2 hard workouts a day and the perks of my job.

When I don’t workout in the morning my eyes look sleepy until at least 10 a.m.

I get really excited when my 3 lb (seriously, 3 lbs) bucket of cottage cheese runs out for two reasons:

1.  One less dish that Billy has to do because I just use the container for my fruit and cc mixture;)

2.  We go to Costco THAT DAY because I actually physically and mentally cannot go a day without it and you know how much I adore my Costco trips.

Photo on 3 29 12 at 7 55 AM  2

Working at my school while pregnant has incredible benefits.  The faculty knows that I love food and they come in saying, “does the baby need a donut?”  Um yes, how did you know?

Photo copy 2

It worked its magic yesterday when a coworker was eating pie and I said, “gosh, I think I will start feeling really nauseated if I don’t have some of your fresh homemade apple pie with a crust that took you 2 hours to make.”  It worked and it was incredible.

Would it be rude if I sent out a mass email telling them that I really would like them to start delivering some filet mignon to my door with a baked potato (extra salt) on the side?

Have I shown you the shirt that my mom had made for Billy?  I didn’t even force him to wear it, he chose it all on his own.

This is his post shower hair, for some strange reason he takes a shower right after a run…we were raised much differently, issues like this one are going to make raising a child together very difficult.

Photo 1 copy

So why has Billy been doing TWO HARD workouts in ONE day? From the Billy himself:

Ever since I started a new training cycle after the Dogtown Half Marathon I have felt as though I could push myself harder. I started to gradually up my weekly mileage and I started running 2 quality days and a long run per week (in addition to my easy mileage) instead of only one quality day. After several weeks of doing this I realized that I could do even more. A couple weeks ago after a 14 mile long run in the morning, I went out on an easy 2 mile shakeout/recovery run that night. I was amazed at how well my body felt the next day and can only attribute it to that second “workout.”

Elite runners like Jake and coaches like Hawk over at Runner’s Corner have been talking about the benefits of two hard workouts in one day for a long time. The great thing about a two-a-day is that you can get two quality workouts in and still “waste” only one rest/easy day to recover. Yesterday I did a Tempo Run in the early afternoon:

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and then a short speed workout on the track a couple of hours later:

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Since the two runs have entirely different purposes and benefits (improving Lactic Acid Threshold vs. improving VO2 Max and Running Efficiency) I was able to complete the second run on tired legs and when I finished, I felt tired, but not really any more than I normally do after one quality workout.

Doubling up on your quality days or doing a short shakeout run several hours after a long run is a great way to boost your performance and enhance your recovery. Of course, putting this extra strain on your body is tough and should only be considered if you feel as though your body can handle it. I took a 15 minute icebath after my second workout last night and that really helps. Have a great day.


I will be hitting up the elliptical after school today.  I am only running every other day because I have heard and read a few things saying that it is easier to get injured while pregnant and since I am already an injury bomb I want to play it extra safe.

After the elliptical= Thursday night = date night = my favorite part of the week.


Are you injury prone?  Or do you feel like you have really lucked out (or you are smart unlike me) when it comes to running and injuries?

Explain in full detail your favorite donut.

-Apple fritter, X-large, with extra apple chunks and extra glaze.

Have you ever done TWO hard workouts in the same day?

What are you doing tonight?

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My hamstring hates me if I up my mileage too soon/too much so I am careful. My favorite donut is from the Whole Foods in Austin, TX. Being vegan it’s impossible to find vegan donuts so I hit up that WF whenever I vacation there (I’m in Dallas) and stock up. Like bring a cooler and freezer bags. YUP apple fritter, XXL, apple chunks & glaze too. I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy tonight!!


I’m actually catching up on Grey’s since new episodes don’t air until next month. Did you ever watch New Girl? You can watch it online. Please do it’s hilarious! :-)


Ran on the BORING treadmill earlier today and now my husband I just finished P90X workout (shoulders-biceps-triceps) LOVE THAT WORKOUT.

Just took a shower – and now I have my PJs on and I’m kicking back with a book for the rest of the night!!!!!! Heating up some left over tuna casserole.

Best donut- blueberry cake donut with a glaze finish. YES PLEASE.

I’ve never had cottage cheese. It looks gross to me. I’m afraid of it. But you inspire me to try it (but I’m still afraid). I love cheese- so would I like it????

Kelly in Michigan


haha. I agree, cottage cheese does look gross, but it tastes great paired with other things!! I like mixing it with canned peaches.

I have thought about doing the P90x program…


Wow, two hard workouts in one day. Impressive. I’ve done two workouts before, but at least one is a slow recovery run. I have actually found that doing shakeout runs the day after a long run or the evening after a harder morning run really DOES help. Seems to help keep them from stiffening up, and they feel less sore later.

I have had just about every running injury possible.

I am FINALLY motivated and energized to run this afternoon, unlike the rest of this week, so that’s what I’m about to head out and do. Then Dean and I are heading to the Mega Chicago Whole Foods for dinner.


Haha I love Billy’s shirt!

My favorite donuts are the cake donuts that are vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. We get donuts at work every Friday but they NEVER have cake donuts. Lots of apple fritters though – you’d love it!

Tonight I’m heading over to watch my little sister’s track meet :)


If by 2 hard workouts means dealing with a cranky toddler then heading out for a 6mile tempo, then yes, today is that day!
I am a devil’s food donut type of girl. Chocolate, chocolate. Totally reminds me of an ecard I saw yesterday on someecards.com it said “Running to the donut store is not considered a workout.” I believe it is, however, and have actually done that on short run days!


Today is actually a 2-a-day for me, although not two hard workouts! I did an easy. 2.5 miles this morning and am heading to a Bikram class tonight. I’m calling bikram the tough workout cause those classes kill me!!

Man, I feel like it wasn’t so long ago that Billy just ran a little bit–am I crazy or did he just turn into a beast mode runner?! :)


It would appear I am injury prone now with shin splints! I think I just exceeded the # of miles my body is able to handle per week. I LOVE apple fritters too!! When I was pregnant, I made my hubs get me one every weekend at the bakery, it was the only time they made them. I’ve only done a short speed workout in the morning and one at night- that’s the extent of my hard doubles.
And tonight I’m going out to dinner with some friends, yay!!
Have a great date night!!


I was in a car accident 8 days after I gave birth to my daughter and that has caused some knee and piriformis (not sure how to spell it correctly!) issues. Since I had just had a baby, all my muscles and ligaments were super stretched and the accident really jarred them. I think the thought of re-injuring my injuries again makes me a bit of a hypochondriac; I just remember how LONG it took them to get to where I could run on the healing injuries again and it makes me cringe. So I sometimes argue with myself whether something is *really* an injury or if I’m just being paranoid.

Plans for tonight: work (I’m a stay at home mom who doubles as a work at home mom) and watching some TV after the kids go to bed. And I’m making homemade Taco Bell style Crunch Wrap Supremes. Oh YUM!


I have been fairly lucky with any training and only had a few knee issues which were sorted out quickly.
I used to hate donuts but love them now! A grocery store we go to is evil and bakes them fresh Saturday morning when we are shopping… cruel. My favorites are Boston Creme (with the pudding custard not whipping creme) Chocolate and Vanilla dipped with sprinkles.
I don’t think I have, I have done long runs and yoga or a bike ride but it is about it!
Going for a run outside since its nice (plan was to go to the gym), meal planning and watching Vampire Diaries!


I feel like up until my bout of ITBS last fall that I had been EXTREMELY lucky in the injury department. I ran cross country and track every year from 6th-12th grade without one running injury, and then in college I trained for two half-marathons without much of a base. It was almost like my luck had to run out at some point ;) But really- don’t we all think we’re invincible before we’re plagued with our first injury?

Favorite donut- the long chocolate covered ones with candy sprinkles and cream filling!

I don’t think I’ve ever done two hard workouts in one day- not sure if my body could handle it. Maybe eventually, though!


wooo way to go Billy! I love double-run days, but I’ve never done them quite that way. In college my coach would have me do an easy run the morning of a hard PM workout, so I’d do like 5 miles easy in the AM and then have a track workout that totaled 10 miles in the PM. Or he’d have me do two “maintenance runs” (not easy, not hard, just a moderate effort) on the same day to get mileage in. It was fun, I can’t wait to get back there! And refuel with donuts of course, my favorite is the coconut crunch one!!


I am a total klutz when it comes to running. I think I’ve had every injury you can get from running. I just had surgery for my torn medial meniscus and had a lateral release done for my knee cap that I dislocated. So yes 2 issues in one surgery and 2 months later I am still limping, in pain and hope I will be able to run like I used to.

Before my surgery I would do my tempo run in the morning and then join my husband on his easy run in the evening. I loved loved doing 2 workouts a day.

I hate donuts not sure why but I do. Tonight nothing special just watching tv.


I don’t think I’m injury prone. Feel good most of the time.

Favorite donut? I can’t pick just one! Glazed blueberry and glazed chocolate from Krispy Kreme. Maple bar or apple fritter from a shop two towns over.

TWO hard workouts in the same day? No. I can barely do two regular workouts in the same day. =)

Tonight? I’m going to foam roll, soak in epsom salt bath and work on organizing my closet. Fun, fun!


I am completely injury prone!! I actually blogged today about my top 5 injury prevention tips. I am hoping to be a smarter runner and thus less injured! :)

I don’t actually like donuts which is strange I know, but I make up for it with plenty of cupcakes, cookies and candy :)


i think i have been pretty lucky with injuries… knock on wood!

tonight is my last marketing class! we had to create a brand book based on a particular company (mine was betsey johnson), so tonight we are presenting the books and doing the oral part of the assignment. i’m nervous, but i think i’m prepared too!


The truth just shines thruogh your post


**Chocolate cake donuts are my FAVORITE!! The school I teach at actually serves them on occasion for school lunch and it’s really hard for me to resist getting one…or two! YUM!!
**On Monday I went to Bootcamp in the morning AND again at night. I have been walking very s-l-o-w-l-y ever since! Ouch!
**Tonight I’m hoping to make it to BC again, if my husband gets home from class on time!


When I was doing crew in college every spring break we had double days. We still had our usual 6am workout on the water but would then have a killer land workout later in the day. It was brutal!


I seriously cannot go a day without cottage cheese either. Right before bed with some PB, too good. I looove billy’s shirt!!! Too cute!


Billy–you have become quite the hardcore runner! I remember reading Janae’s post describing how you treated her to the gift of taking up running!

I’ve never done two hard runs in one day but I have tried the tough run + recovery run combo. It doesn’t work for me. I’m very very prone to ITBS because my hips and femurs are funky and I really need rest time between runs to allow any inflammation to subside!


The “I could be doing more” thought process is actually what took me from running to triathlon. Now, I get to do two hard workouts three days a week, and single, longer workouts 3 days a week. It works out well for me! I could never be one of those folks who runs twice a day–that’s hardcore!


If I don’t workout in the morning, I’m a total slug all day long. Except for Sundays. Sundays are my rest days and I’m supposed to be a slug that day…after church…

I can barely get myself to work out once a day, one day I hope to be awesome enough to do two in one day!!


I have a love-hate relationship with two-a-days; thats what we did the first two weeks of college soccer pre-season. Sooo exhausting, but the quickest way to whip yourself into shape. Haven’t done it with marathon training but I have always wanted to…. I might just try it out after my next half and leading up to the Utah Valley full!
Keep giving ideas of workouts, love trying out new ways to push myself!


I LOVE two-a-days! It always feels so good. But the next day when I have to teach again, I am always extra tired…..

I don’t like donuts–but I am glad you got one for the baby ;)


haha your man looks so cute in your shirt with his crazy post-shower hair. I couldn’t imagine having two tough workouts a day. And that doughnut looks delicious!


We are thinking along the same lines today! I just wrote up some of my thoughts on the “double-dip” workout days:


Like Billy said, the key thing (if you try it) is to make sure you don’t completely go to the well in either workout, and give yourself plenty of recovery afterwards. Ice bath is a great idea. Super easy paced running the next day is very important too. You have to make sure your body had a chance to absorb the workload.

Great running Billy!!!


Billy sounds rather intense, like a legit athlete. Haha that is WAY faster than I could ever imagine running! But awesome for him! And have fun on date night!


my brain can only imagine that woman sneaking her head into the doorway of your classroom and asking “baby want a donut?” to you not being pregnant.

As far as donuts go, I use to work at Dunkin’ Donuts during my first couple years of college so the smell is nostalgic but I’m not that big of a fan of donuts, especially the DD glazed ones since they bleached my pants when they were covered with glaze and I forgot to wash them for a couple days.


Billy is awesome! I used to do two workouts in a day sometimes when I danced, and only a few with running. Usually just a shake out run for the second run, and they really did make my legs less stiff! Sadly I seem to be injury prone recently, and after a stress fracture I have adjusted my mindset. For me, it is not worth it to push it too much because I never want to deal with that again. Have a great date night :)


Thank you so much for this! I havent been this thilrled by a blog post for a long time! Well, You’re certainly somebody that has something to say that people need to hear. Keep up the outstanding work. Keep on inspiring the people!


I like to think I’m not too injury-prone, though I have a longtime chronic injury from a head-on collision caused by a distracted driver a few years ago (grr) – so I randomly get awful back spasms every so often and it’s no fun :( I had my first running injury (I’ve been running just over a year now – ironically I started running because it helped me manage my back injury from the accident and it really helps!). I strained my hip flexor during a half marathon on a really sloped course (the road was really slanted so one hip was always lower than the other). Other than that I’ve been lucky though!!

I really enjoy reading “Mr. Hungry Runner Girl” ‘s posts – I started running right around when he did, though I’m not as speedy ;) but it’s kind of cool to hear how he trains too.

Tonight = my boyfriend’s birthday, so as soon as he gets home from hockey I must resume spoiling my man for the rest of the day!


I am totally injury prone and not smart. I’m trying reallyyyy hard to be smarter this year… so far so good (knock on every piece of wood in the house).

I used to do two hard workouts all the time when I was a swimmer but now I don’t usually do 2 super hard workouts in one day. I like to run in the morning and spin at night though! Billy, your day sounds insane (/awesome) Can’t wait to see how fast you run this spring.

Tonight I picked up my bib for my half marathon on Saturday and ran some easy miles and now just laying on the couch being a lazy bum and watching bad TV.


I do two a days sometimes on Tuesday’s and thursdays. It’s running at 5 then weights at 9. NO running for me for 3 weeks as I just had surgery :/


Killer Two-a-days = my life 4 days out of the week. It’s hard, doing that every 10-12 hours, but extremely worth it!! I am fairly injury free b/c I do such a variety of workouts. I stay sore, but in different areas daily!


Favorite donut: a creme-filled “Long-John” … a long donut with chocolate glaze on top and creme filling. Yummmm!!


I get ouchy hips if I am not careful to stretch after a lower body workout or particularly tough run, but so far nothing too serious. I think I have lucked out because I do a lot of different things, not just one thing over and over. Like cycling, weights, DVDs, Zumba, running, walking, hiking, etc. Workout ADD anyone???

Favorite donut – blueberry cake donut with chocolate glazed icing. Makes my tummy grumble just thinking about it!!

I do lots of two-a-days in the summer when I am off from work. I probably get myself into more trouble with it than good. It’s not like I am training for anything, I just get bored and end up working out again haha.

BTW – I love hearing about everything baby HRG related! And how it gets you donuts and pie from coworkers :)


Pizza bubbles made me think of the recipe for Bubble Pizza-please tell me you’ve had it before since we know you love biscuits! Super easy recipe: Use 3 to 4 cans of refrigerated biscuits, the small ones, not Grands (call ’em whomp biscuits because you whomp the can on the counter to open it). Cut each biscuit into fourths, then dump in a large bowl. Add 1 can pizza sauce and any favorite pizza toppings, including shredded cheese, and mix well. Pour into a greased 9X13 pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes until browned and heated through. Add more cheese on top if desired.


I have never made these before but they sound amazing…thank you for fulfilling my pizza bubble needs!


I love big tub of things like that.. we buy a huge tub of vegetable oil spread and everytime we run out I’m like “wow.. we ate that whole thing…!” Not as “good” as cottage cheese I would say :P

That’s great that Billy’s working out twice a day! It’s definitely motivating.. I could only do one hard one and one light one (like power walk) a day, besides.. I don’t want to take shower twice a day! :P


Oh that pace!!! When will I ever get close to something even remotely close …

I think you are adorable and find myself, despite the age difference liking the same things … for example our love of frozen yogurt … so tell me how, HOW can you like going to Costco!!!! :)


I don’t think I am injury proned. But I am proned to over-training and just plain, old burnout.
Donut: Chocolate cake from Dunkin Donuts. Or a coffee roll, if that counts as a donut.
I do two-a-days but one hard, one easy. Never two hard in the same day.
Tonight, we are trying to catch up on Game of Thrones before the new season starts on Sun.
The Kidless Kronicles


I’m all about double duty workouts! Its the only way I can fit it in without overwhelming myself with not having enough time.


For the next few months till Baby HRG is born, I think you should milk the nausea as much as you can: “If I do the dishes, I am going to feel nauseous” etc if you catch my drift :)


Hello Janae, hope you keeping well with your lovely family.
Injury is something common in most of physical sports and I believe when someone enters a sport he/she should be ready for probable dangers of that sport.
I like all the donuts and I can’t choose one among them.
Actually I have nothing special to do tonight that’s why I feel bored.
Take care.Have a great night.


Glazed Jelly donut or apple fritter with crispy edges. I can’t remember the last time I had a donut. That needs to change.


You make me crave cottage cheese. But I live in China… & cottage cheese is nowhere to be found :(


Favorite donut – chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting. Seriously so worth every bite. :)

Thursday nights are always our supper club nights. Us + 5 of our best friend couples get together for dinner and hanging out. We rotate houses + who cooks the main meal and the rest bring side dishes or dessert. Super fun, especially now that most of the group has little ones.

Have a great weekend!


I love that Billy is a runner now! That’s so awesome.

I love two-a-days!

Tonight I’m not sure what I”ll be doing, but I’m definitely going to celebrate that today is my last day of work at a job that I don’t enjoy!


I’ve done many two-a-day workouts, and I love them!

I get to do the coolest thing tonight (Friday). One of the gyms where I teach is hosting a professional athletes basketball game. There will be some NFL players coming in and joining with local doctors and businessmen to play a basketball game to raise money for the Solus Foundation. This foundation goes to support and expand an after school sports program in inner-city schools. It’s being held at the school where I teach, so I get to be a part from two different angles. First, as a part of Solus, I get to be the water girl for the team (they asked me to play – HA). Second, as a part of my school, my cheerleaders are performing a routine at one of the breaks. I’m excited and hope that we have a huge crowd!


Chocolate frosting donut with sprinkles!!!

It is date night! Movies and a big tub of popcorn with butter for me (the popcorn is what gets me to the theatre).


I am so injury prone *and* I’m smart about training!! I currently have my third round of stress fractures (second in my femur) after what my doc thought was a really moderate training plan where I did everything I should do to stay healthy. So, sadly, I’m giving up running. But, I’ll find lots of other things that I love to do other than running!! Just have to find something that is willing to give me a medal for a mediocre performance… :)


Yesterday I ran 5 miles [4 more miles than I have run in months!] and went for a hike with my momma… Today I AM FEELING THE BURN :P

P.S. I finished off a PB jar this morning [one of my fave bfasts!] anddd used some cottage cheese so tomorrow I think I’ll tackle the cottage cheese jar :P


I’ve noticed that I feel better running pregnant than I did before injury wise – I think it’s because I don’t push myself, plus I changed running shoes when I got pregnant and I think that has played a huge role!

I ran out of cottage cheese. My lunch salad will not be the same this afternoon.


Cinnamon Sugar Cake Donut.

But I ate an awesome one with Fruity Pebbles on it one time.


Any sort of Maple Donut gets me. Its like my own personal drug. ;)


Hey there! What software was Billy using to post his runs? I like the format. Is it something from Garmin? Thanks!


I love tough workouts which make me sweat! When you need the best of your strength, additional nutrition is a powerful help. I am taking Navy Seal Formula by Military Grade. It is easy to order at h t t p: //amzn.to/Y0uraF. This supplement gives me incredible amount of energy and pushes me harder during my workouts. I have never been in such a good shape.

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