Is it okay to be happy if you aren’t getting faster? + catch-up.

(tank, shorts, shoes)

I wore my speed shoes to play it by ear with how I was feeling but decided to skip a Wednesday speed workout and keep it easy. 

I had to stop taking allergy medications because I’ll be tested today at my appointment, and my face felt awful (it started swelling up a bit again!) yesterday, and I had no desire to push the pace but running this pace felt great.

And for a random tangent, I’ve been thinking a lot about–> Pep talk time (for myself and anyone else that might need it:)

Last year, I was addicted to the progression of my training and racing.  With basically every race I ran, I hit a faster and faster course time compared to previous years.  It was enjoyable to see the numbers drop, but it isn’t possible to always get faster…

This year between Boston and the recent half I ran, I have run slower than I did last year.   My workout paces lately have been slower than last year too.  But I’m still really happy and proud of them.  I thought about this the other night–>  If I knew I would never run another PR again, would I still train and race?!  My answer is absolutely yes.  I know I still have many PRs in me, but I also know that those don’t always happen, and that isn’t why I do this.  It’s okay to have seasons where you slide backward in speed and endurance.  It’s okay to race and try hard when you aren’t as fit as you’ve been in the past.  Not every season is going to be our fastest, and we aren’t always going to feel our most motivated. 

If you enjoy seeing what you can get out of yourself for the day, keep getting out there.  If racing brings you joy, go for it regardless of your current fitness.  Training is not linear, so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t always getting faster.  Running does so much more for us than just PRs… My brain needs it more than anything.  The challenge changes us, and that’s what I’m here for.

Now let us catch up with life!

I took Beck to the dinosaur museum; his facial expressions were the best.

Nobody loves acai bowls more than Brooke, so we went for those… Skye shared a big one with me.

Tracy told me about Hello Beautiful, so I’m currently devouring this:

We take Spot It maybe a little too seriously.

We hadn’t had anyone over to work on the house for a few weeks, so I was overjoyed when the tile guys showed up yesterday. Hoping things will be done in another month or two.
Our new window seats are finished too… let’s hope that they are right about this material being super easy to clean because something will be spilled on this any minute, I am guessing.
We read plenty of Nancy Clancy together.

And some time outside with our chickens:

Is anyone else dealing with seasonal allergies right now?  What helps you?

Catch me up with something new in your life!

How would you describe your current running season?

Have you done a speed workout this week, I’ll live through yours!  Tell me what it was!

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I needed to read this this morning! After dropping out of my marathon in January because of an injury and then dropping my coach a couple months ago because I’m now a single mom and need to be better at budgeting 😅, I’ve been kind of in a gray area running. I basically just run easy unless I feel inspired to do a workout. I’m not sure what the next race I’ll train for is, but I’m definitely slower than I have been in a while. It messes with my head sometimes but I do think the comeback is better if you have a rest period that aligns with your season of life. It all became too stressful trying to train, adjust to my new life, move (!!) etc etc!
And my seasonal allergies are awful this year. 🙄💕💕


Hey Mollie. Thank you for sharing with us and you are not alone. I remember becoming a single mom and going right into that gray area of running too. I just needed it mentally (crying and running at the same time is so therapeutic). My best races came after a resting period, you are so right about that. I’m always here if you need to talk. Your kiddos are so lucky to have you.


Beck’s dinosaur shirt is so cute!
Yesterday I did my tempo workout. I was to hold 7:40 pace for 5 miles but my body only wanted to hit 7:50 pace. I remained calm about my body not being able to stick to a 7:40 pace.
I have heard great things about Hello Beautiful. I just finished The Perfect Marriage yesterday. My book reading will be coming to a halt once Tour de France starts. Must get in a few more reads before then!
Your house is looking amazing! Can’t wait to see more of it.


Molly! Way to go on your tempo work mentally and physically. I’m sure that the heat made it harder but you stayed calm and that is awesome. What did you think of The Perfect Marriage??


SO glad you wrote about this!!! I trained REALLY hard for my goal half which was at the end of April. I had a great race and felt super proud of my efforts and outcome. After that, my motivation to train went out the window. I’m still running and enjoying the distance but I have not wanted to go near speed workouts (and when I did try a speed workout, it was terrible lol). I have Chicago in the fall and I don’t know what my training/goals will look like for that and I’m kind of okay with that!

Some life updates: 1.) Laid off from job and trying to decide what’s next for me 2.) Just got back from my honeymoon and now want to move to Switzerland because it is the most stunning place in the world 3.) Finally got my website put together and getting my coaching business off the ground!!

Have the BEST day, Janae!! So happy you’re doing better after the allergic reaction scare!!


Your honeymoon looked incredible. I am so happy for you two! So excited about your coaching business! I’m so happy you are okay with where you are, that’s the best place to be. Hope your day is a great one, Arthi and thank you so much!


Ugh, I hope your allergies get better! We got my oldest a pillow and mattress cover since she is allergic to dust mites–we haven’t seen a huge difference, but some people do!

I start a new job next week! I resigned from my FT preschool gig at the end of the school year. I intended to teach Child and Family education and sub this fall, but I got recruited by an insurance agency. I told them I have no desire to sell insurance, but they need someone to help with admin/claims submission, so I took that job. It sounds like it will be very flexible hours and hybrid so I can still be around home for my kids. Crossing my fingers it is not too good to be true!

Well considering I am nursing an angry thigh from running too soon after my half marathon, I am in the rest and recovery stage of running;-). There are several stressful things going on in my life (new job, going through a somewhat unexpected divorce) that I have to process so this summer is going to be a lot of easy running and walking. After my PR, I know I have some more PR’s in me, but right now is not the right time to push.

I love how Brooke can hold your chickens! The breed we have is quite that friendly. Get some ducks! We got 2 in May and they are hilarious together.

Have a fabulous Thursday, Janae!


Becky. I had no idea you got divorced. I want to give you the biggest hug right now. I am so so sorry. I hope you know I am always here if you need to talk. I hope your new job goes really well and that you are able to find something that helps your daughter with her allergies. Thinking about you in this season of your life. A good cry during a run/walk is so healing.


Such a good reminder this morning! My running has been all about staying for, and for fun. And I have really enjoyed it. Who knows if I will PR again? But that’s ok.
My hubby and I have committed to being part of a Ragnar team next spring, so looking forward to that! They are so much fun. And my running friend is doing the Sedona half marathon at the beginning of February, and I am thinking of joining her. So “races” are coming back into my life, and it’s exciting.
I think I said this the other day, but man allergies have been bad this season! I woke up again this morning with itchy watery eyes… Uugg. Hope your visit with the doctor goes well.
Have a great day Janae


THAT’S OK:). I love it. Running does so much more for us than PRs. SO excited that you and your husband are doing Ragnar. Which one?! And Sedona half, that is so exciting. I hope your eyes are doing better as the day moves forward. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I was out for an early morning run yesterday and about halfway into it a bee flew up my sleeve and stung my arm. It was actually my first bee sting ever! I pulled the stinger out and finished the last 4 miles with a throbbing arm but I was fine. I did ending up having an allergic reaction a few hours later though. No anaphylaxis, but just dizzy, headache, stomach ache and super tired. I had to wait until after my last client at 6:30 to take Benadryl ☹️ My arm is still swollen today and it hurts but everything else feels better! Nothing at all compared to what you went through! That looked so scary!

I registered for St. George this year!!! I’m so excited! This race has been on my marathon list for years but I’ve been always had a fall major to run. I won’t lie, I’m worried about the potential heat, but I’m planning to do some serious heat training this summer. Wish me luck!

Thank you for this pep talk! I actually am pretty certain that St. George will not be a PR based on several factors, but I think I am ok with it. I’m sure I will try my hardest, but I have to continue the positive self-talk 😊

Your house is looking beautiful! I hope you get settled in soon so you can enjoy it!

Have a great day, Janae!


WHAT?! Annemarie! I am so sorry. You are hardcore to finish up your run but I am so sorry your reaction later on! I am thrilled about your running St. George! Sooo you are in luck this year because it is a bit later on in the month, for some reason there is a big difference between 10/1 and 10/7 in St. George temperatures. I have a really good feeling about this for you. Continue that positive self-talk, we race for so many reasons more than PRs. Thank you, friend!


Just went to the ENT and got allergy testing this week! Currently on Zyrtec & Flonase. ENT also told me to use nasal irrigation (neti pot).


So glad you got in and they were able to help you! I hope you are feeling better and better. Thanks Michelle!


Absolutely love your backsplash! We just got some new appliances (For the first time! So adult!) and I think it might be the gateway to getting my husband on board with a backsplash too. So cute.

Love your thoughts on different seasons. I love getting faster and it’s so motivating – especially for someone like me who found running later in life – but I think I really just want to continue to have running feel GOOD, ya know? There’s nothing better than completing a hard-ish run and feeling like I did it better than before and I can feel the progress. I guess whether that means I’m faster or even if it means my body is adapting and is stronger, there are so many benefits (mental too, you’re right). Thanks, Janae!


YAY for new appliances and I tell your husband the backsplash was the quickest fix we’ve had. It was done in a few hours! Running to feel GOOD. I love that. Yes and yes. It’s all so worth it for the 15 hours after the run:). Love this, thanks Tess!


Les and I both got sick from the pollen in Scotland – totally worth it to be able to ride to the Loch Ness! Unfortunately his turned into a bronchial infection after we got home. He’s finally finished with his antibiotics and starting to feel better. Claritin or Allegra are usually all I need.

We are about to change gears for our workouts. Les and his brother have plans to do the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in a day. It’s about 25 miles so we’re going to start a plan pretty soon with lots of focus on steep trails and endurance. A part of me wants to sign up for a marathon a few weeks after that just to see how I would do, but the sane part of me is shaking her head no ;)


OH NO! What a bummer, I am glad Les is starting to feel better though. I bet your trip was incredible. I am so excited for your rim to rim challenge. Keep me updated with it all!


Hi Janae,
I have never had an allergic reaction to anything but two weeks ago the skin on my knee had a bad allergic reaction to a pain relief gel (I’ve used the exact one loads of times before and nothing ever happened). My skin started swelling really badly and it was itchy and it hurt so bad! I had to take antihistamins because the doctor suspected my body was triggered from the pollen in the air and the gel kicked my immune system over the edge… It was weird and scary because the swelling got bigger for four days before it went back down.
My usual mantra is “my body knows best what it’s doing and most things it does are only for my best”. I don’t know what went wrong this time…
and my current running season is… non existent. I am cycling four times a week because the weather is amazing and I get to see so much more on my bike than running in the park… But my running will be there for me when it gets colder so I am not worried :)


That is so strange, Moni! I bet that was so scary and I really hope nothing like that happens again. Keep enjoying the cycling, I just got off my bike and it was such a hard workout. Hope your morning is off to a great start!


I was gone for two weeks, so I had two weeks of your blog to catch up on and you had so many book recommendations, which I loved! Please keep telling us about good books, I always love the suggestions!


These days I can barely break a 10 minute mile, but I’m okay with that. I’ve been running for over 40 years and while I can’t do the distances and paces that I could 20 years ago, I’m proud of the fact that I’m still out there doing it.


I just finished Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld and I loved it.

Re PRs: just like when you reset your watch after races, technically every year you are thankfully a year older and it means an automatic PR for 28, or 39, or 100 year old you. :-)


I started working with our crew at events…setting up the start/finish line gantry, barriers, timing mats and clocks…it’s a bit of work, but just like volunteering at as many events as I can is pretty fun, and can be inspiring….last night I was the sweeper, thought tha meant I’d be behind the slower runners and walkers, picking up mileage markers….nope, the run was about racin the sunset/summer solstice…I was running behind those that planned to run the 5K in under 15 minutes…what!?….I tried, but yep, I guess it was fun

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