Silentish Saturday!

4 treadmill miles with Brooke hanging out next to me and I don’t know what my hair is doing.

IMG 0642

A quick date together for her favorite grilled cheese (and I had a roast beef lettucewhich).

IMG 0647

 Just a deep conversation on the bench while Brooke ate some sprinkles.

IMG 0659

She then showed me her killer bike skills.

IMG 0682

Did you know these exist?  What a brilliant combination of two amazing foods.

IMG 0666

 We said our goodbyes and I will have her back on Sunday.

IMG 0695

Headed into the mountains with the girls for Candice’s birthday celebration.  

IMG 0711

We bought some classy dessert for her.

IMG 0715

Megan and I bought the same pair of socks without knowing as part of her present… great minds think alike.

IMG 0718

Welp, I packed two right shoes for my long run this morning.  I don’t know how I messed up on that one…  Looks like 14 miles will be getting done at a later time.

IMG 0714


What are your Saturday plans??

What time are you getting your long run done today (if you are doing it today)?

Last place you traveled to?

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That is funny about the two right shoes! I once wore to different shoes to the gym. I was embarrassed inside but on the outside I rocked it. It was meant to be!


Last place I traveled to was Minneapolis, next place I’ll travel to is Charlotte, NC!

Saturday plans, work, run, nap, Royals v. Blue Jays game!

Long run tomorrow since I worked today! That’s awesome that you both got the same gift! One year my best friend and I got each other the same gift for Christmas. I guess we know each other well!


Oh no with the shoes! I just finished my 14 and I’m relieved!


Resting all day. Been battling a sinus infection and finally started on an antibiotic. If I feel better tomorrow I’ll do 10. My last double digit run before the NYC marathon.
I went to Jamaica in August. And i am off to Chicago next weekend.


It’s a family day today! Nine miles with my dad today at 9am, and then I’m playing with my little nieces and nephews in the afternoon. :)


Last trip was last weekend to Chicago for the marathon. First recovery run will be this morning. An easy 4-5 miler on a nice trail here in Scottsdale, AZ. It’s finally cooling off!


All things birthday today for us. My little one turns 2 today. We went up to my grandparents cabin for the day earlier this week. It was a fun get away from phones and tv and things.


I just finished my long run and I’m going to enjoy a chill day with my husband!!!
I started my run around 5:30.
Last travel: DC!


First marathon tomorrow and I honestly feel like a kid on Xmas Eve!

I get you on the shoe thing. I brought two left shoes the other day for my run. Totally a runner problem – not everyone has multiple pairs of the same shoe lying around ;)

Have fun on your getaway!!


Good morning! After a rough week (and night) with the puppy, I am just hoping for a family 5K along the Canal in Georgetown. I have totally lost my long run willpower, especially after my fall last week (the bruise on my hip is the size of my fist!)

My daughter has a school sponsored Costume Ball tonight, so that is our big plan. And hopefully sleeping tonight and late tomorrow morning!

The last place I/we travelled was the Outer Banks, NC in August. My happy place!


My husband and I are going hiking today! No long run for me this week—kerping my runs at one hour or less for the weeks after my marathon. The last place I traveled to was Portland, OR.


I got my long run in this morning: 12 miles with three at tempo pace. Glad it’s done!

I once accidentally packed two right boots in my work bag and had to wear them all day. That was a painful experience!



Second, that’s sad about missing your run, but it sounds like a problem only a runner can have……… you have so many similar shoes that it’s hard to tell which ones you threw in the bag! Ha!

I don’t have a long run today, just somewhere between 5 and 8 miles. I will be on vacation next week so I am saving my long run for the Nashville hills! (Hopefully 20-23 miles!) The marathon is 4 weeks away!!

And yes to chocolate swedish fish. Yes. Where are they?


We are doing yard work today… ick!

Not getting in a long run, but I am swimming today. :)

We traveled to Blanding, UT for a funeral a few weekends ago. Let me just say there is absolutely nothing there. The only goodness down there is the huff to bluff marathon/half marathon down there.


Monster run this evening followed by a fall festival!
Last place I traveled to was Madison, WI.
Funny what happened with your shoes! Have a great getaway with your girlfriends!


Last place I traveled was D.C! It was a quick work trip this week that allowed me to stop in for my favorite cocktail in the city :)

Had a 10 mile run this morning with a friend and we didn’t start until 8:30am! One of the perks of winter running is sleeping in and not having to worry about the heat!

Enjoy your girlfriends weekend!


Oh gosh, so funny about your shoes!

Saturday plans: Oktoberfest then going to see Tove Lo!

I had a trail run with my students this morning, so no long run, but it was tough!

Last place I traveled to…Rhode Island! Wish I could be there now to see the leaves changing…


Last placed I traveled to was Chicago last weekend for my very first full marathon!!!!


I’m cracking up about the two right shoes! Maybe that’s a sign to just relax this weekend and take a load off. :) Have so much fun!


Hahaha! The two right shoes cracked me up! Plus, also, loooove the pink!


I ran 22 miles today that left me questioning my abilities. I tried every mental game I could think of and my body just did not want to go. Pretty sure it’s menopause related as I have had insomnia most of the week. Not the best recipe for a successful long run. BUT, I did it, I didn’t quit early when I really wanted to!

Plans for the rest of the day: eat, sleep, repeat.

We got back from Hawaii a week ago. My next trip is to the starting line of marathon #4 in 3 weeks.


I went to cheer on some friends at a 10k this morning, and now I’m trying to convince myself to go for a short run.

The last place I traveled to was Scranton, Pennsylvania for my marathon last weekend!


Chocolate Swedish fish!! OMG need!!!


I wear the PureFlows too! I go through them every 3 months though and that aspect drives me crazy, but they are the only ones I like! I haven’t tried the Connect because I feel like I’d wear through it any faster. Is that true for you? What do you like about the Connect?


OH NO!!! How did you do two right shoes in completely different colours? Ha ha ha! Silly girl.


Ohmygosh those chocolate Swedish Fish look incredible! I haven’t seen any Swedish Fish in the groceries here yet, but maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough

I’m going to do my long run tomorrow morning :)


I had no idea that there were chocolate Swedish Fish how the hell have I missed that!!!!!!. Are they good? Have a great time this weekend.


I went back home to Calgary for Canadian Thanksgiving last week and it was perfect :)

This is unrelated, but I really want to start teaching spin, and I was wondering where you did your certification or if you have any tips?

Thanks!! And Thanks again for making me aware of those swedish fish. Best idea ever.


The 2 right shoes is just hilarious, and meant to be! You should be healing and relaxing!


Went to cheer on my twins at each of their soccer games today. Basketball try-out for the other. Quick workout at the gym, even quicker shower and then off to a baptism followed by a BBQ.

Last trip was Maui.

Wishing you that your weekend flies by and Brooke will be in your arms soon again.


Out in your neck of the woods for vacation about 1100 miles away from home! The views in this part of the country wow! Just wow. I might be convinced to move. A improvement from the corn fields of Illinois :)


Love that little Brookers! Also, chocolate swedish fish? I bet you bought the whole jar!! haha

xo, tara


Where, oh where did you find chocolate swedish fish??!


Had no idea about the chocolate swedish fish!! OH MY!!


Chocolate swedish fish sound amazing!

Also, where is your red flannel shirt from? So. cute.

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