That was an adventure… Morocco!

When we realized that Tangier, Morocco was just a drive and ferry ride away… We decided we had to go for it.

We booked with a company that planned the logistics for us and we are glad we did because it helped us fit everything we could into the day.

They picked us up at our hotel in the morning and drove us 2.5 hours from Sevilla to Tarifa, Spain.

One thing that has been so nice traveling around here is that it is easy to reserve carseats and boosters anytime we traveled by car.

We got on the ferry with three minutes to spare (that was stressful) and Andrew stood in line for the passport control right away. The ferry ride was about an hour away and then we were in line for another 45 minutes to get our passports checked and stamped before we were able to get off the boat.

They picked us up from the ferry and took us on a driving tour.

We saw Mosques, Synagogues, Cathedrals, the King’s home, palaces and stunning homes overlooking the ocean.

The languages (Moroccan Arabic and Berber are the main languages here), the signs, the smells, the buildings, the everything…. It was a new world for all of us. We couldn’t get enough!

We also took a walking tour.

One thing I loved seeing was the public/community oven during our walking tour. Each neighborhood shares one!

The kids were most excited about the wild cats ALL over the city (didn’t get a picture of one but they were everywhere).

Seeing where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet was one of my favorite parts.

They took us to ride camels along the beach… this was a first! My kids were in shock over this experience.

I think I took 500 pictures of the streets, markets, and areas dating back to 1095.

This alley ❤️:

Olives everywhere!

Hearing the Muslim Call to Prayer throughout the day was incredible. This happens five times a day and we all loved hearing it.

They showed us a few spots where the latest James Bond was filmed too!

Andrew, Brooke, and I adored the food… the flavor from the spices was unreal. The others dined on French fries;)

I could eat this over and over and over again.

I was almost convinced to have a rug shipped home;)

Overall, it was an amazing experience that none of us will forget (well, maybe Beck will;).

And back to Spain we go… I’m getting used to blogging from my phone in a car ha.

PS It was pretty incredible to me that we could see Spain and Portugal from Tangier!

I hope you have a beautiful day and thanks for following along!

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Thanks for sharing your trip with us Janae. Safe travels home.


This gave me goosebumps! What an incredible experience you’re having and providing for your kids. The family pictures make me so happy. You guys deserve this! Keep seeing and eating and trying EVERYTHIN! XO


What an amazing adventure for your family! As an Arab American- it warmed my heart to see you enjoying a culture, food, and people that are close to my heart <3


What an honor it was for us to experience a piece of your culture! It was all so beautiful!


Wow what a trip, how brave I think you are to do this with four young kids! Thanks for sharing so much!


What an incredible opportunity and privilege to see another culture and to give your children that experience. I am a big believer in traveling if you are able to, it’s such a wonderful learning tool. Your kids will always remember these things.
And congrats on the marathon! So awesome!!

Kristen : )


Wowowowow!!! What a gift this trip is for your children!! I firmly believe that it’s important to feel uncomfortable/out of place, to see how other people live. Not having english be the main language or even for Christianity to not be the main religion is such a life experience.
They will never ever forget the camels!!
Enjoy whatever time you have left over there!


Awesome! Is this all in Tangier? We are flying over from Seville for 2 nights. Was worried it wasn’t enough time but this looks like you guys did so much!


FUN! It was incredible and we definitely wish we had another day to explore so I think you guys will have an amazing time!


What a day! The narrow alleys remind me of Greece.

One question for you: Who ate the olives???


NOT ME hahaha but Andrew loved them! Have a great day, Kathy!


Trip of a lifetime!


You’re trip looks awesome! Wondering if when you get home, can you do a post on the logistics of everything from a kid perspective? Juggling the age range and the different needs (naps, meals, etc), how they did with the time change / all the stimulation / being that far away from home, the school situation (did they have to take any schoolwork with them?), what you packed! We have two small kiddos and just traveling short trips is a LOT. I can’t imagine traveling overseas for that long of a time. Just the snacks I’d have to pack! lolol. Anyway, would love a more behind the scenes look at what it was like from a kid / mom perspective. I’m sure there were meltdowns (from both kids and parents hahahaha) so wondering how you guys navigated everything.


ABSOLUTELY! Thank you for the questions! I know you could do it! I will write more about this on Monday. It’s gone so much smoother than I could have imagined! Have a beautiful rest of your day!


What an amazing adventure! Your kids are going to be travel pros! We travel with our kids frequently, they’re teenagers now, but the more you do it, the better you all get at it. So fun!


What a fun day! What tour company did you use?

What an awesome memory for your kids!


Hey Kelly! We went through this company and it was fabulous. Have a great rest of your day!


Congratulations on your marathon! Would you be able to post how you coordinated everything on your trip flights, hotels etc? It sounds like it has been a wonderful trip and a great experience for everyone!


This looks amazing!! So we would LOVE to travel more outside of summer/winter break with the kids, but them missing a lot of school is what scares us away from it. Could you go into how you dealt with/prepared for that for Knox and Brooke?


ELizabeth! I totally know what you mean! We were nervous about it too. Luckily, the kids teachers were so understanding and thrilled for them… they also said there was nothing more educational than travel. They gave us all of their homework before we left for them to do and most of it was online so it didn’t cause the teachers any added work. I think because of covid, a lot more is online for them to do which made it easy for everyone. I’m sure that if we were to do this in the next few years that things would be more complicated but this year it worked out great. I hope you are able to do it soon! Have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae,

Fellow runner mom here! I have been following your blog for 1.5 years! I am thrilled to see you visited and enjoyed my country of birth, Morocco. And I agree, the food and architecture are top. So is the weather!
Thank you for sharing photos from your trip as well as all the great daily posts I have been enjoying so far :)!!!


This made my day. I feel such a connection with you. Morocco was incredible. Please keep in touch and thank you for being my friend the last 1.5 years!


Absolutely! Thanks to your running and workout posts, I too have adopted a Wednesday/Sunday (instead of Saturday) as key workout days (instead of the Tuesday track/Thursday tempo/Weekend long) where I sneak in tempo during a long run. It has been terrific given busy schedule!

I love all your posts. Children progress. Recipes. Banter ;). SHOES!!!. Thank you for sharing your life with us :)!!!

Love from Texas 🤠!!!


So I immediately thought of The Alchemist when I saw Tangiers and Tarifa. And then I remembered that it was a post you made that prompted me to read that book in the first place! 😄 Morocco is now on my bucket list, too, and I love seeing it is doable with kids. I also have 4 kids, and our biggest trip yet was to Paris and Bordeaux one year ago. It would have been a different trip with just me and my husband, but I was so glad we went as a whole family. Thanks for helping me see even more possibilities!


I just started to follow you. My daughter, a runner as well is currently living in Tangier. We will be visiting her the 1st of April. You’re pictures have increased the excitement about this trip even more. Thanks for sharing.

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