Sentence Per Picture!

I’m watching 5 kiddos today (my littlest nephew is down for a nap so I thought I would sneak in a real quick blog post before we wakes up)! 

IMG 4799

It was a beautiful day for a run with my Josse… we planned on running 9 miles together but miscalculated a few things and ended up with 12 instead (my legs were toast by the end).

IMG 4798

3 x 2 mile repeats (6:24 for the first set, 6:25 for the second set and 6:29 for the third set)… I didn’t do any speed work last week so today felt harder than normal but I’m glad I did them and sitting on the rock at the end of the last set to catch my breath was very needed.

IMG 4804

Listened to this song on repeat for a few of those fast miles—> I don’t know why I love it so much but I just do.

IMG 4805

Went straight for a peanut butter packet first thing when we got home but someone stole it away pretty fast!

IMG 4787

Just taking care of the favorite aunt duties;)  

IMG 4807

Went about 5 hours before realizing my dress was on backwards.

IMG 4806

Just the usual playing soccer for as long as possible.

IMG 4813

Megan brought me pb bars and somehow I shared them with the kids… I must really love them.

IMG 4810

GO UTAH!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2016 04 12 at 3 02 25 PM

A random picture on my phone from Serendipity last week (have you tried their frozen hot chocolate!?!?).

IMG 4478


What is your sentence of the day???

When was your last speed session?  What was the workout?

How often do you eat peanut butter?  Daily thing?

What’s for dinner tonight?

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LOL! Love your 1 million $$$ question!!! As for the dress on the wrong side I cant even remember how many times I ve gone to the lab with mismatch socks and clothes backwards…. :)


Haha the dress thing has happened to me so many times!

Dinner is chicken tacos tonight. I’m pretty excited about that.

Went to target today and came out with only 1 thing I went for plus a big pack of dollar stickers and a swim suit for my youngest. This happens every time I think.


Hahaha! This was me at Costco today. But it could of just as easily have been Target.


Two things: peanut butter is definitely a daily occurrence in my house and I was informed that my shirt was on backwards and inside out right before teaching a nutrition class . . . soooo embarrassing!


Did a speed session yesterday! I’ve been hustling the last 3 weeks to get my first eCourse on making money blogging done so my sentence for today would be, “I’m tired but so excited!”


I’m glad that I’m not the only one who accidentally wears clothing backwards for half of the day. :P

Sentence of the day: Can’t get enough of the Barkley Marathons (listened to like the tenth podcast about them today)!
Peanut butter: Every. Single. Day. and sometimes multiple times a day…
Dinner: About to hit the grocery store to get supplies for cauliflower crust pizza. Never tried it before, but here’s the recipe:


I’m not sure what is for dinner – but i have one more slice of banana cream pie for dessert


Banana cream pie is my absolute favorite! ENJOY EVERY BITE:)


PB is definetly a daily occurrence. Yaaaass! With honey.

Can I say my last speed session was this morning as I raced back to my house to avoid the downpour?

Dinner was a noodle bowl with soba noodles, cucumber, radish, avocado and cilantro.

And now I’m just waiting for it to be PB’oclock.


I don’t even remember the last time I did speed work! That means it’s been way too long. Shoot, since I’m not training for a race right now all of my workouts are hit and miss!

I love peanut butter after a run! Also a big fan of the applesauce packets then!


Ha peanut butter and jelly is for dinner. :)


Sounds quite delicious to me:) Sometimes the simplest meals are the best meals!


Peanut butter and doritos or peanut butter and spaghettio’s are two of my favorite meals!


Ahh that’s so cool about the Barkley Marathons! I watched that documentary a few weeks ago and was fascinated haha. Um yes I <333 peanut butter and probably eat it daily!


Sentence of the day: Your eating disorder blog inspired me to open up about my bone problems on my own site, and girls that bullied me in the past for my weight (and struggled with eating disorders themselves) liked it and had it resonate with them . Your good deed sparked bravery that ended up helping a lot of people.
Thank you.
Dinner is Ryan and Sara Hall’s muscle milk pancakes:
Last speed session- Shamrock Shuffle. Looks like I need to hit the track soon, it has been too long since I let the legs fly… nooooo.


Haha! Been there on the backwards clothes thing. :)

I had speed work this morning, and I have it again on Thursday. I’m trying to convince myself I like it.

Sentence for today: Some things are absolutely worth waiting for.


This is super off topic, but I was wondering if you could share some tips/advice/experience from Boston last year? I’m heading there this weekend to run it for the first time! :)


Congratulations! Good luck!


Speed session is tonight after recommend interview!?? I eat PB daily! I should buy a wider variety but I love that PB is cheaper than almond!


I love that song too! Just added it to my marathon training playlist and it has been giving me just the energy boosts I’ve needed :)


Dinner was Qdoba provided by my firm. I guess that’s one perk of busy season.
I haven’t done speed work in a while. I’ve been sick forever and developed a slight case of tendinitis from the latest antibiotic. Speed work is a few weeks out but I can jog and do Kettle bells. Woo#
Frozen hot chocolate sounds good.
Haha about your dress. I’ve discovered similar wardrobe malfunctions halfway through the work day.


Daya is so good! I love all of her new songs. Listen to Sit Still, Look Pretty if you haven’t. The beat is great for running and so bubbly.

My last speed sesh was two weeks ago since I was tapering for my half this weekend and I’m still recovering now, but I’m hoping to get something in early next week. Way to crush your workout thought girl. Goal pace right there!


I’ve been into almond butter over peanut butter for a while now! It’s not a daily thing but maybe weekly there’s some indulgences ;) I love it with plain Greek yogurt and bananas!

Dinner tonight was taco stuffed peppers! Taco Tuesday is a huge deal for us and I just did a post on mixing it up a bit, thought I’d try out some new ways to enjoy taco-style stuff!


Dinner tonight was tilapia, brown rice, and sautéed kale with carrots! It was a hit!

Also, peanut butter (or almond butter) is a daily occurrence. Love. Love.


Obsessed with that song – I’ve been listening to the Chainsmokers’ radio on Spotfiy for my speed work. Check it out! As always, love your posts!


Peanut butter = not so much. Cashew butter = every single day :) It makes me happy

And dinner for tonight will be turkey burgers, roasted broccoli and macaroni salad!!


Have worn my t-shirt inside out and backwards awkward much. The Serendipity frozen hot chocolate would like to
Have more info on what it tastes like ? Love the updated on your Blog Fantastic !


I did my speed session today actually, on a track and did 4-800m repeats and it wasn’t too bad. I probably could’ve done another repeat.

We eat PB daily with oatmeal for breakfast. Yum!

We had hot dogs with cabbage mixed with garlic and salt, over quinoa. YUM!


Let me get this straight….you ran 12 miles and THEN you did 3×2 repeats????? I’d have more than my dress on backwards!

I am trying to get over the calorie counting of peanut butter (I went so many years without it) I totally understood so much of your last post. But now I have crunchy peanut butter on toast and what a treat!!


Oh sorry I didn’t make that clear! We did 3 x2 repeats IN the 12 miles… so 12 miles total for the day:) Oh crunchy pb is the best!! Enjoy some soon:)


So fun! My last speed work was 6 800s with a 300 jog in between each. I am not a fan of speed work, it’s not fan running fast (;

I love peanut butter, but I am an almond butter addict! My favorite is trader joe’s (:


My last speed session has been over 2 months ago. I found out I was suffering from iron deficiency anemia about 1 month ago and I am so coming back these days. Today I actually had a major breakthrough in being able to run 10km under 1 hour again. It is not fast compared to my speed before this time, but it feels like a milestone nonetheless compared to where I ‘ve been the past few weeks :) so speed sessions, watch out because I’m almost back and I look forward to your effort !!

Peanut butter: recent discovery. Delicious. I don’t eat it often enough yet. I love eating it on slices of apple, like the day before yesterday I think.

Tonights dinner will be lotte (white fish) plus courgetthini and chicons. It will be delicious. I ate hotel food for 9 days consecutively last week and I love getting back to my meals. Basically I missed fish :)

Have a nice day!


I eat peanut butter almost every day – it seriously helps me operate. Filling, salty, sweet and super comforting.

My weekly speed session was yesterday. 12km with 4km at tempo speed. Tempo workouts are so tough!

Dinner tonight was leftover penne pasta with roasted chicken, pumpkin and cherry tomatos. Lots of parsley and Parmesan too. Very yummy!


5 kids!! I really don’t know if I could even handle 2. Maybe practice makes it easier.

Peanut butter: I’ve been adding peanut flour to my overnight oats every morning with a banana. Does that count? It is amazing.

And dinner tonight is going to be eggs and roasted potatoes!


Loves me some Jif reduced fat peanut butter. I eat waaayyy too much of it.

My wife and I ate at Serendipity – the original in NYC – back in 2011. I recall the frozen hot chocolate as a little disappointing. I do like that movie, which features the restaurant, though. It’s a cute little romantic comedy.


too funny!! I wear my workout pants backwards all the time :) I loveeee peanut butter and eat it pretty much every day!


Peanut Butter? Daily? Oh yes please. Nothing better than a spoonful of PB, pressing it into a few chocolate chips…pure bliss.
Supper: Venison & Noodles (similar to beef & noodles)
Last speed session: who (me or my daughter) could get to the last brownie first ! She won.


Ha, I just watched the documentary on the Barkley Marathons! So fun it was a Utah guy this year!

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