Does it get any better than this?

After the gym last night I told Billy that I wanted to stay home while he did errands because I needed a nap.  In reality I was too embarrassed to tell him that I really just wanted to watch Jeopardy.  Watching this show helps me feel like I am continuing my education.

Don’t you love my perfect spin set up?  A fan and tv within feet of the exercise equipment.  The couch usually wins though.

Photo 30 copy

First stop of the night was my favorite restaurant with my favorite people.  Other members in attendance that aren’t in the picture: my mom and dad, brother, billy, billy’s brother and billy’s brother’s friend.   I wore my side braid in honor of Katniss or because I am on day 4 of that hair.

IMG 9732

My salad has at least 4 inches on theirs.

I am proud to say that I have officially rubbed off on Billy and he got the salad bar too.  Our salads are actually almost identical.  Minus the beets and broccoli….two things I don’t think I will ever eat again.

IMG 9733

Because our salads were way too healthy we had to get some breadsticks with them.

IMG 9734

Because the breadsticks gave us garlic breath we HAD to combat that with delicious coconut cupcakes afterwards.

Photo 30

It is going to be a great morning.  We are sleeping in until 9 and then I am meeting up with the sis for a long run up the canyon. Billy will be out running too but he is going way faster and way farther but we will definitely warm up together.

It is officially shorts and tank top weather!  I will be taking my hydration belt because I get thirstier than ever when I run now:)  After our run Billy will be making me waffles, he doesn’t know that yet but I am going to make this a new Saturday tradition.


Garlic lover or garlic hater?  Do you like beets?

Long run, gym workout, race or taking it easy this weekend?

How do you stay hydrated while you do your long runs?  A belt, drinking fountains, do you plant water bottles along the course beforehand?

When your family goes out to eat, where do you go the most often?

-Cafe Rio and Pizza Factory.

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I love that you post in the morning, because that is when I catch up on my blogs….while I’m drinking coffee and letting my breakfast settle before my run! I can’t stand wearing a belt, because it never stays in place. I use a water bottle with a hand grip on it.

Love garlic. Love beets.

My family and I love going out for Italian meals together (my dad’s Italian). I just love all the bread and olive oil : )

Enjoy sleeping in and have a great run!


Right? I know she sets up her posts so they pop up in the morning and that is so awesome. Nothing like popping on a blogger and seeing it’s the same as yesterday morning…:( We know people are busy but, I need my entertainment. I read ALL THE TIME.

No garlic. Beets? Really? Really? I have never in my life had a beet.

Pizza. Food of the gods. Close second is salad. Ironic since I don’t enjoy veggies.


I love garlic and beets!

I’m going to stick to short runs for the next while (even though I’m craving a long run badly!) I might do a longer one on the treadmill later if my hip flexor handles this morning’s outdoor run well :)

I take handheld bottles most of hte time, I find them the least annoying option. I take a belt on really long runs, but I really like Amphipod Handheld Thermalite


Garlic lover, beet hater!
I’m taking it easy this weekend because of an injury but I’m going to miss my Saturday long run!
I usually use a drinking fountain so I dont have to run with anything in my hands.
We usually go to this Mediterranean place that has the BEST wraps and salads.
Or the usual places like chick fil a or cheesecake factory. On car trips, cracker barrel is the best!


Enjoy sleeping in! Every teacher deserves that! I am running a 5K this morning, currently drinking my cup of coffee. I love race days, enjoy your Saturday!


I love garlic!! I’m not doing the long run today, but going to do a long cross-training session at the gym. fun.
If it’s hot out, I have a handheld water bottle that I love for long runs, and my hubs usually meets me half way with more water. If it’s not hot, I don’t really need the water .
Have a fantastic run today and enjoy the tank and shorts weather!


Is that goldfish on your salad?! Awesome, I need to try that!
I love your Katniss braid!
I think I am taking it easy this weekend. The bottom of my feet and calves hurt from standing in line at The Hunger Games for so long! :)
Have a great weekend!


Pregnancy ruined garlic for me 14 years ago. Most aversions didn’t stick around, but that one did.

If my back muscles would relax and stop being sore, I’d do both gym and running today…we’ll see how foam rolling makes me feel.

I use a camelbak for hydration on long runs. It’s OK while it’s full, but it slides around a lot as I empty it since it doesn’t have a clip across the chest. Maybe that’s why it was such a good price??

We have a great chili restaurant near us (Hard Time Chili Cafe), and Buffalo Wild Wings is a crowd pleaser, too. Mmm…hungry now, even though it’s barely 9 a.m. on the east coast.

Have a fantastic run in the canyon. Sounds totally gorgeous!


I have a hydration belt. I drink a lot of water. I don’t like beets.

Have fun on your run with your sister.


Love Garlic, Hate Beets.

I have been so jet-lagged, its a joke. I slept in until 2 PM yesterday and then didn’t sleep at all last night. I tried to do 3 miles yesterday and it felt like I had never ran before. Fun times.


Love garlic, HATE the lingering effects! My run was a short yet speedy one- enough to work up a sweat and tire the legs :)


On my long runs, I try to plan the route based on water fountains. I HATE carrying things when I run, including water bottles. For my really, really long runs I use one a fuel belt, but I hate it. I really need to find a better option. I’ve thought about stashing bottles the night before, but I’m paranoid that some weirdo (there’s a lot of weirdos in this college town) would get drunk and pee in it or something. :/


I think I should get out there and run now. Are you having bladder problems yet?? That’s always one thing I think about with being pregnant and running longer distances. I guess if you plan your run accordingly, it’s all good. Hope you have a good one today!


Yay! We do waffles EVERY Saturday morning, too! My husband has his special passed down recipe from his father. Love it!!
I think I need to invest in a hydration belt. Does it get in the way at all? I get so thirsty after 6 miles!


Have fun with your seeester, I am so jealous that you get to run the canyon.
I did my log run yesterday, 22 miles, and today I’ll do a slow recovery 5 miles and some core stuff. Waffles is my favorite long run breakfast…I make then after 90% of my long runs and dream about them the whole time


I was actually thinking about braiding my hair today because it looks awful and I’m going to see the Hunger Games – so I was thinking, it’s just like I’m doing Katniss hair. Funny you mentioned that too!


Your hair is so cute like that! OMG! :) That coconut cupcake looks so amazing too. I am drooling.


I want to run in the canyon and eat waffles! That sounds like an ideal Saturday! I had a great run yesterday but am dying to go running right now. I wish my body allowed me to run back to back days!


That salad looks delish! You’re baby is either going to love veggies because it’s used to eating so many or dislike them because it had too many! Haha!

I also love that whenever you post pictures of your living room area 9 times out of 10 you can spot some kind of Apple product or electronic!


i LOVE garlic! this is bad when i make things like guacamole & hummus because my boyfriend refuses to kiss me when i eat them. i like it over kill style. he barely likes it at all!

taking it easy today (besides some core work tonight), and then hoping to get outside tomorrow morning and hit the trail i found yesterday for a run :)

ummmmmm, well most of my long runs are done on the treadmill, so i have my water in my handy dandy holder. i will have to look into a water belt or something for my upcoming half marathon (first one ever! 42 days!)

we usually go to a place called white spot, or the spaghetti factory (if we are in victoria/vancouver) when we go out for dinner. at the spaghetti factory you get your choice of pasta entree with a salad appetizer and pistachio chocolate ice cream for dessert.. for ten bucks! portions are huge!


Ahhhh I can’t wait to have Cafe Rio again (def a fav restaurant)!!

Your hair looks SO cute. Have a fun run!


I love the taste of garlic, but I don’t like tasting it hours later. Yuck. Beets are a new found love of mine! Now they must go on every salad.

I will be doing four hours of physical work today. Installing child car seats! Hiking tomorrow with friends. And hopefully a run at some point.

How do you stay hydrated while you do your long runs? A belt, drinking fountains, do you plant water bottles along the course beforehand?

We have a pizza place here that is pretty awesome. We always get their daily special. It’s a huge slice of pizza, salad and drink. It’s nice because we can all get exactly what we want.


Still taking it easy because of the allergic reaction I had to an injection in my knee (so freaking strange, I can’t believe I don’t have an actual “injury” and I’m still not able to run). There’s a 10 miler I’d really love to do next weekend, but I think they’re going to have to give me a cortisone shot or something.

IN OTHER NEWS, I love your hair. I really want an ombre look but am just too scared. We basically have the same hair color so would it be weird if I brought a picture of you to my stylist? Hopefully that doesn’t sound too creepy…. :-)


Girl I am so sorry about the allergic reaction you had! That is so awful!
You are not creepy at all! Seriously that makes my day! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your hair:)


I want a coconut cupcake!! Of course, I had Coldstone ice cream last night, so I guess I can’t really complain. ;)

I did 10 miles this morning. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’ve been feeling so much stronger and faster since moving to Georgia. I really think it’s the hill training. Love it! :)


I love garlic, and right now I am one of those weirdos who thinks beets go with everything.
This weekend I have a 15k race, but am going to have to take on another 9 or so miles that afternoon to take it up to my long run.
As far as hydration goes, I have a handheld, water belt and camelbak and will take one of these depending on temperature, distance and current hydration levels.


I love garlic but hate the morning after breath when you over did it at dinner. Brushing 5x doesn’t even touch the taste!

I did a long run this morning. It was great to have 10 miles in before 8 a.m.! I’ve never worn a belt to run with but I’m thinking I might need to invest in one. Usually I stash water bottles throughout my course. It takes prep but at least I don’t have to carry anything while I run.


Ooooh I’m garlic lover, sista. I will NEVER be attacked by a vampire ;)

Enjoy your long run today!


you are such a salad champ. salad bars are my jam because while i like a good burger or mishmash of things every now and them, I am one of those people that likes to dissect my food and eat my way through it. I am SUCH a sampler–i want a bit of EVERYTHING. thus why the whole foods salad bar one of my food meccas…. and ruby tuesdays :D until they stopped putting out craisins and grapes. and they need to have like a chicken option or something. but i digress.

PS: last night i had 16 handles (like yogurtland). it was 12 oz of greatness but NOT yogurtland awesomeness. I thought of you.

and biggest loser follow up GAH i hate conda and chris. chris should been gone long ago and conda is soooo tooling her brother. i wish i could have eaten my fro yo IN THEIR FACES


Love roasted garlic and roasted beets :) but not a fan of garlic breath Have a great run! I think I’m taking it easy since I felt a few twinges in my hip yesterday, it’s not worth re-injury.


Love garlic! Hate beets.

I did a new trail for 8 miles this Saturday morning – it felt great!

Are those goldfish on your salad?? I need to try that!!


I love garlic and beets! I’m tapering for my half next weekend so today was a 6 mile tempo run. I got a camelbak for my longer runs, I’m not a fan of having things around my waist!


I never used to like beets, but now I love them! Especially on Greek salad!


I did my long run today! It wasn’t so great, but it makes me appreciate the ones that are great! Today I was lucky to be on the trail and there was a water fountain every few miles. Normally, I try and plan it out so I can stop at places with water fountains, otherwise I have a water bottle that I carry while running, but that’s not ideal. Sometimes I just don’t run more than 2 miles from my house so I can keep stopping at home for water :-)

Love the side pony Katniss style!


Oh my – we got a Cafe Rio a couple miles away from our house just this past year and let me tell you – the excitement never ends. Love that place!

The fella and I usually frequent Buffalo Wild Wing. Traditional wings please, extra crispy, and we’ll take the tallest glasses of beer you’ve got!


Garlic – LOVE
Beets – LOVE

I’m keeping it easy these days with a 5K this weekend – pregnant with #2, so I haven’t run much over about 12 K in the last few years (7 miles or so??). Anyhow, when I train longer than that I use a CamelBak pack, similar to the Annadel that is out now. It is Ancient and carries no more than about 1L of water, but it keeps my hands free and can sinche up pretty tight so it doesn’t move. If you aren’t bothered by the sloshing, or can ignore it/drown it out with tunes, it is an awesome way to carry your water, and keys, etc, without holding anything.

Dinner with the extended family usually is at someone’s house and is a feast. Dinner with my babe and Husband is usually out for Japanese Grill & Sushi.


oh no not beets and broccoli :(


Garlic LOVA- dried or fresh, load me up! Gym workout times two this weekend- the rain has put a damper on my plans to run outside… BUT I did buy a new pair of FABULOUS Nike sneaks yesterday :D If I can’t run, why not buy something related to running, right?! ;P


I love garlic, but Mike, being Italian, takes it to an entirely new level. It’s out of control.

I did a five miler with my running group yesterday and then two miles with the dog. Not much in the way of long runs, but still fun.

My family rarely goes out to eat, mostly because we can’t really agree on a type of food that everyone likes, unless it’s Mexican.


You are inspiring. I went on a run yesterday a very short run but a run non the less. Hoping I can get in a run today to make up for miles I did not obtain yesterday. Running more than a couple miles with my daughter is hard she gets squirmy. Hope you enjoy your waffles.


Garlic lover! I loved to kiss my boyfriend even more when he had just eatten garlic or onions…most people think that’s weird, but I love the taste!

mini run (my legs are being a little janky) and gym workout.

camelback. I have a water bottle that carries pretty well in hand, but feeling the movement of the water irritates me so I usually wear my camelback.

It used to be Olive Garden almost every time.


I actually carry a water bottle with me, I know most people find it annoying but it doesnt bother me. This past saturday I had a race, it went pretty well!

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