Silentish Saturday!

(tank ((similar)), shoes, shorts, socks)

8 miles @ 8:42 average trying to keep up with Andrew.

I’ve never seen this much water here… the snow is melting fast.

Our favorite type of date.

My PT exercises.

Andrew swaddled us together.

Finished organizing the pantry! Let’s see how long it stays like this.

Simple lunches are my favorite lunches.

Brooke had a rough uno game.

Soccer practice in the rain.

He insists on bringing his pretzels container everywhere.

Tacos with friends.


Tell me three things you have going on today?!

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Pantry goals! Is there a container full of Maurten gels??
Your trails always look so beautiful! These could def be a shot in runners world magazine. Wait. Do they still print that?
3 fun things today: read, run, library!


There sure is a container just for maurtens hahah and half a shelf for liquid iv! Come run these trails with me and that’s a good question… I don’t think they print those anymore🤷🏻‍♀️ Happy weekend and your sourdough on IG looks incredible!


They still print Runner’s World. I’m old school and still have a subscription. Have a good weekend!


Your pantry looks so good. I’m a little jealous. But yay for it being done!
After a few more days of rain, we have sun again! So today is all about yardwork. Those darn weeds, ha ha
Have a great weekend Janae


I love that you and Andrew date like we do! We heard a speaker at a marriage retreat say, “The family that plays together, stays together.” I couldn’t agree more. We are renting bikes in three different places in Europe on our upcoming trip. I told Les we need to find a couple of running routes ;)

Three things:
Bike ride
Sunshine! It’s one of the first sunny Saturdays we’ve had this year, I just want to soak it all in.


Hi Janae! That date looks so fun!! My husband and I have a running date for this weekend too!
I have work and a birthday party tomorrow! Making bacon wrapped dates for the first time I hope they turn out well!
I’m still in awe of your pantry. Can’t wait to see the finished Reno!
Happy weekend!!


Hi Janae,
I am carbloading for my race tomorrow (AAAHHH I am so nervous!) I am running the wings for life run and I am aiming for something between 25 and 27k… Let’s see how that goes. I will also make a running playlist for tomorrow, my mental game is not strong so far…
Have a geat day


MONI! I am so happy for you! I hope your race went amazing and that your mental game rose to the occasion and your playlist helped. I want to hear all about it!


I did it! I finished the Indy Mini! And it’s a PR when you’ve never run that far before. Finished in 2:35 and just had the best time all morning.


VAL! AHHHH congratulations. I am SO proud of you and that race is truly amazing, I want to go do it again. So happy for you and I hope you are still on that PR high!


Is it hard running while Andrew bikes?
My partner doesn’t run, but he bikes, but I’m not sure I could pace myself well with the temptation to keep up which might kill me mid run.
Suggestions? Advice?


Hey Kristin! Try it out together, it really is our favorite date together. Andrew definitely has to slow down for me at parts and we aren’t always right by each other but it is so fun. It might take a few runs to get the hang of it but nothing is better than being outside and moving together. Let me know how it goes!


The activities are very useful, I really like the feeling of being conquered and discovering new things with my family.

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