Professional Janae

Just wanted to prove to you that I don’t live in my tempo shorts and that I do in fact have a job (contrary to popular belief that all I do every day is eat ice cream, watch Biggest Loser and run for 33 minutes).

This is my professional pose in case you are wondering.  No, I do not get mistaken for a student 4 out of 5 days a week at school.

Photo 4

As you know I am a drivers ed teacher (along with Health, PE, History and Student Government) and today as we were driving around a student casually mentioned that Artic Circle gives COURTESY cones.  Um, yes I am telling you that you don’t have to buy anything and you can get a free ice cream cone.  We pulled up in our drivers-ed mini van and ordered 7 courtesy cones.

Photo 5

Not so curteous of you Artic Circle when all that cone did for me was make me crave at least 38 more of those suckers.  Let’s be honest though, my new driving route for drivers ed will be to Artic Circle and back, I mean those kids need to learn how to use a drive through and what the proper ordering technique is, right?!?!

Spin Playlist:

1.  Radio by Beyonce

2.  Right Round by Flo Rida

3.  I Just Wanna Live by Good Charolette

4.  Lose Yourself by Eminem

5. On the Floor by J-Lo

6. S & M by Rhiana

7. Day ‘N Nite by Kid Cuddi

8. Pump It by Black Eyed Peas

9. Rockateer by Far East Movement

10. Don’t Go by Mike Posner

11. Till the World Ends by Britney Spears

12. Yeah 3X by Chris Brown

13. Infinity by Guru Josh

14.  That’s Why You’re Beautiful by Beyonce (Cool down).

For spin today we played the add on game.  You start with one move and do it for a minute and then add on a move and start at the beginning again and keep adding on moves (each for one minute).  It makes class fly by.

Here is the order we play the add on game in:  1. Run out of the saddle 2. Isolation out of the saddle 3.  Jumps  4. Hill climb in the saddle  5. Sprint  6.  Super man  7. Heavy tension out of the saddle.  CLICK HERE for my spin video that explains some of my creepy moves.

After spin I came home and finally saw Billy and made my new favorite brinner.

Banana Almond Granola French toast.

IMG 5191

I just added about 1/4 tsp. of almond extract to the egg/milk/cinnamon mixture, dipped the bread into it and then onto the griddle.  I LOVE to caramelize my bananas (yes, one was not enough and I HAD to add another) and topped it all with some granola from the AMAZING DORRY!!!

Teaching spin, attempting to run 40 minutes in the EARLY a.m…….no hitting the snooze button today I gotta get there when the gym opens.

I am counting down the hours until tonight because my brother and his family from KENTUCKY are in town and we are having a big family dinner wahoo!!!!

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What is your Thursday workout?  (Read the comments if you are looking for some MOTIVATION to get out and move that hot bod of yours:)

Do you have to dress ‘professional’ for your job?

-Yep, except on Friday we get to wear jeans!!!!

Sugar cone, waffle cone or cake cone?

-In order of awesomeness: Waffle, cake and last but not least sugar cones.

What is your favorite way to be a cheapskate?

-Drive thru Artic Circle for a free cone, eat Costco samples for lunch and read books/magazines at Barnes and Noble so I don’t have to buy them.

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I've been a stay at home mom for a year now… just putting jeans on is a victory for me. The only thing I miss about working is dressing professionally, I like to get dressed up.
Waffle cone, sugar cone, bowl… I hate cake cones.
Pre-children I used to sit at borders for hours and read books and mags.


I have to dress professional for my job except the 1 day a month when it's some sort of spirit day. I was just informed of this so-called spirit day last last Friday when everyone in the office was in jeans….I've worked there for 2 years..!! Haha.

Waffle cones are my fave! Especially if they're filled with chocolate custard.

My fave way to be a cheapskate would have to be eating Costco samples for lunch or an afternoon snack. This is actually on my to-do today :)


Thursday workout was 90 minutes on the Arc Trainer and abs! Recovering from an injury sucks but I am glad I can still do cross training :)

I have a dress code. Khakis and black shirt. Easy does it!

Waffle hands down.

Cheapskate — Only buying things when they are on sale and REFUSING to pay full price for something.


My Thursday workout since I decided to take a rest day yesterday will be to Run 3 miles and do about 20 min of strength/abs. Looking forward to it!
Yes I have to dress professional at work because I work in a law firm, some days I wish I just could put on sweats and work from home (wish)
I really like the waffle cone! when I do eat ice cream.
My favorite way to be a cheapskate lol is usually with eating out, I love to do it but I do spend money on groceries for a reason, so I have been trying to eat at home more often rather than spending the dollars on a waitress and food! lol


Today's workout is some hill training and a kettle bell class!

Fot my job, I dress trendy/casual.

What is a cake cone, my love?! Do I live under a rock!??!


I couldn't get the video to work, but I would really like to see it!


That's so funny! When I was in high school, our route for driver's ed was ALWAYS to our teachers favorite diner. We loved it, too :)

I'm all about a waffle cone! But I'll take a sugar any day.


Today's workout will be the 20-miler that I didn't get done yesterday. I'm praying for the rain to stay away!

I'm a teacher as well (high school math)… and get mistaken for a student at least once a week. It's pretty tragic. I wish I could master your art of having your students bring you food.

Waffle cones all the way!

And favorite way to be a cheapskate? Free samples @ Sam's Club (our version of Costco) and couponing like a madwoman!


I am expected to look professional although the dress code states "business casual" which is poen to interpretation for a lot of people in the office. I see hoodies, cargo pants, camo name it! We need some help from "What Not to Wear" the office edition I think!


I don't have to dress professionally at work. I wear jeans and a nice shirt everyday.

That's awesome that you can get free ice cream! And that french toast looks amazing!


Wayy more sore than I expected from my 10 miler yesterday, so today I will be taking it easy – 30 minutes on elliptical followed by some arms/abs. I'm still a student sooo I get to dress as casual as I'd like! Oh I'll probably end up walking 5-6 miles today as well around campus.


I love that you are teaching those kids all the right things… like how to get free ice cream in the middle of a work/school day :)


i'm glad i found your blog!

i don't have to dress professional for my job. i've mentioned in my blog that on a scale of 1 to 10 (there are a few exceptions), with 10 being hot diggity, 100% effort was put in, monday to friday i'm normally a -1….sports bras are just way to comfortable.

my husband & i normally coordinate our Sam's Club runs around freebie saturdays, so we can get our eat on for free while we buy buttloads of TP and paper towels

our cheapskate ways ~ we always sign up for "trial offers" & then cancel :/


I like sugar cones and waffle cones…yum! I also try to get as many samples as possible at Sams and also now at yogurtland as well…I always think that will keep my fro-yo from being as heavy…it usually doesn't make a difference. haha!

so excited your brother is visiting!! my bro from KY may be visiting this week as well!

have an awesome day!! cant wait to hear about your 40 minutes! I am taking today off…my hip is bugging me. blah.


Umm… that french toast looks so delicious I actually swooned.

Waffle, all the way. I totally respect your love for all ice cream containment methods, but cake cones? Comparing waffle vs. cake cones is like pitting a glorious warm gooey cinnamon roll against a dry bowl of shredded wheat. No contest.

Glad you're running a bit! I'm fighting a nagging injury and I just can't make the commitment to stop running to let it heal. I think that's coming though. :(


This Thurs…5 miles followed by a lifting session. Not sure what I'm lifting yet since a friend is in charge of the routine for tonight.

I have to dress 'nicely' for work, so I can wear jeans everyday!

Waffle cone…and that's it!

I am SUPER thrifty, so I buy everything from cragslist, ebay, thrift stores, etc.


I have to dress "business casual" but it's more business than casual – collared shirt preferred, skirts knee length or longer, no open toed shoes. Plus a white coat :D
I knew this while I was in pharmacy school so I began shifting over my wardrobe from student to professional as the years went by so I wouldn't be slammed with a huge clothing bill all at once! Your cardi is cute. I just bought a white, T-shirt weight cardigan at TJ Maxx for $7 (!!!) and I'm excited to use it to dress up some T's and tanks for work!


I work at a bakery/deli so I dress in yoga pants and a t-shirt every day. It is awesome! That's also how I'm a cheapskate! Just use my discount to buy food for the week from there! haha


Thursday workout will be cardio and abs :) I work at home so the most professional I get is when I get out of my pjs. Waffle cone baby :) The most cheapskate I am is that I never eat an entire apple at one time I cut it in half and eat it later so one apple turns into 2 apples :)


That french toast looks divine! I put vanilla in my egg batter, but now I must try almond! You guys should open a restaurant!
I'm not sure what I'm going to do today. I have to miss spin tonight and I don't think it will be quite warm enough to bike outside. I guess I could go swim again. boo.
And my dress code could be pajamas if I wanted it to be. :)
I'm so excited that your running minutes is increased everyday! Yay!


I'm homeschooled so if I can, I try to spend the entire day in tempos and a tshirt…..

Today's workout was some kickboxing plus some cardio dancing! :D Super fun!

I want courtesy cones! hahahaha
Hope you have an awesome day, Janae!


today i did a 6m fartlek! :) it was fabulous. nope, i don't dress professional- still a grad student, and my part-time job is casual…

waffle cones all the way!!! then sugar and cake. :)

we totally are cheapskates about everything. i love free samples and coupons. :) we really max out the birthday freebies restaurants give.


You sound like an awesome driver's ed teacher! (ps: if you have a ben & jerry's near you, next tuesday is free cone day!). I rarely go to the all you can eat dining halls on campus, but when I do, I stock up on all the fruit I can stick in my backpack!


Two words: pretzel cone. No joke. It will change your life (I think its a Pennsylvania thing though because since moving to Virginia, I've never seen it.)


That dinner looks amazing!!!! I like waffle cones the best, and the last bite is always my favorite! :)


I LOVE that you use your driving students to get ice cream! Drive thru etiquette should definitely be on the driving test. My office is business casual but I push the casual as far as I can get away with (in my mind, anything > jeans = business casual).


I wish I could attend your spin class. My spin class is the lamest. They keep the lame music really low too. Isnt spin class about kicking ass? How can you kick ass while listening to Bett Midler??


Your dinner looks awesome! I had two bananas yesterday as well (one just regular at lunch, the other was frozen and I whipped it up in the food processor, topped it with melted natural peanut butter and some mini chocolate chips – elvis froyo!). I typically teach Zumba on Thursday nights, but had to cancel my class tonight because I'm going to Fire Department event (really just a cookout haha) with my hot firefighting husband. I declared today to be a rest day, but I do some Jillian Michaels this afternoon or go running – we shall see. I love waffle cones, but I really really love those pretzel cones dipped in chocolate with sprinkles. I never get them, but man, they are awesome. I am also a teacher, so I have to dress professionally at school. On Fridays we wear school t-shirts, and once a month we get to wear jeans. Jeans day is TOMORROW and I am pumped! I love getting free samples at Sam's and knowing when the local restaurants are having "freebie" days. My favorite way to beat the system is at Starbucks – instead of a cinnamon dolce latte (around $4 for a tall), I order a tall cafe americano (watered down espresso) and then add about 1/4 cup fat free milk and get a shot of the sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup. It actually has LESS fat and calories than the latte AND saves me about $2.


Its 10:30 and I just changed into running clothes, no dress code when you are a stay at home mom :) I do get dressed everday anyways so the hubs doesn't think I just sit around in my jammies all day (even if its not till 1 or 2 after I workout).

Today's workout is a 4 miler with my cute little ladies in the jogger.

Cup please, I don't like cones, is that wierd?

Have a great Thursday Janae!!!


you look so cute! :)

When I was driving for that part of drivers ed, my teacher had me drive to his garage so he could get a pepsi and then he made some phone calls, shot some pool with a couple of friends and then we left… needless to say I asked for a different teacher lol…


What is your Thursday workout? Today I did 4 miles of speedwork on the treadmill and it was nice because the time flew by and I cared more about my pace than the time. It was great!

Do you have to dress 'professional' for your job?
SAHM, the baby doesn't care :)

Sugar cone, waffle cone or cake cone?
SUGAR all the way LUVE THEM

What is your favorite way to be a cheapskate?
Splitting the SAMS membership($40 yearly) with my sis-in-law, mom, dad, brother and me….we are gangsters! Plus going to SAMS to stock up on Vege's so I don't have to pay the horrendous organic prices at the regular grocery store!


Funny you bring up the professional thing today. I am suppose to dress professional for my job but accidently packed 2 right foot shoes. oops! I am rocking the mizunos with my suit coat and work pants.

Workout today was 8 easy peasy miles and 20 minutes biceps.

I may or may not be the cheapest person alive. I raid my parents pantry once a week, smooch rides with my siblings, and obsessively clip coupons.


You are precious!!

I had to wear a suit every day at my last job. Now I am in professional-ish clothes, but it's more dresses + cute pants and cardis + skirts and fun tops and heels. Fridays are jeans days, which is like the most amazingest thing ever!

Currently my fave cheapskate method is living with family, haha!


if i were a high school teacher i would take it as a great compliment to be mistaken for one of the students!

on thursdays i *usually* go for an early a.m. run with my neighbor but yesterday was my THIRTIETH birthday and i was up so late, i bailed on our run. now i have to make it up on the treadmill and i'm not happy with myself.

as for cone-age: my preference = none.

favorite cheapskate: costco will split their $1.75 chocolate vanilla swirl soft serve into two small cups so i don't have to buy each kid their own way-too-large cup of ice cream.

have fun with your visiting family!


Your story reminded me of how in my drivers ed class, someone put a HUGE dent in one of the trucks by taking it thru the McDonalds drive-thru. Learning to drive trucks properly through drive-thrus is borderline mandatory in Texas!

Workout tonight is power yoga – yey!!!

Cheapskate method: I use my coworker's BJs memberships to stock up on bulk goods. And, unless I'm going on a road trip, I avoid driving on weekends as much as possible. Gets me out and active while saving me gas money.


I definitely have to dress professionally for work. Every other Monday we can wear jeans but that's it. :D

My workout today is my last 2 miles of my 3rd half marathon training that I had to postpone from yesterday. I'm getting excited for my run tomorrow.

I don't really like cake cones but I do like waffle and sugar cones…waffle more than sugar.


OH yum! You are passing that student right??

Thursday workout – rest day, huzzah!

I'm a stay at home mom, so my 'professional' look is anything that doesn't have crayon or glitter on it!

I'm too much of a klutz to have a cone of any kind :(

Cheapskate? Running stuff. I know that sounds bad, but I won't buy stuff at full price!

Have an AMAZING dinner with your brother!!!


Today I run 6 miles on the tm. I dn't dress that professional at work. I wear jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt. I work with some chemicals and don't want to mess up my nice clothes (that happened when I 1st got the job 6 years ago).


That might be in the top 10 most awesome things you've ever done – driving in the drivers ed minivan to get free ice cream cones! Your students are so lucky! I'm so glad you like the granola – it's one of my favorites.

I went to yoga this morning – felt amazing after last night's run. I work this afternoon, but might go ride after that. I get to wear yoga & running clothes to work! As a kid I always got the sugar cone, now I'd probably get a waffle cone, but I love cake cones, too!


Anything free is my favorite, of course. I am such a bargain girl. Last night I went to church and brought in a frozen lemonade from Tim Hortons. They all asked where I got it from and I proceeded to tell them that a coworker of mine bought it…..didn't like it….and was going to throw it away. I think not! Nasty? Maybe. Free? YES! Delicious….of course!!


Love your professional outfit!


BAHAHA. I get mistaken every single time that I go into a high school classroom for student teaching as a student.


I always go to B&N for free books and reading time. Love your dress!


Why couldn't you be my drivers ed. teacher?? Free cones? yes please!


Yay for "Lose Yourself" on the playlist!! That's my go-to workout song!!!! Woohoo!!

Today after work (after my second job of the day – ugh!) I will run. I'm not sure how long or how fast but I can't wait. I'll play it by ear!!


Haha I love that your students drive you thru for ice cream. You're my favorite.

I have to dress up for work too. Not too too dressy, but dress pants for sure – but jeans on Friday!


That brinner looks delicious, Janae! I am super jealous!


We have windsuit wednesday and spirit day friday, but we can wear jeans with a nice shirt pretty much any day of the week at school. : ) My principal is pretty laid back!


I just love your style! You always look so darn pretty!! Please share your secrets!:)
I am a stay at home mom so I don't have to dress up, but I still like to from time to time. I like to feel pretty from time to time!
I am going to a spin class tonight, and I can guarantee it will not be as rockin' as yours is! I wish I lived in Provo so I could take a spin class from you.
Oh and that french toast looks AMAZING!


True Story: Last month when I was home my family and I went to this high school wrestling recognition dinner for my brother. I was sitting with my 11 year old sister and the woman my mom was talking to looked over at us and said to my mom, "are your girls fraternal or identical twins?"

I'm 22. Fail.


i have to dress like a professional but i always play it fast and loose with mizunos, calf sleeves and yoga pants. i know everyone in the office aspires to be me…

free samples are the


you look so cute. i rarely wear real clothes with my job and if I did, i would need to hire you to be my stylist. I'd feed you! hehe. Have a great run, hopefully you got in 40min!


you look so cute. i rarely wear real clothes with my job and if I did, i would need to hire you to be my stylist. I'd feed you! hehe. Have a great run, hopefully you got in 40min!


I miss drivers ed. I had it with my fav PE teacher too…Coach Tomelin. I bet those kids love you! Questions 1: jean fri. 2:WAFFLE! 3: Barnes & Nobles floor mat – I am guilty!

Quick question: Keep in mind I am recovering from a muscular back injury… but trainer at gym suggested spin class. Any words of wisdom before I sign up for this class?


This is my first time commenting! Your last post had me realize that I wasn't an official follower. But no worries, I am now :)
And you should know how much I love you and your blog. haha

My workout this afternoon is a 6 mile tempo at 5:50/mile pace. It shouldn't be too bad. Tempos are my favorite! :)

You're looking good, girly! I'm so excited for your progress! 40 minutes=awesome!
And yum, waffle cones :) Idk if I could eat one without pb ice cream on top, though. haha


I haven't worked out yet :-( But hopefully my Thursday workout will include some running and lifting. I love waffle cones!

Love free samples – food just tastes better free!



My driver's ed instructor used to sit next to us and eat an entire dozen glazed donuts while we drove around. Interesting

My workout today was Jillian Michaels Boost your Metabolism. Running tomorrow and watching Grey's and Private Practice. I'll be crushed if they aren't new episodes!

No professional dress at a SAHM. When I was teaching I was asked once by a grandparent of a student where the teacher was b/c they'd love to meet her. Umm….hello!?


I can wear pretty much whatever I want at my job so depending on my mood it can be jeans or a dress. I like it that way :)

Workout was an early morning bodypump class, loved it!


I've never mentioned this but always wanted too–thanks for posting your playlists! I always check them out and see how I can vamp mine up a bit!

Waffle cone all the way. with heaping piles of ice cream… yumm!


Janae, I need you to come out to Denver to start teaching Thursday morning spin class ASAP! My favorite spin instructor just told us that my gym cancelled the class so we will need to hold a “bandit” class until they figure out it was a mistake? You’re cool with that right??


My workout today was a trail run in my FiveFingers with my pup! My feet are a lil' sore cause they aren't used to the rocks but it is beautiful out!

I don't love cones….is that weird?! I'd much rather have lots and lots of ice cream with gummy bears in a cup :)


Your french toast + caramelized bananas combo looks amaaaazing. Must make asap.

-I work in a lab, so our "professional" is long pants, close-toed shoes and a lab coat. Usually that translates to jeans and sneakers :)
-I love samples for lunch! Our farmer's market always has some pretty good ones….

Have a fantastic day!


I normally wear cardi and trousers, sometimes a dress and leggings. Due to working with 5/6 year olds things can get messy so dont wear my best!
I had an awesome body pump class woohoo!


The cone that holds the greatest amount of fro-yo!

You look very beautiful in your professional attire and oh so scholarly in the bathroom posing thoughtfully! he he!

I normally wear dress pants but LOVE capris when it is warm enough! My closet is a bruise: lots of black and blue to choose from! :)

I love that your spin participants get a game out of your class!!! AWESOME TEACHER!!


Courtesy cones?? Yes please!!! I work in a kids clothing store so I have to dress "hip"


I get to wear jeans and a t-shirt every day if I want to. It's great, except I sometimes dress like a hobo because I'm feeling crappy and I think I'd actual feel better if I tried dressing like a grown-up.

I used to always order waffle cones, but I secretly love the taste of cake cones. Like, love it enough to get ice cream because I'm craving the cone. Weirdo.


My workout was a 6.5 mile run at sunrise! I have to dress professionally but I teach first grade so I'm not sure why as I spend a majority of the day sitting on the carpet. I love waffle cones but to be honest I am confused about the difference between sugar and cake cones. Also I find that cones force me to eat the ice cream too quickly and I like to savor it. I love eating samples plus you have no idea how much great stuff you can get for 99cents at Goodwill!


Arctic Zone courtesy cones are the best! In high school cross country the day before a big meet our run would be to Arctic Circle to get courtesy cones and then we would run back (in Spanish Fork). It was only like a three mile run total so it wasn't too bad on our stomachs. I always loved those runs they were so much fun!


HOORAY for 5 miles of running!! Congrats girl.

I had a stress fracture in my pelvis from running last summer and I had to TAKE OFF FOUR MONTHS, it was unbelievably frustrating…but this too shall pass!


Brinnner is THE best meal ever !! That french toast loooks uuuuuh-mazing!!


1. Cheers for courtesy cones!!!
2. I seriously do not know how you teach driver's ed! I think I would faint/have a heart attack/pee my pants. Every day.
3. Gimme some of that french toast, yummmmm!


I vote waffle, then sugar, then cake. The cake cones always taste like cardboard to me! Not worth it.

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