5 Wellness Life Hacks

Here are 5 simple things that I do to try and be a little bit healthier.

1. Eat breakfast every single day. Mornings are busy and it is easy to skip breakfast or grab something filled with junk (apple fritters—> I am looking at you) but my entire day goes so much better when I have a healthy breakfast.

I have really been into smoothies the last few months and my go to one is pretty darn simple but amazing: vanilla protein powder, Silk Soy Milk, frozen banana and PEACHES (so good in Utah right now).


2. Getting enough sleep is really hard for me lately and so one thing I am doing in order to help me to get more sleep is to put my phone on the other side of the room. This way I am not on my phone at night when I should be sleeping.

DSC 0444

3. Yoga. I have been aiming to do yoga at least twice a week lately and I am feeling so much better mentally and physically because of it. Taking time to slow down, stretch and focus on positive thoughts has been a great addition to my week.

IMG 67794. A salad (or another type of meal FILLED to the brim with veggies) a day with lots of different colors and nutrients.

IMG 6787

5. Taking a little walk outside with the Brookers after dinner. It feels so good to get out after we eat, move around a little, have a good conversation (all of the sudden she is talking SO MUCH) and getting a little bit of Vitamin D.

IMG 4901

What are some simple things that you are doing to lead a healthier lifestyle?

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