Winter Running Tips + Weekending + FIRST DAY!

(leggings, jacket, headband, shoes)

1500 ft of climbing with friends in freezing wind… isn’t that how everyone wants to spend their Saturday morning?!

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our resort opened for the first day, and we had to be there for it.

Sundance was bought by a new company, and they made a lot of improvements, including a new high-speed lift. We were huge fans of the changes we have experienced so far!
Beck napped and hung out at my parent’s house while we skied, and it was so good to catch up with them afterward.
Not the prettiest picture, but Brooke always craves mac and cheese after a ski day. I made this recipe, and it was so good. Next time I’ll add the breadcrumbs (we were out).
Add the Valencia Marathon to my marathon bucket list. WOW, amazing performances yesterday.

Runners don’t hibernate (unless you want to, that is perfectly great, and if you love the treadmill… you know I’m on board with that)! I thought I would share my winter running tips with you if you want to get out there…

(Don’t take my advice on how to keep your ankles warm because I struggle with that…)

*There are definitely places that get a lot more snow than we do, but overall, I’ve done a lot of snow running during my years living in Utah, and trail shoes have always done the trick for me. The extra traction on the bottom is just what I need to stay upright.

*If it is too icy out (and especially if you are trying to do speed), the treadmill is an amazing tool to save you from falling. Between my dad’s fall on ice that resulted in him being in the hospital and then a dark room for a month to recover and my bad fall on the ice ten years ago, I don’t risk running on bad ice. On days when there is a chance there might be ice while going over or under bridges etc. –> I stop (even if it is mid-workout) and walk; I don’t want to fall. The treadmill will give you just what you need on days like this, in my opinion.

*Indoor tracks are fantastic too! If you have one close by, they make it possible to get in some speed during bad conditions.

*Handwarmers save my life on really bad days. And then when I get home, one of my kids will want to take them to school, so it’s like we get 2 or 3 uses for one pair:). Also, Bombas and Smartwool are two of my favorite winter socks for running and skiing.

*Invest in good gear. I can get away with cheap gear for summer running, but for winter, I like to have some nice pieces and then wash them often so I don’t have to buy a lot of nice pieces. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad running gear;). (***Unless it is way too slick or too cold for our lungs, jump on the treadmill). Each day I’ll link to all my layers/gloves etc., and share the temperature if that helps you with ideas of how to dress.

*This tip from Erin on gear! I need to get some of them.

*Do a warm-up inside before you head out—squats, lunges, jogging around the room, a core workout, etc. Getting warm inside makes it easier for me to go outside, and bonus… some of those things will activate your glutes too. I used to run a mile on the treadmill before heading out to get warm.

*I know I shared this a few weeks ago but had to share it again! We need more fuel for cold runs. I think this is going to help a lot of us doing long training runs through the winter to feel so much better.

*Give yourself some grace. Your paces might be slower on frigid days… Maybe because you are avoiding slipping, maybe because your body is working overtime to keep warm, maybe because you have four layers on, or maybe because it is windier and darker than ideal conditions. You are training in the winter, which is fantastic. Your spring races will show off all of your hard work.

*Remember that it will take time for your body to adapt.

*I notice the weather affecting my mood this time of year, but I know if I can get in a run (outdoors or on the treadmill), my entire day will go better. I’ll feel so much better if I do. It’s worth it.

*I love it if I can arrange a day or two every now and then where I run in the midday instead of the morning. Getting some of that sunlight makes a world of difference to me.

*If it is snowing while you are running, wear a hat to keep it from getting in your eyes (one of my biggest pet peeves). Throw on an ear warmer over your hat or get this hat that I’m obsessed with that is 2 in 1.

*This is random, but I am feeling more motivated in the winter to strength train than in the summer because I know it will warm me up after a run. I’ll come in from a run shivering, then a few minutes into strength training, and I am burning up! I also remind myself when I don’t want to do strength that, extra core strength (and muscles in general) will help me if I am ever in a position where I am slipping and sliding.

*I find there is always way less ice on top of dirt, so get out on the trails when you can.

*Don’t think; just do. When your alarm goes off, don’t think about how it will feel outside. Just go into autopilot mode and get dressed, and head out before your brain has a chance to tell you that you are being ridiculous for running in freezing temps.

I would love to hear your winter running tips!

What are your winters typically like where you live?

Who raced this weekend?! Tell me all about it!

Favorite ‘kid’ food?

-Mac and cheese and also chicken tenders/fries.

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I love how a blanket of snow insulates and makes it so quiet outside. Yaktrax have been great for me, but only if it’s complete snow coverage and no sidewalk or asphalt for the springs to slide.
That said, we usually don’t get a lot of measureable snow in Maryland.
I ran my annual half marathon at the beach (Rehoboth) on Saturday! Not my fastest, but surprisingly not my slowest since I didn’t do any run-specific training (do not recommend, by the way, as I’m pretty darn sore today, LOL). The weekend with my girlfriends and being at the beach made it worthwhile, regardless of the pace or soreness :)
Have a blast on the slopes!!


Hey Corey! Okay, I love what you just said about the fresh blanket of snow, about to head out in one. I can’t wait for the peace and quiet. CONGRATULATIONS on your half and rocking it! Oh that soreness is real hahah. Beach time with your friends after?! Sounds like the perfect weekend. Thanks Corey, happy Monday!


Good morning! The pics of snow and skiing make me wish I lived in Utah!
I live in Alabama so the cold weather is much more mild than in Utah! It will occasionally snow but nothing like it does there. Our temps may get down at the lowest of maybe 15 or so? When running in the cold I must wear something over my ears or else my head feels like it’s going to explode in half haha. I also like wearing a zip up jacket and start with it zipped up to my neck and then can zip it down if I start getting warm or need a breeze. Also seat warmers before and after a run are a must.
Fave kid food has to be uncrustables and toaster strudles!
Have a great day!


Come visit Utah whenever you can, I’ll take you skiing and on some runs. AMEN to the need to cover your ears… under 50 and I need something on them. Good call on the zipped jacket to be able to ventilate more as the run goes on, I’m going to try that. I love both of those foods and might need them both today. Thanks Stacy, you too!


The first year that I ran outdoor through the winter season was a game changer. It made winter so much more bearable.
I love flipping on the electric tea kettle when I come in from a cold run. And my favorite winter pre-run fuel is an unfrosted gingerbread cookie. It all makes the cold run a little more fun.
Also-I have never skied. Can I crash one of your family ski trips??


Isn’t it crazy how being outdoors more for winter makes us actually like it more?! YES to the tea kettle! Ummm I need to try the gingerbread cookie tip, like today. Molly, you are welcome and wanted EACH and every ski day/trip. You would be so fun to have. Hope your day is off to a great start!


Ear warmers and hand warmers are definitely a must for winter running for me!

Not a marathon, but I raced a 10k this weekend and took 3rd overall female! The 2nd place female was 30 seconds in front of me and despite my best efforts I couldn’t catch her. But, new friends were made! My friend finished 5th female overall after being passed by 4th place who happened to be friends with 2nd place! We all chatted after the race and are going to try and get some training runs in together!

Mac and cheese is absolutely my favorite!

Happy Monday!


Congrats, Rachel on an incredible race this weekend. 10ks are the hardest race in my opinion and you were third… WOW. The connections make me so happy, you can all run together now. HUGE congrats and I hope you get some mac and cheese soooooon. Happy recovering!


Happy Monday!

Love all the winter running tips, I think getting out in the winter when you can makes everything better. Some trail shoes come in a “winter” version that are less breathable and often waterproof. These are great for keeping feet warm when running in deep snow.

We spent our first day on the mountain skiing and it went way better than I expected. We all loved it and can’t wait to spend more time up there. Too bad it’s 90 minutes away and ski traffic if awful in Colorado!

I think we get a similar amount of snow here (Boulder) as you guys do. I love running in the snow but like you won’t go out if it get icy on the sidewalks. Trails or treadmill for me if it’s icy.

My favorite kid food is definitely mac n cheese and pizza.


Oh those mountains!. So pretty!
And I totally agree with the first comment…. A blanket of snow makes everything so quiet and peaceful, especially in the morning! Sadly we won’t be in Colorado for Christmas, so I will just have to use my imagination on a few runs, and pretend I’m running in the snow. Ha ha
I love Mac n’ cheese! It’s a go to comfort food for me, and I always crave it after a long run or a marathon.
You have great tips for running in winter. I wish we would get a little colder out here, but I have to admit that it is nice not having to deal with all the bad parts of snow (shoveling, driving)
Have a great Monday and start to the new week!


Happy Monday Runners!
In the Houston Texas area, we alternate seasons every week or so.
I ran my first ever Brazos Bend trail marathon this weekend! Wow, it was tough. 65 and muggy at the start and 70 and muggy at the end. There were more alligators than I could count! I run some of my weekday runs on dirt trails, but all my long runs are on the road. Might have to change that if I ever do another one. This was a very flat, non-technical trail, and my feet are still sore. How do you run on your trails with all those rocks?? I have a fair amount of cushion in my shoes (Topo Phantom2’s) and I still ended up with a bruise on the bottom of my foot. In spite of the challenges of being a newbie to trail running, what a warm, supportive community of runners and volunteers! Hats off to all you runners that call the world of ultras and trail running your own.


For trail running in the winter, I like the traction devices like Yak Trax that go on the bottom of your shoes – especially if it’s icy. I also like gaiters to keep my ankles warm and keep snow out of my shoes.


Hi Janae! Last year I got a pair of ice bugs for running in the snow and they are nice! We got some snow this weekend! My husband took the day off to ski!
Happy Monday!


Thanks for the tips, Janae! I love my Nanospikes for ice. I live in Western, NY and get tons of snow and ice, sometimes from October through April. When the weather is cold and there is a chance of ice, the Nanospikes give me peace of mind.


#1 winter running tip – live in Southern California! And spend part of your winter in Hawaii ;)

I am a total winter wimp. Your tips start at 30 degrees – I’m that bundled up when it’s in the 40s! But it really is all about the correct gear. I’m lucky that my legs are short. I can buy 7/8 length tights and they cover my ankles.

Happy Monday, Janae! Now I’m off to make peppermint bark.


I live in Iowa and the winter can be not-so-bad or horrific, sometimes in the same day. Today was 45 degrees with just a puff of wind. But Saturday, we enjoyed wind gusts of 55 mph. So wind is sometimes the biggest enemy, not the cold or the snow. If it is cold, I wear my waterproof shoes that keep my toes warm, mittens, and a warm fleece hat. Thicker tights and a windproof jacket are also necessities. Snow doesn’t bother me, but usually I shorten my run if it is deep. And if there is ice? No way, inside on the treadmill for me! I also try to run when it is light in the winter so I can maneuver over ice.


I have zero winter running tips because I grew up in California and now live in Nashville…haha I feel like I’m always learning how to run in the cold! This post was super helpful for me, thank you :) I’m also a mac ‘n cheese fan, and grilled cheese is a dreammmm on chilly days :) I raced in the CIM this past Sunday and it went way better than I’d hoped – it was my first full marathon after many, many half marathons. I had a baby a year ago, so the CIM was my “gift” to me – staying strong post c-section :) My husband used your CIM viewing tips and they were GREAT. Thank you for showing up for this community so well – you’re a joy to follow :)


Meghan! Hugest congrats! Oh I am so so thrilled for you! Best gift ever to yourself and I love that you did better than you thought you would. Happy recovering (if possible with a one year old ❤️) and keep me updated with everything! So glad the spots helped!


did a run today with a temp of about -20C (I’m not sure how that traslates to F anymore)..but cold, but no wind, some snow which was great because it gave me all the traction I needed with my Saucony Peregrine Ice+..if it does get icy I will throw on my Yak Trax, but this year so far so good….a toque, a BUFF around my neck stuff into the top of my jacket, keeps body heat in, cold out…remember when we run we create heat, always dress for 10 degrees warmer than it is…my thermal tights (I rarely need two layers) socks are not much different other that longer rather than just to my ankles, I like showing skin but not today…..I use the little hotties hand warmers, but after about 15 minutes my hands felt too warm and my mitts (not gloves) felt soggy…..last Thursday I did hill repeats the only real change, I had a balaclava covering my mouth until that got too warm and thicker gloves, there was a wind but my hill is surrounded on both sides in a ‘hood s was okay……I never shiver (how could you once you start running?)…I cross country ski in almost the same gear, usually a little less though cause the body does warm up really quickly……the one thing about running in the cold, the reality is usually a lot better than the perception…..I will occasionally use an indoor track for speed, but I hate treadmills, I know I know some love them but I’ve gotta be outside…and if you ever get to run outside at night away from street lights, do that, and look up……the night sky, the moon, the stars, priceless…..your kids will be amazed…..


The hardest part about winter running is remembering each year what to wear at various temps. You’d think after 25 years of living in the mountains I would have that nailed, but I swear I spend the first couple weeks of winter failing at layers, either frozen or exploding from heat. I think this spring I need to write myself a list of what layers I wear at each range of temps and pack it with my winter running gear.

And that’s a great idea to do a little strength when you get done with a cold run. I usually head right for the shower, which can be painful on frozen legs. Even just doing 10 minutes of strength would probably help thaw me out.


Hi Janae, I love your winter running tips. It’s around 5 degrees C here in the Netherlands now. Snow is rare, but I love it. Depending on wind or not I wear a jacket. With these temps I usually start with gloves, but once I’m on the way I often take them off because my hands get too hot. I’m doing a half on the 17th (my second). I have had hypothermia once at a winter race (not freezing temperature) because I drank a cup of cold water. Do you have any tips for me? I have a camelbak-like running vest, but the water in the tube gets really cold, so I’m afraid to drink it during the race. Have a great day!


Have you ever looked at waterproof shoes? I see your snow. i don’t have snow but there has been a ton of rain lately and my feet are freezing! I ordered a pair of goretex Hoka shoes but apparently there are a ton of waterproof options. or do you use special socks?


I would love to read a comparison between Bun Toasters and a down skirt (ahem… nudge nudge ;)). I have a skirt on my wish list because I get so tired of wearing my wool base layer knickers under my warmest tights. It’s all so tight! I ran by some very young women yesterday in SHORTS?! It was 21 degrees and breezy. I would die. Maybe they are warmer because they’re younger??? Is there any science to that?

I would add that slowing down helps you conserve your glucose because you burn a higher ratio of fat. Slow paces in the winter work so well for a variety of reasons! I am working on base building after a hiatus so “slow” is my favorite pace right now. I’m excited for all that work to pay off when things warm up in the Spring. My goals are modest, just a 10 min average pace would make me so proud :)


Enjoy a wonderful weekend! Could you tell me where you purchased your necklace? Thank you

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