What your Body Does & Friday Favorites!

Coming home to these cheeks after a run is kind of my favorite.

Josse and I were able to get together for 7 miles (post-baby record distance over here) together.  We averaged an 8:25 pace!

IMG 9739

Half-way through the run I tied my jacket around my waist because I was HOT but the gloves stayed on because my fingers do not understand how to feel hot (or warm).   PS when I took off my jacket Josse noticed a huge bruise on my upper chest (my tank and straps are covering it in the picture).  I hadn’t even noticed it but I’m guessing it is from my seatbelt in the accident.  I pretty much want to kiss Skye’s carseat and a seatbelt every day for keeping us safe.

IMG 9751

I wore the Launch 5s for the first time and they were AMAZING.  I am very happy with them (like I said, I always get nervous when my favorite shoes come out with the next edition because I don’t want them to change for the worse).  Very happy.  They felt so good.  Expect a full review in about 50 miles.

IMG 9738

Brooke had a pretty great day at school.  Her teacher told me that EVERY piece of art work that she turns in includes at least one (and usually three) dogs on the paper.  She also overheard Brooke telling her friends about what a veterinarian is and how she is going to be one when she grows up.

IMG 9735

It has been quite some time since I last had a hot chocolate.  Probably because I keep forgetting to buy marshmallows.  Yesterday it sounded good to go along with my salad (Costco Strawberry Harvest salad kit plus the spinach and grilled chicken that I added)!

IMG 9772

Skye had her doctor appointment yesterday (I for some reason thought it was last week but nope, it was yesterday) and she is now  11 lbs 7.5 ounces!  Andrew and I made a bet before going in about how much she weighed… he guessed 12 lbs and I guessed 11 lbs 7 ounces.  I won and received a 15 minute foot massage because of it. (Truth time….they weighed Skye in the emergency room.  Hahahaha….don’t tell Andrew)

IMG 9773

She exploded all over her clothes and I totally forgot to bring extra clothes but she forgave me.

IMG 9780

The kids love going to Skye’s doctor’s appointments because they let them choose a movie (Lady and the Tramp yesterday) to watch.

IMG 9776

I ran into Target to get a few things including a few V-day gifts for the kids.  The kids love Peeps so I got them these.  Anyone else love Peeps or is that a definite no?  I don’t crave them but I could eat one if it was in front of me.

IMG 9781

The groundhog was wrong about the weather.  Also, we don’t know how to match socks at our house… it drives Andrew crazy ha!


Dinner, of course.

IMG 9787

IMG 9788


Time for a few Friday Favorites!!!

*I saw this on Ali’s IG and had to share it here too!  Just remember this the next time you are feeling discouraged about your running goals… don’t give up:)

IMG 9587


*General Mills sent me some goodies for my birthday and oh my goodness.  This popcorn is addicting.  All popcorn is addicting for me but this one was (yes, I finished it off in a 24 hour time period) especially good.

IMG 9707

*Each night I have been doing a few minutes of yoga.  A bunch of you recommended yoga to help my back pain from breastfeeding and it has helped SO much already.  Even just 5-10 minutes is helping me to feel a little stronger and stretched out:)  Kate told me about Yoga with Adriene and those are the clips I’ve been using!

IMG 9624

*A nice reminder from THIS book… Run your own race:)  Train and run the way that is best for you!

IMG 9782

*Eating the Kodiak Cakes Protein Packed Dark Chocolate pancake/waffle mix for breakfast makes me feel like I’m eating a brownie for breakfast.  Try it and it will increase your mood in the morning 32% (at least it does for me).

IMG 9595

*The other day all three kids were asleep in the backseat so we did one of our favorite things… we drove around and looked at houses.  I found my DREAM HOUSE while I was out on a run the other day.  I showed it to Andrew and he agreed that we need it.  Now we just need to win the lottery and they need to want to sell their house and then we are good to go.

IMG 9706

*My current goto snack.  Obsessed.

IMG 9791

*Megan D sent this to me and it describes me perfectly.  I REALLY love sleep.  I also snore very loud which is a problem and Andrew nudges me whenever I do fall asleep in movies (although, I had ZERO temptation to sleep during The Greatest Showman).  PS we are t-minus 4 days until I sleep an entire night without waking up (Andrew’s bday present to me).

IMG 9730

*I listened to the episode from Lindsey Hein with Kim Conley (she was in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics for the 5,000 meters) and I LOVED something that Kim said about the time that a commentator said she didn’t have a ‘distance runner’s body’, “It doesn’t matter what my body looks like, it’s about what my body does.”  SO SO TRUE.  I love it.  It reminded me about this post where I included the ‘paintbrush’ theory… if you need a body-image pick-me-up… READ IT HERE!  “Your body is not your offering.  It’s just a really amazing instrument which you can use to create your offering each day.”

All of this reminds me of this quote that I’ve been loving.  Make sure to do this this weekend:



Peeps… YES or HECK NO?! 

Ever do yoga?  How often?  At home or at a studio/gym?

Have any fun Friday night plans?

When it comes to sleeping… can you sleep anywhere/anytime or does it take you some time to fall asleep/you need your bed to fall asleep?

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Need to try that popcorn!!!!!!
Skye is already looking so big! Isn’t it crazy how they go from (adorable) little blobs to having their own personalities in just a matter of weeks??
Have a great weekend! :)


LOVE that last quote. Also, NO NO NO to Peeps. Eww. By the way, have you tried the Kodiak cakes on-the-go little bowls?? All you do is add water and microwave it, and it’s like a pancake in a bowl. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s not bad!

I can sleep pretty much anywhere. I’ve even had to sleep in a few airports! Usually I’m out as soon as my head hits my pillow when I’m in my own bed, but it does take me a little longer when I’m not. Happy Friday, Janae!! Hope you have a great weekend! :)


HEY GIRL!!! I haven’t tried them yet… I totally need to asap! Thanks so much and I Hope your weekend is perfect Natalie!


NO peeps!! Ha :) It’s funny – I could probably fall asleep anywhere with lots of noise. But at 2 a.m. when I get up to go to the bathroom… falling back asleep is difficult! No issue actually falling asleep. It’s falling BACK to sleep.

Happy Friday!


I’m so glad you both were safe in the accident! So scary. Peeps are one of my favorite candies. And I’m a dietitian, LOL. My mom still gets me a pack for all holidays- at the age of 32 :)


I like 1 Peep at Easter and I’m good for the year! I heard about Yoga with Adriene in December and I’m on my second series. It has helped a ton! I like that she is not so into perfect poses and changes things up. Glad you found her! Have a great weekend!


That is one of my favorite things my fiance and I do together – look at houses :) especially ones where we would need to win the lottery to buy!

We just had a huge snow storm in Wisconsin so you’re one lucky girl with nice winter weather! Enjoy!


Peeps oh heck no gross lol… I love to drive around and look at houses especially now since we are on the hunt for our forever home!

Tonight is burn boot camp for me whoop!

Have a great weekend Janae!!


Peeps: heck no! Too squishy. Worse than gummies (also heck no!)
Yoga: heck no! Too calm. Probably what I need, but in classes I cannot stay quiet or still and get the instructor’s glare. On my own I get bored and quit early if I even start.

Friday night is pizza night at our house.

I can sleep no matter what. Especially on planes. Except when I was traveling with my baby I had to learn NOT to sleep in planes, because I didn’t want to drop him or miss a minute of his experience!


It’s a hard pass on the peeps for me. That is one candy I have never understood…but I don’t like marshmallows in general so…


Love peeps! You need to try frozen berries in your yogurt. It is like an ice cream dessert. I think I am averaging a bag of frozen mixed berries a week from Sam’s right now.


Great idea Michelle! I totally will! Keep enjoying those mixed berries and have a fabulous weekend!


I love Peeps!
I don’t do yoga nearly as much as I used to, but I try to do it once or twice a week. I do have some basic moves I do before bed sometimes if I am having trouble relaxing to sleep. Yoga with Adrienne is one of my favorite YT channels! She has one video that’s for people who have head colds or are ill and it makes me feel better every time I’m sick.
I wish I was one of those people who can sleep anywhere at any time… Of course I prefer my bed over other beds but I also need dark and quiet. The older I get, the more particular I get about my sleeping conditions!


That popcorn looks magical! I don’t normally like pre-popped popcorn, but this one looks really good! Also I just love all of skye’s bows, they are so darling! ?


I love Peeps, especially after they’ve been warmed up in the microwave – my Mom taught me that trick! They also grow, which is kind of fun!

I am the WORST sleeper in the history of sleepers. It’s terrible. My fiancè can fall asleep anywhere, even within seconds. It takes me at least 30 minutes to an hour, and sometimes it’s 3 or 4 hours or even no sleep at all. It’s frustrating!

I can’t wait to hear how your entire night of sleeping goes!!!


Eeewww… NO to Peeps! I use to buy them every year for my boys Easter baskets, but they have now even said they don’t like them. Ha!
I love yoga! I try to do yoga or pilates on my “rest” days. It feels so good to stretch all my muscles out, especially the day after a long run!!
I can usually fall asleep fairly quickly, and pretty much anywhere I am. My hubby, however, has trouble. When we travel, he has to bring his own pillow or sleep just won’t happen!
Today my hubby and I are headed to San Diego for the weekend!! No kids! I love San Diego and love running there too! Can’t wait for a great weekend away :)
Happy Friday!


Heck no to Peeps. Those can sit in my pantry for months and not be touched.
Love yoga, wish I did more of it. Check out Erin Motz “Bad Yogi” on you tube. She is my favorite.
My Friday night plans include pizza.
I prefer to sleep in my bed with all of my makeup off . I am very strange with my “routine” for getting ready for bed. I hate it when I do fall asleep and still have my makeup on.


Great quotes! And i have no strong opinions on peeps. Tonight is a grocery shopping date with the husband and maybe we will watch The Middle…..a fabulous show we are watching all of right now. The daughter Sue tries out for everything and never makes anything but is always super positive. She did make cross country but somehow got lost in the woods and ran for hours! Ha!


That Ellie the dog story is funny unless you have dogs that actually CATCH the squirrels, birds, possums, etc.
No Peeps for me. Too sweet and sugary. My SIL LOVES them!
Love yoga! I wish I had an extra hour or day just for yoga. It’s a treat when I get to take an actual class at the gym. Most of the time I do a short, basic session at home to stretch my back, hips and hamstrings.
Sometimes my favorite thing to do on Friday is stay home, cook and go to bed early.
I falls asleep about 5 min after I get in bed. When I’m not at home, I don’t sleep well until the second night. I always get really sleepy at hair and nail appointments. I think it’s because I’m forced to sit still for longer than I’m used to.


No to normal peeps, but I love the flavored ones, like Strawberry. And… i also love them frozen. Yum!

Yay to Brooke wanting to be a veterinarian! Such a love for animals, that girl!

We’re getting a 2018 Snowmaggedon in Michigan right now so Friday night might be hibernating with the boyfriend, but that’s always good. Olympics Opening Ceremony is airing!


Oh I hope you stay nice and warm all weekend Wendy! Enjoy your weekend inside with your boyfriend and the opening ceremonies. Stay safe!


AH! I am the biggest Yoga with Adriene fan! She is the BEST at-home yoga teacher ever!! Her yoga for bedtime is my favorite one!!

I’m like you with the peeps, I don’t crave them by any means but I could eat one if someone gave it to me!

We love driving around looking at houses too! I’m a licensed real estate agent so getting to go inside the houses is one of the best perks of the job!! :)

Have a fabulous weekend Janae!!


No thanks to the peeps, I’ll save them for others :)

My brother and his wife just told me about Yoga with Adrienne and they love her. I need to try that. I prefer going to a studio for a class so I can watch the teacher/others, but it’s also great to have to have a home routine when that’s not possible.

I still remember the day my dog actually caught the squirrel… she was so shocked, she didn’t know what to do (she was a lover not a fighter I guess).

And I can fall asleep most anywhere. The car especially. Put me in the passenger seat and I’m out in 2 minutes!


Not a fan of Peeps. I’m like you, if it’s in front of me I might grab one and pop it in my mouth. But then my brain is all “Code red, Peeps in the mouth, gag reflex activate!” It’s weird. BUT my 15 year old LOVES them. I don’t understand…I thought I raised him well. ?

I will do yoga flows occasionally. I’m a big fan of the ones on Spotebi. She has a flow chart, but you can also press the button and she walks you through with a timer and action gifs. I want to start doing it more because after hobbling around for 6 months, I finally got my foot looked at and I have a raging case of plantar fasciitis. 10 years of running and never had it, I stop running due to other health issues and BAM! Our bodies sometimes…so yeah, I’m all about stretching and non-impact movements right now. ?

My sleep patterns depend on the day. Some nights my head hits the pillow and I’m gone. But most nights my brain is all… “Let’s think about ALL the things RIGHT NOW!” You win some, you lose some.

I’m so glad you and Skye are doing okay after the accident. I once had a chiropractor tell me (after an accident) the more totaled the car, usually the better shape the occupants—it means the car took the impact and not you. So, while I’m sorry you have to car shop, I’m glad you two are alright.

Have a great weekend, Janae!


BAHAHA your code red thing made me laugh so hard! You did raise him well but he just might have different tastebuds than you:) Spoteby sounds awesome, I will have to check that out! I am so sorry about your plantar! Keep me updated with how you are doing Michelle… I hope that and your other health issues all turn out okay! Bahaha sometimes my brain does that too. Thank you and I think you are so right about the car taking the worst part. I hope your weekend is amazing too!


Peeps are my favorite!! Growing up my Grandma/Oma and I were the only ones in the family that would eat them, but they had to be stale before we would indulge. She has since passed, and every time I open a bag to let them get stale I think of her and smile.

Yoga is my jam! I got once a week to a hot yoga class and then sometimes throw in another class if my schedule allows. I also have some flows that I do after every run to keep my hamstrings loose and my hips opened. it helps me so much!!

I had to chuckle when Brooke says she is going to be a vet…..when my oldest was younger he would tell people he was going to be a veterinarian, but would say vegetarian instead…..haha! We still laugh with him about that one!

And, I can sleep anywhere at anytime…..I usually wake up in the movies with my boys staring at me… My sister jokes that I am like a Furbie, and when someone will say “Furbie sleep”, I just immediately go to sleep.

Have a GREAT weekend! I have a nice 16-miles to get done early tomorrow morning!


Hi Janae! If you like Yoga with Adrienne, check out Erin Motz @ Bad Yogi! I love her original 30-day challenge (all still on youtube I think), and if you sign up for her free weekly newsletter, there is a free class per week, all different lengths and focuses. She is the best; I’ve followed her for years ever since Gina featured her on the Fitnessista!

PS if you ever want to do yoga with the kiddos – Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube is the BEST! I use it with my class of 1st graders on a weekly basis!


THANK YOU KELLY… I am totally going to try out Erin Motz. I can’t wait! Also the kids will love Cosmic Kids Yoga… I’ll do it with them tomorrow morning. Thanks Kelly and I hope you are having a great day with your 1st graders!


My dog is obsessed with squirrels and chases every chance she gets. I think she would be terrified to actually catch one though, she is really such a pansy.
No to Peeps but my daughter’s boyfriend loves them. I LOVE Adriene and really need to get back into her yoga, thank you for the incentive, I love her calming voice. Have a great Friday!


Les’ little sister (she’s 50 now, but still his little sister) said she was going to be a veterinarian when she was 8 and that’s exactly what she did!

I use to love Peeps when they only came out at Easter, now I never eat them. Weird, right?

I have trouble falling asleep if it’s too warm, whether at home or away. We slept with a window open last night (it was 49 out when we woke up and it felt perfect!)


Peeps – no thank you – I don’t like marshmallow…it tickles my teeth – lol
I do hot yoga 3-5 times per week – I can’t get enough!
Tonight’s plans – Trivia Night that my running group organized with proceeds being donated to our local homeless shelter (we are also in the midst of organizing a 2km and 5km run/walk for St. Paddy’s Day – the 7th annual!)
I don’t fall asleep easily – it takes me lots of tossing and turning – but I did hear someone snoring before yoga on Tuesday – lol!


I am so thankful and glad you and Skye are perfectly OK after the accident. What a scary experience!! Thank God for watching over you and your baby <3.

My fun Friday night plans include eating a huge bowl of pasta at home followed by some chocolate ice cream and just relax. Maybe stay up a little later watching Netflix with my husband. And that sounds like pure perfection.

I sleep so fast wherever I am that my husband makes fun of me for that lol.


I tried Kodiak cakes in the single-serve microwavable cups all of last weekend when my husband and I were travelling, and I loved them! So delicious!
You mentioned yoga. I *love* yoga. Yoga with Adriene is a good youtube to follow, and my friend Niki made a really great app for yoga called 19 Minute Yoga. There are some “free” classes and other class series that are downloadable for, like, $1.99. Super inexpensive. Every single sequence she has only takes 19 minutes, which on some days–when my world feels like GO GO GO GO GO–is really all I can spare for some down time. Try the gentle yoga sequence from the free class–I think you’ll like it!
Tonight I have work to do. I’m a college English professor, and after this weekend I need to give two of my classes graded papers. So I am going to be grading all evening and most of the weekend! Before that, though, I have a long overdue hair appointment. It’s time to feel like a pretty pretty princess–which is ALWAYS how I feel when I leave that one hair salon! And I might roam the aisles of TJ Maxx for a little bit of retail therapy, because why not? But otherwise–just work!


I follow yoga with adriene! Did you do her January 30th challenge? It was amazing, and I actually got a little teary-eyed on the last day. Who knew?! The such a nice community of yogis she has there. Also, do you know a site called yogaglo?


Haven’t had peeps so can’t say either way.

Yoga – sometimes, in a studio.

Friday night plans – low key because my run club is hosting a half marathon this weekend and so we are volunteering all weekend starting tomorrow.

I can sleep any time, any where – just ask my other half. I am most proud of the moment I fell asleep sitting up in a canoe (we had stopped to look at the stars at night and I fell asleep holding a paddle in the back). Sleeping is my super power haha.

Have a great weekend! P.S. Skye has the best cheeks.:)


I dabbled in yoga for a few years, but last winter my lower back started giving me some trouble, so I started taking warm/hot yoga classes, and I tell you, they have been a game changer for me physically and mentally. I take a combo of Vinyasa and Bikram classes, and they have helped my mental game in running SO much. Just pushing through through tough poses. I love the feeling of the mental focus and seeing my progress in the poses, how well I can hold them/how correct I can hold the postures, too. It’s really rewarding. I try hard to go to yoga 3x a week, and it keeps me happy :) Yoga is actually my Friday night plan for tonight :)

Peeps—at one time in my life, YES! But, sadly, now that I’m “older”, they’ve become a no :( Not even the stale ones!


Yay Yoga with Adriene!!

Yes to Peeps! Especially once the box has been opened and they’ve gotten slightly stale. I mean, if I’m offered a fresh-from-the-box Peep, I’m probably not going to turn it down. SUGAR! But they’re more satisfying when I feel like I am actually biting into something. Crunch doesn’t really feel like the right word, but yeah, the “crunch” of a stale Peep. So good.

It definitely takes me some time to fall asleep. My fiance can fall asleep at the drop of a hat buuuuuut he snores. So sometimes it becomes a race to fall asleep first. I always lose! :)

Have a great weekend!


Heck NO on Peeps. Fun fact: I have Peep ghosts sitting in my kitchen waiting to be thrown out. They are 2 years old, bought to use for ghosts in the graveyard. obviously didn’t use them. They were still fine when I opened them (yikes!) and I still despise them.

I’ve been doing yoga for about 20 years now. I’ve done it at home and in a studio. When you work with a good teacher it helps prevent injury and you really learn the moves, as well as adjustments for your body/flexibility level.

I sleep best in bed or on my couch. I’ve never fallen asleep in the movie theater. I have a little get ready for bed ritual to help me wind down. If my brain is wired I am wide awake.


So many things in this post that I loved. But, Peeps are not one of them. You gave me two new mantra to use. “Remember Ellie, she doesn’t give up”.; and “Run your own race.” I love both of them!

I totally relate to falling asleep at the movies. I now know why there are so many movies I know I’ve gone to but don’t remember. I also can’t stay awake riding in a car or on a plane. Asleep in minutes!


I’m laughing looking at the cute photo of Skye on the scale because she is only a few ounces heavier than my third boy was when he was born! No wonder people asked me why I had been in the hospital so long when they saw him through the hospital nursery window!


Thank you for mentioning the yoga with adriene. I´ve been looking for videos like this :). Thank you, thank you! <3



Oh man. It used to take FOREVER to fall asleep. Then I had 2 babies (2 boys at that) in 15 months and learned some basic essential oil info. I’m out like a light now. Somehow, it’s still never enough! I used to do yoga but haven’t in a while. I’m a newer reader. I love your blog style!


Skye’s cheeks! Adorable!

I LOVE Yoga with Adriene. I go to a couple of yoga classes per week in studios near me but I like to do some home practice too and Adriene is my go-to for that. I’ve been doing her 30 day yoga journey from January and it’s awesome. I really feel like regular yoga has helped me to be a better runner. Enjoy!


Yes! I do yoga every single day–I’m obsessed :) Yoga with Adriene is my absolute favorite! I do her videos probably 85-90% of the time, and then dabble in studio classes when I have time. So great for body, mind, and spirit.


Peeps… YES or HECK NO?!
I’ll pass!

Ever do yoga? How often? At home or at a studio/gym?
YES. i don’t do it enough. i wish i did it 1x a week. usually in a class.

Have any fun Friday night plans?
nope, was sick!

When it comes to sleeping… can you sleep anywhere/anytime or does it take you some time to fall asleep/you need your bed to fall asleep?
i can generally sleep anywhere/anytime, but it does take me a minute to get into the mood of sleep and once i do, it’s great.


Janae! You are so kind to share my show here – thank you for listening to the episode with KIM! :) XOXO


i love that quote! and i love peeps, hah. i always have. peeps and candy corn, which i know are usually the subject of candy debates! especially when peeps start to get a little stale, so they are crunchy outside? yes please.

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