FIVE THINGS SURVEY and a forced taper today.

HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!! Andrew and I are both not feeling so hot (maybe my body is forcing me into taper and to really rest) so instead of the normal running and eating talk (cause that ain’t happening over here ha I (we… Andrew is answering them too) wanted to do a survey from JULIE’S BLOG.  She is the best.

I do have 5 scenes from our day so far;)

1.  I make a great body pillow for Brooke.

2.  She is counting down the minutes until Knox comes home.

IMG 7740

3.  Brooke always wonders why Beretta sits so nicely next to her while she eats;)

IMG 7729

4.  Beretta insists on some one on one time with Andrew before he leaves;)  This blending family business might be more of an adjustment for her than any of us;)

IMG 7724

5.  Lots of just hanging out over here today.

IMG 7747


Five Places I’m Dying to Visit (we both don’t have our kids this Christmas so this is something we have been talking about a lot in case we go somewhere):




*I really want to take the kids on a long road trip around the country for a month like my parents did for us.  I think it would be so fun…  I don’t know if Andrew agrees with me on that one;)

*Alaska.  Andrew has been a few times before and it is his favorite place so I’m dying to go with him.

Screen Shot 2016 09 21 at 1 20 58 PM

Andrew’s five:




*Whistler, Canada

*All of the baseball stadiums in the US:)

Five Foods I Eat Every Day:


*Some form of potato… usually sweet potato

*Kodiak Power Cakes have been a daily breakfast for me

*Gum (does that count?)

*Peaches lately for all of us


Andrew’s five:



*Breakfast shake from Costco

He could only come up with three;)  But he would love to eat pizza every day though!

Five Talents I Wish I Had: 

*I wish I kept up with piano lessons… my sister is so so good at the piano and I wish I was too!

Screen Shot 2016 09 21 at 1 48 44 PM

*I really want to be one of those people that doesn’t need recipes to cook really good meals.

*Singing (yeah… definitely not one of my talents)

*Lifting weights (I bet I would have this talent if I ever attempted…)

*Not worrying so much about my kiddos hahaha.

Andrew’s five:

*Having no fear (he already has a whole lot less fear than I do;)

*He wants to be able to hold his breath for five minutes underwater.

*He wishes he spoke another language.

*He wishes he knew how to fly fish.

*Fly a helicopter

IMG 5865

Five Things I Wear (Almost) Every Day:

*Launch 3s (unless it is a rest day)

*A Madewell t-shirt.  I either wear one during the day or come home and change to one at some point ha.

*Rainbows (until it snows)

*Socks… running socks usually switch between Brooks and Bombas

*Leggings (I basically just wear jeans when I leave the house… otherwise I’m in running clothes or leggings)

Andrew’s five:


*Basketball shorts

*Hat (below is me… I try to wear the Dodger’s hat often to upset his love for the Angels)

IMG 5942

*Long socks

*A smile (hahah okay, I wrote this one but he does smile a lot)

Five Songs I Listen To On Repeat (I’ll do non-running songs here because you already know my favorite running songs:

*Navy Taxi by Kate Nash

*Clean by Taylor Swift

*Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson

*Better together by Us The Duo

*Lost Boy by Ruth B.

Andrew’s five:

*Anything by Jack Johnson

*Michael Jackson classics

*Kids by The New Division

*Try it Out by Skrillex

*Dopamine by Third Eye Blind

Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day:

*Victoria Secret Lip Gloss.  Been addicted since 2001.

*Gel nails… I have them on every day;)

*Dermalogica moisturizer, cleansing gel and skin recovery (spf 50)

*I just switched to MAC eyeliner and it has changed my life.

*Fake eyelashes (I go in once a month to get them done;)

IMG 7758

Five Movies I can Watch on Repeat:

I am way more into TV shows than movies so I’m going to do the 5 series I could watch on repeat (and do).


*Gilmore Girls

*The Office



Andrew’s five:

*50 First Dates



*Secret Life of Walter Mitty

*We Bought A Zoo

Five Books On My Current Reading List:

*Present Over Perfect

*I can’t wait to get Cory’s book—> Ultramarathon Man:  Confessions of an All-Night Runner

*Hands Free Mama

*Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (for the second time… it is so good)

*Man’s Search for Meaning (just finishing up).

Andrew’s five:

*Nursing school books

*Next book in the Jack Reacher series

*Scream Free Parenting;)

*13 Hours

*Whatever the kids want him to read;)


What are five foods that you eat almost every day?

Five movies/shows you could watch on repeat?

Some of your favorite beauty products?

Any talents you wish you had?

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Five foods I could eat every day?
1. Smoothie
2. Sweet potatoes (especially in homemade fry form)
3. Salads
4. Almond butter (TJs version/ salted)
5. Watermelon

Five TV shows/movies?
1. Psych
2. House Hunters – addicted
3. Sense and Sensibility
4. Pride and Prejudice
5. Persuasion

Hope you feel better soon :)


How did you like Man’s Search for Meaning? Such a heavy topic, but REALLY good psychology.

1. granola, yogurt, fruit, bread, cheese
2. My so-called life, Parenthood, Friends, The Proposal, The Holiday
3. Andalou Moisturizer, Heliocare 360 (SPF), Physicians Formula Mascara
4. Singing, painting


Aw, hope you both feel better soon! Currently on Madewell looking up that t-shirt…can never have too many ;)

Five foods I eat every day:
1. Banana
2. Sweet potato
3. Avocado
4. Almond butter
5. Purely Elizabeth granola – I’m addicted

Five movies/shows you could watch on repeat?
1. Gilmore Girls (always re-watch during fall…love)
2. Friends
3. The Office
4. Psych
5. Parks and Rec

Some of your favorite beauty products?
Anything from Lush!

Any talents you wish you had?
Singing. Not overthinking everything. Being able to control the weather (I am SO DONE with summer heat.)


Lush bath bombs and their masks are my fave. And Karma moisturizer. Yeah, I love them too!


YES to Clean by TS. My fave song of hers<3 I also really like Third Eye Blind!


5 foods I eat everyday:

1. Coconut Oil
2. Soup/broth
3. Eggs



I have lashes and gel nails too and LOVE them! Aren’t they the best?! Oh and thank you for the book list! I have been trying to find a good book lately. :)


I have a waffle or peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day. Romaine lettuce either on a sandwich or a salad to pair with whatever my lunch is.
Potato chips always work their way into my day.
And hard candy.


5 foods I eat almost every day:

5 movies or shows:
The Birdcage
When Harry Met Sally
You’ve Got Mail

I wish I could
Fly a plane
Paint – artistically speaking. I’m good with walls. :)
Draw people that aren’t stick figures
Be fluent in another language


You should get your Sister on video playing the piano. I’d love to hear :)


Is Andrew in Nursing school????


Fage plain/fat free Greek yogurt
Silk vanilla soy milk
And lately a Hershey bar

Anything Jane Austen
Gone with the wind.


I love The Hands Free Mama! So good.
5 Foods I Eat Daily: Food for Life English muffin, cheese, coffee, honey, yogurt.
5 Shows: Alias, NCIS, Downton Abbey, The Artful Detective, Fixer Upper.


Thank goodness you’re feeling under the weather now instead of on race day! Rest up, mama! I hope you guys feel better soon.

Ok my 5 things I eat every day…
1. Almond Butter
2. Eggs
3. Bread (of some kind)
4. Greens (usually leafy greens, sometimes broccoli, sometimes both)
5. Coffee (not a food, but I can’t think of a 5th) haha

Happy Wednesday!!!


I went to Iceland 2 years ago to participate in the Midnight Sun Run (takes place during the summer solstice in June). It was amazing. You can do the half or 5k. Can’t remember if there was a 10k. The 1/2 was challenging, but the scenery was breathtaking. It starts at 9:30 at night and it stays light out. It’s just awesome!

Also, visit the South Shore while you are there…so beautiful! If I go back (and I want to go back) I would love to drive Ring Road which takes you around the whole country.

It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken!


You must go to Italy! The food!!! It’s so amazing. Everything is so fresh. We were there in May and loved it. Best pizza was on the island of Capri. Best lasagna was in Rome. We mountain biked on Mt. Etna and had fresh cannoli afterwards. We found so many little places with incredible food.


LASAGNA is my favorite food ever, we must go asap:) That is so cool that you guys got to go this year and your mountain biking and fresh cannolis sound amazing!


We have so many shows in common:) My 5 shows would be: Parenthood, The Office, One Tree Hill (<33333 my favorite), The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Parks & Rec.

Oh my gosh, taking your kids on a long road trip would be such an awesome experience! My parents road tripped with us to Nebraska every single year (6 hours) and I used to LOVE packing my toy/book bag for the car ride. The car ride alone used to be the best part! Haha. I'm weird.


If you are going to go all the way to Australia, you may as well come to New Zealand too. We are the better Ausi. Cheaper, and much more beautiful – although as a kiwi I am biased. Plenty of adventure activities for Andrew too.


I think we will have to make it to New Zealand for SURE!!!!! You’ll have to send me a list of best things to do when we do!!! Hope you are having a beautiful day!


LOVE New Zealand! We made the mistake of going to NZ first then to Sydney afterwards. Our vacay went from chill to high stress of the city. NZ folks are the kindest people ever! and there are so many running tracks! Lucky you!


such a fun post!! hope you two start feeling better tomorrow! oh gosh i don’t know if i can come up with 5 for each lolz but i can’t go a day without using my beauty blender, i can watch stuck in love or national treasure on repeat, and i also wish i could play piano and sing :)


I’m with Andrew, Pategonia is high on the list.


Shoutout to Julie – she is how I found your blog!!

5 shows I could watch on repeat (crazy similar to yours):
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Parenthood
3. 7th Heaven (despite recent findings with the dad… sigh)
4. House
5. Fixer Upper


While I as reading your music lists it made me wonder if you and Andrew have “a song” You’be always posted your music lists and I always feel like it’s a little snapshot of your life. I hope you have a super fun romantic song. ❤️


Hope you guys feel better soon! Taper makes me not only crazy…but almost always sick too! Uuuugh.

Foods: pb or ab & honey, salad with grilled veggies, hummus, grapes, coffee, and if you can count gum then I’m adding it to my list too.

Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Mrs. Doubtfire, Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy (the original), Love Actually, 50 First Dates is a good one….I could add that to the list.

Beauty Products: Clinique lip gloss. Clinique mascara, Dolly Moo body scrub, body oil and face serum (the best!)

Talents: I have never been able to do a cartwheel….or a handstand. Ok, maybe I should just say I wish I could do gymnastics?


Sorry you’re not feeling well, hope you get better quick.
Oatmeal, peanut butter, fruit, green tea, WATER!


COME TO WHISTLER!!!! I’ve been to Alaska–it’s beauuuutiful.


It really is Andrew’s dream to go there so we should be there SOOOOOOOON!!!!


Omg I love this! It’s like a game — ok five foods – eggs, rice, coffee, apples, and kimchi.

My hubby also loves watching the Martian and can watch it on repeat all day long!! “Poo tatoes” am I right?

I love the Gilmore girls and the office. I’ll have to try some of your other fav tv shows. Have you watched parks a Rec? It’s amazing after the first seasons awkwardness works itself out. Amy Poehler talks about it in her book “Yes, Please” which I listened to on audiobook for my half marathon prep.


This is a dumb question, but where does one go to get fake eyelashes??? A hair salon?? I’m intrigued!

Five foods: Kashi Berry Crumble Cereal, Fage Yogurt, a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate milk, blueberries

Fav beauty products: Oribe hair spray, Kevin Murphy or Davines shampoos, Davines Melu comditioner–LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Benefit Boudoir Eyes eye kit, Urban Decay eyeliners, Dior and UD lipsticks, Living Proof dry shampoo, L’Oreal self tanner (not giving up my summer leg tan!!! Tan legs look so much better in running shorts!!! :), Maybelline mascara–any kind!, Kiehl’s facial products. Dang, I am a product junkie. I could go on and on :)


Not a dumb question at all… I just go to a girl’s house to get them done. That way I can have kiddos with me:) Some salons around here do them too! LOVED hearing your favorite beauty products… now I have some new things to try out:)


What are five foods that you eat almost every day?

Five movies/shows you could watch on repeat? Excalibur. Lord of the Rings (1, 2, 3). Gattaca.

Some of your favorite beauty products? I’m a guy, therefore…shampoo and soap. (You ladies should be happy with those choices).

Any talents you wish you had? I wish I was a fluent German speaker. I’d like to play an instrument, but I have no musicality. And right now I wish my body was balanced so I could run without pain. 1/2 marathon on Sunday may turn into a DNS, DNF or run/walk or walk.

Things I eat everyday. Bagel with butter, Coffee, Peanut Butter, and maybe Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt. I wish I could have bacon everyday….but my heart thanks me for not.


You should totally go to Australia! It is breathtakingly beautiful! Also, I could watch Parenthood all day every day. I was so sad when it ended and cried for days. I wish I kept up with piano too – I used to love it and do recitals all the time. I bet it could come back to us quickly?


This is going to be Andrew


HYSTERICAL! Thanks Megan!


That is very cool device! I love having a heart rate monitor, but you’re right. The strap is very awkward for women. After my hip surgery tomorrow, I’ll have to give this a try.


I think you have the title of corys book wrong. It’s in my bedside table just waiting for me. Hopefully after st george, I’ll have some time to read “nowhere near first, ultramarathon adventures from the back of the pack.” I hear the hubby is featured in the book during corys first trail run. We are neighbors with Cory and love his family and it has been so fun to watch him from grow from the Cory who didn’t run to the amazing ultra runner he is today.


Oh I have such a hard time picking top 5s!!! So I will just say I LOVE your guys’ favorites lists!!!

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