Well, that was humbling.

We haven’t done this trail (or any trails) in months! We used to do this particular one multiple times a week without taking breaks or thinking much about it… but yesterday, it felt insanely hard.

Eight miles @ 9:48 average with 1,100ft of climbing.

For Boston 2022, I was able to be on this trail so much throughout the winter training, and this year there was just too much snow. It all makes sense now why the hills at Boston felt 10x bigger this year than they did in 2022. I need this trail for Boston prep.

There were plenty of stops along the way to catch our breath. Jo and I are determined to be on trails as much as possible this summer to get strong on them again.

I lost more battles than I cared to admit yesterday.

I spent about two hours trying to clean up all of the dust everywhere.

Luckily, this book had me entertained while I was cleaning.

Skye and I had stalked up on our favorite popsicles to eat while we colored.

Soccer games…

A friend gave us this for dinner. It made everyone’s night.

Try these frozen and get back to me on how they changed your life.

Happy Maycember! I’m drowning in the kid’s schedules right now.

What is usually the busiest time of year for you? Those of you with trails close by, how often are you able to get on them? Ever gotten on a small plane?  -Andrew said I would have died with how bouncy it was.Best popsicle in your opinion?

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I just finished that book! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series now (after I finish my current book, which is heavy, book 2 is the series is going to be much-needed!).


Oh this is so good to hear! Now I am excited for the rest of the series. What is the current heavy book you are reading? Have a beautiful day, Katie!


The floors have been revealed! They look good! And yikes-all that dust.
Are the trails super muddy given all the snow? Maybe that’s what made it hard 😉
Try to enjoy this busy crazy time!


Thank you! So excited to get all of the dust out of here. Strangely, they weren’t muddy in the slightest! The ones we were on are hit with the sun for most of the day so maybe that is why? Thanks Molly and I hope your day is off to a great start!


I’m able to get on some trails a couple times a week! Have you considered adding any mountain biking into your cross training? I recall you said sometime ago that you preferred indoor cycling, but it really is excellent cross training with a heavy dose of nature and fun (and it’s a great date for my husband and me). I like it so much more than hiking these days!


Yesssss and Andrew wants me to so bad. The only problem is the last time I went with him, I went OVER my handle bars. It hurt so bad so now I am freaked out to try again. Maybe I should try some easier trails? You are inspiring me to try again. Hope your day is a great one, Liz!


Yes, definitely some easier trails – they build up your confidence and your bike-handling skills. I also recommend knee pads and elbow pads (in addition to a well-fitting helmet, of course). The very first day my husband tried knee pads, he went over the bars and totally saved his knees from the worst gravel road rash ever. Unfortunately the elbow pads hadn’t shipped in time and the scrapes were enormous…

I think you could have a great time getting out there again – always hard after a fall but SO worth it. There’s nothing more satisfying than a tough ascent followed by a fun descent. If you need more convincing, I loved this video showing young women simply having fun on mountain bikes :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3e19CzlIcY

Have a great day too!!


Yay for clear trails! And I also have the same question as Molly… Aren’t the trails super muddy?
We have a few trails near us that I absolutely love. And then a few more about 40 minutes away that are seriously hard! I haven’t done those ones in a while. I might hit up one of the canyons this morning. Thanks for the motivation.
Oh yay, your floors are done. But cleaning up construction dust is so hard. When do you get to move everything back in?
Oh ya, May and September were always super crazy busy for us when the boys were younger. I felt like getting through each day/week was a huge accomplishment, ha ha
Keep enjoying your wonderful weather!!


Surprisingly, they weren’t muddy at all! I’m sure if we went higher up they would still be muddy or snowy ha. I am so glad you have trails close by, it feels amazing to get out on the dirt. I think next week we will get our couch and bed in! Yes, September is always crazy too. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! We are lucky enough to have trails near us! But like others said they can be aittle muddy. Also one of my friends tripped on a tree root and got a concussion and stitches in her face and that’s made me scared while trail running. I hold myself back but I guess that works different muscles.
I like those ice cream things at Costco that are filled in the fruit shell! I forgot what they are called.
Happy Wednesday! It’s only Wednesday?? I’ll check out that book you mentioned I could use a light read.


I hope you get some non-muddy trail days soon! Oh my gosh, that is terrifying. I am so sorry that happened to her. Yep, we love those Costco bowls too. It does feel like Friday, doesn’t it?!?! Enjoy your day, Amy!


What color paint did you choose for your renovation?? It looks great! :)


Hi Janae! You are such an inspiration as a busy running momma! I hope that you are recovering well with your hamstring issue. Did your PT recommend isometric holds during your week off? Dealing with a wretched hamstring tendon issue and I’m hoping to regain strength for full marathon training. Your blog inspired me to push through!


oh my, did Andrew have to go in a small plane for his job? The bounciest flight I have been on was in New Zealand flying from Wellington across the water to Blenheim. It was a hopper plane and the wind was awful-apparently we were the last flight of the day and it was super scary.

There are three trail options within a mile from where I live (2 are actually in my neighborhood). I love it. They aren’t treacherous or at elevation, but one set of trails is in a very hilly set of woods. Your trails look amazing with the view!

May-cember…..that’s the best. May is super busy with spring sports, winding down school, everything just *feels* super busy.

Is it a Utah thing or Mormon thing to have neighbors drop off food-I feel like you mention this a lot and it is absolutely fantastic to see! It is so great to read when neighbors deliver bread, or a dinner, or cookies. I love it!


Okay so speaking of bouncy have you been to the new indoor bounce in Orem? I can not wait to take my kids!! Creamies (& cookies/donuts & all things soda mixes) are definitely a Utah thing and my kids LOVE! They would live at Granny’s & Dairy Keen if they could & if you haven’t been they are must visits in Heber!


Small planes: I took a day trip on an 8 seat plane. Dramamine was not enough. Dry heaved on the first landing, needed the barf bag for the return trip. :(

Luckily the trip to Dry Tortugas National Park was worth it. :)

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