I hurt my knee.  It has been hurting for the last few weeks and I finally decided to take a break from my early morning lover (the treadmill).  I am challenging myself to a sixty-day no running cleanse.  I am one of those weirdos that actually loves the treadmill.  Not just because the weather here sucks or because 2 runners have been raped in our area recently but because I love the way it makes me feel.  I can watch tv, listen to music and just forget about everything.  I am really simple minded and it doesn’t take much to be entertained. I want to be able to run with my grankids (I guess that means I do have to have kids someday) so I am taking a break. It’s been four days and I have gone through grief, depression and denial.  Today I reached the stage of anger.  I get to the gym at 5:45 a.m. and I see at least ten people on the treadmills at golds.  While they are thinking about how bad they want to stop I am staring at them wishing I could be them.  I just keep telling myself I want to be at my peak for BOSTON so I better do whatever it takes so that I can get there.   I start doing chores this weekend for my mom to help pay for my Boston trip.  Yes, I am a 24 year old that still asks her mom if she can clean her fridge for an allowance.

Teachers salaries + BYU tuition+ fresh produce addiction= poverty.

I took Body Pump this morning from my favorite instructor.  Just imagine a 57 year-old women that has the perfect tan and perfect body that spends all day thinking of ways to make my body ache and that is what this class is.  I am ashamed that my 65 year-old friend, Kate, uses twice as much weight as I do.

Showered at the gym, yes our shower is still broken, and got to school by 7:45.  Just because I am a drivers ed teacher doesn’t mean I don’t speed a little bit to get here because I would rather work out five extra minutes.  Made my breakfast of oatmeal with apples, pumpkin, yogurt and pumpkin spice.  Then I made teenagers mad at me by making them run, do squats and a lot of sprinting drills in P.E.  Last but not least I wrote this post while my civics kids were taking a test.  I just swallowed my gum when my director walked in because gum isn’t allowed at school and now my stomach hurts. I think it is all in my head.

There is no camera that could make this look appetizing but it did its job and I am full.



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I LOVE this new blog of yours- you make me laugh and I CANNOT wait for the next post…I'm freaky like that! I wish I could:
1. Go the gym with you- but not a 5:45- more like 8:00 or even 8:30
2. Come to your class Wednesday


I am so glad someone else out there loves the treadmill too! I really love going to the gym and hopping on the treadmill, it has forced me to get faster too, or maybe that is my OCD to go faster than the person next to me!


Just saw your guest post on PBF…love your blog! I'm a Body Pump instructor too! Yes, it's our secret mission to figure out new and torturous ways to leave you crawling out of class everyday :)
Love some PUMP!

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