Tuesday Tangents!

(shorts, bra, shoes, tank)

8.27 miles @ 8:17, and I officially like running again;). That first week after Boston, I was questioning if I would ever get back into running again… and I was brainstorming new hobbies to blog about.  But, sometimes, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and my body and brain needed some time to find my love for it again.

My breathing was pretty heavy, but my body felt great.

Andrew was on call for the day, so he took Beck to watch airplanes take off and land while I got some work done at home.

But then he did get called in, but we could grab a rice bowl first.

Feels like it was just yesterday we were running in snow and now we are running in 80° weather.

Finished off the day with soccer, of course.

Let’s jump into tangents that I need to tell you…

*My kids love eating Ramen straight from the bag.  I do not understand.

*It’s allergy time, and I just needed to remind myself about this and anyone else thinking about taking Zyrtec to help with allergies…

This is from last summer:

Screen Shot 2023 04 28 at 8 46 17 AM

*I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat it, I thrive with spring/summer parenting.  The winter is so hard, and I feel like I’m cleaning up messes all day long, and everyone is grumpier.  But when it is warm enough, we are all outside all day, living our best life.

*An inside-out Reese’s cookie from Dirty Dough.  It is so rich that we could handle only a few bites, but it was delicious.

*My Garmin tan line is already pretty aggressive.

*I have another PT appointment tomorrow.  I am determined to get my glutes doing their job on the run.

*Running is one of the best ways to learn about delayed gratification…  We can work so hard toward our running goals, and there is no quick way to get there.  Sometimes that reward takes weeks, months, or years, but we keep doing the hard thing until we get there.  So much blood, sweat, and tears to get to the prize.

The Bakline’s McKirdy Marathon looks pretty amazing…

Share a tangent with me!

Last type of cookie that you had?! 

Does your area have a million cookie shops like ours does?

Does anyone else have a job where you are sometimes put on call?

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Ramen: my daughter (now 16) went through that phase of eating dry ramen too…so weird. And it is awful to listen to them eat it!

Last cookie: some really dry and not good sugar cookies from Publix. Boo.

On Call: yes – but not medical. I do communications/media relations for a state agency wildlife department. So, if we have a situation where wildlife is creating a lot of media attention (especially in urban/metro areas), I am on call to respond to those media requests for info. (Example: black bears wandering into metro areas). We rotate that on-call duty monthly so I have it about 3 months/year.


Oh my goodness, the sound hahah. It killed me. I’m glad your daughter grew out of that phase ha. WOW…. your job sounds so interesting. Where do you live? Really hoping that the black bears stay out of those areas for a while. Have a beautiful day, Melissa!


I’m a criminal defense attorney and am not on call in a formal sense like a medical professional, but I do have situations where I need to drop what I’m doing and help a client who is arrested or even just contacted by law enforcement about an issue. Often how you respond initially can impact the outcome of the case. So that can be stressful especially since I have my own practice and two little kids that I need to arrange childcare for if something happens after hours.

Glad to see you are enjoying being back to running! I am running the Pittsburgh marathon on Sunday and leaving for a family vacation on Tuesday for the rest of the week, so I’m looking forward to taking some time off then. I am even considering not even bringing any running gear at all! That seems so crazy to me, but if I’m actually going to focus on recovery and take the time off I should save room in my suitcase, right?


Jenny, can I come to work with you for a day?! That all sounds so interesting but also SO stressful. Wish I lived close to help with childcare whenever you needed. GOOD LUCK this weekend. I have heard amazing things about that marathon. Please let me know how it goes and you planned your family vacation perfectly. DON’T BRING IT!! Give your body the rest, and. now you’ll have extra room in your suitcase to buy fun things to bring home. Happy tapering!


You’re now having warmer weather than us! Ha ha. Enjoy it. It seemed like winter was so cold, snowy, and never ending.
We actually don’t have a lot of cookie shops out here. Crumbl is really the only one. We do have a couple of bakeries that have amazing cupcakes though. But, when we returned the dog we were watching back to my sis-in-law’s, she had picked up some sugar cookies from a place in Mammoth that were really yummy! And they weren’t frosted, which I really liked.
I love any kind of rice bowls, your lunch ones look delicious! Maybe that’s what I’ll make for dinner.
Have a good day Janae


Hahaha Utah is just all over the place! I miss the good cupcake shops that we used to have here. Did you decide if you are going to get a dog?! Enjoy those rice bowls!


We are seriously lacking in cookie shops around where I live. Only one crumbl and it’s all the way across town in the busiest shopping center, so I never go :(

Can you find out what hot pink shorts your friend is wearing in your second picture :) I need them, thanks!

Have a great day!


Come here and you will have one on every block ha. YES, I just asked her. I am guessing lulu but we shall see:). Thanks and you too!


Hi Janae! We don’t have kids but we did get a cat last year! With the warmer weather she always wants to be outside so we take her out (she will walk a little and then usually hang out with me while I read a book). I usually keep her on a leash but I’ve been letting her off leash a few times so she can roll around on the ground. Anyways we were doing that this weekend and then a huge squirrel came and started shaking its tail at her and then ran away! And then my cat chased it across the street into a neighbor’s front yard and I had to go get her back before she got any further.
Happy Tuesday!!


I love that your cat hangs out with you while you read.. that sounds dreamy! Hahah that squirrel is a tease! Thanks Amy, you too!


Crushed a pb girl scout cookie on top of some cereal last night. Delish.


Erica, you seriously always have the best ideas and food combos. PS I had a Diet Mountain Dew Summer Crush yesterday and it was incredible.


I’m a mid 30s runner and mom to a toddler and I have found it increasingly more difficult to keep my body running in optimal condition! I am very interested in following along how your new PT goes as you add it in to your weekly training. Could you create a regular series on this as you move into the next marathon cycle?


Absolutely! I feel you on this so much… I’ll try and record the key parts tomorrow. Thanks for the idea! Hope you are doing well and your little one has a great day, Ali!


Your kids might like this salad if they like uncooked ramen!

4 cups shredded green cabbage
2 cups shredded red cabbage
1 cup shredded carrots
2 packages ramen noodles noodles broken into chunks
2 ramen noodles seasoning packets
1/2 cup sliced green onions
1/2 cup toasted slivered almonds
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/3 cup rice vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
• Place the cabbages, carrots, ramen noodles, green onions and almonds in a large bowl.
• In a small bowl, whisk together the vegetable oil, rice vinegar, sugar and ramen noodle seasoning packets.
• Pour the dressing over the cabbage mixture and toss to coat evenly.
• Cover and store in the fridge to marinate for 30 minutes up to 8 hours before serving.


Ummm I will be making this. Thank you, Janelle!


Hey Janae. What size do you get in the Amazon t shirts you love?


Hey Jane! I have XS and S… and I love both so much but wear the small the most! You are going to love them.


I’m jealous of all your cookie shops! I love a good cookie but sadly, they are far from popular in Germany where I live. McCafe is reliable for a chocolate chip cookie but they are only okay. Can’t complain because there’s a zillion other delicious things but I still miss a good, solid cookie as a treat while running errands.

That marathon sounds totally interesting. It’s almost like a prelim race!

I used to be on call for a birth center. At the hospital I worked at we were sometimes on call if staffing was abundant and we weren’t needed at the time of our shift start.

My mom used to make a dry ramen noodle salad when we were growing up. I seem to remember LOVING it!


I need to know which hobbies you were going to change this blog to be about :-)


Just wanted to say that you look fantastic in that red singlet. It’s such a good color on you…
Happy to see you hitting the trails again. One day I wish to live near trails…
Have a great week!

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