Life, a Brooke video teaching us about post-workout routines and this week’s RUNNING playlist (I’ve got a race coming up so I need your recommendations too)!

I’ve got some tangents today to share with you along with a workout playlist so let’s get started!

*Brooke and I went to a BBQ the other night and they had our favorite sugar cookies (these ones are from Sodalicious) there waiting for us;)  We were pleasantly surprised.

*JOIN US TODAY WITH BROOKS!!!! Like soon!  Go HERE (@ 3:30 PST) to chat all about spring running gear, how to find the right shoes, tracking your runs, favorite gear that we can’t live without and how sports bras make a big difference!  See you therrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee!


*Brooke has figured out how to tease me and she was all about that this morning.  We were both laughing pretty hard.

IMG 6995

*Gotta love running into your bestie at the gym and getting in a nice chat after 8 miles on the treadmill (8:18 average pace).

IMG 6227

*Brooke has the post-workout routine down!  After running and gymnastics:

*Smoothie CHEERS!

IMG 6256

*The sweetest Kate made this for Brooke and I can’t wait to put it up in her room!

IMG 6171

*Did you see this story?!  This cute girl was signed up for a 5k but accidentally started with the 1/2 marathoners and FINISHED!!!  10 miles more than she was planning on!  I can’t imagine running 10 more miles than what I was trained for… so awesome!

Screen Shot 2016 04 26 at 5 07 51 PM

*Brooke’s current favorite activity… she takes these very seriously.

IMG 5932

*Loved seeing this picture of Jared Ward (he took 3rd in the Marathon Olympic Trials!!!!) running around in an area pretty darn close to us:)  I don’t know if you have noticed this yet but I have a thing for Utah.

Screen Shot 2016 04 27 at 2 03 11 PM

*FYI water with fresh watermelon in it tastes ridiculously good after a run.  The definition of refreshing:

IMG 5957

*I added these scorpions to my back workout that you can find HERE.  They are great!

Screen Shot 2016 04 26 at 11 23 58 PM

These days I’ve been making a weekly playlist for my running.  Switching up my playlist often keeps running even more exciting:)

This week’s jams: 

Colors by Halsey (So obsessed with this song right now)

Just Like Fire by Pink

Freedom by Beyoncé

Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers

Guernica by Brand New

Wild Things by Alessia Cara

Glass by MØ

No by Meghan Trainor

Higher (feat. B.o.B) by Classified

Trouble by Iggy Azalea (I forgot about this song and it popped up on shuffle and I fell in love with it again for running)

Timberwolves At New Jersey by Taking Back Sunday

Bird Song by Florence + The Machine

Stretching——>  Ophelia by The Lumineers and Lost Boy by Ruth B.


Any songs to add for my race playlist next week?

Ever end up running a lot more than what you were planning on?  

Most beautiful place you have ever lived?

What do you think is the absolute most refreshing thing to eat/drink after a run?

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I used to love those sewing cards when I was Brooke’s age. They were so much fun.

I also do Scorpion, my lower back has been sore and that just helps make it better.

I like running to Halestorm, particularly I Like it Heavy. It gets me moving.

After a hot run or hot yoga I like watermelon blended with coconut water, lime and mint. It’s refreshing and the electrolytes in the coconut water necessary after sweating. (a pinch of sea salt with plain water would also do the trick but I prefer the coconut water in this instance).


Your watermelon/coconut water/lime and mint combo sounds like heaven. I’ll be over after my run tomorrow:) And I just looked up I Like it Heavy and I am adding that right now! Thanks Nina!


You’re always welcome to stop by, though that would be some heck of a run. :) Glad you liked the song!


I can’t believe that little girl went from a 5K to half marathon! Wow! Kids these days are so adventurous. :) I once did a trail run and took a wrong turn with a group of runners (we missed the flag marking). At about 2 miles down this trail we finally realized we were headed in the wrong direction and turned around. At least we were all together. I ended up doing 17 miles instead of 13. At least I wasn’t trying to PR. :)

Favorite thing after a run –> Cold Smoothie
Most beautiful place I have ever lived –> Bend, Oregon


Right?! Can you believe that. AHHH you missed the flag marking… ummm 4 miles more in a race is a TON! Oh I want to visit Bend, Oregon so bad. I bet it was out of control beautiful!


Hahaha, she is too cute!!


I’m going to have to go ahead and agree with you on that one!


Yeah!! Glad you added just like fire to your playlist! It’s such a great song!!

I loved Utah when we visited last year, definitely one of the prettiest places I’ve been. I love Seattle and anywhere in Oregon too!

I actually ran way further than planned today too! I’d planned to go 5-6 and ended up going a few extra miles because I felt so good! Been awhile since that happened!


Thanks again for the recommendation! Now come back to Utah and visit and we can run together please! Way to go today… love those days when it feels so good!


She is so adorabele! She’s got the perfect post-workout routine — must’ve had a great role model! ?

Watermelon water IS delicious. I usually buy it from Juice Press if in a pinch or make my own smoothie with fresh watermelon, ice, and some ginger. I’m also a huge fan of the electrolyte replacement tabs Nuun and they make a watermelon flavor so I am usually drinking this all the time.
Harmless Harvest coconut water is also one of my favs.

I’d have to agree with you about Utah! I’ve only been to the southeastern part of the state (Bryce, Zion, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary). It’s gorgeous, yes. The sky at night was remarkable!
But I also have to put San Francisco on that list!

Thanks for the playlist! I KNOW he’s controversial…but I’d have to add Eminen! Especially Lose Yourself. Always amps me up for runs.


Watermelon water sounds good, especially because it has been 80+ degrees here and lots of pollen and humidity. I love fresh fruit after a hot run…………especially peaches and pineapple! I am partial to Tennessee’s beauty, although it gets hot!

My husband and I are friends with a few guys in a band called The Nobility. They have a song called “Sharks” and one called “Riverboat” that are nice fast songs to run to! And also Kelsea Ballerini’s song “Dibs”.


I love Utah. So many beautiful things to see.

One time I signed up to run the relay Provo marathon. I was supposed to run 10 miles and my cousin 10 miles and my mom ran the first 6. But my cousin and I missed our handoff somehow and I ended up inning 20 miles instead.


TWENTY MILES INSTEAD OF TEN!?!?! Holy cow!!! I didn’t know the Provo Marathon used to do relays…. super cool! PS I love that you did a relay with your mom!


I’m pretty sure they just tried the relay thing for a year and maybe they had a lot of problems with it so they decided not to do it anymore.


Shake It Out by Florance and the Machine was the song I kept playing on repeat during my workout last night. I also like Sit Still, Look Pretty :)


You MUST put the new Pink song on your playlist, “Just Like Fire”!!! I have a 10 mile race on Sunday and it’s pretty much going to be on repeat the whole time. Other current favorites are Fall Out Boy’s “Irresistible” ft. Demi Lovato, “Free” by Broods, “Inside Out” by The Chainsmokers, “I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers ft. Tinashe, and “Make them Gold” by CHVRCHES!


I listened to every one of these songs! You’ve got great taste :) I love adding more to my playlist, thanks!


Watermelon is my absolute favorite thing after a run! I’ve never tried it in water though.. That’s such a good idea.


Radio, by Santigold is my new “gives me runner’s high chills” song of the moment! I fly when it comes on in the shuffle!


Newest addition to my playlist that I have been enjoying: Boomerang by She is We.
I loved living in Santa Cruz, such a beautiful place. Loved the beach and the redwoods. I’m in Tacoma, WA now, and it is lovely here as well.
Luckily I have never ran extra on a race… I’m pretty sure I would just stop and cry if I did : )
And depending on my mood, sometimes a glass of chocolate milk is the perfect after run drink of choice for me.


I am trying to be better about my health so typing this makes me cringe a little, but an ice cold diet soda after anything 10 miles or more is/was simply delicious.


i’m the same! just so, so good!! health be damned sometimes ;)


Our playlists are eerily similar – especially with some throw back to high school Taking Back Sunday in there! Other current suggestions are:
Hallelujah by Panic! at the Disco
Messin’ Around by Pitbull
Band My Head by David Guetta
And pretty much anything by Bring Me The Horizon if you’re in the mood for a little rock music.

I saw this recipe this morning and immediately thought of you (I think these are the kind I’ve seen you have on the blog) ! You should try the recipe!


Brooke is so wise! Eat and stretch – very important!!

I went out one morning and went a little further than planned but I can’t imagine going 10 miles longer!! I haven’t ever covered that distance at once to begin with :P

I’m super into these songs on my running playlist:
somebody loves you by betty who
Roses by the chainsmokers
my body by young the giant


I have really been into the Hamilton sound track on my runs lately. You should give it a try.


Alive by Sia (gets me SO pumped!)
Big Rings by Drake ft Future
Unstoppable by Sia
Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield
River by Bishop



I was once running a cross country race in high school where the course was on a trail that literally went through a forest in Colorado. It was a super windy day and apparently some of the red flags marking the trail blew away? Anyway, I and about 30 other girls ended up running at a 5k race pace for about 4 miles in the wrong direction before we all sort of gradually stopped and looked around at each other, realizing something had gone terribly wrong. Our coaches showed up about 5 minutes later and led us back to the start line where we all voted to run the actual race again the next day. That was hands down one of the strangest running experiences I’ve ever had!


I love , love legendary and beat of my drum by Powers. Great pick me up songs


“Lose Yourself” Eminem. Instant energy boost when it comes on. I am a sign language interpreter and this gal does an amazing interpreting the song. Enjoy….


Running in Utah looks like a blast! I love all the pics you post whenever you run outdoors there! I did see the story with the little girl, apparently her mum was very very scared! but OMG didnt she do great???


Amazing song!
Never Be Like You-Flume feat. Kai has been my jam lately
Running more than I expected has been the name of the game since my parents moved to their new house in the country- which is also the most beautiful place I have lived.
Refreshing things: Cold water, smoothies, or a cup of coffee (after a race when I have been deprived all morning…I don’t have a problem ;)


Awww what a cute video! I love the two S’s after a run: stretching and smoothies. You have taught her well! :)


gonna add a few of these to my playlist for Saturday’s half!

listen to “Up We Go” – Lights. You’ll love it.


After watching the first episode of season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt, “Forever Your Girl” by Paula Abdul is firmly on my running playlist. Okay so not *exactly* current, but it does the trick (for me).

Thanks for your list – I’m planning a long run after work tonight, so I think this may be what I am listening to!


Utah is the most beautiful place I have ever lived. I miss it so much. I love cold watermelon after a hot, sweaty run.


Brand New and Taking Back Sunday are amazing!! check out their other songs, both have many greats for running!


You NEED this one!!! DJ Snake – Middle ft. Bipolar Sunshine :) :)
P.s-haven’t stopped listening to Chainsmokers on my runs since you suggested them!


I currently live in Utah (Cedar Hills) which is pretty, but the most beautiful place I ever lived was Edinburgh, Scotland. So. Much. Green. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful Mist. Accents… :)

Did you happen to see this months BYU magazine? It has this cool article about Jared Ward. I loved the quote “I can’t give up because this isn’t my race to give up. This is their race too.” As runners we think of the training that *I* put in. The miles *I* ran. The sacrifices *I* made. I love Jared’s perspective on that.


That little girl is my hero! (1/2 Marathon) – and your little girl is just the cutest thing ever!!!

I don’t know what pace you keep when running… and these songs might be too slow for you but I recently started doing treadmill running and I have to have music to stay motivated. I found that quite a few Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters songs are just the ticket for me. If you are fans of either one I might suggest: Foo Fighters “Feast and the Famine” and “St. Cecila” and for Pearl Jam “State of Love and Trust” , “Mind Your Manners” “Breakerfall” anything by Florence + The Machine gets me going too! And lastly, one from my college days “Banned from the Back Porch” by Saves the Day

Anything fast paced for me, with a great drum beat or baseline gets me going – rock n’ roll, pop, hip hop, techno. I love it all.


I love those song suggestions! Music helps me so much when I’m racing. Here are a few I added for Boston:
Raging Fire-Phillip Phillips
Good to be Alive-Andy Grammar
The Drift-Blackmill
Tremor-Dimitri Vegas
Happy running!


In honor of the Purple One I’m gonna say Purple Rain and Kiss by Prince. I have Purple Rain on my running playlist, but Kiss is probably more uptempo and better for cadence.


I love when you include your playlist because I’m always on the lookout for good, new songs! :) Thank you! Brooke is seriously the cutest thing ever in that video!!


Love your list! My newest addition is Bombastic by Bonnie McKee – makes me smile and gets the blood pumping!


Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons. It starts slow, but it is my go-to jam right now!

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