Friday Favorites!

(bra, tank, shorts, shoes)

I slept through three alarm clocks. The alarm clocks didn’t wake Andrew either, but luckily, he didn’t have to go to work yesterday. When my eyes opened, I realized it was way too light outside, and I got dressed in a few minutes and was off to find Lauren. She had her phone with her, so it was easy to find her and finally catch up on life after a few weeks of not running together.

I couldn’t find my watch, so I used Andrew’s Garmin and set a new record on his:). 9 miles @ 8:20.

I love running more when I don’t have to watch for ice the whole time and when I can be in the sunlight.

I did some yoga (Ross on Peloton is my go-to), and then it was the usual kid day.
They joined us for Target, and do not let those smiles fool you😂
I don’t know what we would do if we lived far away from a Great Harvest.

We ran.

And loved having Andrew home for the day!


Let’s chat about some of my favorites this week!

*JURY DUTY! Andrew and I loved this so much and laughed SO hard throughout it all… I’m not sure how they legally did this (it felt kind of like the Truman Show in real life), but we have told everyone we know to watch it.

*The ultimate running bra. Pure brilliance. This bra has POCKETS for your gels and bungee in the back to stash your tank if you take it off during your run and need somewhere to put it. The support is great, you don’t even feel the gels in there, and I haven’t experienced any rubbing in it… I can’t recommend it enough. There are more color options here. And they don’t have the Boston logo on them… I just bought mine at the expo. I’m sure I could easily put four gels in this bra.
Taking a picture of my back is hard.

*Speaking of sports bras, I love this hanger for my favorite ones! I bought another for my swimsuits; this would also be great for tank tops.

*Also, loving these little shelf dividers.  They are helping my closet feel much more organized, and they are easy to stick on!

Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

Any shows that you love lately?

Do you ever sleep through your alarm clock?

Where do you usually stash your gels on a long run?

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I’m going to buy that bra right this minute because I always try to figure out what I’m going to do with my shirt I’m wearing I don’t like to carry things when I run! I usually stash my gels in my pockets during a long run and I bought the Nike Go tights and I love how there is a million pockets in them, they are seriously the most comfortable tights to wear! My husband and I watched Jury Duty too, so dang funny and I have loved James Marsden since the 90s lol. We have gotten into the show Dave on FX, it’s not for everyone and is a little crude at times but it’s pretty funny and I’ve been catching up on episodes of Atlanta which is a great show too!


You are seriously going to love this bra so much. I don’t know how I have marathon trained without it. Just searched up those tights and they look amazing. Thank you for the recommendations, off to check them out. Have a beautiful weekend, Sarah!


Our weekend plans were cancelled so I’m just running, Peloton-ing, baking bread, making Alison Roman’s new Bolognese recipe and hopefully plenty of reading.
Did you listen to the Paris Hilton episode on Armchair expert? So good. So nostalgic of the height of Paris Hilton. It was also funny that I was listening to the fact check while grocery shopping for said Bolognese ingredients while Monica discussed making that exact recipe. I felt part of the sim!
Have a great weekend! Enjoy putting the house back together.


BAHAHA I heard Monica talking about that recipe on Armchair Expert during that exact episode. PLEASE let me know what you think, I want to try it out too. You are one of them! That episode really had me thinking a lot because her story made me so sad and that center she went to is not too far away. Thanks Molly, the pantry is way more fun than my closet hahah. Happy weekend!


Ohhh my goodness I want to take a sick day today and watch jury duty. I’m sitting in my car crying laughing at the trailer. 😂😂 that. Is. Brilliant.
Also need that sports bra immediately.
Happy Friday!


I think you need to spend your weekend watching it, you are going to love it. Let me know what you think of the sports bra! Thanks Mollie, same to you!


Happy Friday! I agree, it is SO much easier to run this time of year – medium temps, more sunlight, no ICE! Even the mud seems to have disappeared from my beloved trails! I stash at least one gel in my bra- where was that sports bra when I started doing that? I used to get cuts frequently from this bad habit, but my skin is either used to it now, or I’m using less pokey gels?
This weekend my kids are elated to stop at my office for a little bit on Sat. Seems silly to be so excited to visit a cubicle, but I have to admit I remember being excited to visit my dad’s years ago too.. we may stop by a nearby nature center after, or go airplane watching.
I am terrible with my snooze button but I found an alarm sound that does not sound obnoxious (Early Riser, on my iPhone), and lets me wake-up slowly but not FEEL like I am pushing the snooze 3-4 times before my actual wake-up time.


RIGHT? I don’t know how the mud disappeared so quickly. Oh, you are going to need this bra because I swear every gel on the planet is pokey. This bra was made for you! I love that your kids get to visit your office, they look up to you so much. You are making me want to find a nature center for my kids. Off to set my alarm to Early Riser, thanks for the tip! Happy weekend, Katie!


I need to watch Jury Duty! I have heard great things. My husband and I are currently watching Ted Lasso. We never had apple TV but got it to watch Shrinked (which I also heard is really good) Then we realized I never saw Ted Lasso so we are watching that first. Very happy I finally started watching it!!

My weekend plans are all marathon related. I have talked up the Pittsburgh marathon here before but it really is amazing. I’m going to the expo today with a friend and tomorrow my daughter is running in the one mile kids race. They run a program called Kids of Steel where all the elementary schools in the area can have kids stay after school a few days a week to train. Then they all get together to run a 1 mile race on Saturday. The idea is that by the end of the whole program they will have run 26.2 miles. It is so fun. We ran it last year together and I basically cried happy tears the whole time. And Sunday is the marathon! After being in the 40s all week, the weather is high 70s and sunny for the race. I don’t have any big race goals though so I’m not stressing out (at least not yet!) Have a great weekend!!


It is so hilarious. OH MY GOODNESS, Andrew and I loved Shrinked so much. We also loved Ted Lasso. Keep enjoying.

Have the absolute best time at the expo and the kids race… what an amazing program! 26.2 miles for those kids, absolutely amazing. I hope that the weather shifts a bit for you and you get cooler temps BUT you are so so strong. I am so excited for you. Wish I was there with you, enjoy!


That bra looks amazing!! Adding that to my Mother’s Day list ;)
I set about 3 alarms and my Google home every morning for work haha. ’m always worried about sleeping in on my work days..

I haven’t found anything to watch lately, definitely adding that one to my list
I’m going to New York on Wednesday…it’s a really last minute trip with my mom. I know you went a couple years ago..or maybe it was last year. Any food recommendations we should check out? We are from canada so it’s all new to us!
Have a nice weekend :)


Seriously, you are going to love this bra. So many pockets. Have you ever slept in on your work days? Andrew is SO worried about doing that too. Let me know what you think of juror duty! I hope you and your mom have the absolute best time in New York together! The Supermoon Bakehouse has the best cruffins and Jacobs’ Pickles had the BEST FOOD. You’ll have to let me know where you eat and what you do while you are there. Happy Friday, Ashlea!


I put my sports bras and swimsuits in a drawer – do you always hang yours up?


Normally I do but I just started hanging them up because I don’t have enough drawers in my closet. I hope you have a great day, Mary!


Hi Janae! For alarms it works best if I only set one… That way I know there’s only one and I don’t have to count in my head.
I am so ready for the weekend! So many birthday celebrations!
Happy Friday!


Great point… I’m going to try your one alarm clock method. SO FUN… enjoy all of the celebrating and cake. Thanks, Amy!


TGIF and happy Cinco de Mayo

I watched Daisy Jones, and the six. The book was better, which it typically is.

I love that you have a hanger for your sports bras

I used to routinely sleep through my alarm in high school. So much so that a teacher would give me a wake up call every morning :)


Thanks for showing that bra up close! I saw it on Neely Gracey and just didn’t think that back bungee looked right but the bra looked soooo comfy! Now I can see how it works! I usually stash my top between the straps in the back (so it’s between my back and the straps) but this looks less crazy.

I’m gearing up to watch the last season of Workin’ Moms and Firefly Lane.

Alarms are for snoozing and being extra comfy until the next one!
Tell Andrew Happy Nurse’s Week!


We have a Cinco de Mayo party tonight with our church group and we’re helping friends move tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.

We loved Jury Duty! I’m actually writing a paper about it and The Truman Show in my master’s class right now ;)

I very rarely sleep through my alarm (I use my watch) but every once in a while, I forget to set it. Whew!

I usually wear a water pack and shorts with side pockets for a long run, so I store my gels there.


I’m running the Indy Mini Marathon tomorrow! It’s my first-ever half marathon. So excited and nervous! Running with my two friends; we’ve trained together so we’re going to have fun and enjoy the experience!


I’m soooooo excited for you! Have the best time and let me know how it goes!

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