Spinning the Night Away

Lunch was the usual wrap and salad.  Remember I am poor and therefore eat a lot of the same things over and over again.  After lunch today there was major high school drama ha.  To make a long dramatic story short a student stole my keys and threw away a key that I have the only copy for that is needed everyday at school.  It took two hours to get it out of her where it was. Not cool.  Good thing my arms were too sore from pump to lift them ha. No but really I was frustrated.  My little foreign exchange student came to me and told me I looked stressed and gave me German Chocolate.  I bit into it and my serotonin levels went skyrocketting and all of the sudden I was amazingly happy again.  Came home and went to Costco with the Billy for the staples: broccoli, spinach, eggs, brownie mix and a new supplement/vitamin that is supposed to build and strengthen cartilage. I will let you know if it works.  I taught spin at Gold’s after and we had a party.  For your entertainment I included a picture of my sweaty sideburns after class.  You’re welcome.


Little did the people know that bought this large serving bowl for our wedding that it would be used for my single serving salad.  I have a problem.  Tuna, tomatoes from a local stand, corn, red onion, salsa, broccoli and whatever else I could find in our fridge.


Here is my spin playlist from tonight….kind of obsessed with music.

✓ Telephone, ft. BeyonceLady Gaga

✓ Raise your glass, Pink

✓ Only Girl, Rhiana

✓ Just a Dream, Nelly

✓ Live your Life, T.I

✓ Dance, Dance, Fall out Boy

✓ Just a Girl, No Doubt

✓ I made it, Kevin Rudolph

✓ Somebody to love, Justin Beiber

✓ California Gurls, Katy Pery

✓ Genocide, The Offspring

✓ DJ Got Us Falling in Love, Usher

✓ Du Hast, German Man??

✓ Birds And Ships, Billy Bragg & Wilco (Cool down)

Finishing the night off with chocolate chips and Sunny in Philidelphia with Billy. Better believe I will be in bed by 9:30.


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Teaching is so stressful! I used to teach high school Spanish and those kids would find ways to get my stress sky rocketing some days. Glad the key was found. Sounds like your day ended pretty well. :)



Hooray!!! I'm a follower!! Thanks for your help Billy!! Janae…you are adorable!! Thanks for the laughs! But sorry about the keys! That sounds more like preschool than high school!!! I'm wishing that salad was my dinner!!!


Janae! Just found out you have a blog! What a fun life you lead. I have never been able to enjoy a spin class, but with you as the instructor, I think that would be awesome! Hope you are doing well!
Chelsea (Foutz) Bishop


Reading through your old blog posts while watching the Bears game. Love that you have Du Hast on your playlist, too cool. :)


oh my gosh can i take your spin class, I love your playlist


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