Marathon stuff and our first real dinner at HOME:)

Baretta is officially very familiar with every Disney princess and their stories because of Brooke.  She should be very thankful.

Brookie had a cough yesterday morning when she woke up so we decided to keep her home for most of the day.  We got a whole lot done and my hair for the day was just killing it.  BUT I did get the entire kitchen organized, cleaned and put together which felt pretty amazing.

IMG 3993

At about 4 pm we were wasted and fell asleep while watching the Olympics and I woke up to Ms. Brooke jumping on me.  The best way to wake up.

IMG 4003

I actually don’t know how she went almost four years of her life without a pup.

IMG 4010

My personal favorite part of the house:


Andrew loves to grill and I love to eat grilled food.  Bbq chicken, zucchini and squash with some corn bread, avocado and berries.  Our first real meal at home (at the counter… we get a table in about a week).


We made sure to get in some serious bubble time.

IMG 4034

And then a walk.  Brooke picked out her rain boots for the occasion.

IMG 4037

Some sunsetting.

IMG 4055

And a girl and her dog and rain boots.

IMG 4066

We got home and got to work on some Oreo milkshakes (can you tell we are really happy to have a kitchen again…).

IMG 4069

And then we watched the Olympics pretty much the rest of the day.

IMG 4013

I LOVE watching tennis, swimming and gymnastics but obviously, I’m most excited to watch the marathon (women’s on 8/14 and men’s on 8/21).

Two random things I read the other day—> 1886 was the year that the first Olympic Marathon was held… it was 24.8 miles long! The winners of the Olympic Trials (Amy and Galen) both won $80,000 there!

This is the course map for the course in Rio!  It is a very flat course but it has a lot of turns!  You can see some pretty pictures from the course HERE and HERE!


I’m so excited to watch Meb, Galen, Jared (he lives near me!!!), Shalane, Desiree and Amy!

PS I met Meb a few years back and when I told him how incredible he was for running such a CRAZY fast marathon he told me that I’m the incredible one… because I am out there on my feet for way longer than him and he’s already showered and eating breakfast by the time I’m done… So really I’m the real winner;)


It’s our 1 month anniversary today!  We are going to celebrate by going up the canyon and going to my friend in the pink tank’s wedding.  I am so so happy for her!

IMG 0401


What are your favorite Olympic events to watch?

If you could choose one event to participate in (and be REALLY good at it)… what would it be?

What is one of your goals for running this week?

-To have a goooooooood long run.  We won’t be running a ton next weekend so the long run will be really important this week.

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I LOVE watching the swimming events. I was glued to my television last night. Gymnastics is fun to watch, too–how the heck do they do all of those things?!

My running goal for the week is to be mentally tougher, especially on my faster workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. I want to know I can hit my goal splits and fully believe pushing through those workouts will help me big time on race day.


Meb is the best! Honestly though, if he thinks you’re the winner because you’re out there way longer than him boy could I impress him with my super slow marathon time! :D

I love watching the gymnasts and the volley ball players… but I can’t wait for the marathon!


Anything track and field related is good for me. I’ll watch any of it.

If I could do one event it would be the 200meters because I would love to be able to run in a quick burst like they do.

Running goals this week are just to be able to do two days since I’m recovering from a back injury.


I’m loving the Olympics so far! Did you see Katie Ledecky? That girl can fly. Maryland pride! I can’t wait til the gymnastics finals tomorrow and I’m also really hoping for Aly to win an AA medal!

If I could do any Olympic sport, I would love to be able to do figure skating. I’ve always loved how beautiful that sport is.


The marathon, T&F, swimming and gymnastics are my favorites. My nephew told his mom this weekend that he wasn’t sure that he liked the Olympics. When she asked why he said, “they make me feel lazy!” I had to laugh at that one. I feel the same way, buddy. (But I still like them!)

We’ve been trying to finish our new house for the last several weeks so I’d really just like to be able to fit in a few workouts. I don’t even care if that means going for a walk! I’m jealous that you’re all moved in! I can’t wait to be at that point!


I took gymnastics when I was so younger so I would love to compete in gymnastics!

Happy one month! :)


I spent the day blowing bubbles with my gum along with my boyfriends 13 year old. She was just learning the technique. Lol.
Anyway we said we at training for the olympics 2020. We are petitioning to have it be an Olympic sport. Ha!
I love watching gymnastics, swimming and track and field. Beach volleyball too.


the olympics suck me in. it doesn’t even matter what the event is, I will watch it and I will love it. obviously, I love gymnastics and swimming and all that good stuff, but I love getting to see less celebrated sports like peloton (which was awesome the other day) and volleyball indoor or beach. honestly, it’s all great.

if I could compete in anything I think it would be gymnastics. I am in awe of those women and men’s sheer physical strength. it’s honestly amazing.


I love watching swimming, track, and gymnastics the best.

That picture of Brooke laying down with beretta needs to be framed.


I met Meb earlier this year at a kickoff event for a 10k here in Wisconsin and he was the greatest! Such a nice and down to earth guy.

I would love to be awesome at gymnastics. Those girls are so talented! We watched the opening ceremonies and some swimming this weekend.

Have a great long run this week. We may be taking a long weekend coming up so I get how important getting those runs in are. :)


Gymnastics is my absolute favorite event! I also love swimming, track and field, and beach volleyball! I anytime I was inside this weekend was spent watching the olympics haha.


My goal is do also do really good 18 mile long run and then at least 1 good day of speed work. I put off speed work the most for sure– and it’s been really hot here so it’s easier to do.
If I could participate in any event it would be the marathon!


I love watching all track and women’s gymnastics. Also VERY excited to watch the marathons too.
If I could choose 1 part and be really good at it, it’s be the 10,000 m one.

I’m in current recovery from surgery ( 2 weeks ago) so no running for me for at least 4 more weeks :( :( going CRAZY without it.
Are you planning on getting ( if you haven’t already) Shalane’s new cookbook Run Fast Eat Slow? comes out tomorrow


Meb is so awesome! Actually, all runners are awesome. We just found out we’re having a boy and I told my husband we should name him Meb. Lol. He likes Meb a lot too…so maybe. ;-)
I would want to be an 800 m runner! It’s super short and sweet but those ladies are SOOO fast!
Happy 1-month anniversary!


I love to watch track and field events… especially the sprints (odd for a long distance runner, right?!). My goal for this week is to make my 18-miler work with the traveling schedule. I need to try grilling zucchinis Andrew’s way! They look delicious!


Hubby and I like rugby — randomly — it’s so new for us, we’ll watch it while googling the rules to try to understand what’s happening ^_^.

My goal this week is to have a good long run! I had a quick 4 mile today and by the time I made it back and thru my kitchen, I nearly passed out from the heat/exertion! I’ve never felt like that before — but it’s SOO hot and humid where I am that I’m terrified I’ll feel this way again :(

Do you have any tips to beat the heat??


Since I have ties to both swimming and running I like watching those the best. I don’t know what event I would want to be really good at. I think perhaps the 10k. That’s such a gritty distance…but I do wish they competed in a 13.1. I think that would be awesome.

I’m glad you had a great first meal at home. We love grilling too!


Anyone who says diamonds are girl’s best friend hasn’t had a dog! Brooke is definitely in love and it looks mutual.

I’m hoping to run this week. The elliptical and bike are getting old, power walking felt pretty good.

I love watching gymnastics but I don’t have yen to do it. I wish I could ice skate really well.


I love watching diving, swimming, gymnastics, and of course all the track and field events. If I could choose one event to participate in (I have an answer ready for this because my husband and I just talked about it yesterday), it would be the triathlon. They are just so incredibly fit! My goal for running this week is to hit all my prescribed mileage on the plan…it is going to be my highest mileage ever and my longest long run ever! :-o


I love so many events at the Olympics: swimming, gymnastics, water polo, those crazy bike races, track & field, beach volleyball… But what I love to watch are all the amazing stories behind the amazing athletes!! So inspiring! Some of the trials they go through in their “regular” lives, and to see them out there performing at this level is truly amazing!
I was a gymnast in my young days, so I would love to compete in gymnastics!
My running goals this week…. keep working on getting back to a regular running schedule and increase my “base” mileage before half marathon and marathon training starts up again in a month or so! I hardly ran at all during July, and now I’m trying to get back all that I have lost!
Happy one month anniversary!!!


My favorite Olympic event to watch is definitely soccer. The Canadian women’s soccer team won bronze at the last Olympics, so there’s high expectations for them again this year. So far they’ve won both games that they’ve played. They play Germany tomorrow. Germany is a better team so I’m really hoping the Canadians manage to pull out a win against them. Either way Canada advances to the next round since they’ve already won two games.


I love watching swimming, track and field, gymnastics the marathon and the list goes on. I admire those athletes it doesn’t matter what sport, just to be the best of the best!! If I could do 1 event – any running event! My weeks goal: to run 5 days this week, taking things easy after a hip injury


Love watching tennis as well! It broke my heart when Djokovic lost and he was just sobbing afterwards :( Such a great guy! I also love gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, shooting, kayaking, cycling…pretty much everything!


One of the great things about the Olympics for me is that I love watching virtually every event. With so much on the line and athletes that have sacrificed so much for so long, I find that I can enjoy sports, like fencing, that otherwise wouldn’t hold much interest for me. My favorite sport to watch is the triathlon (Go Gwen!), but track and field and swimming are also great.

If I could be really good at any one Olympic event, it would be the 100 meter dash. There is something about being the fastest person in the world that appeals to me, espcially as a person that has not one iota of fast-twitch muscle in his entire body!

My running goal this week is to run one more Yasso 800 (at the same pace) than I was able to run last week.

Good luck with running and training!

Richard C.


Swimming is definitely my favorite sport to watch! In what life were you a news caster? I keep seeing pics of your interviewing people???


i cannot believe it’s been a month already! I love seeing how happy you all are!


Happy one month! Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding. As a former gymnast, gymnastics is definitely favorite sport for me. Close seconds are diving and table tennis though! My goal for running this week is to hit a 5 mile long run some time! Fingers crossed. :)


Happy 1 Month Anniversary! Where does the time go? :) :)

Running and gymnastics are my favourite to watch!


I run with Marathoners in Training (MIT), and my 11:00 pace group always jokes that WE are the REAL elites b/c we are out there MUCH longer than the speedsters! They probably couldn’t run for 5 hours straight if they tried! LOL


Women’s gymnastics is my favorite but I like watching swimming, diving, and track too. Honestly, if I could be talented enough to be in the Olympics, I wouldn’t care what it’s in! I would just be happy to be so talented ;) If I had to choose one, I’d say gymnastics because it’s my favorite.
Running goals this week: actually run. My runs have been lacking lately.


“….he told me that I’m the incredible one… because I am out there on my feet for way longer than him and he’s already showered and eating breakfast by the time I’m done”


Happy one month anniversary!!!!!
Omg those milkshakes.

Gymnastics and swimming are definite favorites…but I’ll watch any Olympic sport! Even my husband…who is NOT a sports fan…said to me last night “why is watching the Olympics so addictive!!?!?”

My running goal this week is to not drown in my own sweat. Seriously tho…steadily increase mileage for my half marathon in October.


Haha – your Saturday hair looks a LOT like my Monday hair! And you’re making me crave grilled veggies!


I’m into soccer more than anything but now that I run now, I am looking forward to the marathon too!
Good luck with all the renovating! It took us a while to get everything done and we still have a lot more to do…one step at a time!
my goal for this week will be to have fun, enjoy, and get a good time at the 15K this Sunday!


I enjoy watching fencing since it is literally the ONLY time you can watch fencing in America. I was a HS and collegiate club sabre fencer. I also was a (unsuccessful) modern pentathlete hopeful.

In the pentathlon they look for someone who is pretty decent in 2 or 3 events and then try to get them passable in the other 2. I was a good fencer and pistol marksman, a fair runner and horseman, but a poor swimmer. But I hated the pool and therefore didn’t last for long. Still fun to watch though.


I like that you and Lindsey are getting married exactly 1 month apart! Tis a great summer for our friends! Happy one month to you!!!

Grilled zucchini is the absolute best! Then you finished off the day with an oreo shake? What an excellent way to break in the new kitchen. I need that oreo shake stat.

We have had the olympics on non stop too. The men’s gymnastics blows my mind all the time. The rings are insane. Annabelle asked why the menbeach volleyball players wear what they do and the women wear what they do, and I am all like #sexism


Women’s gymnastics is my favorite to watch, but also I like watching the marathon (if I can) and the swimming and diving. I really like the diving and think that would be cool to be good at, but I look terrible in a one piece suit, I don’t swim a lot, and my dives look like a 7 yr old doing a cannonball only way worse. And I haven’t tried jumping off a high dive ever. But for some reason it looks fun! I can dream though, right?!
My running goals this week: just get out and run. I missed a couple days this week because of an awful headache, but Wednesday and Thursday will be some good running days, I can tell! Those grilled foods look ah-maze-ing!


I haven’t been watching the olypmics but I do love the gymnastics! Those Oreo shakes look good!


I love watching the marathon, gymnastics, and swimming/diving! So fun :)

This week? I am looking forward to some solid runs before baby T comes. Thankfully, my ankle is all healed and I am more ready to run and have it feel good :)


I’m totally interested in watching the “Race Walking” competition… Never even heard of it before but the world record for the 20k was done at a 6:10 min per mile! 6:50 for the 50k!!


NO WAY!! I had no idea they were that fast. That is awesome!!!!!


my favorite to watch is gymnastics, I did a lot of gymnastics as a kid :)

If I could be any athlete I would be an olympic runner of course!


I absolutely LOVE to watch gymnastics! And of course swimming!

If I could be amazing at one of the sports i would definitely choose swimming though! Those athletes are CRAZY strong!!! And there doesn’t seem to be an age limit on swimming because of how well it supports your joints and overall strength!

My running goal for the week is to get my 12 miler this weekend for my long run! I’m training for my first marathon so this is week #7 and it’s getting intense! :)

Have a wonderful week!!!


Omg all the pictures of Baretta and Brooke are SO CUTE! BFFs


Answer #1 gymnastics
answer #2 gymnastics

I really do love watching the Olympics overall because the competition is high and the admiration and respect levels are high!! It is a beautiful event that pulls the USA together!

The house has become a home with love, children and a dog!! <3


I love the women’s gymnastics too! They are so incredible!!


That is a happy bubble face! haha


That picture with Brooke and the bubbles. That face. Pure joy.


I can’t believe you met Meb!! I’m currently watching the Olympic marathon whilst trying to work (JK I’m totally not working…) and it’s so crazy inpirational! I love the american girls more than Team GB I think, they just kick some serious butt!

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