Silentish Saturday… ‘What Not To Do The Day Before A Race’ edition.

Alarm was set for 4:00 a.m. for today’s half-marathon… the things we do?!  For future reference… probably don’t go to an amusement park and walk around for hours when it is over 100 degrees outside.

Definitely worth it though:)

Things started off at the Timp Half Expo to grab my bib and I am in LOVE with the race shirts…

IMG 2878

Then we made the drive up north to Lagoon.

IMG 2883

The favorite ride of the day:


Knox was a brave one:


Brooke sat that one out with me:

IMG 2891

IMG 2918

My sister and her family were there too!

IMG 2936

Dippin’ Dots= heaven.

IMG 2939

Kids hung out with my sister for a minute while we went on a roller coaster…


I was thrilled about it. Yep, still don’t like roller coasters.

IMG 2943

Went back to Andrew’s parents’ house and had dried apricots and a nap…

IMG 2948

And then Andrew made the perfect pre-race meal of spaghetti for dinner.

IMG 2952

Time to run!  I love making most of my long run for the week a race… 9 weeks until marathon day!


Three things happening this weekend for you?

Ever use a race as part of your long run?  

Ever tried Dippin’ Dots?  Favorite flavor?  

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1. Went out with friends last night.
2. Heading north to celebrate my mom’s birthday (4 hour drive) but staying for 3 days so its all good.
3. Enjoying every bite of her birthday cake while there. #noregrets

Can’t wait to hear about your race….


I hope your race goes well! We have rented a cottage for the weekend with part of the family… So relaxing! And it means I can run with the hubby this morning! Such a treat!


It’s a weight training weekend for me
Wave pool with the 9 year old
relaxing with a new book

That is the largest Dipping Dots container that I have seen! Envious! lol Love them… and love either Oreos and Creme or Cookie Dough the best. Now I must.have.some.


Yikes… forgot to mention my main comment! Love love love the family picture on top and that has GOT to be the most precious look on Brooke’s face!

Looks like a fun day… and it won’t hurt your half. You’re a rock star. :)


I absolutely love the race shirts (ps. GOOD LUCK X10)

Weekend = a 30th birthday party followed by a day of reading/Netflix
Dippin’ Donuts = I’ve never even heard of them but they sound pretty tasty! :)


I haven’t had dippin dots for years. I think I remember liking the mint chocolate the best.

I’m not running this weekend, my shins are giving me warning signs of a stress fracture. So I’ll take time off and probably buy new shoes like I should have done several months ago.


Good luck this morning! :) I hate Dippin’ Dots! I think they taste like freezer-burnt ice cream haha. All my friends loved it, but I was never even interested. The only things on the schedule for the weekend are two runs. :)


I hate Dippin Dots, too! I think this might be because I associate them with malls? Which I also hate.


haha I also hate malls! Maybe you are onto something with your theory! :)


Sounds like you have a new perspective on running. You don’t seem quite so serious about it anymore


You’re Super Mom! I’m embarrassed to say that I hate amusement parks, which makes me a bad mom, because my two kids looove them. I just tell them that amusement parks are a special thing to do with Daddy! (I’m a single mom, so this lets me off the hook, plus he really does like taking them there.)


Such a fun day! Good luck…!


I haven’t had dippin dots in years but I remember really liking … they way they felt in my mouth. There is probably a better way to word that but I can’t think of it right now! :D

Hope you kicked butt in the race this a.m. can’t wait to hear about it!


Good luck! Hope your half marathon goes great today.


I love your dress!


Three things happening this weekend:
-Just got in my 16 miler … And CHILLIN the rest of the day
-Going to a comedy show tonight with some girlfriends
-I hope froyo at some point :)

Dippin Dots are so much fun. Love the cookies n’ cream flavor!

Good luck on your race!!


Good luck tomorrow Janae.

You can’t substitute fun and I’m glad you had a great time. I’ve used several races as part of a long time. While I don’t think it’s 100% the same, I do believe that it is good. It allows you to get some speedy miles that are definitely harder when running by yourself.


Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do amazing despite the amusement park. Sometimes we have to live outside of our fitness goals too!


Not a fan of amusement parks; I can do some kiddie rides but HATE roller coasters. I’m not sure about dipping dots. I can’t eat enough of them to figure if I do.
Kettlet Bells and roller skating for me this weekend. My foot mysteriously started hurting so bad on tuesday that I couldn’t walk on it so i’m taking it easy for a few days to make sure there it doesn’t flare up again. It’s weird because it stopped hurting as abruptly as it started. Baked healthier funfetti cupcakes and hope to make the zucchini cookies you posted yesterday.
Good luck at the race!


Loved the timp half this morning! Great course. Weather was awesome, it was a good run! I need to see if I can get a bigger size of shirt because the small could probably fit my 5 year old, ha.


I think this year since we signed up for the marathon readiness series there will be races counting as part of our long runs.
Good luck at the half marathon!


I didn’t know Dippin’ Dots was still around! I remember it always being at the mall when I was in middle school. :)

It’s a froyo, pool and karaoke kind of weekend around here! Hope the race was fun!!


Have fun an good luck!


3 things: Longest run of my life today (18.6 miles), my 4 year son wanted to run, so we ran 1km (6:40), quiet weekend with the fam.
Started running last year and trained for a half. Did a 10k as a long run and tomorrow is the anniversary of that 10k.
Confession: I’ve never had dippin dots. I know, there’s no excuse.

Good luck in your race!!


I love all of these new family photos Janae! You’re such a beautiful family.
I’ve never had Dip N Dots. Is that weird? It’s always seemed so strange, i’d much prefer ice cream that looks like ice cream, but I think I’m the odd one out in this opinion. I’ll need to try it out at some point!

Three things happening this weekend: we got a new couch, celebrating my 20th birthday, and hopefully sleeping in late tomorrow!

Hope you’re recovering well from your race! Cannot wait to read your recap!


Went to my in-laws lake house in Georgia with friends for the weekend! so fun!!


An amusement park before a race? Sounds like my type of day!

This year my mate and I had a bucks party to attend then had a half marathon the next morning. Was a rough one… but we finished it with our time only 15mins slower than expected haha.

My mate and I are running 37 endurance events this year to raise $20k for cancer research & awareness. Feel free to check out our site ( and if lmk if you’d like to collaborate somehow… maybe we could interview each other or get a pic together.

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