My Marathon Goal Time + Tangents:

(pants, vest, shirt, shoes)

St. George brings out the runners in them. They were eagerly waiting for me to get home to join me for a mile.

12 miles @ 8:42

Andrew joined me for a bit on his bike too. I am positive that wearing super shoes for all of my runs are helping me to stay injury-free with this high of mileage and this many workouts. It is pricey but so is going into getting an injury fixed (<- How I justify it to Andrew;)

My brother and SIL took us out for the most amazing Mexican food. I’ll dream of this burrito.

Followed by swimming for a few hours.

Some of us were much too cold to swim but got in all of the talking.

Now for some tangents!

*The marathon is 4.5 weeks away and I’m feeling pretty good at that 6:28-6:40 pace on flat roads. I’m surprised about how much I have enjoyed training for a flat marathon. I wish I would have signed up for Chicago this year. I’ve been thinking about my race plan a lot lately and as of right now, I am thinking I want to hold a 6:50ish pace for the first half and then work down if I can or hold onto that 6:50 pace. I’m not sure how my body is going to do in warmer temps and with all of the traveling BUT I think this plan might work for me. The more I plan our trip, the more I realize that we will be go go go and on our feet so I want to be conservative with my race plans and enjoy the race as much as possible.

I do have a feeling I am going to be hooked on international marathons from here on out;)

*He forgets that he just broke is ankle not that long ago.

*Currently listening to for Book Club this month.

*Sun, I’ll see you again in a few weeks.

*These kids want a cat so so bad.

*This is just phenomenal! I can’t wait to see what she does in the marathon.


Have any tangents today??

Who ran Houston and how did it go?

What’s your goal for your next race?

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You can still run Chicago through a charity team! There are spots left at many charities although they expect to sell out by early spring


That is so true! Now you have me thinking… thanks, Jennifer!


I just read Before I Do by Sophie Cousins! It was good, a quick romance read. How is The Good Part?

We got our first snow in Baltimore- it looks pretty! Not excited to move my runs inside though, since the roads are turning icy now.


Ohhhh I’ll have to check that one out! So far it is good… waiting for some twists and turns though🤞. Happy snow day and I hope you have a great show for your indoor run, Mariah!


I live on the flat prairies of Canada, so all our marathons are flat. When I used to be a runner, we would train hills on the one small man made hill that we have in our city even though the race would be flat. Training to run hills made us faster on the flat. Don’t you find that?


Hey Corry! For sure, the hills make us so much stronger for flat races… I just meant we used to do a lot of speed-work downhill for St George and I’m really enjoying the change of training on more speed on flat roads. I wish I could get on the trails more for this training block.. I think that would really help me with all of those hills! Have the best day and thanks for sharing!


Spain! The only way I could be more excited for that trip is if I were going as well. ha
I need to figure out my goal spring half marathon still. Fall plans are nearly locked in.
Come run Chicago! I will come cheer you on at no less than 4 spots on course. It’s a fun course to chase runners (hint hint Andrew, hehe). Also, Chicago’s food scene is top notch. Chicago 2025!


Molly, you know you want to come hop on a 14 hour flight and sit next to Beck, right? Ohhhhhhh what are your fall plans?! I am for sure going to have to come do it 2025… I can’t miss it. Hope your day is a beautiful one!


So excited for all of you for your trip and marathon. It’s going to be amazing.
Our team for the Ragnar had to back out of doing it (several injuries and some major health issues), so now I am looking for something else to do. Maybe the OC half in May…. I’ll have to think about that.
Have a good Tuesday (although these Tuesdays always feel like a Monday, ha).


Thank you! Oh bummer, Wendy. I’m sorry that Ragnar isn’t going to work out. You love the OC half, do it. Hahah I keep thinking it is Monday too. My kids don’t have school so it really is throwing me off!


I’m so excited for you to go to Spain and for the marathon!! My friend lives in England and they go to Spain for weekend trips all the time…she says it is incredible!
Do you have a link to your sweatsuit? I’m going on a trip soon too…to Florida..and need a comfy sweatsuit for the plane:)
We have more snow coming tonight..can’t wait for warmer weather!


I love to hear it! Yes yes yes and I’m so excited you are going to Florida soon. WE NEED SUNSHINE.

I’ll be wearing mine on the plane too. Stay warm!


Ok, I’m not trying to be that person, just genuinely curious – I have heard of people getting injured from wearing only super shoes for training (they ended up getting a stress fracture), just because of how you don’t use certain muscles in the foot when you (not actually you, just people in general) wear them. I’m not trying to be a nay-sayer in anyway, I’m just wondering your thoughts on it because I too like to find one shoe that works for me and kind of stick with it. But I know you have been trying a lot of different shoes, and I think that’s healthy for our feet muscles too? It’s definitely a science that is hard to figure out (at least for my feet!). Thanks, Janae! So stoked for your upcoming marathon!! Ahhh!


There have been studies showing some bone stress injuries from overuse of CFP super shoes. Just google “Bone Stress Injuries in Runners Using Carbon Fiber Plate Footwear” and find a link to the pdf.

As most things, It will vary case by case and depend on how often they are used and what your overall shoe rotation looks like. I am no doctor but I believe variation is the key.


SO interesting. Thank you so much! I’m going to go find the pdf! Have a wonderful day, John!


I LOVE these types of thoughts. That is super interesting! I wonder if it is because the Adidas differs with their carbon technology vs nike so it is still like I’m switching things around?! I probably wear 3 different types of shoes a week so maybe that helps? I can definitely see how wearing only carbon plated could cause some problems. I’m hoping it doesn’t for me haha. I just think the extra cushioning in the adidas in absorbing a lot of the pounding for me and helping me to recover quicker?! It’s all so interesting. Have the best day, Tess and thank you so much!


Chattanooga got snow………which rarely happens! around 4 inches yesterday and currently it’s 20……..everything is solid ice. I walked to work very slowly (have to cross a bridge) and spent the morning with the penguins………..where it is 25 degrees warmer than outside, ha!

Bummed because today should be my long run, but I had to take yesterday and today off because of the ice. I hope it all melts by friday so I can run again! I have a half in early March and I hope to PR!


Okay, that is crazy that you guys got snow! Love that you got out with the penguins in some warmth;). Crossing my fingers the ice melts for you asap!


I ran Houston! Good crowd support, great volunteers, good course! Didn’t love the finishers chute though, as it combined the half with the full & they corral all finishers into the convention center, but in doing so it created a bottle neck from right after the finish line, to the convention center doors,
taking about 10 minutes to shuffle a distance of about .10 of a mile. But other than that- fantastic! Highly recommend!
Next up for me is Tokyo in 49 days & I’ll be collecting my wmm medal at that one! Can hardly wait!
And I totally agree with you- once you’ve run an international marathon, you’ll never want to stop!


Congratulations! Kimmy, that is amazing! And just 49 days… I’m going to need to see your wmm medal! Ugggg that must have been so frustrating for everyone at Houston!


am i the only one that hates the notion that we now need 2 pairs of shoes, one for training, and one preferably carbon fibre for racing….we used to always do that, but it was almost the other way around, training shoes, and then racing flats that were almost like running barefott, and those racing flats were always les expensive…now because of durabily, that racing shoe is an awful lot of monet…..I sell the things, so you’d think I’d be less judgmental, but in Canadian dollats that $600 possibly every four months?…….

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