Fajita’s and Let’s Get our Workout On.

I was too busy staring at myself in sunglasses (PS THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES….we are going to tally and buy them today:) to write my training postyesterday so I will fill you in on what my workout was here!

60 minutes elliptical watching Step Up 3!! Have you seen that yet!?! I LOVE dancing movies and I do not get embarrassed trying to replicate some of their moves while on the elliptical

60 minute pump class.  It was crazy because a LINE formed out to the front desk before class started.  Um, that doesn’t really happen in Utah.  Luckily I made it in and was able to get a spot but wow it filled up FAST.

I did myLONG RUNon Saturday and so I want to make sure that I give my femurs PLENTY of time to recover before running again so I will be waiting until Wednesday to run…….I think I will hit up a spin class today!


Charlie’s favorite game is to jump in the pool and get sopping wet and then come jump and cuddle with me on the couch. This blanket has become my defense against the rascal.

Stop saying XYZ out loud as you look at the picture, I realize that my zipper is half-way down.  It happens.  I succeeded on my whole drink so much water that you drown your cells and so it got a little tiring zipping my zipper after the 300th potty break of the day.

IMG 7101

Billy made some deviled eggs as an appetizer and I probably downed half the plate.  He stared at me and told me that he thought I HATED deviled eggs but what happened was that the last time we had them a few years ago I said I hated them because they were a ‘fear food’ and I thought I would wake up 600 lbs if I had partaken of such deliciousness.

What a sad world it would be without deviled eggs.  Never again.  Never again.

IMG 7103

Billy also got to work making steak fajitas with out leftovers from last night.  No, we are not getting paid to advertise for Dr. Pepper.  Billy just really loves the stuff and got really excited when we found the shirt at Khols.

PS I always suggest to watch CHOPPED (or another food network channel show) at about 5 pm because it always inspires him to cook and

IMG 7104

The MIL wanted me to feature her amazing tortilla cooking skills.  Very fancy.  Brown it over the burner, delicious.

IMG 7107

Sorry if my glob of sour cream grosses you out but fajitas are meant to be dressed with all the fixings.

IMG 7110

And of course there was some of this goodness.  I have a confessions.  As you know I hate WHOPPERS (the only candy that makes me sick along with black licorice) but this whoppers flavored ice cream is amazing.   I guess there is nothing that could make ice cream gross to me. Heck, throw in olives into ice cream and I would probably like them.

IMG 7112


Do you like dancing movies?  Did you see Step Up 1,2 or 3!?!?!

-Loved them all.

Is your gym crowded?  Do you have to wait for cardio machines or do the classes you take fill up quickly?

-Cali 24 hour fitness is PACKED but at home the only thing that would get full was spin but you never really have to wait for a machine (unless someone is on my favorite treadmill.)

What is YOUR workout today?

-Spinning and some push-ups.  My goal is to be able to finally beat my niece in an arm-wrestle.

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Have you ever tried deviled eggs made with hummus?! You have to! Soo good!

I love dancing movies and musicals – but haven’t seen any of the Step Up movies! But High School Musical all the way ;)

My gym isn’t too busy, sometimes around 5pm it can get busy but I don’t think I have ever had to wait for a machine for more than 5-10 minutes.

40 mins on the ellipitcal and some weights/abs after.

Have a great day!!


High School Musical(s) are my FAVORITE…..I need to watch those again!!! GREAT WORKOUT!!! BRILLIANT idea about the deviled eggs with hummus…..I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THEM!!


I think I watched the original step up about 14 times in a row. Literally obsessed.

My gym is packed. Today’s workout is mile repeats with one minute rest. Yikes!

You don’t like whoppers?!?!? Omg, a little piece of my heart just broke off.


BAHAHA 14 times….girl, we sound a lot alike! I am so sorry about the whoppers situation but does it make it any better that I LOVE them when covered in ice cream!?!?


Haha I feel ya on the zipper thing!! A stranger pointed it out to me on the train today which wasn’t awkward or embarrassing at all…! :P

My workout will be LIFTING and maybe a short run if I can call the physio again and check thats ok. I think she must hate me for constantly bugging her haha! And my gym isn’t usually crowded except for spin classes (which you have to book like a week in advance!) and Pump is pretty popular!! And if someone is on my favourite treadmill then it does NOT end well for them ;)


GIRL!!!! You have become so SO BUFF!! I am jealous!! I know what you mean about bugging the doc about when you can run next…..he is on my speed dial:) Good luck and I hope you have the best run ever!


YAY!!!! :-D back in commenting business, lol! :-) Hmmm…my workout today was a killer session on the arc trainer – ouchie. I wanted to throw in the (sweaty) towel, but thought WWJD – what would janae do, I seem to use this a lot during toughie sessions – and completed my workout, and feel so proud and happy I did! thanks for inspiring me to push myself, girl! (in a good way :-))
I time my workouts so I don’t have to wait for cardio machines – I get antsy when someone is on my beloved arc trainer, lol! :-P
LOVE dancing movies – I wish I could dance like they do! I tried a few streetdance classes a few years back (I had a crush on the teacher, lol!) and it was a disaster :-P I couldn’t remember the steps for the life of me, and felt like such a dufus – although I ADORE dancing in the car, in the club, in the house, on the elliptical…anywhere but the streetdance studio! ;-) xyx


I hate whoppers too! AND black licorice! EW!!

Do you like dancing movies? Did you see Step Up 1,2 or 3!?!?!
-I have never seen them. I always think the dancing looks cool but the story line looks LAME. But maybe I will give them a try!

Is your gym crowded? Do you have to wait for cardio machines or do the classes you take fill up quickly?
-I go to the Gold’s here in good old Sandy UT and it’s usually not too bad. The Zumba classes can get a little packed but you can always still find a spot.. You just might be in the back of the class where you can’t even see the instructor! I always want to try out a spin class (I’ve only been to one and it was like 5 years ago) but I have heard that the spin classes are crazy crowded and you have to get there super early to get a spot.

What is YOUR workout today?
-Hopefully Zumba tonight, but I am moving this weekend and have SO MUCH to get done this week so I will be lucky if that happens!


I love dance movies! They are practically all the same but I don’t care, I love them!

My workout today was a 5km recovery run and I’ll be heading out for a bike ride this afternoon.


PS: such big thumbs up for eating and loving a former fear food -been there myself and it feels amazing and liberating…yay you!! :-) xyx


I love dancing movies in general – ballet movies usually are my favorite though. Center Stage is the best! After I watch them, I think I’m a ballerina and start twirling around my house. It must be a sight to see!!

My work has a few gyms, so I go there, and they’re not usually crowded until 5 when all the treadmills are taken. Lately the weather has been so amazing that I’ve been running outside along the marshes and it’s been great! The spin and TRX classes fill up quickly though!

I went for a run last night in my new New Balance Minimus shoes (my brother has been trying to convince me to get them, but I resisted until I saw that you have them…can’t actually listen to my brother, right??) and it was great! Buuuuuut, my calves are screaming today, so I think I’m just going to do the stair mill or bike and weights. And stretch!


Yup, we Californians looooove to work out, haha. My gym gets really crowded too from about 5am-10am and then again from 4pm to 9pm. I try to go during off hours.


Love dancing movies – Center Stage is my fave and Save the Last Dance is a VERY close second

My gym isn’t generally too crowded – Sometimes on Saturday mornings, there’s a wait for the treadmills with tvs. On those days, I just go without the tv anyway. I like to jam out to my music :-)

Workout: 3 mile run, 10 minutes rower, potentially elliptical/the Voice later tonight. I can’t wait for the finale!


I served a Spanish speaking mission in Arizona and I saw many a Mexican woman heating up tortillas on the burners of the stove just like that :)
My workout = a Jillian video and biking around town on my new bike :)


zippers down, shirts inside out (often in public), food on self (again, in public). happens to me often. Sometimes I even know before I leave the house that I have spilled on myself and I still don’t change the shirt.

I haven’t seen any of the step up movies! But i love the center stage movie, that one that had jessica alba in it. And generally dance type movies. OH have you seen burlesque? that’s an awesome movie! hubby laughs at me because i love all these cheesy movies. He refused to watch burlesque with me. But we both enjoyed black swan.

My gym isn’t usually crowded, but I hate when it is, it annoys me to wait for things!

My workout will probably involve lifting weights at the gym. I may also run there and back (1 mile each way). I’m scared of running now and it’s not even fun. But I know I have to get past this yucky run stage (where a nine minute mile wears me out and I am constantly afraid of stress fracture coming back).

Have a great day janae!


I love devilied eggs, I love Dr. Pepper and I love fajitas, will you guys just adopt me?


I’m planning on hopping on the elliptical for about an hour and reading-then doing a magazine workout! I agree that whopper flavored ice cream rocks but all the ones I’ve had have whoppers in them?


I had an awesome workout today – one I like to call “Power Hour”…
-30 mins treadmill running
-20 mins elliptical intervals
-10 mins StairMaster
WHEW, I was disgusting by the time I was finished. ;)

And yes, I LOVE dancing movies! I danced for 18 years growing up :)


I love them, and maybe own one or more of them. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE “Flashdance”
My gym isn’t crowded when I go, NYSC. Thank Goodness.

after the chiro, I’m going to hit the pool.


Devoid eggs are SO good! I like to but tobasco sauce on them…. Is amazing! Billy is quite the cook… How do I get my husband to do that? :)

I LOVE dancing movies! I am a big sucker for them… My husband, not so much!!

Today I took my pooch and daughter on a walk to see the progress of the extreme home makeover that’s being built and filmed a few blocks from my house… Move that bus!

Have a great day!


Yumm fajitas and whopper ice cream! You just can’t go wrong with that combo.

My gym is never busy during the summer because I use the university rec and my workout today was my 7 mile run this morning! It was fabulous!


Yum I love deviled eggs and fajitas. Can you tell the MIL I’m moving in for the remainder of the summer?

The gym at SF always gets crowded in January (new years resolutions) and I hate it. I also hate it when people mess with my treadmills. :)

Love ya girl, have a great day!


I liked the first Step Up the best…I own it!


I love deviled eggs! They are a fear food of mine too, hence the reason I really only make/eat them at Easter!

My workout today was a 4 mile run, 10 laps in the pool (I hate swimming, hence my water time only lasted 5 minutes) and I’m getting my lift on later today :)


i was a dancer and i’ll totally watch the sequels, but i still think the 1st step up and save the last dance were better than the sequels!! i recall my husband being visibly upset when i made him watch step up 3 at home a few months ago….lol.
btw, i love egg salad sandwiches! i eat them in pita so i feel slightly less guilty about the pound of mayo…


a line to the front desk? that’s crazy!!
I LOVE dancing movies. love them.
Sometimes my gym is crowded but I go early in the morning to beat the crowds. I’m happy that you are eating deviled eggs… because they are SO GOOD!


Man, you exercise a lot, girl! I wish I had the drive/motivation to do as much as you do in one day. I get half an hour of cardio in and I’m happy, haha!


WAIT—I thought you gym cancelled all classes this summer!? Or am I forgetting and you are still in California with the in-laws and using their gym?

Those fajitas look SO GOOD!


OOOH, I have a gas stovetop. And now I’ve gotta try browning my tortillas that way. Tell your MIL she’s a genius. ;)

Today started earlllyyy with a 5 mile run. Not the longest, but I’m working on my morning mileage.


The yummy food on my blog looks so delish! I need to make some deviled eggs!

My workout is spinning and a shirt circuit for strength training.


I have THE BEST recipe for deviled eggs! Everyone loves them and it’s simple. Make them the way you usually do, take out the yellow and mix it with mayo, finely chopped red onion, salt, pepper and two dashes of your favorite hot sauce. I even add that Tony’s whatever cajun stuff to it! It’s the first thing to be gone at a party!

My favorite workout today will be running 3 miles with the local YMCA weight loss group. They’re people who are overweight doing a couch to 5K program. I met this incredible woman who joined the group back in Jan. Her name is Tammie and she was 100 lbs overweight back in Jan. So far she’s lost 50 lbs in 6 months and is so beautiful. Running with her mid week is something I love to do!! It inspires me to love running even more.


AHHHH THANK YOU FOR YOUR RECIPE!!! I can’t wait to try it and you made me drool!! WOW….the weight loss group sounds AMAZiNG!!!! TELL TAMMIE GREAT JOB FROM ME:) She should start a blog!!


um those fajitas look like HEAVEN…you have a master chef in the houseeeee

and my favorite dance movie ever is SAVE THE LAST DANCE…i love it. i am obsessed and proud of ittttt

and ughhh hateeeeeeee crowded gyms…i love it when its like empty cause its so peaceful if that is weird but whatevaa hahah
gym time is meee time

ran 5 miles on the TM + 10 min elliptical
lifted some weights and ab workkk


My workout: arm strength routine + random cardio machine work….think I covered every single machine in the gym! hahaha


I’ve taken dance classes and have performed in small stage shows before, so I LOVE dance movies. I pretty much ignore how bad the acting can be in some of them, I think the choreography much makes up for that. Although if you want to count Black Swan as a dance movie, then you definitely can’t discredit the acting!

My workout: I woke up late this a.m. so I just did 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and then the stationary bike, and then did weight training. I’m really lucky to have a gym in my apartment building that’s fairly nice, and the worst it gets is that you have to wait 15 minutes for a cardio machine.


Save the Last Dance is a favorite dancing movie of mine. Step Up would be perfect to watch while working out! Haven’t decided what my workout is today. I only have 45 minutes from the time my husband gets home to watch our little guy to the time he leaves for his b-ball game. It’s either elliptical, or 100 degree run outside.


Workout: 14mile bike ride….saving on gas it is to work and back!


Hi, I just started reading your blog, and getting into the blog “scene”. I just love your blog, and how cute and fun you are. Subscribed!


GIRL!!! You made my day!! Thank you so so much….I am on my way to your blog right now!


I liked step up….never saw 2 or 3, maybe I should?

I teach fitness classes, so I guess I don’t have to worry about getting a spot? ;) heh.


My mom makes the best deviled eggs! And I like to make mine with hummus to keep them dairy free. So delicious. I went to a butt-kicking yoga class this morning. I think Billy and I might ride bikes later. :)


Haha…you crack me up with your xyz comment!

Yes! I love dancing movies…mostly because I cannot dance myself and like to live vicariously through them. Step Up 1 is my fave!

My gym is never too crowded….sometimes I will have to wait for an elliptical in the mornings but that’s it.

Today was a cross training day for me!!


I LOVE dancing movies. I cant dance at all so I love watching them and wishing I could do what they’re doing! I liked Step Up 1 but I thought the last one wasn’t too good. :)


24 Hour Fitness is craaaaazy! I go to one that opened up a few months ago and it’s just ridiculous how busy it is ALL. THE. TIME. 5:30 am spin classes are always FULL!


Heading out for some intervals! Hoping to find a hill to run up near my new place!




I make some pretty gosh dern tasty deviled eggs. They even have bacon in them :) My favorite dancing movie would have to be Center Stage! Can’t wait to see you sporting the new shades


I overdid it on eggs growing up, the only food my dad could cook, so I only recently started liking them again. Deviled eggs though, man, they are delicious. They might be making me gain 500 pounds a minute, but I love to try new varieties with them. The all time fav is still with chopped up crispy bacon stirred in!


haha oh my gosh that happens with my husband! after we watch chopped he disappears for a little while and comes back with a crazy combination. I love it though.

for my workout today I tried Yoga for the first time!! then I ran 5 miles on the treadmill.

I haven’t seen 3 and I really want to.

The gym is now crowded due to stupid provo golds shutting their classes down :(


i love fajitas. honestly…i’m obsessed with them. i eat them at least one time a week at my fave mexican restaurant. which is one of the MANY reasons i can never give up running. ha! every time i look at your blog, i get hungry. i love that you love food like i do. it’s so refreshing to see an exerciser that eats too :)

anyway, im not a member at a gym b/c it’s too pricey and we are adopting. my gym is the tm and outside on the pavement.

no workout today….it was my off day.

oh yeah… i have the same grey toms shoes that you have on in your cute picture from today’s post. (6/28)


Fajitas are one of my favorite meals! I think they are healthy and non-healthy. Healthy because of the veggies and lean protein. Non-healthy because I generally cover mine with cheese and sour cream. All about balance, right? Haha.

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