couple of pairs that I am rotating through. New Balance 1080s and Brooks Launches come in a close second.

My favorite holidays are probably Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.

Most of our restaurants are not following county protocols and many of them are doing dine-in, though they aren’t supposed to because we are still in the most wide-spread tier. My son’s school is opening up hybrid this week, but the high schools are only open for specialized groups.


I totally just ordered 3 things for my 9 yo daughter for Easter from your list! Thank ya!!


My very first race was a local 10k when I was 14. I wasn’t on the track/CC team at my school, but just loved running with my dad in our neighborhood. I wore a thick cotton T shirt (Smashing Pumpkins tour T, of course!), Umbros shorts, and keds sneakers. But I still finished in about an hour! I felt horrible for like a week afterwards, but couldn’t wait to run my next one!
Things are opening up over here, and both my husband and I (along with both sets of our parents) have been vaccinated. I am a homebody, though, so we still stay home most of the time. Plus I wear a mask constantly for work, so the last thing I want to do is put a mask on and go to a restaurant. We’ll get there eventually!
Thank you for the Easter suggestions!


I’m running in these same shoes right now (color and everything!) and I love them! The bright laces make me feel faster ?

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