This has NEVER happened during a run + Monday Matters!

Eight miles in 70 degrees to start my week off!  I love the 7-8 mile range during the week (I’m sure you noticed).  I feel like it is the perfect amount of time for me to be out there thinking/sweating/progressing/working out.  I just love it.

Yesterday it was hot out so I decided I would run under a bunch of trees to help with the heat.  Which in theory sounds like a good idea right?  If you do this please take precautions that there are birds in trees above you.  Yes, the unthinkable happened and a bird got me (luckily it was just a tiny amount).  I almost passed out because I was so grossed out but luckily I was about .1 miles from a bathroom and could run in and wash it out of my hair (picture below after washing my hair out with the bathroom water and hand soap).  Maybe this was nature’s sign to me that it is truly time to wash my hair…

IMG 7277

I’m just glad the bird didn’t get my shoes… a pretty new pair of running shoes makes running more fun.

IMG 7312

I got home and Brooke told me a princess story while Knox was busy telling Andrew a soldier story.  I did some push-ups on my knees too and Brooke told me that my push-ups looked funny which motivated me to do them on my toes.  I need Brooke around on all of my strength workouts to give me form help or the extra push.

IMG 7309

I usually end up taking about 10 selfies for each picture I want to post and usually pick out the best one but decided to pick out the worst one:)  Here ya go.  Another afternoon of chicken + sweet potatoes + avocado (with the addition of blueberries on the side) for lunch today.  Feed me the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day of my life and I am very happy but I need variety for dinner!

IMG 7318

*Turns out kids learn from your example.  Brooke asked for a sweet potato with her lunch today.  When this sort of thing happens my eyes well up with tears.

IMG 7324

Post-lunch rice krispie for me.

IMG 7330

And for her while we read:)

IMG 7335

Time for a few Monday Matters!!!

*Maybe Knox will want to be a dentist when he grows up, he loves checking out Andrew’s mouth before bed.

IMG 7270

*I love how the littlest thing (like a duck with shiny feathers in below picture) makes kiddo’s day.

IMG 7218

*Harriette Thompson is now the oldest woman to have ever completed a half marathon!  She finished in 3:42:56!!  Two years ago she was the oldest woman to finish a marathon too.  She. Is. Incredible.  PS she started running when she was 76:)

Screen Shot 2017 06 05 at 1 54 56 PM

*Brooke’s love for Jelly Shoes runs deep.  If we are ever at a store that has some… she begs to go look at them.   PS don’t ever step on bees when you are wearing jelly shoes, my sister did when she was little and it went through the shoe.  It’s one of those memories that I don’t think I’ll ever forget yet I forget the really important stuff in life all of the time.

IMG 7316

* My friend will be running Hardrock 100 next month.  I googled it and COULD NOT believe that they climb over 33K feet over the course of the 100 miles.  I cannot even imagine.

Screen Shot 2017 06 05 at 2 03 39 PM

See you in the morning!!!


Has anything weird happen to you during one of your runs lately?

Have a Monday Matters to share?

How old were you when you went on your first RUN?

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I was on the track team for one semester in high school so I guess 15 ish.

Monday Matters: why does sugar have to be so addicting?


The bird poop thing happened to me once…on my way to church. I was late because I had to wash it out. Gross.


I LOVED jelly shoes… or rather the look of them. They chewed up my feet! So I hope they have made great strides in the 30 years since I wore them and Brooke’s feet are spared :)

I am obsessed with watching trail running now (watched some good ones on You Tube) and I’ve been listening to podcasts about that Hardrock 100. Insane! Good luck to your friend.

I’ve been pooped on by a bird once. I remember the shirt I was wearing – navy blue long-sleeved Gap, circa 1994 :) I looked around me to see if anyone saw – I was so embarrassed! I can’t actually recall where I was or if anyone did see…


Oh gosh, I can’t imagine. Sorry you had to deal with that bird issue. I remember visiting a zoo once and that happened. To be honest, I hate birds and it’s just one more excuse not to like them…LOL.

I cannot imagine running 100 miles, let alone on a course like that. How amazing!


I went running this weekend and accidentally ran right through the background of a wedding! I’m not sure they’re going to love the girl in neon pink blurred in the background of their photos. Whoops!


My mom, Jann, started running half marathons at age 71…four years ago. She runs about three or four half marathons each year. She’s crazy amazing!


I’ve never been pooped on by a bird while running lol…. but I tripped and fell on a run last week! scraped my hands and bruised my leg big time:(

I was 15 when I started jogging a little bit around my neighborhood. I now know that the loop I did was barely a mile, but jogging it made me brave enough to join my high school track team. I ran the 800 and the 1 mile at meets for a couple of seasons! I didn’t pick running back up until after college, though.


A chipmunk ran right across my feet on my run! I have no clue how I did not end up stepping on him!
I started running competitively in 5th grade, 10 years old.
Monday Matters: family will always be your biggest supporters no matter what you do


A bird pooped on my leg while we were sitting at the river today! I’ve only been pooped on once before, on my (first) honeymoon in 2000!


NO WAY!?!?! What are the odds… they are after us today Suzy!


Weird, eh? I couldn’t believe it when I read that you got pooped on too!


I’ve been running in Brooks Ravennas for a few years now and want to try something new. What are your favorite pair of Brooks Janae?


Nothing odd on today’s run, thankfully! I think my I was 16 on my first run!


completely agree…7-8 miles is the perfect distance! long enough to feel really accomplished and great after hard work, but short enough to still go about your day without pain or needing the couch ALL day ;)
i eat the exact same breakfast and lunch nearly every. single. day. i love my b-fast combo, and lunch is usually shoveled in my mouth in minutes, so i don’t want to have to think about what to pack every night. 5 salads done on the weekend, pull one out every day with a sandwich. done and done.
have a fab week!


I laughed out loud…..sorry =)


I think of myself as a late bloomer when it comes to running since I didn’t start until I was 25 but Hariette takes the cake. I only hope that I am still running like she is when I am her age. Way to go Hariette!!! What an inspiration for all of us.

Sorry about the bird! That has happened to me before but it landed on my arm instead of my hair and I think I did momentarily black out from being so grossed out!!!!!


How cute are your kids! Glad the trainers didn’t get bird poo on them, haha. My Sister-in-law had the same thing happen to her last week, she was just telling me about it over the weekend.


I think we perceive things relative to other experiences…. So when I do weights, I will use a higher weight for just a few reps, and then go back to the lower weight, and its amazing how easy that lower weight suddenly feels! Also, for my ballet exercises, I would put on 1 lb ankle weights and do the exercises, then when I took them off, my legs felt light as a feather, rather than tired. I don’t know if you could do this with running?


Hey, I’ve been in the bird situation before – unfortunately during a race ON MY 31st birthday!!! :)

Also…where did you get the brown bag / purse you’ve been toting as of late?


A RACE AND ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!?!? Okay, that is not okay!! So that bag is now 5 years ago (I don’t spend this much on bags anymore ha) but it is a marc jacobs bag! Here is one that is similar because I can’t find the same one!


Hi Janae! Love love love the story about Harriette. What an amazing inspiration . It makes it hard to come up with excuses not to go running.
I once got pooped on while out on a date celebrating my 11 year anniversary. Not so romantic!
Maybe Knox will be a forensics scientist that way he can still be a cop and also work with flashlights, microscopes (I think you said he liked science).
Please tell Brookie she has the best taste in shoes.
Have a great week!


Those shoes are beautiful. Less beautiful is getting pooped on. Oh man. So gross. I am sorry! Did you dry heave the whole time you were cleaning it out?

Seeing those RKT again just makes me so sad I don’t have any more.


Maybe Brooke can come over and help me with my strength exercises – I’ve been slacking off lately.

And those new shoes are beauties!

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