Silentish Saturday (All MOVED and my new trail running companion).

Beretta joined me for some miles in the mountains.

IMG 3818

We really bonded (especially on the uphill portion while she was on her leash ((because there were other dogs)) and she pulled me up the mountain).

IMG 3810

We were both in heaven.

IMG 3830

Brooke told me she is joining us next time.

IMG 3875

She found her Halloween outfit from two years ago…

IMG 3868

Niece came over to help pack and a shake was her reward.

IMG 3879

Pizza was mine.

IMG 3882

The most important thing arrived.

IMG 3889

9:15 pm is when we finished moving everything over… so, sushi of course.

IMG 3896

And noodles.

IMG 3892

While watching the Opening Ceremonies!!!!

IMG 3899

A weekend treat.

IMG 3905

Brooke’s room is all ready!!!!!

IMG 3907

We unpacked until the late late hours and we’ll get in a few miles together this morning!


Three things you’ve got going on today!?!

Who runs with a dog?

Sushi—> yay or nay?

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I love running with my dog but it’s been too hot this summer! She can’t make it very far. Looking forward to the cooler temps when I can run with her again!


Let’s see if did anot open water swim, 55 mile bike ride and 2 mile run for last long ride before my half ironman in 2 weeks…that count as 3 things? Made pb pancakes for breakfast. Doing all the yard work and chores so I can relax after my long run tomorrow!

I run with my dog for all my training. She is a German shorthaired pointer. She has done my 20 mile runs for marathon training and still ready to play when we get home. She is a better runner than I am!


Oh man I use to run with my dog (Walker hound) when I was first training for a marathon. He loves it and he was such good company. I need to get him back out there…its been a few years since he and I have ran together.

Weekend plans: hoping for my first run postpartum, cleaning bathrooms and my kitchen floor.


I love sushi!
My boyfriend runs with his dog Chester who is a chocolate lab too. I don’t run with my dog more than once a year. He did a charity run with me last fall but he just gets distracted every squirrel he sees and I can’t get him to move from the base of the tree he chases them up.
I’m going to run a few miles today. Dew pt is 70 so it won’t be refreshing. Lol.
And tonight I am taking photos at a 50th wedding anniversary.


yummmm sushi and froyoooo.

three things for today: 7 mile run, pancakes for breakfast, and WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING FOR MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING AHHHH I’M SO EXCITED!!!

also, I run with my pup every now and then, but she’s so sporadic in her runs and sometimes just sits and decides the run is over haha. I wish she was more into it!


I go through phases with sushi, right now I like it…hah!

Today I already completed my run, having a shake now and then heading to a wedding in Philadelphia and a baby shower tomorrow! Busy weekend!

I run alone :-( No dog right now.


I run with my lab all the time! It is the greatest joy. I would dare say the R (run) word around her unless we are about ready to head out. She gets way too excited.


Hi! I used to run with my dog, Mel. She is the absolut best but she is becoming an old lady so only big walks for us now.
Does Brooke like the new bedroom? It looks great.


We have a husky that loves to run (well, sprint) so my husband has to do it because I will get dragged everywhere. We have to use a harness to keep him from going all out. He is well behaved but he just loves to run! He is also still young and getting used to the leash. Just curious, how old is Beretta?

I absolutely love sushi. If it didn’t cost so much around here I would have it weekly but right now we save it for special occasions. It makes it that much better!


I loved watching your vlog yesterday! I haven’t heard you talk about your work plans lately. I remember you had decided to go back to teaching. Has that changed due to your new role as wife and mom to another kiddo??


Just got back from the gym! I have to work Saturday mornings, then I think my friend and I will get our nails done :)

I wish I could run with a dog! One day I will get a dog :)

I only started eating sushi a little over a year ago, but now I love it! My favorite is when they put little crunchies in spicy tuna rolls


When I was in college I would run with our dog but she was a lab and would pull too much. It was more fun to rollerblade with her. Are those still around? Still in Bakersfield with my bestie & we plan to swim, smoke bbq ribs, hang with with her extended family who I love! Yet to try sushi. It is a texture thing.


Three things: laundry, de-cluttering, and relaxing!

Sushi is a MUST in my life! I love making sushi at home, going for sushi, or making/eating Korean KimBop in various flavors. If you’ve never tried KimBop — it’s like the sandwich of Korea and visually resembles sushi rolls…

Tried running with my doggie once — he is not built for it! Poor little guy was pooped!


I always run with our black lab. He listens to everything I say and doesn’t talk back;). I am planning to be in my garden for hours today to get the weeds under control and pick raspberries, peas and beans. Hope the mosquitoes don’t eat me alive! Tried sushi 2x and its just not my thang. Totally with you in the salad department though. Have a great day everyone!


Brooke’s room is adorable. I love the wall color.

Cleaning and more family stuff for us today. And then a wedding reception


My Weimaraner and I go on walks after I do my running. She’s 11 1/2 and with her age and the summer heat, we aren’t running together like we used to, but I like walking her. It’s great that you have a new running buddy!


Brooke’s room looks good! I like the wall color. I had a color similar put on my toes at my pedicure this week. =)

Today I have a bit of work to do this afternoon. Then dinner out with my friend who’s in town from TX. We were neighbors for 6 years before we both moved out of state within a couple weeks of each other. Can’t wait to see him!

I always run with my boxer. She’s the best partner! We are heading out for a run here shortly after we drop my youngest daughter off at work.


It makes me so happy and so sad to see pictures with your beautiful dog. We had to put our dog to sleep last week because he was sick. It’s been so hard… they are such a big part of the family (my son calls him his big brother!). But he was such an amazing dog, we had to do what was best for him… We’re not ready for a new dog yet but I’m considering a dog that I could run with…especially since I run REALLY early and alone almost every day…
Long Run+Sushi+Froyo = Best trio ever! ;-)


So sorry for your loss! We had to put our 14 1/2 year old lab to sleep about 3 weeks ago. That was one of the toughest days ever!! Our fur babies are such a huge part of our lives! My 2 sons have only known life with our sweet Duke… but we’re all healing.
Hoping you and your family heal quickly too <3


Thank you Wendy for your kind words and so sorry for your loss too! A very tough day for sure! But time does ease the pain.


OMG… LOVE, LOVE sushi!! My hubby and I went out to one of our favorite sushi places last night to celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary (today) :) It was so yummy!
I would love to have a dog as a running buddy! We recently lost our lab, so the next dog we get will be a runner for sure!
The house is looking great! You guys have done a fantastic job!
Happy Saturday!!


OMG running with a dog is such a life long dream for me!!! I never had one and cant say I will have one till we leave London and move back to the states… so I have to be patient! Was it awesome!?!?!?! I am so jealous!! Also Brooke’s room looks amazing!!


Brooke’s room is SO cute! That’s going to be a great color and I think it’ll age well. She’ll still love when she’s a teenager.

3 things: visiting grandparents
Dog running: never done it but would like to
Sushi: I JUST tried it for the first time about a month ago (I know, weird) but I loved it. I want more

Happy Saturday!


My dog is a shih-tzu so she’s not much of a runner. She prefers to dig in the dirt for chipmunks. My sister has a yellow lab. She tried to run wit him. He just stops when he feels like it and refuses to move. If her husband (now ex ) couldn’t come get them, she would just have to sit in whatever yard he stopped in and wait for him to get up and go.

Sushi is a big NAAAAAY!

Today’s plans are long run, foam rolling, and grocery shopping.

Glad you’re all moved in. Moving is such a pain in the butt. I’m not doing it again!


We take our lab for our short or easy runs! She’s still building up her endurance ;). Started the day off with a long run and now taking in some of the olympics!


Brooke’s room is adorable!

3 things: 14 miles this morning, family BBQ, and Olympic watching!

I have a pug and she is barely a walking dog let alone a running dog. Maybe someday ;)


I would love to run with a dog…once I can convince my husband to get one! I also LOVE sushi :)


Love sushi. But I stick with vegetation rolls.

I absolutely ADORE the color of Brooke’s room. That is the signature color of my yoga studio, POE… which stands for Peace On Earth!! ????


Today I have a run, Mexican food for dinner (yum <3), and a movie in theaters tonight. I run with my dog once in awhile, but usually only up to 4 miles. It's been pretty warm, so I haven't been bringing her much lately. I love sushi! Yum!


My hubby and I ran the Bair Gutsman this morning in Farmington. We run it every year for our anniversary Super fun but super challenging. You would love it. Head north next year and join us ?
We Love running with our yellow lab Tula and yes to sushi ! Have a great weekend!


Love the paint color in Brooke’s room. What color and brand is that?


I’m off to San Diego today – going to visit the USS Midway

I love Brooke’s room colour. I pretty much have everything in that colour – iPad case, iPhone case, necklaces, towels, purse ;-)

We should be moving in the next month or two – the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is finally getting a treadmill! It will be an exciting day!


My dog is my running partner except it’s been too hot this summer. She loves running but I’m too slow for her. She looks back at me the whole time like “Mom! C’mon let’s go!”
I like sushi but stick to pretty basic rolls, like California. I taught 2 Jazzercise classes and that’s about all I have scheduled for today; it’s nice to be done early!


Yay for being all moved in! I love Brooke’s room color too, my fav color, painted our half bath that color, and have under the sea decor! My doggies are small and get over heated on runs, but so glad you have a great K9 running partner. :) Just hanging around home this weekend, hopefully we can grill tonight and visit my parents. I’ve only had one sushi experience and it was pretty negative- huge rolls and I couldn’t cut them with chopsticks! I do want to try it again, but I better go with a sushi expert to advise my order choices!

Have a great weekend settled at HOME!:)


Had a nice run this morning, despite the humidity.
I would LOVE to run with a dog, but we don’t have one…yet. My wife is reluctant to get a dog, so it will have to be a real special one when that day comes.


I ran a 10k race this morning (in Dunoon, a beautiful part of Scotland, you should definitely check out if you ever come over here!), and ended up taking a little bit off my best time which was good! Ran with my running buddies, and we ended up having a great day out. Now home watching the olympics.

My dog loves running with me off the lead, on the lead she has a tendency to trip me up. She’s a nice little boost going uphill!

Sushi is a definite yay!


Looks like an awesome run! Question for you – do you run in those sunglasses? They look super cute, but I would be worried about them sliding down my sweaty face! I’ve been struggling to find a pair that is kind of stylish but also functional for running.


It sounds like you are enjoying your weekend and self. My parents own a golden retriever and I know my dad has run with him before. I’ll never forget running a local race and having a great dane passing me at the end (running a sub 20 5k!). It’s nuts how fast dogs can run…


YAYAYAYA to Sushi!!!! LOVE!!!!
3 things that happened today:
Got 30 miles in for the week!!! (August goal to finish 100 miles by August 31st)
Gave in to my current obsession, chocolate covered gummy bears!! Once you try, you too will be addicted
Bought some new Lululemon shorts


I almost always run with our dog. I actually got a dog for the sole reason to have “protection” while I run <- lol. But, I love it! He's a boxer mix and is such a great companion, except I have to cheer him on when we tackle hills. He's always dragging behind me.

I also love how your trailer is the perfect size for a treadmill.


The colour of Brooke’s walls is so gorgeous!

And sushi –>> definite YAY


I run with my German Shorthair Pointer Rosemary and my husband runs with our Vizsla Sage. Rosie gained a few pounds when I went back to work in an actual office a couple of years ago so we are slowly working on slimming her back down. She LOVES to run and gets so excited when I put her collar on (she runs off-lead). Sage acts like he doesn’t like to run but once he is out there, he is all about leaping and bounding around. Dogs are the best!


We have it almost every (sometimes twice a) week. We are kind of addicted. It actually bcame my pre-race/pre-longrun food for thenight before because I can’t eat in the morning. Delicious.

And I relly wish i had a dog that I could run with.


I live in Japan and the sushi is amazing!!!! It is also so much cheaper here! Yes you should be jealous =)


Where did you get that cute little side table for Brooke’s room? I’ve been searching for something like that FOREVER!! Her room is super cute, btw!!


I used to run with my little doggie all the time, but since moving to Dallas it is just too hot outside for both of us. These days, I am loving my treadmill miles!

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