Celebrating Brooke

Thank you so so much for all of the birthday wishes for Brooke!  It meant a lot to both of us.

The day started off with my usual run down at the track with my dad followed by my bowl of FMW (Frosted Mini Wheats are back in my life with a vengeance) and grapes.

When Brooke woke up we got started doing some of her favorite things.

Lunch time rolled around and we went to Costa Vida (it is cool that me and my sis are wearing the same shirt… at least they are different colors).

DSC 5634

After lunch we drove north to a place called Thanksgiving Point.

They have a little town for kids and Brooke was a fan of the Dance Hall.

DSC 5651

But I don’t think she loved the Jail quite as much.

DSC 5644

The best part of the afternoon was the pony ride.   Brooke is obsessed with animals so her riding on a pony for 5 minutes was kind of a big deal.  

DSC 5675 2

After the petting zoo we went home for Brooke’s nap and a friend brought over these beauties:

DSC 5686

I actually don’t remember the last time I cooked.  I probably don’t even know how anymore.  I should work on that.  Next week.

Pesto/feta/turkey/veggie Which Which.


No birthday is complete without frosting.  We brought the wrong kind of match so just pretend that the candle has a flame.

DSC 5688

She didn’t attack it like I thought she would but she did enjoy the little bites that she took.

DSC 5698

There will be more cupcakes soon because her big bday party is next week when her cousins are in town.   As you know, I like to extend the birthday celebrations for as long as possible.

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Moms reading:  how old are you kiddos?

Favorite cereal lately?

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You can never extend a birthday celebration too long! My husband now gives me a month! My kiddos are 25 and 23! :-)


I think all birthdays should be celebrated for at least a week. Anything less I don’t understand. ;) My “baby” just turned 7 last month. I dunno how that even happened. He still likes to cuddle and kiss though, so I am okay with it.


Looks like a fun first birthday!
My son is 5 (turns 6 in Nov.) and my daughter will turn 3 on Sept. 6th.
I just want to sleep in and relax this weekend.
I LOVE cereal, but my favorite right now is Cascadian Farms dark chocolate granola…great mixed with Dannon Lit & Fit vanilla greek yogurt…YUM!! :)


What a great way to celebrate Brooke’s 1st birthday!

I’m looking foward to spending time with my daughter this weekend. She’s 10 and so sweet. We’re going to see “The Smurfs” and have dinner tomorrow with my close friend and her daughter. Dinner will be at BJ’s, so a huge pizookie will be waiting for us!

My favorite cereal lately has been Special K with Chocolate and Strawberries. My daughter picked it out and it’s delicious.

Big hug to you and Brooke today!


Ahhh that jail picture…so cute.
My daughter will be 2 next month.


Happy birthday, Brook! You’re a beautiful little girl and if you are anything like your momma, you will have many years of laughter and happiness ahead. You will be strong, smart, and determined….just like her.

I hope you have had a lovely first year of life! We love seeing your cute face on a daily basis and look forward to seeing you grow.


Most looking forward to tapering for H2C! It’ll be nice to hang out with my three boys (5 1/2, 4, and 1 years old) in the morning instead of heading out the door while they’re eating breakfast….yeah, they get up really early.

And favorite cereal-ALWAYS Golden Grahams. YUM!


Janae, I know you like music so I have a song recommendation for you. Nothing angry or bitter; just a truly beautiful song that has a lot of (possible) deep subtext. I looked to see if the songwriter had any story for it and she didn’t other than to to say that the “little one, little one” referred to herself and her family’s love for her. ANYWAY. The studio version is awesome at the “feel like running” part. It helped me thru a long run this morning.

Laura Marling: goodbye england (covered in snow)

Here is live: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-87ivR7igWc&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-87ivR7igWc

Long time lurker (started reading when I was 38 weeks pregnant last August and still clocking miles)



What a great birthday! :) When my niece was that age, she really loved pony rides…she still does, but when their really little it’s just so darn cute!
I am going to hang out at Whole Foods and just enjoy the day with nothing really planned…it’s been a while.


Her first birthday!! So exciting :). I can’t believe how big she has gotten!
Love and miss you! xoxo


P.S. Your hair is SO long! I love it!


Two 2 year old twins, 5 and 8!


Most looking forward to celebrating my baby’s 2nd Birthday on Saturday (parade and rides at our town’s Fall Festival) and family pool birthday party on Sunday. Our big girl is 5 and this is her last weekend before Kindergarten starts on Tuesday! So I’m spending one more weekend loving her up before she gets too big and cool for her old mom :) I hope Brooke had a great day, lots of love from Iowa!


Sounds like Brooke had a great first birthday! The little town looks so fun! My favorite cereal is corn chex.

As creepy as this is going to sound…where did you buy the pink tee shirt you are wearing? I’ve been looking for that shade of pink for my halloween costume forever and I haven’t been able to find it!


I seriously can’t ever get over how adorable she is.

this is so seriously selfish of me — but I feel a little bit happy that you are back in Utah. It makes me feel less like a stalker and more like we will be best friends one day — yeah, that’s right. Except that I will never run around you because I am too slow and self conscious. But, we can go get froyo together!!! :)


Ahhh! Those thighs…. LOVE them!! She is way too cute in ALL of these pictures!! Can’t wait to see her big birthday celebration- Gabriella wishes she was there :D


This site is like a cloaorssm, except I don’t hate it. lol

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