My Excuse and Crazy with Some Tough in There.

Not much new on the running front… same pace and same distance pretty much daily!  Maybe I’ll get crazy and do a few short intervals today;)

My sister and I were in all black from head to toe for our run (besides my socks and my tank underneath the black long sleeve that I wore for most of the run… we decided we need to coordinate our running outfits every day now.

IMG 3820

Brooke and I then went straight to my good friend’s house to swim.  I felt way too anxious (not sure if I am just more anxious when pregnant or if pools in general just really scary me) to bring Skye too (because there were no shallow areas) so she stayed with Andrew while we went.

Brooke is gladly joining me in eating almond butter and jam sandwiches for breakfast.

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Brooke held a butterfly on her finger for the first time ever… My friend bought caterpillars to teach her kids about how they change into butterflies.

IMG 3837

And then the girls played in the pool for a long time.

IMG 8902

And we caught up on life.  We have been friends since college and it’s the type of friendship where we might go a while in between seeing each other but as soon as we do, we just pick right back up where we left!

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Then Andrew was going to go mountain biking so we (ummm I) decided to meet to switch Skye over to me at my favorite place right now.  I dream about this salad with it’s dressing so there must be something in there that the baby is needing or at least that’s the excuse I make to myself when I go there multiple times a week;)

IMG 3841

A picture from Andrew’s day on the mountain bike:

IMG 3851 2

I didn’t really love donuts until my pregnancy with Brooke and they are gladly welcomed in my life during this pregnancy now too.  I just read that the baby is as big as a donut now so I thought I would do a picture with the one that Andrew had waiting on the counter for me.

IMG 3846

Okay, the baby is not as big as a maple bar but I’m excited that it is as big as a smaller donut at least:).

Screen Shot 2020 05 26 at 2 47 35 PM

The other highlight of the day was sitting out on the grass while the kids played… it was worth it for the allergies I experienced the rest of the night;)

IMG 3868

Did you see the Anatomy of a Marathon Runner- Desiree Linden on the Olympic Channel?  Here is a small clip but you can watch the full one here!  She is just amazing.  “She’s like a bunny, she can do this all day.”

Also, I loved this clip where she breaks marathon running stereotypes too:   “Anybody who covers 26.2 miles has some crazy and some tough in there.”

PS In the movie about Des they talk about how we take about 50,000 INDIVIDUAL STEPS in a marathon and I’ve never even thought about how many steps we take in a marathon.  That number made my mind explode a bit.

PPS is anybody else already putting together their 2021 race schedule?  I am missing them a lot right about now.

IMG 6590


How often do you run with sunglasses?

-Every single day right now.  I just can’t go without them and these sunglasses are by far my favorites to run with.

Do you track your step count?  Do you have a goal for each day? Has it been harder or easier to meet that step count goal during this time at home the last few months?

Marathon running stereotype… True or False:  Marathon runners have more shoes than clothes?

-My answer= true.

As far as workout clothes go… what two colors do you wear the most often?

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Ha its funny you are surprised by the 50.000 steps. As a metric runner its really obvious because our distances scale. Every strided is ~1meter roughly. If you are faster its a little longer. And a marathon is 42.2 kilometers, aka 42.000 meters. So if you take a step per meter you get the rough estimate that they made. Its almost odd to me that imperial units don’t scale smoothly with each other so simple things like this aren’t quite as obvious. Garmin actually shows your stride length so you can easily know how many steps you take in a marathon! :)


That is really cool Karina! I definitely didn’t know that about each meter. I will definitely be paying closer attention now! Hope you have a beautiful day!


I wear sunglasses on every run, even on cloudy day for protection from dust and bugs along with the sun rays. In fact, I have a sunglasses problem. I keep a pair in all of our vehicles. Protecting my eyes is important plus they help keep wrinkles away because I am not squinting.


I think that is the best problem to have! I’m right there with you. I hope you have a beautiful day, Heidi!


I need to start wearing my sunglasses more often when I run- I forget them a lot and then am squinting the whole run. But love my goodrs!

Most of my running shorts/pants are black, it’s just so much easier to match with things! And they aren’t see through when you get sweaty, like some colors. Tops are a mix, but mostly shades of blue or purple.

Great videos with Des, thank you for sharing!!


Goodrs are just the best and you can’t beat the price! I am just like you, give me all of the black shorts/pants! You are so welcome, thanks Mariah and have a great day!


I wish I could hang out with Des; she seems so laid back and down to Earth! I think when I did my one (and only) marathon in Afghanistan last year, it was something like 47,000 steps. Crazy! I’m still hoping we have fall races this year…maybe that makes me naive! I’ve been running with sunglasses often since it stopped raining here in VA. For workout clothes I mostly wear black; my wardrobe is comparable to Wednesday Addams.


I pretty much wear sunglasses all year long! I say it’s because I have very sensitive eyes but maybe I’m just trying to hide my tired eyes ;)

Wondering if you have any suggestions for the best sunglasses to wear with a baseball cap. I will wear a cap instead of doing my hair as much as possible! But the problem is, I only have 1 pair of sunglasses that work with a baseball cap and those are getting pretty beat up! Any suggestions?

Thank you!!


Sunglasses every day, unless it’s really overcast! Today I had that first “summer” run, where I realize I also need a hat, to go out earlier, and to put sunscreen on even crazy early. That sun was no joke!

I semi-track my steps, but I know I’ve been getting a lot more the last couple months. I have an active job, and now I just sit in front of my computer, but I’ve been running much more and going on long walks to decompress. It’s been weird to adjust, and I know it’ll be weird when I go back to work, too.

I love bright colors for running because I think they help with road safety, and they make me happy! I have a lot of bright pink shirts.


How fun to be at the pool. I get anxious when I bring my kids to the pool/lake too. It can be hard to tell who is who/where in the water especially when there are inflatables and other kids. But swimming is one of the best things about summer, so I work on deep breathing and enjoy the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces…plus nothing wears kids out faster than swimming!

Does Andrew typically go biking by himself? Is he back to his normal work/hours/rotation?

I used to wear sunglasses all the time when I ran and never when I was out and about. Now I never wear them when I run, but always wear them when I out and about. I feel like my eyes can “breathe” easier when I don’t wear them for running, I don’t even think that is a thing, haha.

I used to be obsessive about my step count and had weird rules about not being able to sit down until I had so many steps, etc. It didn’t matter if I was sick, injured, rest day, etc. Now I glance at it every once in a while, but I don’t track/try to hit a goal. I am good at moving my body and being lazy so it all evens out in the end!

Have a fabulous Wednesday Janae!


Running without sunglasses feels so weird-except on the trails. If I don’t wear them, I at least put them on my head to slip down if it’s windy or there are bugs. I’m needing some clear ones right now because for mountain biking I don’t need the sun protection as much but the bugs and branches do not belong in my eyeballs!

Step counting bugs me now that I have my garmin on more-like I can do a run and a ride, and it’ll buzz “move.” I’m thinking gee whiz, I’ve done a lot already!!! I think it’s pretty easy for runners and nurses to get steps in but no, I do not track it intentionally.

I love black athletic gear but I’m noticing that lately I’m gravitating towards pinks, yellows, and orange for tanks. It’s weird because my actual normal clothes are primarily black, navy, white, grey. But for running it’s okay to be bright!


Hungry *reader* girl this morning :) I can barely wait until lunch–good thing I’m in the eastern time zone!
I wear sunglasses probably 90% of the time. If it’s not brightly sunny, I sometimes wear just a visor.
My step count is pretty pitiful since I’ve been working from home. It’s OK–I’m not a fan of the parking garage or large building that I work in–but I suspect my Garmin is disappointed in my low step count when it gives me my goal for each day, LOL! And I do feel better when I walk a lot of steps.
I think I’m an exception to the marathon shoe hoarding stereotype; I should probably replace shoes more often than I do.
My standard workout clothes are black and grey. I figure everything goes with those colors! I’ve added a few brighter sports bras for when the straps peek out, and some floral shorts that make me smile :)


Goodrs are the best! I forgot them on my run yesterday morning and I don’t know how I managed lol. I love that they’re such high quality but a fantastic price. I need to order another pair for the beach this summer in case I lose them.

Also the little screenshot from the baby app you shared says “she”. Are you adding another little girl to the family?!


Hey Maureen! Oh I hate it when I forget my sunglasses too! I didn’t even notice that:). I just took a screenshot from a 16 week update I was reading about and they just put in he or she into it whenever. We don’t know what I’m having but I can’t wait to know! I hope you have a beautiful day.


Oh interesting! I wasn’t sure how baby apps work since I’ve never been pregnant ha. I thought maybe you tell it boy or girl when you find out so they “personalize” those little tidbits. Can’t believe baby is the size of a donut! Have a wonderful day xo


Oh yes! I see what you are saying, I think you can do that on the apps!! I just read updates online but I probably should get an app too!


That is so great to get to go to a friends house/pool! We stayed at my sister’s over the weekend and were so grateful for her pool (with having not been to the YMCA since February). It felt like vacation!

I run with sunglasses every day. If I go out early and forget to bring them I usually regret it before I get home and the sun is up. I wear the Biggr Goodrs. And I also have a couple of pairs of their cat eye.I do not track your step count. My Apple Watch tries to count my steps but isn’t good about realizing when I am waking on the treadmill during Zoom calls (I mean, steps should still count when you are typing on the computer and walking, right?

False – have more clothes than shoes (26 marathons).

I wear red and blue the most.

Have a great rest of your week!


26 MARATHONS!! That is incredible Tonya. You are my hero! So happy you were able to go to your sister’s house and use her pool too. That must have felt so good! What a great idea to zoom on the treadmill and that takes talent to be able to type and walk at the same time. Thanks Tonya, you too!


Oh I need to watch that movie now! I love Des!
I almost always wear sunglasses while running, even if it’s a little overcast. And I think I probably wear black somewhere in my running outfits daily. That definitely is a standard color.
I’m not running right now, for at least a week, because of my achilles tendonitis, and it is such a bummer! My PT friend doesn’t even want me walking longish distances, and I am being smart and following her recommendations, and doing the stretches she gave me. But it’s tough when I see my running friends post their runs every day… On the upside though, I have discovered a great pilates “class” on You Tube that I am loving. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that our pool will open up so I can at least swim laps for cardio.
Your mountains are so beautiful!
Enjoy your Wednesday ?


Sounds like we would be matching with something black and sunglasses on no matter what:). I’ve been wondering about your tendonitis and I didn’t know you couldn’t walk for long distances right now either. You are being SO smart and I can’t wait to see how it pays off and you come back stronger than ever. SO happy you have pilates too and let me know when your pools open up. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Wendy, I’m so sorry about the achilles. I’ve been through it several times and it’s no fun. But your PT is right, I’ve found the only way to really kick it is to stay off your feet (plus all the icing, stretching, massage etc). If you really commit it will cut down your time off from running so much! And I always used the extra time to work on core, upper body strength too, your pilates sounds perfect and a good distraction. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Thank you Michelle :)
I have had issues with my hip before, but never with my feet or achilles. How long did it take for you to heal and safely get back to running?


Hi Wendy – it really depended on how bad the tendonitis was. If I caught it pretty early and stopped running right away, it would only be a week or 2 of no running and then a week or 2 of building back up. But when I ignored it, or tried to push through the pain, it could be 6 months or longer. One thing my PT said about starting to run again: Start out with a slow pace. If you feel tightness in the calves/achilles in the first 5 to 8 minutes of your run, that’s OK, it’s most likely your body just warming up. If it doesn’t go away after those first few minutes, then STOP. Otherwise, keep running and you can increase your pace a bit but as soon as the pain returns, STOP. If you can massage, ice, stretch, etc and don’t feel pain the next day, you’re probably good to go. If you feel pain the next day though, probably worth resting more. You just have to listen to your body, and hopefully you can check in with your PT friend as you go just to have someone to bounce things off. I’m really cheering for you, Wendy. GOOD LUCK!


I love running with sunglasses and very rarely run without them. Goodrs are the best, I have like 14 pairs….it’s a problem!!
I actually have more running clothes than shoes, but I still have like 5 or 6 running shoes at the moment. I find myself wearing blue or black the most, but I am working on expanding my shorts collection, and they come in such fun colors! The ones I wore this weekend from Chicknlegs were the American flag print and the size experiment worked perfectly, so I will now be ordering way too many more from their site, ha!

Have an awesome day!


Thanks for sharing that video on Des. I’m exited to watch it!
I have a lot of purple in my workout clothes. It’s my favorite color!


For sure! I hope you enjoy it! PURPLE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR TOO! Hope your day is off to a great start, Mary!


14 pairs… that isn’t a problem, that is AMAZING! Oh I must have those American flag print shorts asap, they are so cute. Thanks Loribeth, you too!


I always run with sunglasses – still loving my Optishokz Revvez with built in bone conduction audio. I love the open ear concept.
(I tried to find a link, but all I can find is places to buy so here’s one –

My Suunto watch tracks my step count for me so I know how many steps I’ve taken after a run, but also how many I take throughout the day (22,000 yesterday!) I don’t have a daily goal because if I go for a 2 hour bike ride I really don’t care if I get a lot of steps in.

Marathon runners have more shoes than clothes – false for me.

I usually wear black bottoms and something bright on top. Pretty sure there’s a lot of purple in the mix.


Seriously, that is the best idea to have the 2 in 1 with your glasses. I just really need to get some to try out! 22k steps yesterday, wowzers! That is a lot of steps. I’m with you on the black bottoms and bright top. Hope you are having a great morning so far, Kathy!


Hi Janae! I wear prescription glasses so I usually don’t wear sunglasses when I run. I mean I have prescription sunglasses too but those aren’t any fun to run in, they’re pretty uncomfortable for moving around.
I have some good news today! My fiance is finally on his way home from being stranded abroad! I’m so excited and happy but also super nervous that he stays safe today. If all goes well he will be back by tomorrow night.
Happy hump day! (Is it still a hump if we had Monday off? :))


That movie with Des looks great – def have to check it out!
I wear sunglasses when I run and anytime I’m outside and its sunny. I wear regular glasses all the time and cannot find a cute pair of prescription athletic sunglasses. I love how goodr looks and am so bummed I can’t get a pair. Does anyone know any similar looking brands that offer prescription lenses?
My running clothes are mostly black and grey but I really need to get some more bright colors in there for visibility. I have reflective stuff for when I run before the sun is up but now its light out so early I just need neon everything, haha.
I track my steps but not strictly. I generally get between 12-15,000 per day and even more when I run. Ever since lockdown I’ve been working from home and taking the dog out 3-4 times per day which has really increased my steps! I like to get 10,000 minimum but if I don’t, oh well.
Have a great Wednesday Janae!


Hey Amy! YAY! This is the best news ever. I am thrilled for you two to be reunited. PLEASE let me know how his travels back go. Thank you and anything goes during this time of life ha.


Hey Laura! Yes, you need to watch the movie! So glad you are able to get out so much during this time and walk! Thanks so much and you too!

Can anyone help out with prescription athletic sunglasses?!


Where are the tortoise shell sunglasses you’re wearing from? So cute!


Those AB&J sandwiches look amazing! I see those in my near future on my great harvest sourdough ?

Oh that pool looks so relaxing. I gotta say my favorite people are the “pick up where we left off “ friends. Sometimes life takes us in a direction that doesn’t allow us enough time to devote to each and every friendship. To have people in our lives that we can return to when life allows is awesome. ?

I constantly wear sunglasses ? I feel icky when the sun beats in my eyes. I really need an extra pair to leave in the car so I’m never sunglassless ? I’ll have to check out your favorite brand! Mine are on their last leg.

I aim for at least 10k steps on my Fitbit. It has been more difficult to get all my steps during this pandemic but I try even if it means walking around the house in circles. The weather has been less than ideal here and it is more difficult to walk my favorite trails and parks while maintaining social distancing. But it’ll get better I’m sure!

Oh I know marathon runners go through more shoes and it’s awesome! Good shots are so important. Love brooks ?

Lately I find myself in a lot of black and gray. I could wear black pants or capris or shorts or leggings everyday. They are my favorite!

I have a trader joe share! If you like key lime pie they have an amazing pie in the freezer section. I’m not the hugest key lime person but this is delicious. It’s light and lemony and the graham cracker crust is sooo yummy! I like to cut a few pieces off at a time and keep the rest frozen until I want more.

Happy Friends is now streaming on HBO max day! Enjoy your day!!

Last but not least do too have a blue apron discount code? I have been wanting to try them and am going to cook the meals and deliver them to a sweet elderly couple who cannot leave the house ?


You definitely cannot go wrong almond butter and jam any time of the day!


My goal is 15000 steps a day and my Harmon has a challenge group each week to get a certain amount of steps. Since the quarantine I have been in the 125000, 150000 and 175000 steps a week. I didn’t think I could do it, but I won last week with over 216000 steps! I generally run 5-6 miles in the morning, then keep myself moving and productive all day. It has been fun!


Interestingly, my steps are way beyond that! I’d guess it’s because I’m slow? I did over 70,000 steps when I ran the Chicago marathon last year, and over 40,000 before the 18 mile mark when I ran Paris. (Then Fitbit dude.) I didn’t realize I was taking so many more steps!

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