(shorts, tank, shoes ((code FMTIB50 for 50% off))

My legs needed some dirt, and they felt happier afterward. 10 miles @ 9:15 average.

The more miles I run, the harder it is to fit in strength training. I got in my first strength workout of the week with Andrew–> 20 minutes of upper body.
And then we took Skye and Beck around town on errands and horse sightings.

 The rest of the day includes my current favorite sandwich-> cheese, tomatoes and pesto….

And shuttling kids to a million different places.

22 miles tomorrow so I’m going to rest up my legs today!

Some favorites to chat about:

*It’s that time of year when I am back to wearing joggers constantly. I have two different types that I love the most. They are the base of my wardrobe as the temperatures drop a bit.

These ones. I have them in multiple colors, and they are as comfortable as it gets. I’ve washed them a million times, and they still look new.

*And these. The material is so soft; that you won’t want to take them off.

*A cheap black skirt that is so comfortable. I wear it with a t-shirt, and it allows me to still chase after Beck all-day

*We’ve tried a lot of different bead kits, and we found our #1. We also love these little trays for crafts.
*These bats from Amazon to put on the walls at our house. They are cheap, and they add such a fun touch.

*Hashbrowns have been the theme of this marathon training cycle. It has been the theme for our entire group during this training cycle, and we send each other pictures of our favorites. The salt and the crunch and the carbs are just too good…

Is there any food that you have eaten a lot of lately?

Would you consider yourself a crafty person?

Tell me one thing you are looking forward to this weekend!

Ready for cooler temperatures or mourning the end of summer?

-Utah has been perfect lately because the mornings are cooler, but the rest of the day is still hot.

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With my pregnancy , my food has been all over the place– the nausea is no joke, so mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and toast are happening way more than ever for me, ha! So eager to eat a big salad again. I’m crafty, but my mom is basically Martha Stewart, so I’ve got nothin’ on her :) Looking forward to fall-like weather in Vermont and time with family this weekend! Another rec for (cheap!) joggers– the Mondetta brand from Costco! I am obsessed and have bought every color and pairs for friends. I hope you like them! (Yes, I think there’s a “you know you’re old when…” meme about making fashion recommendations from Costco LOL!!!) Have a great weekend, Janae! Good luck with the long run tomorrow.


I also second the Mondetta brand from Costco- I have every color as well and I literally wear them everyday! Such a steal of a deal!!!


I must go to Costco and get those joggers, thank you Courtney and Bekah! Haha I love that meme… but seriously, I have found some of my favorites there. I am really hoping that you start feelilng a bit better soon. That nausea is something else. I hope you are able to get that big salad soon! I bet with twins the nausea is even worse! Enjoy that time together this weekend, sounds perfect! Thanks so much!


Food Frequently Lately: PB&J – with original Fritos in the sandwich. Have had this for either lunch or dinner probably 2-3 times a week for last month. So good.

Cooler Weather: Ready, but not. I do LOVE Fall (I live in GA, so we do get some Fall weather). In fact, first cool morning was today – breezy 70 degrees. Next week, morning will dip into the 60s. I love it – but I dread the cold weather to come. The older I get, the less I can tolerate being cold. I LOVE to sweat when I work out, so summer has been awesome. My gym doesn’t have AC, so we SWEAT. Makes me feel like my workout was 1000% harder. :-) I can’t get that same kind of sweat in the cooler weather.


I have never ever tried that food combo but I will for you! I know Andrew will love it too! I’m with you on that, the older I am= the less I want anything to do with the cold. And while the cooler temps feel amazing, I just dread knowing it will be winter soon. I hope that your fall weather lasts for a very long time and that somehow we can still get in very sweaty workouts this winter. I relate so much to you! Have a beautiful day, Melissa!


That skirt is adorable! Is it fairly true to size?
I know I have been commenting a lot lately about the heat out here, but man oh man am I ready for cooler weather!! It has just been so miserable. We’re supposed to get some rain today/tomorrow, so hopefully that will help!
I am so happy that football is back! NFL, college… I am definitely a football junkie. I just love to have a game on the TV while doing stuff around the house. To me, that’s the sound of fall 😊
Again, I am so grateful for the Peloton app! I’ll be on the treadmill again today, to get in a run. It has saved me these past 9 days! But, I’m looking forward to next week when I can hopefully get back to running outside.
Enjoy a rest day today, and go rock your 22 miles tomorrow!!


Yes, I just ordered my normal size! I love it:). I just do not know how you guys are surviving this crazy heat! Really crossing my fingers that the rain helps a bit and you are back to running outside next week. Thanks Wendy, have a beautiful day!


I literally went to the grocery store this morning just for hash browns (and eggs). 🤤 Love that skirt, but also the boots!?!?! So cute!!!


Hash browns are the perfect food. Enjoy yours! Thank you so much Mollie, happy weekend!


The Vuori joggers are the BEST! I tried a million pairs and could not find any that look flattering on me – I’m only 5’1″ and so many joggers made me look really frumpy. I tried on the Vuori ones and it was love at first sight!! They’re not cheap but sooo worth it.


YAY!! I am so glad you love them! They really are the best! I just ordered another color and I can’t wait for them to get here. Hope your day is a beautiful one, thanks Juls!


Good luck with 22! I vote blasting T Swift 22 on the drive to meet up with your running mates tomorrow.
My husband’s annual festival that he runs is this weekend. I love when it’s over so that he can sleep again.
And- I need a pair or two of joggers now. I have been influenced.


I will ABSOLUTELY be building up my momentum with T Swift 22 in the car, such a good idea. I hope the festival goes smoothly and he catches up on all of the sleep. I don’t know how people survive without it!

Haha, my job is finished here;). Enjoy Molly!


Hi Janae! I have an old pair of joggers I have worn and washed so much that they are getting kind of see through in some places, yikes! So I will check out your joggers.
I also love hash browns! Are those McDonald’s? They are the best.
Have an awesome Friday!


I love grilled cheese with pesto and tomato. Sooooooo good!
I have been eating a lot of cheese lately. So the above sandwich will fit in perfectly with that. :)
Not a crafty person…….but when I intentionally plan for something to do with Hope and her friends I can fake my way through it.
Happy 22 miles tomorrow.


I have eaten a lot of salads and yogurt bowls lately, probably because it’s so hot here nothing else really sounds great!

I am taking 16 kids out of town overnight for a xc meet. Wish me luck! I’m bringing tape for their hotel room doors and I’ll be up by 5 am for my run so I’ll make sure that everyone stays put ;)

I am beyond ready for cooler temps. We have only been able to have one afternoon practice with our runners due to the heat :( Every other one has been in the morning before school.


peaches!…….fresh fruit and veggies, the best time of the year for food……
I’d like to be crafty, but, well, that ain’t me
bike run visit family, run again sell shoes…
love the cool weather……colours, fresh, and well, running weather

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