Time to take it seriously + Novablast 2 Review!

(The seamless leggings I can’t get enough of, top, socks)

8.5 miles @ 8:56 pace to start my week.  It took all of the convincing on the planet to get myself out the door, and the trick that I was ‘only going to run for 10 minutes’ is what got me out.  Like usual, I was so happy I was out moving just a few minutes into the run.

When I run with my friends, I run in the low 8’s on my ‘easy’ days.  Some days that feels like an easyish pace but others, it does not.  I really want to start paying better attention to that again as I start adding more speed and truly run easy when I need to.  There are so many benefits (source for below image) to running easy.  When we let ourselves run easy when we need to, it just means we will run faster on the days (workouts/races) we want to run fast!  When I was my fastest in 2019, I took this so seriously and my easy days were slower than at any other time that I’ve been running (besides pregnancy).

DSC 6893

When I was grabbing this ‘easy running’ image, it took me back to a post that had this picture.  Brookie used to sit there next to me and chat when I would run on my deck treadmill.  My neighbors all thought I was crazy, but I loved this little setup that I had so much.

DSC 6900

Atozrunning posted this, and I had to share the progression… such amazing women.

IMG 1646

I came home from my run, and Beck looked like a complete toddler to me!

IMG 1662

Skye missed Brooke and Knox like crazy, but I think she also loved allllllll of the extra attention.

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We went over to our neighbor’s hot chocolate stand and Beck just made himself right at home.

IMG 1687

Skye waited by the window until…

IMG 1695

Brookie was dropped off!  She had the best weekend just her and her dad.  I loved hearing all about it and it felt so good to be with her again.

IMG 1707

Bruschetta Chicken for the win!

IMG 1682

I made this ice cream layer cake and the kids loved it!

IMG 1701


Let’s chat about the Novablast 2!

These are the first pairs of Asics that I have worn in over a decade.  I went into my first run with them with a negative mindset that they would hurt my plantar (like every other pair besides Hokas have over the last few months) and that I would have to turn around to change my shoes.  I definitely didn’t have to change my shoes, and I had no idea I would love them as much as I do now.  They make my feet feel 100% healthy like the Cliftons, but they feel so much faster to me than the Clifton.  I could see myself racing a marathon or half-marathon in these.  I have done all of my interval workouts lately with them, when I need a bit of a bounce in my step and anytime I need to keep up with faster friends:)

Screen Shot 2022 01 15 at 5 29 03 PM

There is an 8 mm drop from the heel to the forefront, which I think is what is golden for me to keep my plantar fasciitis away (because it puts less stress on my Achilles), along with the FF Blast Cushioning that makes each time my foot hits the road feel so cushioned.  The cushioning also doesn’t feel like you sink into the shoe with each step but instead provides a springy feel as your foot leaves the ground again.  They call it the ‘trampoline effect’ and I feel it!  They are a bit narrow compared to the Cliftons (comparing the two because they are the only other brand I am wearing right now), but I prefer that on the days I want to go faster or just need a little spring in my step.  The heel stabilizer in the Novablast 2 makes it so my stride feels more smooth and helps me to keep my foot lined up each time I hit the ground and push off.  I wear a size 10 in Brooks, Hokas, and Asics!  PS I would love to hear from anyone that has worn the first Novablast because they are on sale right now, and I would love to stock up on them if they are similar to the Novablast 2.

The only con that I can think of is that my toes get cold.  The mesh upper is perfect for average temperatures or hot days to keep your foot cool and dry, but they weren’t made to be running through the snow like I attempt some days.


Any cons about the running shoes you wear a lot right now?

Do you wear the same size shoe in different brands of running shoes?

Tell me about how you have made it possible to run over the years… a certain setup (ie my treadmill on the deck), schedule change, running at weird times etc?

Give me your thoughts on easy runs… has it helped your overall speed to slow down on the easy days?  Is it hard for you to take it easy?

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Glad you are loving going back to Asics! I’ve really been loving adding Adidas Adizero to my rotation, but there is one thing that’s not my favorite. The tongue is much thinner so if my socks slip, it can rub. So random, I know! But I could also consider this a con of wearing ankle socks haha.

I love easy run days! Totally agree with you- taking easy days is what allows me to be faster overall. Plus they are perfect for sightseeing runs or runs with friends where we chat the whole time.


Hey Mariah! That is a bummer about the tongue… I hate it when something is rubbing weird on me during the run. Sightseeing runs and runs with friends are truly the best! I’m craving one now. Hope your day is a beautiful one, thanks friend.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Asics. I too would love to hear if the “older” ones that are on sale right now, are the same…. I love finding shoes on sale!
Oh easy runs! They are so good for you! But I have the hardest time keeping my easy runs easy. I don’t know why? I start out nice and easy, then before I know it, my pace is much to fast and I am putting out way too much effort… I know, I’m strange, ha! Something I am really working on.
Beck does look like a toddler! Those jeans! And I am so glad Brooke had a great weekend.
Have a great day Janae!


Hey Wendy! Emily below (works at a running store) says there are some big differences so I am going to stick to the 2! Hahah you are just so eager and excited to be out running. Thanks friend, you too!


I have the novablast 1 but I haven’t tried the 2’s so I can’t compare but I had one pair of them and loved them so much I ordered another pair. My first pair I got 700 miles on them before they felt worn out. I have loved the novablast! I bought some cliftons and I really don’t like them. I feel like I foot gets stuck on the ground there is no spring in them at all.
The only way I was able to run over the years was waking up at 5 and doing it then… now I don’t have to since my kids are older and I struggle to get up early especially in the winter ha
But I have always struggled keeping my easy runs easy but I am really working on it this marathon cycle, and I am kinda liking the easy run thing


SEVEN HUNDRED MILES. That is amazing. I am so sorry about the Cliftons for you! Are you able to return them? They definitely are my easy mile shoes! Hahah I relate… I just cannot get up early anymore and I used to do it all of the time. We’ve got this easy run thing this year. Excited for your upcoming marathon… keep me updated on it all. Thanks Natalie!


I’m a new runner last 2 or 3 years ,since high school anyhow and 60 now, I prefer trails but also do street from my house to flat trails but prefer a little more technical, I enjoy your stories and advice or input,i run hokas ,brooks and first pair of altras and I like them all,I have lil complaints about every shoe but mostly they are good,I run for therapy and health and mostly enjoyment, im not getting much better the last year or so but I feel if I push harder I will get hurt or miss a day ,lol thank you and good luck and good health on everyone


Hi guys! I work in a running shoe store (Big Peach Running Company in Georgia), and the first Novablast was much less stable than this second model. The Novablast 1 featured more of an hourglass shape in the heel, making it unstable. It’s also a 10mm drop as opposed to 8mm for Novablast 2 and 5mm for Clifton 8. It’s also a little more squishy feeling as opposed to the firmer Novablast 2. Hope that helps!


Emily!!! This helps me so so much, I will be sticking to the Novablast 2. I wish I could come to your store and get shoes from you… if I am ever in Georgia, I’m coming to the Big Peach Running Company. Have a beautiful day and thanks again for helping.


You’re so welcome, Janae!! I’m always happy to geek out over running shoes! We’d love to see you if you’re ever in the neighborhood! We do have some fun trail races around here if you ever need an excuse ha! ;)


Asics were my go-to for a long time, but Brooks and Saucony stole me away for several years. I just bought Hoka Clifton 7s in hopes of avoiding another PF flareup, as well! Over the past couple of years, I’m not sure if shoe profiles have changed or if my feet have expanded, LOL, but I’ve started wearing a half size bigger–still not sure if that was a good move for my new Hokas, but my feet don’t seem to slip in them. I checked reviews of the Novablast vs Clifton, but I decided to go with the wider toe box in hopes of keeping my feet happy :) Fingers crossed.


You will have to keep me updated on what you think of the Cliftons! They seriously helped my PF so much… I had no idea how much of a change a shoe could make for that injury. Yes, the Cliftons definitely have a wider toe box. ENJOY! Thanks Corey!


at one time in my life I worked weird shifts so had to be creative, or pretened to be ill occasionally so I could book off to get that long run in
love that chart, what running does is amazing, been just reading about seniors and what running does for bone density, just read all about DXA scans that was used to show that, and running even helps generate estrogen in women…so all good, and lots of new research


I am in LOVE with the Novablasts right now! I tried them on a whim, and the only other shoes I like as much are the New Balance 1080s. I have run in just about EVERYTHING. Like you, I ran in Asics a really long time ago, but I wasn’t a huge fan. They have done a great job with these though, and will definitley keep them in my rotation!


CUUUUTe throwback Brooke picture! And I love the deck treadmill! I had a jumper/bouncer thing in the doorway of my workout/treadmill room when my daughter was little. Then my son had all his trucks in the room too… it worked most days for at least 20 minutes!
Thanks for the shoe review – I have a hard time switching shoes, mostly because it’s confusing to know which ones to try! I have been wearing Saucony Peregrine 11s – they’ve been amazing, but I used to attempt trail running without trail running shoes … so part of the amazing-ness may be that I just needed some traction for trails. I am looking at trying Brooks Cascadias next. I think? I’ve been saying that for at least a month, and have not gotten around to buying them quite yet.
I run in the snow these days a lot, so I taped the top of my older shoes with duct tape. It works ok for keeping the wet out, & the duct tape holds up well – it just does not look all that pretty!
I am running lately but nothing serious yet – I’ll get back to some actual training in Feb. We’re doing a little skiing this weekend, so maybe I can use that to kickstart my motivation. Happy Tuesday!


The biggest strategy I have implemented since my kids were born is getting up super early to run. My husband is a pilot and often not home, so I frequently find myself on the treadmill at 3:30 or 4 in the morning during marathon training. It is PAINFUL come 3pm, but it really is the only time I can fit in a good chunk of mileage. Sometimes I’ll add a lunch break run, but this isn’t always guaranteed. Early run is better than no run, in my opinion (unless I need a rest day).
I remember reading your blog when you were running on the deck, and thinking it was such a creative idea :) You do what you have to do!


You need to try the Hokas Mach 4! I wasn’t a big fan of Cliftons, they were ok. The Hokas Mach 4s are speedy but a daily trainer and marathon shoe. They are hands down my favorite shoe.

I am curious now though about the NovaBlast.. I really like my Ghost 13s and I can’t find my size anywhere and the 14s are not getting great reviews! I might still try them though!


You have all the shoes I run in as well, so I’m sure you’ll love the Novabast too! I love the Mach and Ghost for my longer runs and use Novablast for tempos. I just bought Ghost 14, I hope I like them as much as 13 (I haven’t read the reviews, you make me worried)


I am in the market for a new pair of running shoes so I am definitely going to check out the Asics! I always dread going out on a run when I know it is going to be a longer run, especially in the cold weather. Similar to you, I trick myself and tell myself I am just going for a shorter run and then once I am out running it is really easy to convince myself to keep going further. I think just having the discipline of lacing my shoes and getting out the door helps me a lot to accomplish my running goals. I have recently started to incorporate easy runs into my routine and I have noticed a huge difference. My legs are not as tired on certain days and I am able to perform better.


thanks for your thoughts on the novoblast 2. I have been considering options for my 1080s and will give this a try.


Maybe you already posted about this, but I would love to read about how to keep your easy runs easy!
I am not a runner myself, but I go (indoor) climbing 2-3 times a week and it is really tempting to work yourself to absolute exhaustion every time… subsequently I almost never have a session at my best because I am always tired from the previous time :p
so yes, some tips on how to keep the easy mindset when you are excited to push yourself would be very helpful!
so far the only thing that works for me is to create “easy goals” to work on instead, but the temptation to do more is real…

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