Carbs, cheese, veggies and sauce.  The cure to any craving.


The answer:


We used this recipe for the dough.  On my half I had red onion, tomatoes, zucchini, mozarella and pizza sauce.


And we split a carmel apple with Oreos for dessert… thanks Allison!


It is friday in 131 minutes (FYI I am a numbers freak) and we leave for Vegas in 20 hrs and 11 minutes.

What is your favorite carmel apple topping?

– Mine is carmel, white chocolate and cinnamon sugar.  Yum.


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Yes! My apple made the blog. I feel so proud and accomplished. Glad you enjoyed it! Keep blogging lil' missy. It's getting me through long, boring weeks of teaching. :)


Are you embarrassed for me that I want to comment on your every post. Feel free to block me at any time. I'm excited you're going to vegas, but i'll miss you on saturday! I demand a frozen yogurt date next week. We are setting a day, and NOT changing it for anyone or anything. Kapeesh?


Love your blog – I'm glad to meet a fellow teacher!! That apple (actually, the pizza too) looks delicious! I had a caramel apple last year (a gift from a student) that had white chocolate, sprinkles, and caramel, and I loved it! I'd have to say that's been my fave.


Mmm we love to make homemade pizza…seriously like once a week:)


My favorite is the same as yours!! Did we live together or something?…


Hello there. I just stumbled upon your blog, recently, and can’t stop tuning in. I love it! I’m reading from the beginning like this is season one of HRG. :) It’s keeping me occupied while I ice my various leg ailments and eat my holiday pretzel M&Ms.


probably remember Makena from our Fearless Girl post last week.a0 Since it was her guoiratdan week, I told her to bring her BFF along if she wanted and

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