Sentence Per Picture!!!

This morning it was 33 degrees when I went out for a run… 8 miles of easy running after doing speed yesterday.

Another glove picture but this one can also be used to explain how happy it makes me that it gets so light outside so early each morning… it makes getting out of bed (even if it is cold) to go run about 50 times easier (those cold and dark mornings are the rough ones).

IMG 5775

Thank you oatmeal for warming me back up (PS how do some bloggers make oatmeal look good…), I always cut up an apple and then cook that with my oatmeal too.

IMG 5785

Hurry and got ready to head out for graduation!!!!

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Knox loves being in front of groups of people and Brooke goes into shy mode (she does that thing with her tongue when she is shy).

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Grandma came to celebrate their big accomplishment too!

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Checked out the book fair afterwards.

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See’s candy scotchmallows are everything to me… Andrew is all about the peanut brittle.

IMG 5811

I get it, graduating is exhausting (Brooke puts herself down for naps sometimes).

IMG 5815

Way to go Minneapolis-St Paul on being the 2017 fittest city in America…  Salt Lake City is #9!

Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 2 40 20 PM

Don’t mind my dry hands but I lost a diamond in my wedding ring.  I got it fixed!

IMG 5810 2

I don’t know how Brooke and Knox sleep with Beretta right next to them each night (because she moves around A LOT) but they sure love it.

IMG 5783

Who has this cookbook… I know I’m behind on the times but I’d love to hear from anyone that has it how they like it and if the recipes are easy or quick!

Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 1 56 01 PM

Still in love with this stuff… this stuff helped me go diet coke free many moons ago.

IMG 5817

Working with Andrew to get the oil changed.

IMG 5818

All of my siblings are flying in to celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary… the last time we were all together was for my wedding!

Andrewjanaewedding 0250

We are coming up with our family summer bucket list tonight… or maybe we will just copy this one.



IMG 5819


Who uses the Run Fast. Eat Slow. cookbook?  Have any other cookbooks that you just love?

What are you up to right after you are done reading this blog post?

In one sentence—>  explain your day!

Besides water… what drink do you drink the most?

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I use Run Fast. Eat Slow. So far I have done the broths for soups and that’s it, but I have read the whole thing and plan to try a recipe a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Green Smoothies for dummies is a weekly for me now.

Right after this blog post I am going to bed (it is 12:20 a.m. in Bulgaria).

Today I made everything just in the nick of time, but I got it all done!

Besides water, I drink tea the most.


AHHH 12:20, yes… go to bed:) I’ve never heard of Green Smoothies for dummies, I might need that one too! So glad you could get everything done today! Have a great night of sleep!


Hi Janae. Both Knox and Brookie look so cute. Please tell them I said congratulations for their achievement.
This has been a sad day because my dad’s sister passed away. Reading your post has helped because it is always sweet.thank you for that.
Have a great day.


Oh Patricia, I am truly so so sorry about losing your aunt. I hope that you feel love, peace and comfort over the coming weeks and that your dad does too. Thinking about you!


Hi! Long time reader, first time commenting. I LOVE Run Fast East Slow. I’m a student at the University of Edinburgh, so I make one recipe a week from it (sort of Julie/Julia style) since last September. They’re all really easy and fresh and taste delicious! Got me through my last couple marathon happy and injury free!


HEY MEGAN!!! Thank you so much for reading and for your comment. So good to know about the cookbook and I love that you make one recipe a week. I think we are going to have to get it today… THANK YOU!!! Enjoy the rest of your day and keep in touch:)


Going to clean up the kitchen, make dinner, and re-clean kitchen.
That’s messed up……..maybe make dinner and then clean once, but like cooking in clean kitchen.


Hahah isn’t it amazing how many times a day we clean the kitchen?! I always clean it before I start cooking too because I cannot cook in a dirty kitchen! Have a great dinner Erica!


What am I going to do right now? I’m at school between classes so I’m going to get an early dinner (probably Subway cause it’s cheap), eat, and then head to my night class. I’m hoping that the prof lets us out a little early tonight!


Awesome Fiona! Enjoy your Subway and night class and I hope you get out a little bit early too!!!


How do you like the online corse for CPR and first aid? I was thinking of doing it since I am a yoga instructor and like to keep mine up to date. I have only done classroom ones in the past though so wondering how the online would be.


HEY ALICIA!!! It is through the American Heart Association! A portion of it is online and the other part is a class. Andrew just finished this same one ( ) and he loved it!! GOOD LUCK and I want to take your yoga class!


I have the Eat Slow/Run Fast cookbook and I love it. I made the Giddy Up bars/balls. They are SOOOOO good and you can freeze them. In addition to the recipes I like their philosophy. I’ve never commented before, but I love your blog and you’ve really inspired me as a runner!! Thanks Janae.


Probably coffee is #2 behind water. Not good, right?! I love Curtis Stone’s cookbooks and Ina Garten’s. They have never ever let me down. As soon as I hop off this blog, I’m finishing dinner: Grilled Curried Vegetables with Chickpeas and Polenta. We’ll see if it’s any good! Today I did not get the one thing on my to-do list done (cleaning the bathrooms, but there’s still time, right?) but I did score some pretty awesome antiques for our house!


Water and the Bai drinks. I trey to limit myself to a couple a week though because $$$. My current favorite flavor is raspberry coconut.

I love that your family is flying in to celebrate your parent’s anniversary. Enjoy your time with them!

Tell me more about a scotchmallow. Butterscotch? yes. Marshmallow? no. My favorite Sees candy is their chocolate covered toffee. It remind me of getting dropped off at the mall in junior high with friends and you have like $2 to your name so you go spend it on 1 chocolate. lol.

I think 50 of the things on your Summer bucket list should read ‘hang out with Megan D’. K great ;)


I think I’m the opposite of you. I prefer to run in the dark. I will happily get up at 5 in the morning if it means I get to run in the dark. It’s serene. I think I’m in the minority for this one though.

I need to check out La Croix. I want to be done with soda for good! I gave it up for years, but now it’s back in my life. I really really need to work on that. You’re inspiring me to really make that happen! Do you have any tips? Did you go cold turkey or decrease the amount?


Coffee !!!

It was 95* today here! (NJ)
Last week I was in a winter coat at my daughter’s soccer practice tonight we were dying.

Have a great night! I should check out that cook book. I am a google/Pinterest person normally.


Oh my gosh they look so cute in their graduation gowns! Congrats to them, big things in their future! Sentence for today: HOT. D.C. is a furnace right now!


Buy that cookbook! It’s currently my favorite. I have given it as a gift and a coworker bought it too after seeing all of my leftovers!


Once in a while my mom let us eat ice cream for dinner. The caveat was we had to add fruit to it and if we were hungry later on we had to have a sandwich, not other snacks. Basically we ate dessert first , she didn’t have to turn the stove on, and we thought she was awesome. Kind of a triple win.

I like that cookbook a lot and I don’t use my cookbooks too often, any more. What I appreciate are the tips on what to eat for recovery, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Of course if they didn’t taste good I wouldn’t make them again. I do browse the Cooking Light site when I need inspiration.

I’m sending an email and then eating dinner after this.

My day was pretty productive.

In addition to water I drink tea (iced or hot, black, green, red, white – I like most of them) and seltzer.


Brooke’s hair and dress! O my so cute and grownie!


I have that cookbook but haven’t made too much from it yet…..excited to though!
Headed to bed soon…… is almost ten in Tennessee. And after water I probably drink either juice like pineapple or cranberry or maybe milk. I do have a thing for soda though but I try to limit myself!


I am obsessed with the grapefruit La Croix – good choice! And I’m with you – I can never make a bowl of oatmeal look appetizing in a photo.

I have never used that cookbook, but I really love Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook called Cravings. It has delicious recipes, but I really love that she tells a story with each recipe, too.

Right after I am done reading this blog post, I am going to finish drinking my sleepytime tea, read for a bit, and go to bed. A wild Thursday night ;)


I got run fast eat slow and I have really enjoyed it. I try a meal from there every now and again. I like the tips they put in, not just at the beginning but in each recipe they discuss easier ways to do things, etc!
I love that you discuss how much your family means to you! I live far away from all my siblings so I totally get it that you are excited to all be together.
I am reading my murder mystery after this: Career of Evil (by JK Rowling under pseudonym Robert Galbraith)
I am traveling for work but still got in my run this evening, so big pat on my back for committing to myself. :)


I love Run Fast Eat Slow. I can’t wait for June so I can find fresh figs for the Fig & Pig Quiche. So good.

I’ll be going to bed momentarily.

I accomplished much today.

Honestly I drink coffee or craft beer more than anything else besides water.


I am, unfortunately, still addicted to diet coke :( It’s definitely what I drink the most besides water! Although I do love sparkling water like la croix, so I should switch more to that than my beloved diet coke.


I have Run Fast Eat Slow too! Honestly, everything in it sounds amazing, but a lot of them are pretty time consuming (they have a sweet potato lasagna in there that i’m DYING to try once I have the energy to make it!) I feel like with little ones, it might be hard for you guys to find the time or the patience to use the cookbook regularly, but they also have good recipes for bulk stuff! So once you do, at least things should hang around for a day or two! That’s just my opinion, because I’m a “throw it all in a bowl and eat it” kind of gal myself.

Going to bed here soon. Maybe reading a little bit first. Started Commonwealth by Ann Patchett and I like it a lot.

Hope you guys had a great day! Lucky you missed this snowstorm that’s hitting Colorado pretty hard right now (I was a FOOL to think it was safe to take the snow scraper out of my car…serves me right).


Oddly enough I have two copies of Run Fast Eat Slow. I want to make a trade with someone-the cookbook in exchange for a box of TJ’s goodies or other things from USA ;)

Working……but school’s almost out so it’s just a flurry of activity!

Lately I’ve been drinking ginger water-I peel a knob of ginger, plop it in my mug/hydroflask and add hot water. It’s a great start and end to the day. But, only if you like ginger!!!

Those kiddos…..SO CUTE!


Wow…you’ve been having some chilly mornings lately! Today and yesterday have been chilly here, but most mornings the temperature has been in the 40’s or 50’s, which has made running quite enjoyable.
Brooke and Knox are so cute! And I love how you guys let Beretta sleep with them — dogs make some of the best snuggle buddies!

Nope; I haven’t read that cookbook…I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it though!

After I’m done commenting here, I’m going to grab my cup of tea and go do my morning devotions.

Yesterday was rather cold, snowy, and dreary so I ended up simply crafting, reading, and listening to Christmas music most of day while finishing up some projects and overall relaxing.

Hehe–tea. All. Day. Long. :)


Run Fast Eat Slow has some awesome wholesome treat recipes. The salted pecan butter truffles are AMAZING and pretty easy to make. The homemade fig bars are a fan favorite around my house but more labor intensive. Most recipes are fairly straightforward if you grocery shop/prep in advance.


Ok, I’ve heard great things about that book, but haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. I do love a good post-run dinner. Something about fall or winter running makes me extra hungry for savory, warm dinners. But for summer months I am all about the salads–I think we definitely have that in common :) However, right now all I want is one of those See’s candies! YUM!


Run fast eat slow is my favorite cookbook ever! Recipes are easy, tasty and dont require a lot of ingredients!! Love reading your blog every morning :)


Brooke and Know look so sweet for graduation! Time flies- my oldest is graduating high school next month. so crazy.

I just now checked that cookbook out of the library (the kindle version). If I like it I may have to get it, I have a thing for cookbooks ;-)

After water- coffee is probably what I drink most.


The Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook is SOOO good. I love how they really emphasize eating whole/locally sourced foods (e.g., whole milk yogurt is better for you than nonfat yogurt). My favorite recipe in there is the Kale and Farro salad. I make it almost every week to bring to work for lunch. I’ve also heard the quinoa salad (minus the olives :) is pretty great as well.


teaching 2 spin classes, working, then finishing the night with some froyo!!!


I love Run Fast Eat Slow. I’ve made the Superhero Muffins and the Can’t Beet Me Smoothie countless times (You don’t even taste the beet, I promise). I also really like the Giddy Up Energy Bites (so great pre run), the Bison Meatballs, and the Coffee-Vanilla peanut butter. Great salads and soups too.

And I’m with Andrew on the peanut crunch Sees. And how cool that your fam is all going to be together! Happy Anniversary to your sweet parents!


Run Fast Eat Slow: I LOVE IT. I have favorites from that book that I’ve made repeatedly. The Superhero muffins are a favorite with my whole family. Chocolate teff cookies, bison burgers (I sub ground beef)- so good. Highly recommend.


Yes, it is my favorite cookbook and I’ve never enjoyed one more!! It is truly healthy yet nourishing for runners. Have tried almost all the salad recipes so far (quinoa recovery salad is my favorite). Also love the superhero muffins…great running fuel. There are also several sweet potato recipes. Hope you get it. Will enjoy your reviews of the recipes!


I love Run Fast Eat Slow. I have 4 kids from 14-21 and all are athletes and my husband and I are very fit/active. They like a lot of the stuff….muffins and the fig/pig quiche. It can be a little time consuming but it’s worth it. I love the tips with the higher healthy fat content I was worried I’d have to put in the miles Shalene does to not put on weight and that hasn’t been the case at all. Enjoy your family time and Happy Anniversary to your parents!

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