Friday Favorites & 2 is better than 4?

(tank, shorts, shoes and sweatshirt I wore the rest of the day:)

Yesterday’s run started with a long sleeve shirt?!  My body was confused by what was happening outside ha, but after a few miles, I warmed up again and I was back to a tank.

Nine miles @ 8:35 average with Emilee and Skye was my post-run photographer.

Another school day!

IMG 0103

I ate take-out alone in my car while listening to a podcast, and that felt very nice.

IMG 0161

Beck had a dr appointment, and Skye came with us after preschool.

IMG 0151

And then we got ready to celebrate Brooke with my family!

IMG 0164

Brooke wanted spaghetti, so we did that with sauteed zucchini/squash, ground turkey, watermelon, french bread, and salads.

IMG 7367

I was going for a four-layer cake, and it definitely didn’t happen…

IMG 0170

Luckily, she was very happy with the two-layer cake instead;).

IMG 0172


Let’s get going on my favorite things this week!

*Another posture helper that I am loving.  One of my running friends works for Chirp, and after hearing her talk about how awesome it is, I finally got one and wished I had it sooner.  It is used to roll away pain and stretch out after a workout (or at night).  It’s designed to fit between your shoulder blades which is awesome (it also has a spinal canal, so it doesn’t hurt your spine as you roll).  I love that it is harder than a foam roller which helps to stretch/roll it deeper.  It feels so good after holding babies all day and sitting at the computer (still working on my posture!!).

I have a code if you want 10% off HERE—> HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL

IMG 9718

*Cynthia told me about this ceramic one-egg frying pan, which is making many appearances in our kitchen.  The egg doesn’t stick in the slightest, and it makes the perfect-sized egg to fit on a bagel for an egg sandwich.

IMG 9673

*I am pretty sure I have eaten this combo every single day of the week.  Basil leaves, tomatoes, mozzarella, salt & balsamic glaze.  I will never get sick of this.

IMG 9682

*I’m really talking about food a lot lately ha—> Don’t mind the fact that it melted a little bit but for my Scotchmallow fans… See’s Candies offer it in BAR FORM NOW, and it is next-level delicious.

IMG 9794

*Trader Joe’s sells these cooler bags at the front of the store and you might need one.  I usually have a stop or two after I go to TJs, and having this bag to keep my food cold is the best.  I unload it once I get home and put it back in my car so I don’t forget it for the next time.  I should have put my above Scotchmallow in it.

IMG 0158

*Just in case you need a gift for anyone around nine years old anytime soon, Brooke told me that her favorite gift was this smoothie set.  My kids love all Melissa & Doug food sets, and I love them too.

IMG 9715


Have any fun plans for the weekend??

Lunch—> do you usually eat it with anyone or more often alone?

Anything you have been eating on repeat lately?  Seasonal fruit or veggies you love right now?

How long is your ‘getting ready for bed’ routine?

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The four layer cake may not have turned out but it’s the thought that counts! Oooh I haven’t seen those cooler bags at TJs before so I will need to pay attention next time I go. That will be amazing for shopping or even a beach day.

It’s supposed to rain this weekend so I think I’m just going to chill at home and work on calligraphy since I got some new ink getting delivered today.


Yes, grab one of the cooler bags! I think it was $5.99 or something so it’s a great deal! Enjoy the relaxing weekend and calligraphy… that is awesome! Enjoy the new ink!


Love that Skye has her sandals on the wrong feet again in the first pic. So cute!

It’s Dream Cruise weekend here in my neck of the woods in Michigan, so there will be cars, cars, and more cars to be seen and ridden in. It’s still incredibly hot, so I’ll balance cars with pool time.


Hahah she tells me she likes them better that way;). I just looked up Dream Cruise weekend and WOW… you are going to have the best time. Enjoy every second and make sure to get a milkshake while you are out there too:). Thanks Wendy!


Brooke’s bday supper is exactly what I’d want too:)

It must be getting cooler in Utah? You are all in hoodies. It’s still so hot here. 40° this week. The Lulu hoodie you shared says it’s oversized…what size are you wearing?

My daughter has her soccer jamboree tomorrow, so looking forward to that and then we are on vacation next week. Haven’t seen my family in a year due to covid so we will be travelling to see them and give them their Xmas gifts haha


Hey Ashley! It seriously has cooled down so fast here but I’m guessing we will get a few more warm weeks coming up? I hope it starts cooling down for you guys. You will love the hoodie. It is the most comfortable thing ever… I want it in every color. I have it in a size 6 which is what I usually wear in lulu tops.
I hope you have the best time at the soccer jamboree and then your VACATION! Have the best time with your family, that first hug with them will feel like heaven. Let me know how it goes!


Chirp! Looks awesome!! Hey, you found TJs cooler bags. They change the game. Really, any cooler bag/ cooler, yeah.

Happy birthday week to Brookie! Wait, is it week or month??

You know, it takes me so long to ready myself in the morning, the evening has to be short. I’d say 15 min. Aren’t there so many other things to do with our time? Yes!


They really are so great! Hahaha it is a month;). I hope your day is a great one, Lee!


Cake still looks amazing, even with two layers!!

I’m visiting family this weekend, very excited! Took two days off of work to make it a long weekend.


Thank you Mariah, I learned a good lesson with the cake haha. Have the absolute best time visiting your family this weekend. So glad you can make it a long weekend to be with them!


So glad you’re loving the pan! It works well with a scrambled egg, too, in case your kids prefer that. I may have to get another pan because I don’t ever want to be without it again! ?

It’s my birthday this weekend, so I’ll do my long run in the morning and then go spend the weekend with a friend. Lots of good food and binge-watching 30 Rock will be happening!


Happiest birthday this weekend. I hope you are able to do all of your favorite things and feel all of the love. Thanks again for sharing the pan with me, we are loving it here. I’ll try scrambled eggs too! Happy birthday, Cynthia!


That roller looks amazing!! I may need to try it.
Oh how I wish we were having your weather. Although it has cooled down for a few days, we’re supposed to have 90°+ all next week again.
I really need to go shopping for clothes! I feel like I need a whole new wardrobe…ha. That sweatshirt is really cute.
It’s funny how you ate take out alone in your car. But I get it! With littles around, it’s rare when you have time to yourself. With older kids, I mostly eat lunch alone. But now it’s grab a bite before moving on to the next task/thing of the day.
This weekend should be quiet but good. 1st high school football game tonight. Our son is on the drum line, so we’ll be at the game to see and hear him. I still can’t believe this is our last high school football season! Wow that has gone fast!
Have a great Friday!


It really does feel so good on my back! Back to 90+ all week?! Stay cool out there. I love hearing what everyone’s lunch times look like. Have the best time at the game and enjoy this final season. Your son sounds so awesome! Thanks Wendy, you too.


We have friends coming in from out of state!
And I have a half marathon to run tomorrow. Hoping it’s not 93% humidity like this morning.
Good job on the birthday cake!


AHHHHH have the best time at your race tomorrow. Cheering for you and I’d love to hear how it goes. REALLY hoping that the humidity isn’t so crazy tomorrow. Enjoy the time with friends!


I love eating lunch alone. Sort of mid-day me time or something.

Homemade sourdough bread was one of my quarantine hobbies. Made a loaf this week, so my repeat has been a slice of that with nutella.


It really felt so nice yesterday to just have a few minutes alone to eat. Can I come over for some of that sourdough bread? Sounds amazing! Have a great weekend, Erica and tell Hope hello from Brooke and Skye:)


It is so weird seeing kids going back to school! We don’t start until after Labor Day.

I used to eat lunch by myself, but then I realized it had more to do with old eating disordered habits (skipping meals, not like having people see me eat/not eat, comment on what I eat, etc) so now I force myself to eat with my co-workers at school. I have made so many friendships by doing this! Although during the summer eating in silence (without kids asking for something) sounds heavenly!

My getting to bed routine is brushing my teeth and washing my face–using a nighttime serum and retinol, so about 2 minutes;-). I also would like to add in a reflection/journaling at night. I started a gratitude journal in the morning and it has a page for the evening as well. I haven’t used that page yet–I am only getting 50% of my money’s worth;-).

No big plans for the weekend. I had my birthday yesterday so maybe we can carry the celebration into the weekend!

Happy Friday Janae!


HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! I hope you keep celebrating for the rest of the month!

Enjoy those last few weeks of summer for us, please. I love that you eat with your coworkers during the school year and I bet you guys have built the best friendships. I really miss eating with my coworkers in the faculty lounge. Hey, at least you are doing the gratitude journal in the morning… I bet that sets you up for the best day.


Your cake turned out gorgeous, good work! I love to bake but making things look pretty is really not one of my strengths, good thing my family knows this and focuses on how it tastes;) And it must feel so great to have a few hours with just Beck now that Skye is in preschool; it’s amazing how even just an hour or two of quiet can change the whole tone of your day!

I’m definitely going to check out that Chirp, I get so tight between my shoulders from working on the computer all day and bike riding. And I’m on the same kick with caprese salad, we’ve been eating it all summer. My acid reflux isn’t that happy, but I just can’t pass up summer tomatoes!


A Scotchmallow BAR?!?!? oh my deliciousness. Scotchmallow is my favorite in the box of See’s.

Please tell me cake layer 3 and 4 were frozen or snacked on or saved for a fun moment of cake eating after the birthday cake was consumed!!


I’ve been meaning to check in on the posture thing! Mine is still not great :) have you noticed any improvements with the posture support thing that you bought off amazon?

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