Friday Favorites!

(Shirt, shorts)

I’m surprised my quadriceps allowed me to run yesterday due to the soreness that occurred from lifting for 30 minutes at the gym the day before. I think our bodies become so efficient at doing whatever we do most often (aka running for me) that the second we switch things up and do something new, we fall apart.  

9.4 miles @ 8:42 pace.

My niece came and hung out and helped me get BeReal.

There was some soccer…

Pizza for dinner…

IMG 6126

And oatmeal cookies (recipe on the box of oatmeal) for dessert.

IMG 6137

Night games have begun!

IMG 6138

Favorites times—> The excuse I use when I tell Andrew that all of the new packages on the doorstep are for ‘work.’

*I’m not going to pretend like I am great with skin products or the place to recommend skincare/makeup, etc. BUT when I asked Lauren how her skin was so glowy and glowing, she told me to try this sunscreen. I am sold. I will pay what I have to pay. It’s perfect for days you don’t want to wear any makeup but have a glow and sunscreen on while outside all day. My skin feels alive and so much brighter when I wear it.

*A spring outfit that isn’t new but I will forever love—> skims dupe top ($12) and these pants—pure comfort in both.  

IMG 5900

*Another favorite with the skims dupe are these cheap jeans.  I sized down one size, and they fit perfectly.   

IMG 5951

*Another favorite account for 5-ingredient or less Trader Joe’s meals.  She also does reels with five ingredients or less from other grocery stores, too, and everything I’ve tried from her is delicious.

IMG 5966

*Brooke told me that it was mandatory that I put these markers on a Friday favorites post.  We’ve already bought a bunch of them to give to her friends as gifts; that is how much she loves them.  We will get her a pair of white Nikes for her to make her specialized pair with these markers:). You can use them on basically anything!

IMG 6019 copy

*The lightest tank that lululemon has ever made in my opinion… you barely feel it on!  It is so airy!

IMG 5839


Do you have any favorite things to share today?

Who races this weekend?  Long run?

Have a sunscreen that you love?

Oatmeal cookies.. your thing or pass?

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Celebrating my MIL this weekend in Georgia. Heading down from NC shortly. She turns 100 on Saturday and is absolutely the best and has 89 people who have rsvp’d for her party! I am so lucky!!
I love DRMTLGY sunscreen/tinted moisturizer.
Oatmeal cookies, YES, BUT MUST HAVE RAISINS!


100! Oh, that is so exciting, Nancy! 89 people, that is incredible. I want to come. Oh their products are the best. I love an oatmeal raisin cookie too. Have the best weekend!


I love that brand of sunscreen but I use the tinted one! It’s now my go to “foundation” because it looks so natural and lasts all day. My favorite for today is it’s my cousins wedding day! Reading your blog as I brush my teeth before I head up for hair and makeup


It would make the perfect foundation, good call! Ahhhhh so exciting. Enjoy every second!


I don’t have Instagram, but that account with 5 ingredient recipes makes me want to get one. What a smart idea!

The sunscreen from TJs is supposed to be a super goop dupe. It’s very reasonably priced and goes on invisible!


Good for you to skip Instagram! I get sucked into it way too often. REALLY?! I’ll try that one out next, thanks Mariah and have a beautiful day.


Well you already know what I have been loving this week already so I won’t mention TP again-besides that reference.
I am so tempted to check out that sunscreen recommendation! And the clothing recommendations. I always want to buy everything you recommend because they are so accurate!
As for oatmeal cookies, my grandma made the BEST oatmeal raisin cookies. I don’t love making them because they never quite taste the same as hers. Maybe I should reboot them soon.
Have a great weekend!


You know I am loving each TP mention, never stop. These Friday posts can be dangerous, I’m sorry to rope you into the things I’m buying haha. I think you need her recipe and then send it to me. Thanks friend, you too!


I’m headed to TJs today, so excited to try a couple of the 5-ingredient meals!
Oatmeal cookies are the bomb with Heath bits baked in. Yum!


This makes me so happy… Let me know what you try! Adding the heath bits in next time, thank you. Have a great weekend, Corey.


Our son’s girlfriend just baked a batch of oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips! So good!
I’m going to Trader Joe’s today, to get ingredients for a few of the 5 ingredient dinners. So, so good and so easy!
Favorites this week…. My runs have felt really good. I’m part of Ali on the run best running friends Facebook group, and through that, scores 2 pairs of new running shoes that didn’t work out for someone else. One of the many reasons I love that community that Ali created.
Taking my hubby to the airport in a bit, so this weekend is all about getting the house cleaned!
Have a great Friday Janae


I love that she bakes for you! Enjoy the meals, they just make life too easy. Okay, that is so great! Ali. Is. The. Best. She has built the coolest community. Good luck this weekend and I hope your husband is off to something fun! Thanks, Wendy!


We had our favorite dessert last night – honey toast with haupia (coconut) ice cream!

Does a 5 hour flight count as a long run? We fly home from Hawaii tomorrow, hoping to squeeze in one more run before we go.

Oatmeal cookies must have butterscotch chips in them in our house.


Oatmeal cookies are THE BEST. Give them to me normal (with raisins in them), or oatmeal peanut butter cookies, or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Give them all to me please! They’re my favorite. Hands down.

I’ve been curious about that specific lululemon tank–my current favorite “lightest tank ever” from lulu (I think the train times? train to be? something like that–it used to come in a high/low hem–I have a zillion colors of those–and then in a normal tank top length that hits mid-hip–was discontinued and I need more SUPER LIGHT tanks…). If it gets your seal of approval I might go look for it. Atlanta summer will come SOON.

Some personal favorite things:

THIS super inexpensive, lightweight, soft and silky feeling jacket for the ‘in between’ days where I don’t want to wear a jacket when I go to yoga or to the trails for a walk but I need something more than short sleeves or a tank top:

THESE white athleisure sneakers that are pricey (I waited until I found a pair on sale at Nordstrom that was a lower price than the NSale price–often also found at an even lower price on Nordstrom Rack website). They’re a bit bougie for athleisure sneakers, but they are RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE even without breaking them in and I am happy I invested in a pair on sale:

The cocoa dusted almonds from Trader Joe’s for a snack

Stacy’s pita chips (multigrain) for guacamole or pimento cheese spread or caramelized onion dip:

THIS tank top from athleta that’s lightweight and is high enough in the neckline for me to feel comfortable (and not overheated) bent over a barbell at my gym when I teach BODYPUMP:

Any and all music by Novo Amor that I can listen to when I want something gorgeous, calming, relaxing, and otherwise touching:

Novels by Marie Benedict. I want to read this one next:

I hope you all have the best day! :)


I decided to make a huge change. I’ve become addicted to Amazon….then on Tuesday I stopped by a local bookstore that I wanted to check out forever….it’s not chain, local owned (one of the last) and a fantastic place. lots of local writers, and I’ve thought since..I always tell people to support local stores, locally owned…time for me to take my own advise. there are a few things that may only be Amazon, and yes it’s so easy to order on line….but, I’m commiting to stay away from amazon to see how that goes….do what I say I guess.
oh yeah, and a book, it’s called Run on Amy. about Runner Amy Alain, by her husband and herself about her battle with cancer, inoperable stage 3b lung cancer. I know her story, and have taken part in a fund rasing run every year in her name…and a lot of this is sad to read….but a fearce fight….and yes, it did make me think of Gabe Grunewald….but worth reading


I have to try that tank for the summer months! Also, I love oatmeal cookies, but I’m a BIG fan/believer that they should have raisins in them. I know I might be in the minority, but for me it just feels wrong without them (my sister is the opposite, hah). Favorite thing lately is the flavored sparkling water at sodalicious. I’m not a soda drinker, but I’m loving the sparkling water options!

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