Silentish Saturday!!!

Yesterday’s run involved some speed intervals—>  w/u, 15 x 1 minute @ 6:00 pace w/ 1 minute easy recoveries, c/d.  9 miles total @ 7:19 average.  Post-run: A happy kiddo, a comfy sweatshirt and a big ol’ smoothie. 

IMG 8702


IMG 8712

IMG 8716

As we were leaving the pool we were given Creamies.  The person that gave this to us better have some good karma coming their way after doing this for us.

IMG 8720

I get it, swimming is tiring.

IMG 8752

I don’t think we could go to the mall without splitting pretzel bites… 

IMG 8759

Brooke picked out a swimsuit… kids gap sale boom.  

IMG 8788

Some time outside.  

IMG 8772

I’ve never met a gummy that I didn’t love.  

IMG 8779

Hung out with my mom for a minute.

IMG 8783

And then came home and made dinner.  

IMG 8795

We love our socks around here. 

IMG 8798

And the guy and I are off to St. George today!  100 degree weather here we come (be prepared for me talking about how I almost died from the heat on our runs:)


Three things that you’ve got going on today!?!

How hot is it going to be where you are today?

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I’m in Florida it’s always hot . Today I’ll be running kayaking and beaching, just another day around here. ?


I don’t know how you workout in Florida… I think I would be on the treadmill daily with 12 fans:) ENJOY kayaking and the beach. That sounds amazing!


Running with my favorite running buddy today!! Seeing another friend who is in town and hopefully taking a nap because I didn’t sleep well last night!

Why is swimming so tiring? It’s like a nap is mandatory after swimming.

I think we have 80s and super humid today! I’m not ready for 100 degree days!


It is going to be 90 and high humidity! The south…….. :)
I am working at an aquarium that is a big tourist attraction………..and it is a holiday weekend………’s going to be busy! Got some caffeine and sugar to make it thru!!


I’m in Phienix. It’s supposed to be 98 here today. It’s actually been abnormally cool the last few months but going to warm up this weekend. I would have had no problem with its staying bellow 100 all year though!


Three things going on today?
1. A run (yeah!) in the 70s
2. A swim at my inlaws
3. And time spent relaxing :)


Brooke has some super cute clothes. Is I could fit in her dress, I definitely would wear that.

Doing a lot of hurry up and wait stuff around here lately. So I’m not sure what is in store for us in the next few days.


It’s probably going to max out at about 55 around here today, but with rain most likely. Gotta keep it green! I’m off to run with a friend though so it should be awesome no matter what.


it’s getting warmer and warmer here and creeping up into the 90s by noon so morning workouts are a must. I took an epically beautiful trail walk today and I’m not mad about it in the slightest. three things going on today: setting up the new grill, recipe searching, and cooking outside for a beautiful day!!


GRILLING IS THE BEST!! Enjoy Steph and share any delicious recipes you find! Sounds like you had the perfect morning today… nothing better than starting out the day with trails!


Have a great time! It’s gorgeous here in New York this weekend! Took my long run down to the beach today. Totally loving that summer is basically here


My daughter and I are headed to the Prefontaine Classic Meet today to watch some incredible athletes. The weather is sunny and in the 70’s. Perfect!


Enjoy your trip!


3 things today: run, mow the lawn, dog sit!

It’s going to be 95 degrees where I am , just south of Boston! WAY too hot, already 90!


9-mile run, playing Yahtzee, reading on the deck. We’re in Midway UT on a weekend get away. It’s 53 degrees right now. Perfect for running.


1. Laundry!
2. Jog…ok, I’m just starting back up jogging, you’ve inspired me so much. I slacked through the winter and lost so much ground….ready to push on!
3. Breaking in my new Brooks! ?
Weather? Finally fairly decent…cloudy and 60’s. Perfect outdoors! Hiking weather!


Is it sad that I would totally buy Brooke’s swimsuit if it came in adult sizes?… so cute!!!

3 things : run, run errands, run away from my homework and procrastinate by watching the D3 National Track Meet.
Go Cardinals!

Have fun on your trip!


It’s 90 degrees here and I just ran a 5 mile race at the Jersey Shore. Each split got slower as the heat got to me. But breakfast quesadillas and iced coffee rejuvenated me :)
I’ll be spending time with the boyfriend and his family later and then home to do some invoicing for my freelance business.
Enjoy St. George.


I did 7.68 miles this morning; with no yelling from my hamstring. It was a great run!
We hit up the old Navy sale. Everything we bought was 50% off except my son’s socks but old Navy socks seem to last longer for him.
Friends are coming for dinner. I’m baking rolo brownies as we speak!
Have fun in St. George.


Have fun running in St. George. We were there last summer and did super early morning runs :) It’s supposed to be 92 today but we ran when it was still only 60!

Today is 4 miles easy & strength training, my favorite 9 year old’s pj & pancake birthday party (by the way, he HAD to have Kodiak cakes!) and a friend BBQ and swim. All in all, an awesome day!


I want Brooke’s whole outfit. So cute!!


I had a baby shower, a walk with my hubby and kiddos, and my family is coming over later tonight to meet my little guy. All in all, a good day. Have fun in St. George. :)


I love your pink nail polish! What color/brand is it??


Have fun on your trip!

Three things I got going on today:
-Flying home from Paris!! Went on a bit of a spontaneous getaway :)
-Picking up my puppy … Can’t wait to see her
-Dinner with my mom … Can’t wait to fill her in on my trip!


So hot here in South Georgia!!! Hot and Humid!!! Makes running a bit more difficult!!!

My son and I had a great day yesterday! He was able to meet the Globetrotters! Great show! Recommend if the Globetrotters come to a city near you! I posted a video to my blog and youtube!

Going for a PR tomorrow in a 5K… might be a hefty goal with the heat factor… but if I don’t PR, I know it will still be fun to see all the runners there… I am such a social runner! LOL! :D

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