Silentish Saturday—> Bachelorette Trip!

The trip with the girls started (after a 10 mile treadmill run in the morning) with my mom taking us all to the airport.  

IMG 0228

IMG 0236

We love small airports.

IMG 0233

She takes manuals very seriously.

IMG 0243

And she can fake being asleep very well.  

IMG 0247

After we dropped off Brooke to her dad we went straight to my favorite salad place—Pluto’s.  

IMG 0253

I could eat this meal every day for the rest of my life.

IMG 0257

Followed by walking around Santana Row.

IMG 0270

IMG 0260  1

Next stop—> San Pedro Market.

IMG 0278

For the one and only (the Eastside Horchata is the best of the best):

IMG 0263

And then we went back to the hotel by 10:30 pm because we were tired:)  

Saturday and Sunday will be spent in San Francisco.  

IMG 0288  1

Time to run!


Are you good at staying up late or do you like to get in bed at a good time?

3 things you’ve got going on today?

Best ice cream flavor you have tried recently?

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I like to be in bed by 11 at the latest because I never really sleep past 5:30AM.

I’m going to the beach, swimming in the ocean and running in the sand! :)

Have a blast this weekend.


It sounds like you are having a good time. I’m pretty one with bedtimes and normally go to bed by 9-10pm. I really need my sleep.

I am just working today. I can’t say it’s that exciting…


I like to be in bed by 10 if I can – maybe 11 at the latest. Three things: go for a long walk (still being cautious on my hamstring), take my dog to the dog park, and evening church. Enjoy your weekend!


Fun times already had, and so many to come, I’m sure! Have a blast!


Lately we can’t stay up much past 10:30.

We are doing the Father’s Day thing today so that means swimming and food!


Have a great time!

I know that I need to be in bed and army but I always find so many things to do that I end up going to bed too late. I usually have a couple of nights a week when I make an extra special effort to get to bed early to catch up on sleep.


Have a fabulous weekend!


Lately I have become obsessed with getting to bed early, I feel like such an old lady but it pays of in the early morning! Have fun in San Fran!!


I always think I can stay up late and next thing I know I’ve passed out on the sofa.
I took the dog to the park this morning.
I’m going to do a little shopping this afternoon and then meet up with my boyfriend and his two daughters to go see Finding Dory :)


That ice cream looks HEAVENLY!

Three things I got going on today:
-11 mile run – Done!
-Road tripping to Wisconsin
-Boyfriend’s parent’s lake house/playing with dogs/hanging out on the boat!


Mmm ice cream! I just finished a very warm 6.5 miles (whoo tapering) and that sounds amazing right now. So does a smoothie… :)

This weekend, we made a trip back to southern AZ to check on the house (currently for sale) and do some basic upkeep. Then there’s shopping (I miss Trader Joe’s so much!) and brunch with my aunt. We plan to stay inside most of the time, as there is an extreme heat advisory today and tomorrow (um 114 degrees? No thanks).

Have a great weekend!!


So much fun in store for you guys this week! Make sure you pick up some donuts and ice cream!!!


I’m the worst at staying up late! Plus I like to get up early so it’s nice to go to bed at a decent time.
3 things: birthday brunch for my friend, FINALLY getting the mirror hung above my fireplace, and finishing planning my trip across the pond next week!!!
Have soo much fun pretty girl! Xo


I rarely comment but this just so cool that I have too! My uncle actually owns Pluto’s!! And I worked there during my summers in high school. So happy to hear that it’s a favorite of your’s. :) Have a great Saturday.


I am an early to bed type, as in by 8-9 on a work night and 9-10 on a weekend. I’d rather have extra time in the morning!
Best ice cream right now: chocolate caramel anything, although mostly chocolate anything!
3 things for today: right now I’m taking my gestational diabetes test and trying not to puke from all the gross glucose. Ick. Later, I’ll write report cards all day and then hopefully swing by my school with my husband to work on packing up my classroom before my Maternity leave!


I am awful at staying up late… I love going to bed at 8 or 9!

3 things: 20 mile bike ride, lunch with my mom, dog sitting the cutest pit bull EVER!

Best ice cream flavor: Peanut butter chocolate froyo!


It looks like you guys are having so much fun. I SO need a girl’s trip! :) I don’t usually stay up too late, but with two kiddos, night time is kind of my “me” time so I enjoy my time after they are both asleep. :)


Ten mile run; chic-fil-a; and target
I only ever eat vanilla; sometimes chocolate; and rarely cookies and cream…the selection of lactose free anything is lacking.

Enjoy your trip! Looks like a lot of fun.


I love Plutos too!!

I’m more of an early riser so anything past 10pm is late for me!

Have a great bachelorette weekend!!


Ben and Jerry’s Speculoos (aka Cookie Butter) is pretty remarkable. I also like their Half Baked which is just Fudge Brownie ice mixed with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.


What are the shoes you’re wearing? Super cute! I’m always in bed by ten. Sometimes I really, really try to stay up later…but I’m just so tired!


I added you on snapchat but can’t see your snaps.
Glad you’re enjoying the Bay Area!


I take it back! I see them now!


So much fun! And I love Pluto’s! :)

I like the idea of staying up, but I also need my sleep and like to get up kinda early… so…. early bedtime it is (most nights).


I like to go to bed by 10:30pm at the latest! I am definitely not a night owl- usually I wake up at 4:30 am so I need my sleep!! market 2. Errands 3. Get ready for the trail race tomorrow @ Kualoa Ranch!

Best icecream flavor: cookies and coffee @ scoop of paradise. Amazing homemade icecream!!!


Ah Santana Row! I am literally a walking distance (10 mins) from there! Have fun this weekend!!!!


P.S. I’ve never eaten at Pluto’s! I’ve been in that area tons and tons of times but wasn’t sure what it was given the sign on the front. Btw, I could probably eat there every day too… but they need some candy to add to the top of those salads. What gives? Haha!


That sounds so fun!!!!! I get tired early and only stay up late to finish my to do list but not to watch a movie or stay out. Haha I sound like I’m a hermit! Three things I’ve got going on tonight: I just finished my run, editing my YouTube video, and then snuggles with the baby when he wakes (he has been waking RIGHT when I go to bed every night)!!!


Does your ex husband know you are getting remarried?


Have a great weekend! Looks like you’re having so much fun! :)


i’m pretty good about going to sleep early if an early run or an early workday is happening. otherwise im watching movies staying up too late!

3 things for today: meeting a friend for an easy 5 miler, shopping for a dress for a wedding i’ll be attending, and studying for a personal trainer exam.


Can you do a round up of the shoes you wear during the summer that keep your feet happy? I have burkes but want to add some more to my collection so I’m not always wearing the same shoes!


I end up staying up late too often–I really need to work on being more consistent with my bedtime. I like the ‘staying up late’ part, but hate the ‘getting up in the morning’ part. My favorite ice cream flavor is this dark chocolate with oreo bits called Zoreo at our local ice cream shop. So good!


In the Santana Row picture, that pink lipstick is so pretty on Megan!


I stay up late on the weekends, but during the week, I am ready for bed before 9pm. :)

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