Anxiety about Exercise

Workout: 30 minutes stair climber and 30 minutes elliptical. Same old same old breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  After school my mom called me to meet up with her for an after school treat.  It was the perfect timing!  I was craving some good old yogurt and fruit.  She also got me an instyler…. score! My straightener and blow dryer died on the same day, I have been having some rough hair days.

IMG_1690.JPGMy yogurt: Pomegranate, vanilla, fruit, gummy bears and weird gelatin balls.

I am going to start this topic by saying I have already come a long way in my addiction to exercise and I already know that I need to continue working on it.  I am posting this so that you don’t just see me as a picture but as a real person and so that if anyone else struggles with these things we can work on it together.

Billy bought an awesome car, 1967 Barracuda.  We are thrilled.  He loves working on cars and he found this one for an amazing deal. When I got home he asked me if I wanted to go to Seattle next weekend to pick it up.  Um…yes!!! Seattle is one of my favorite places ever.  I started thinking about how fun this road trip with my bestie was going to be and how much fun we were going to have in Seattle going to Pike’s Place, the most gorgeous Nordstrom ever and of course seeing Billy’s face light up when he first see’s his new car. Then the good old anxiety kicked in.

-We are going to Vegas this weekend…. that means two full weekends of not teaching spin, normal exercise routine and a whole lotta eating out!

-In my crazy mind I think I will gain 10 lbs from sitting in a car for a total of 40 hours over the course of the next two weeks and tempted to eat junk the whole time.

-I will lose some of my strength and endurance that I have worked so hard to gain by skipping 6 workouts in total.


Then I realized I was being 100% totally crazy.  Life is not about working out! How in the world could I even compare not being able to exercise to how much fun I am going to have with Billy and time off work.  I needed a change of perspective.  I needed to remind myself of what REALLY matters in life.  Taking a few days off will be so beneficial for my sanity and for my body to take a break from constant training.


What are your tips and strategies for vacations/car rides/lots of eating out and staying sane?  I know I sound like I have it all figured out now but I need some help for the times that I start going crazy again to bring me back to reality.

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You're not 100% totally crazy, glad you figured that out! Nice to see you ARE 100% totally human though! I must say you are quite the workout queen! Obviously you have a lot to show for it in both your appearance and your fitness level but good to keep it all in perspective!! I hope you have an awesome time both weekends! Your body is still working at rest and your mind will likely feel so refreshed and ready to go when you get back! OMG-I'm so glad we don't have Nordstrom's here or my kids would live on Ramen noodles….I travel all winter EVERY weekend for hockey. I had to shorten a 20 mile run I had planned in my Boston training to 7 miles one weekend because of time and I was positive it would cause me to run Boston in 5 hours. The neurosis…..ha!


I try to pack healthy snacks for the car trips to try and avoid the all too tempting car junk food! And, when on vacation – I try to WALK everywhere or fit in a short run at the start of the day :) It is amazing how a quick run in the morning can revive the senses whilst not going overboard :)


Have fun in Vegas! I definitely know what you mean though about not being able to exercise and eat right but the truth is, it may even help your training to do something different and take time off for a few days. When you come back you will be refreshed and ready to go! Enjoy your trip :)
Thanks for all your nice comments btw!


take this with a grain of salt; i'm the girl loving gas station food. i know, sick. so, not the most reliable don't-gain-weight-buddy…anyway, brian and i have been on the road quite a bit since we've been married, and i start to feel disgusting. i can't always control all the eating out and where we DO eat, but i park at the end of parking lots so i have to walk pretty far, always take stairs, and always split food with brian!


I always take a lot of snacks with us for traveling, and also stop at grocery stores instead of gas stations where you can get fresh fruit and veggies! Have fun!


Have a great vacation! Let the leg heal and enjoy the ride (yeah…hard to do, hard to do)
I Love the mini-bio on your hubby in the sidebar- I might have to steal your idea! ;)

Maybe it was your last post where you asked "why do i live in Utah?" I have but one thought: Altitude training. Wish I could borrow that when it's not snowing!!!


When I first started college I had a workout addiction as well. I would be at the gym for like two hours straight. It was ridiculous because I would then eat crap so I really wasn't that healthy. Once I healthified my eating I didn't feel the need to workout so long. I'll still find myself wanting to fall back into old habits but just like you, I have to remind myself of what's important. One thing that I do to stay on track while away from home is to take my Bob or Jillian workout videos and hand weights.


Oh I totally get this! Although I'm no where near as fit as you, before I moved to Japan and the UK 18 months ago, I was a gym junkie! I would even miss pre-drinks before going out, just so i could get another 20mins on the stepper. I wanted to burn the calories i'd be consuming by having a drink (or two). I even went to the gym on christmas day (it was a special santa spin class), while my family went out for breakfast. I've now calmed down a little since being away and not being able to get to the gym as readily. I have definitely put on a couple of kilos (nothing too catastrophic), but I am busting a gut to get back to my melbourne routine in the new year. Eeek! just realised how long this comment is – sorry. But just wanted to share with a like minded person. Hope you enjoyed every single minute of your well deserved break. Sal x


You sound just like me! I have always loved to work out, but recently I am loving it more and more. We are going on vacation this month for a week and I am already thinking that the lack of exercise will be a bummer.


i know this is a superold post, but i’ve been following your blog lately (it’s my treat every morning!) and i LOVE this post. your idea of a switch of perspective is really nice to hear. i used to be crazy about working out and now get guilty about taking a weekend off (used to be one day off… i’ve gotten more lenient!), but there are so much bigger, more fun and important things to do sometimes: family, studying, relaxing from a long week. cheers! <3

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