(headband, top, bottoms, shoes)

Eight miles with the first mile being straight up a very large hill. I’m running these hills at an ‘easy pace’ but I need to get them in as much as possible for Boston.

I swear I’ve already run on more snow so far this winter than ever before.
We tried to get a group picture.

My in-laws took us out to in-n-out and this boy was thrilled about it.

Along with the dinosaur park!
I love that kids don’t notice the temperature, they just want to play.

And now for just a few favorite things!

*Matilda the Musical on Netflix. We loved it!

*As you know, I love Utah and will happily wear anything that shows off my love for Utah. These graphic sweatshirts are so soft and adorable.

*You might not believe me on this one because I am so confused, but after 36 years of hating to wash my hair, I love it now. The smell of this stuff is unreal and my hair feels so soft because of it. I’ve been washing my hair way more often because I get excited to use it. It’s strange.
*This was what Andrew gave me for Christmas. I’ve never really been a perfume wearer but I love the smell of this so much I’m wearing it daily.
*Having everyone home again. I gotta figure out a way to make it so my heart doesn’t ache so much when they are gone.

Do you like perfume? Do you have a favorite?

Any gifts that you received this year that you loved?

Will you be staying up until midnight on New Years Eve?

Weekend plans?

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My first thought when I saw your Park City sweatshirt was “This takes me back to my mid 90s wardrobe.” And then I saw 1994 on the sweatshirt. Perfect nostalgia!
My daily perfume is my scented dry shampoo.
Best Christmas gift: a bag of Linden X Two coffee beans signed by Des with a note of “Bourbon is whiskey, Larry!” My husband and I say that quote of hers quite often to each other. You better believe that I fell out of my seat when I opened that gift.
Have a great weekend, Janae!


Hahah YES! You know your decades and fashion. What dry shampoo do you love? I need one. HAHA that is amazing! PERFECT GIFT! Thanks, Molly! I hope your weekend is great too!


Heyyyyy! Clinique Happy has been my go-to for so very long (like, since the 90s lol). I don’t wear it often; maybe just when I feel like being pretty. It’s a very wonderful scent.

My favorite gift this year (from: me, to: me) — TNF Thermoball Traction Booties. They’re perfect and warm and snuggly!

Weekend plans: Besides running a 5K to exit the year, and a 10K to enter the new year, I’ll be surviving the fireworks here in Chicago (lol it’s wild and lasts for days, literally), snuggles with my Husky, enjoying a small bottle of Champs (I’m by myself this year and wanted to be fancy), and Black-eyed peas on New Years Day for good luck.:)


Tiffany! Oh I love that scent so much. Never give it up… there is a reason it has been around for so long. Love gifts to ourselves. Ummm just looked those booties up and now I NEED THEM. Thanks for influencing me. 5k and 10k… you are on fire. Oh those fireworks sound intense. Your weekend sounds amazing, enjoy!


I love that you’ve been running in the snow. It will totally make you more bad c#*$… Ha ha ha
Favorite gift this Christmas was our new Shark robot vacuum from Santa. We use to have a Roomba, burned through 2 actually, and haven’t had that type of vacuum for years. I can’t wait to get it all programmed so it goes automatically every other day.
I also love having everyone home for the holidays. And yes it will be a little quiet and sad when the boys leave again. But it does get a little easier as they get older. You’re doing great at handling that!
Off to Lake Arrowhead this morning! Yay. Have a great Friday Janae 😊


YES… it will make the streets of boston feel easy;) YAY for a robot vacuum, they make our life so much better. Keep enjoying every second. I bet your heart hurts when they leave. Happy weekend in Lake Arrowhead!


I am not a perfume girl but mostly because I forget to put it on. Plus alot are so strong and make me sneeze. I do love body spray!

I bought my own gifts from my husband and its all fitness related!

New years eve our tradition is to get a nugget tray from chick fil a, we air fry frozen fries and hang out/play games and then watch new years specials and cheers at midnight.

Weekend plans – family gathering tonight for annual large christmas, tomorrow is cleaning/putting away christmas gifts and decor (not the tree!) then NYE

My goal is to get in a workout tomorrow and sunday. Happy new years!


Fitness-related gifts are the best way to go. Ummm can I join in on your new years eve tradition, I love it. Enjoy this weekend with your family. You will get in two awesome workouts this weekend, I just know it. Happy New Years to you, Stephanie!


-I agree that perfume smells good but I have a fragrance allergy that means all women’s perfumes/body sprays, almost all men’s colognes/body sprays, most lotions, and many hair/face products are a no-go to wear or be around.
-My oldest gave me a sliding door screen that has a split down the middle so the dog can let himself in and out late spring-early fall…I’m really excited to try that April-ish. (The split is lined with magnets so it auto-sticks back together to keep out bugs and flies.)
– It has been years since I stayed up to midnight on NYEve…unlikely my old(er) bones will do it this year.
-My weekend plans are to enjoy sunshine, no snow, and no shoveling because the next round comes in Sunday afternoon-Monday night. (3-1/2 hours of shoveling yesterday…my body is cranky thinking about more coming so soon.)


Your oldest is so thoughtful. That is a great idea! I’m not planning on staying up either. That sunshine sounds perfect… I can’t believe you had to shovel for that long! WOW! Get some rest, R!


Hi Janae! My husband is in Utah right now and loving the snow! Park City is the best I went there once and it looked like I was in a snow globe! So so so pretty.
Don’t have any new years eve plans, just hanging out with my parents!
Have a wonderful day!


I do like things that smell nice, but I am not sure if I own perfume right now. Between my hand lotion, face lotion, lip gloss, and sometimes hair products, I hope I smell nice anyway… I have a few coconut scented things that are my current faves!
My parents always take us on a little ski trip to Giant’s Ridge in northern MN – we get to spend 3-4ish days in a big cabin together with my brothers and their families, and it is just perfect. This year we are going in January.
The only way I will be up at midnight on NYE, is if I wake up in the middle of the night for something. I love my new 8pm bedtime! Puzzles and fondue party & then bed. SO different than life in my twenties (for the better!).


I’m thinking of going to bed at midnight on the 31st, and waking up on January 2nd….so if I sleep through January 1st I won’t turn 64!……..but nah, I’ve an early run planned on the 1st….maybe 6.4 miles?…..
I had Christmas with my parents and sister, we haven’t had that for decades, they’re uaully in Mesa, so that was a special Christmas …


I’m throwing a Noon Year’s Eve party at my library, so I’ll be so tired there is no chance I’ll make it to midnight!

I can’t wear most perfumes, they give me headaches, but I still appreciate them on other people! I also can’t use scented dryer sheets (give me hives) but love when other people’s clothes smell good 😅


Girl! The dae shampoo… I’ve been using it exclusively over a year now and I LOVE it!! I started getting worried about sulfates and bad chemicals and was glad to find a clean shampoo that actually works. Only difference between us is I go soo long between washes to preserve it lol. Love the moisture mask too. And now I’m tempted to try your new perfume too 😍


Sort of random question, but we are planning a family trip to Utah to hit up some of the National Parks! We have two little ones (5 and 2) and I was wondering if you had any suggestions or pro tips on what to do! We were thinking of going in March or April – feel free to give any feedback on that! My son LOVES dinosaurs so we also want to try and include some dinosaur stuff, although Dinosaur National Monument seems kinda far from the main national parks. Anyway – I don’t expect you to plan our trip, but if you have any pro tips they’d be greatly appreciated!! :-) Happy New Year!! (the sweatshirt made me think to ask this because I plan on getting lots of Utah gear when we come ;-) )

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