Tuesday Tangents + Hair Change!

(shorts, top, shoes, bra, headband)

Seven miles @ 8:37 average and feeling hot when it was only 55 degrees?!  How did those of you that did the New York City Marathon survive in those conditions?  So. Strong.

No filter… the light coming up above this mountain in the morning was something else.   Running allows me to see so many things I wouldn’t normally see (because I would still be in bed).

I then went and had my hair colored, and went darker than I have in a while.   I always feel so fresh (and I consider taking the week off of running so I don’t mess it up;) after a haircut and color.

I’ve been making Megan’s Chicken Cream Cheese Chili since 2012 and will continue making it for many more decades.

Time for some tangents:

*My friend is part of a salad club and I thought it was the best idea…. There are eight members of the group, and each month, they each choose a day (they do T/TH each week) to make and deliver salads to everyone for lunch—such a fun way to try new recipes and only have to prep once for eight meals.

*When I was watching the NYC Marathon, it was the first time I heard the story about ‘The Six Who Sat.’  I teared up hearing about how they sat at the starting line because they weren’t allowed to start with the men (they wanted them to either start 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after).  They waited there on the ground, to begin with the men, to help bring bring change and equality for females in the racing world.  I can’t believe that was JUST 50 years ago.  So grateful for women like these:

*I have a thing where I really like to try new chips.  I give these a 7.1/10, and you can taste that stuffing strongly, so it is perfect for this month.

*I’m hoping and praying that Andrew doesn’t change his mind and think we need to do this now…

*How Andrew prefers zero chocolate on his half of the pumpkin or banana bread will never make sense to me.

*Andrew and I were at lululemon (of course ha) the other day and we ran into my high school health teacher!   He was the reason I wanted to be a health teacher (I want to go back to teaching again eventually too) and he made a huge impact in my life.  Twenty years later and I still remember his amazing lessons and it was so fun to tell him that.

Brooke loves to play school with Skye so she might be a teacher someday too.

*Brooke has requested that I keep my nails long for the rest of my life because of the head scratches.

*Skye asked me why dogs don’t have seatbelts.  She has a point.

*Beck and Skye call my Core Power ‘Mama’s Baba.’  They see me with it every morning of my life, so it makes sense.

Have any tangents for today?

Dog people–> do your dogs like the car?  

-Beretta loves it and makes herself comfortable right away.

Are you a chip person?  Do you like trying new flavors?

Long nails or short nails??

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My dog does wear a seatbelt haha. She has a little harness that clips in. I just got so paranoid about getting into an accident and having her fly around the car! We do lots of road trips. :)


THAT IS SO SMART! Skye will be so happy to hear about this!


While watching the New York City Marathon on tv, I asked my 3 year old if he thought they were running fast. He said “I think the motorcycles are going to win”. :-D


That. Is. Adorable. Kids are the best. I hope you both have the best day, Martina!


Such cute hair Janae! That color looks great on you. By the way, would you be able to tell me where you got that white henley from? I’m always on the lookout, and that looks like a good one.
I LOVE chips. Like, too much. I quite literally cannot buy them because I will eat too many and end up making myself ill every time. Especially now that I’ve hit 30, my body just seems to not be able to handle them anymore. It’s tragic really.
My tangent for the day is that I have an ultrasound after work, and fingers crossed I get to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl! So excited I can’t wait to find out!!
Have a great day Janae!


Hey Courtney! The one I am wearing is from Gap a few years ago but they still have a ton of cute ones: https://shopstyle.it/l/bN0jK. I love a henley! That is very tragic! I’ll warn you when I have a chip rating on my post! I CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT! Please let me know whenever you get a chance. I feel very invested:). Thanks friend, you too!


Such a sweet picture of Brooke and Skye playing school! I’m the youngest in my family and didn’t have any younger siblings to “teach,” so I always played school with the neighbor’s kids. Currently in my 15th year of teaching and wondering how that happened so quickly! Oh my goodness, my dog loves the car because it means we are not leaving her behind. We have a little bucket car seat for her to sit in, but she definitely prefers sitting on someone’s lap (she’s 7 pounds, so it’s not like Beretta sitting on your lap, lol). Happy Tuesday, Janae!


Emily, I loved your comment. FIFTEEN years of teaching (plus the years you taught the neighbor’s kids;). Your students are all so lucky to have you! I love that your 7 lb dog loves being in someone’s lap and that she has a bucket car seat. I guess we just didn’t know about these things and I wonder if they have them for large dogs?! Beretta might not like it after 11 years of going wherever she wants in the car hahah! Have the best day!


I keep seeing that headband and I’m finally ordering, it’s starting to cool down here!
They do make dog seatbelts, they come with harnesses! A dog trainer just encouraged us to get one as well, in case of an accident it’s an extra layer of safety for everyone in the car, I had no idea!


55 degrees does start to feel warm fast doesn’t it?!? Running is weird LOL.

I want to go back to teaching high school some day when my kids are older too. Teaching college just doesn’t have the same impact on people as HS does. That said it is so much more work than teaching college so I might be crazy.

I love chips (probably a little too much) during my ultras eating chips was favorite thing, although I don’t think I would have liked stuffing flavored ones while running.

I LOVE my hair when someone else does it, the talent those stylist has is amazing.

Have a great day!


Just saw the cutest video, Skye and your kids would love it! Google Alaskan dog trainer Dog Minibus. The dogs all sit on seats and are clipped in with leashes. It’s gone viral so you should be able to find it. There are others too, dog daycare buses. The dogs are so happy!
Have a great day! 🐶


Love your hair! I keep thinking I’ll cut mine shorter, but then I don’t, LOL. Maybe when the growing-out grey gets longer.
My dog used to get carsick, but she somehow got over that. Now she goes with me most days to drop off and pick up my son from school :)
I love chips, though not so much with flavors that are sprinkled on them. I think I could try those TJ stuffing chips!
Nails long enough to scratch, but short enough to not be in the way.


Oh I haven’t heard of the six who sat. I was out to breakfast and driving back home during NYC. I’ll have to look that story up!
How close are you to a Lulu sponsor?? Do I need to write a letter?


I knew I had a problem with my DMD consumption when Hope referred to it is Mom’s orange juice. Best intervention I ever had.
Happy Tuesday to you.


a good day to vote?……my goal for the day is to convince more runners that it’s fun to run in the snow and the cold!


Your hair looks amazing! So cute. My dog LOVES the car too, and I keep thinking we need to get her a seat belt as well. She’s a mini golden doodle, 25 pounds. I think Skye would love her. Also, I love love love chips too and can’t buy them often because my moderation button is broken! Thanks for your posts, they always make me smile! I’m going day 5 of covid and I’m going crazy.


We buckle our dogaloo in-she has a harness that the seatbelt goes through and voila, she’s buckled in like a human. Sometimes she lays down and sometimes she sits up like a person! It’s actually the law here in Germany that animals have to be fasted/secured in an automobile. You get a heavy fine if they aren’t. I think it’s fun to have her in the car and I swear she listens to us talk and enjoys the music, too. haha.

Totally a chip person-although I gravitate to more plain chips I love to try flavors. Even though I detest jalapeño things, the Kettle chip jalapeño flavor is really good.


Ok, I’ll tell you how I survived the NYC marathon…I didn’t! Ha ha. Ok that’s an exaggeration but I gave it my all and it was so hot and difficult! I ran a 3:15 which is a new PR, but I was certain I had a 3:05 in me and maybe even a sub-3:00…but the conditions made that impossible for me. I read a couple articles after that pointed out that the average finishing time for the marathon was 15 min slower this year, and another article said that 75 degrees for a marathon results in an average time 14–17 min slower than the effort expended. Ha ha! I followed that trend for sure! After I realized my times weren’t realistic given everything, my new goals became to “not stop!” And “smile every time someone cheered my name.” And I met those goals! Even when I had a sideache the last 3 miles (haven’t had one in years????) and wanted to just stop and walk…I didn’t and I’m so proud of myself! My husband wanted sub-3:00 and ran a 3:13…and was equally thrilled with his effort. We gave it our all and are so proud of what we did, even if we didn’t hit our times. I never broke mentally and I am so happy I held it together when I wanted to just sit down and cry. 😂


Chelsea, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so inspired by you and what you did on Sunday. I cannot even imagine running that course in those conditions. You are amazing. I fully agree with the 14-17 minutes slower in those conditions. You didn’t even stop during the crazy side ache too. So so strong and I cannot wait to see what happens in your next marathon with normal weather. You WILL sub 3. Cheering for you and huge congrats to your husband too!


NYCM was tough! My goal was 4:38 and I finally managed 5:01. The humidity was no joke either. Saw so, so many runners dropping out it was scary. Glad I was able to push through and cross that finish line.

Super cute hair! I’m contemplating cutting mine short, but can’t quite commit to that yet.


DawnMarie! Congratulations on NYCM. I honestly do not know how you guys survived that. You are so incredibly strong. Congratulations and I hope you are blessed with perfect weather for your next race from the marathon gods after what you went through a few days ago.


I’m with Andrew, no chocolate in my baked goods. My mom always took out a portion of chocolate chip cookie dough before adding the chips to bake for me.
My puppy Jake lives for car rides and I have a doggie harness carsealt belt for him. Your hair color is great, I got my haircut today too. It feels so good to get it trimmed.

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