A survey (with Andrew’s answers and then my own) over our dinner!

Happy Friday!!! I hope you are having an amazing day!  We are hitting up Disneyland today (this is what we are doing for Christmas since Brooke and Knox will both be gone with their other parents this year) so instead of running today I will be walking 10 miles from ride to ride and eating churros.

Andrew and I are sharing a survey that we took about each other and two meals from our sponsor today, Blue Apron (plus a deal for you)!  Thank you for reading and if you want to see some of our Disney pictures feel free to check out my Instagram today!

Here are the questions we answered about each other while eating dinner (Bucatini Bolognese) the other night!



What’s something I always say?  “Oh my heck guys!!!”

What makes me happy? Family, hot chocolate, running

How tall am I? 5’ 9″

What’s my favorite thing to do?  Run and Cuddle

What do I do when you’re not around?  Watch This Is Us wrapped in a blanket

If I ever become famous, what will it be for?  Candy Addict Anonymous

What’s my favorite food? Mom’s Lasagna and Sweet potatoes and BBQ Sauce

What’s my favorite restaurant? The Dodo, Shoga and of course Outback

Where is my favorite place to go?  Disneyland

If I could go anywhere, where would it be? Australia, Bora Bora, Somewhere warm

How do I annoy you?  You like to tickle me

What’s my favorite movie? Pride and Prejudice and about a million TV shows – The office, Gilmore Girls etc

You get a phone call that I’m in trouble.  Who am I with?  Megan D or your Mom


What’s something I always say?  Shiz (haha)

What makes me happy?  Milk duds, popcorn and a movie, some sort of adventurous activity (that is most likely at least a little bit dangerous), foot rubs, all of us being home together at the same time, Thanksgiving, teasing me when I am half asleep and have no idea what is going on, scaring me, being done with a run and ALL animals.

How tall am I?  5’11″

What’s my favorite thing to do?  Besides being with the family of course, mountain biking.

What do I do when you’re not around?  Read the comments on random controversial Facebook posts.

If I ever become famous, what will it be for?  Mountain biking.

What’s my favorite food?  PIZZA x 1,000,000

What’s my favorite restaurant?  In-N-Out

Where is my favorite place to go?  Wherever as long as I am there;)  Okay, probably Alaska.

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?  Alaska again.  Or Patagonia.  Or Iceland.

How do I annoy you?  THE SNOOZE BUTTON.  I think I might take your phone into Apple to have it removed.

What’s my favorite movie?  Harry Potter

You get a phone call that I’m in trouble.  Who am I with?  Your brother (I’m not going to say which one;)


My love for Blue Apron actually doubles during the cold winter months because it means we have delicious dinner waiting for us without having to go out into the cold to the grocery store.  Blue Apron delivers all of the farm-fresh ingredients that we need, right to our doorstep, in all of the right proportions.  It always comes in a refrigerated box so the ingredients stay fresh even if you aren’t home when it first arrives.

This time we went for the Family Plan (you can get the 2-Person Plan too) from Blue Apron because Brooke is trying more and more dishes (Knox is working on it too;) and I wanted her to eat some of the meals too either for dinner or lunch next day.

IMG 3140

The first meal that we made together was Bucatini Bolognese with Brussels Sprouts & Pecorino Cheese.


Okay, Andrew does most of the cooking but I do help a little bit;)  Just smelling the fresh basil.


Has anyone else ever tried this?  I was told that when my eyes are dying from cutting onions to grab onto the sink faucet, close my eyes and then it would go away.  It works for me—>  Placebo Effect is my middle name;)


The smell of this meal cooking made me so incredibly hungry ha.  I ran 9 miles that morning so I was more than ready for food.

I think the smell made Beretta hungry too!


Isn’t it beautiful?  Andrew and I both agreed that this was our favorite Blue Apron meal of the ones we have tried together which is saying a lot.  Maybe I loved it so much is because it tasted like spaghetti with way better flavor and add-ins:)


After dinner Andrew had some homework to get done so I turned on the new Gilmore Girls:)  I’m undecided on it though… I mean I still love it but for some reason I just love the old ones more?  Anyone else?


Something new that I noticed this time with Blue Apron was that each meal included a full nutritional facts guide.  It included everything you need to know about the meal you are about to eat just in case that is something you are interested in.


The second meal we made was PERFECT for the snowy day we were having at home.  Miso Udon Noodle Soup with Purple Daikon, Bok Choy & Hard Boiled Eggs!


Aren’t these purple radishes pretty?  Brooke told me I could eat them all because, ‘mom, purple is your favorite color.’  She knows me well.  She also reminded me the other day that I am thirty and Andrew is only twenty eight… she is very detail oriented these days;)


I LOVED adding the hard boiled egg to the final product.  It was so perfect with the soup.


Andrew did not add the hard boiled egg to his bowl because he does not like them.  He likes eggs cooked any other way, but he doesn’t like them this way.  More for Brooke and I then;)


Brooke was all about the noodles in the soup and it was her first time trying Bok Choy too which made this mama happy.


And there you have it!  Try out Blue Apron if you are needing to get out of your cooking routine and are wanting something delicious to cook at home.  I fall into the ‘creature of habit’ category and eat the same thing way too much. Blue Apron helps me to get out of that and try all sorts of different ingredients and genres of food!  Blue Apron adds new recipes to their menu every week.  They have a huge selection—>  check out their recipes here!  Also, you can read about Blue Apron’s recycling program here!


The first 50 readers will get three free meals on their first Blue Apron order… Just go HERE!!!!!  Don’t forget, there’s no commitment… you can skip or cancel the service at any time!


Any other Gilmore Girl fans?  What have you thought of the new ones on Netflix?? 

What are your Friday night plans?

What about you—>  do you get up when your alarm goes off or push the snooze button a few times before getting up?

What is something you always say?

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I’m with you–there was something about the new Gilmore Girls that just wasn’t the same. Maybe I built it up too much in my head. But I feel like Rory is SO different than how her character used to be. :/

Something I always say: “Shast!” And I don’t do much on Friday nights, so I’ll probably watch basketball and maybe some Parks and Rec on Netflix.


I was so happy to see my Gilmore girls again ( I watched the original serie at least 4 times!). That being said I have to admit that my favourite episode of the Netflix series is the last one! Lots of emotions in there. Hope you will enjoy it. The idea of food coming to my door this winter sounds amazing. I will have to look into this blue apron concept !


Love the survey, I will try and take it with my husband tonight! I always set my alarm 10 minutes earlier than I intend to wake up so I can hit snooze once or twice if I want to. But I am usually able to just jump right out of bed…my husband however will hit snooze for 30+ minutes, its so annoying! lol

Pizza is our Friday night plans!


Thank you for saying it! I have been feeling so weird about the new series of Gilmore Girls and I think I have just come to accept that nothing tastes the same the second time around.
“Oh my heck” and “Shiz” hahahah you guys are great, that is awesome.
When I want the attention of my girls’team I say “Hey, Hi, What’s up” A LOT…so much so, that they have started doing it back. Better that then yelling!


I have never heard anyone say “oh my heck” that is so funny :). I am similar to Andrew in that I hit the snooze button a million times. I feel like hitting it multiple times helps me ease into the morning haha!


I love GG! I have only watched the first two new ones. They are definitely good, but I agree that they are not as good as the old ones. I am a snoozer sometimes. I try not to be though ;) I hope y’all have a great weekend and enjoy your Christmas together!


I did watch Gilmore on Netflix! I really liked it although I had some issues with the musical part and other slightly boring parts but overall, I hope they make a few more episodes to see what happens! I don’t use snooze button because I have never used an alarm in my life. I know, I am weird.


You two are the most adorable. SO happy for you Janae!


I have to say, I was really disappointed by A Year in the Life, and not because of the last four words. The whole thing was aggravating. Rory sucked and made terrible choices. And what was that 20 minute musical in Summer? The worst. That’s what it was.




I love Gilmore Girls! The new episodes had me sobbing — but they HAVE to make more!!!!!

Crossfit tonight — followed by snuggling by the tree and steak for dinner. :D

Most days I’m awake before my alarm goes off — but every once in a while that snooze button gets whacked a half dozen times before I can crack my eyes open.


I just started watching the news Gilmore Girls and it’s not the same!! I think after I’m done I’m going to have to rewatch all the original seasons haha


I am just getting into GG but am already in love with Lorelai and Rory! Haven’t watched the reboot yet, so I’m skillfully avoiding spoilers! :) My friend found out that I hadn’t seen the show and she literally lunged at me. Hahaha. She was right, it’s an adorable show!


I’m actually really sad about Blue Apron. I was going to place an order, but they don’t accommodate for food allergies and apparently don’t recommend people with allergies use their service. :(


I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I watched all 4 episodes on the day they came out lol!
I was just disappointed in Rory when it came to her love life. I felt like it was sooo not her!


I did that survey with my husband and couldn’t stop laughing. Almost all of his answers revolved around my coffee obsession-“What would I be famous for?” “Spending the most money at Starbucks”. Also, the thing I apparently say the most is “you’re a butt” to which I responded, without thinking, “you’re a butt”. Oops haha. I’m obviously very mature.
I never hit the snooze button but my husband sets his alarm early and seriously hits it for about an hour. It drives me crazy! Why not just set it later?


Oh my goodness, “reading the comments on a controversial Facebook post” – that is so my husband too! Why do they do it?!?? :)


Gilmore Girls disappointed me a lot! I think my favorite seasons were 1-3. Rory was less annoying then too, lol

I plan to run tonight after my daughter goes to bed, it has been a tough week with toddler tantrums so I will need a good stress reliever! Gotta love my treadmill for that.

I am awful with the snooze button, too – drives my husband nuts! Haha


“Oh my heck guys!” That is hilarious. I think I say “good grief” a lot. Friday night plans include hanging with my parents and family because they are visiting. Recently I’be been waking up an hour to 45 minutes before my alarm, like 4:00 when my alarm is going off at 5. Ugh! I think it’s a combination of daylight savings and getting old.


while I still loved the new episodes of GG nothing will ever beat the originals!


Those blue apron meals look delish! I tried Blue Apron on a groupon once before and really enjoyed it – just wish it was more affordable without a discount!

Ughhhh so many thoughts on the new Gilmore! I usually write about running but had to use a whole darn post on my thoughts on Gilmores last week – –> https://theslowsheep.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/all-the-gilmores/


I was 100% disappointed with the new GIlmore Girls. :( I hated that that was how they portrayed Rory at this stage in her life. And I also couldn’t stand Lorelai…as an almost 50-year-old grown woman she really couldn’t say something nice about her dad at his funeral?? Haha I obviously am still not over it. I just wish I could un-see those episodes and only remember the original ones.


I’ve only watched the first two episodes of Gilmore Girls, but so far I haven’t been all that impressed. Maybe my expectations were too high or I was expecting something different. I’m hoping the last two will be better though!


I’m going to have to try those questions with my boyfriend! It will be interesting to see what he thinks I say all the time and what I would be famous for :) I too am a Gilmore Girls fanatic and love the original series. It comes on Freeform Monday-Friday at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM (central time) so if I’m not working I’m usually watching those episodes. My mom and I love the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. We watched the new series on Netflix together over Thanksgiving but we both agreed it’s not the same as the original. Just wait until the last season….it’s full of interesting happenings!


I snooze my alarm until it stops snoozing and then I oversleep. It’s terrible. My boyfriend is the complete opposite. I’m hoping when we live together he will rub off on me and I’ll get up immediately. Lol.

Tonight I’ll be finishing up my holiday cards so I can mail them out tomorrow.


Gilmore Girls is my favorite show! Still undecided. I feel like Rory is older and should be wiser, so I was a bit disappointed in her decisions on life with the new episodes. I loved how they tied in so many aspects of the original! Tonight is Date Night! I can not stand the snooze button and think it defeats the purpose of an alarm clock. My husband will hit it multiple times and I get up when it goes off. I say “mercy” a lot.


Hahaha “reads the comments on random controversial facebook posts”. Aren’t the comments always the best part??
My husband and I have tried blue apron a couple times and it’s definitely fun to cook with ingredients you likely have never used before!


Your interviews made me laugh! The place that I like to be the most is Alaska too, which is why I ended up moving here. Haha. I really want to try Blue Apron, but I don’t know if it’s possible where I live? Their meals always looks so good though!


I really love Blue Apron; we should probably start using it again. We stopped for sad reasons, but that sad no longer exists. Upward and onward — for yummy food!

G-Girls: I have so many questions, girl. So.Many.Questions.


Hate the New Gilmore Girls! Rory is terrible and expresses no remorse or accountability and she’s entitled. Bummed me out.
I sleep about 30 min after my alarm goes off but I don’t hit snooze at least!
I don’t know if I say anything a lot… probably “I love you” to my family and then I quote a million movies.


Cute that Brooke is getting adventurous with food! I’ve used Blue Apron a few times when I need inspiration and it’s great for that. We’ve incorporated a few of the meal ideas into our standard rotation. If only a chef popped out of the box too! Then I’d be hooked :)


I live in Alaska.. :) It’s been a great place to raise our two boys, almost 18, and 16..


Friday night plans are to go watch the local ballet production of Nutcracker with my husband………………the flower girl from our wedding has a small part in it! I don’t know what I say a lot, probably something that would make a 10 year old boy laugh……………..my hubby and I have the humor of kids!


I’m stuck using the word “like” too much. So are my kids.
I’ve never watched the Gilmore Girls. Not a single episode. And for no reason whatsoever. I should try it though.
My Friday night is the last Friday night before I fly to California (LA area). It’s the official 1 week countdown. And I’m every emotion about it.


This post made me laugh a few times!! Thank you and happy Friday :)


Yes OLD GG is way better. Disappointed with Rory’s lifestyle


What? I need to know Andrew’s train of thought here. Why would you be in trouble with me?? I make excellent life choices and am always such a good influence ;)

I say ‘But seriously’ A LOT.

Ross hits the snooze button SO many times. I want to murder him. #See #GoodLifeChoices #IAmNotAMorningPerson

I want to try this list with Ross. He is in Kansas now though so it will have to wait. That also means we have super exciting plans tonight of running errands. My kids LOVE when they are just with mom.


Friday night plans – Another holiday party! Tis the season!

When I’m going to work, I hit the snooze button at least three times.
When I’m going to run/meet up with my running club, I never snooze. Priorities!


okay, whew. My friends are loving Gilmore Girls and I’m thinking Rory was smart; why is she behaving so recklessly now? I have only watched the first 2 so far and I’ll watch the others but I’m not as excited as I was.

I am cooking dinner and logging couch time tonight. I’m tired and it’s cold out. (I sound like a grump).

I never hit snooze, I can’t fall back to sleep when I know I have to get up so it’s pointless.

I always say, “you have GOT to be kidding me!” in a disgusted voice. I also say BOO to my husband pretty regularly. I have no idea why, he pretends to be scared. (we are pretty silly together).


That Udon soup looks delicious! And you make the perfect hard boiled eggs-they look so creamy!!!

I am a snooze button girl. It even drives me crazy but I can’t help it!!!


Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life … it was great to have them back. My hands down favorite is Fall and I cried through most of it. Also found Rory to be lost and frustrating — however I think we all have peaks and valleys in our life and this “year” definitely found her in a valley. So on one hand it’s a realistic portrayal of someone who thought life would turn out differently and is struggling to accept her own role in that — but also frustrating for fans who want more for her. If it comes back for another year I vote for more scenes with Sookie and Paris. :)


I really enjoyed watching the new Gilmore Girls episodes but Rory “felt” different. But not going to lie, I still cried like crazy at all of the sappy parts. I want more!

Tonight is the start of our holiday party streak. My husband’s office is having a dinner! Love some free food.

I never hit snooze, but I usually lay in bed for a minute or two after my alarm to try to convince myself that I’m ready to get out of bed.


For the snooze – if it’s on the phone how about some ear buds? It’s about respect. Respect yourself and the person in the bedroom with you! I think this is up there with snoring.

For GG – when did Amy Sherman-Palladino leave the show? If this was the end result of her vision, I have a clearer picture of their conflict. I’m not buying the reboot version of Rory. Luke, Emily and Paris were spot-on. If there is a future and Amy is there, the level of enjoyment will not be the same and it makes me sad. Very sad.


Big plans…white chocolate and m&m cookie bar baking and early to bed. I have to get up at 5a.m. to wrap the kids’ Christmas presents.

Have fun at Disney!


I love the snooze button too!
And I have yet to watch the new GG!

Also….the part where Brooke reminded you of you and Andrew’s ages made me LOL! I am also older than my significant other :)


I just finished watching the new season of Gilmore Girls. I was not happy. It was really fun to see everyone again. I really enjoyed the fact that they were able to bring back so many of the townspeople so you really feel like they’ve been off living their life since the last time you saw them. I love how things wrapped up with Luke and Lorelai, BUT Rory is a mess. Everyone struggles now and then, but I wish they would’ve shown her finding her way a bit by the end.

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