Merry Christmas Eve!

Just a quick hello today with a few pictures!  

7 miles @ 8:15 average with Andrew.

IMG 0021 copy

During our run I was telling Andrew how much I missed doing weights this week… WHO AM I?!?

IMG 0027

Pool party at my sister-in-law’s pool.  The kids were so happy about the snack selection.

IMG 0031

IMG 0033

IMG 0044

IMG 0037

Hot chocolate hit the spot.

IMG 0038

And another one bites the dust… Skye started feeling not so great in the evening so we left to go home and we are crossing every finger and toe that she wakes up today feeling 100%!

IMG 0048


Any fun Christmas Eve plans?

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Oh no! Poor Skye!! Hopefully it’s just a quick bug and she won’t be sick for Christmas! ?
I’ve been loading my kids with elderberry gummies and vitamins, so much junk is going around.
Merry Christmas Eve!! My husband was able to come up until Tuesday so I’m going to go for a run and do some SOLO Christmas shopping!!!!! I 100% take advantage of him when he’s here. ?


Mollie! He is home ahhhh! Enjoy every second of having him there (and finally getting alone time too)! You are amazing, merry Christmas to you and your family!


It stays this warm in Utah?? Wow! (Says the midwesterner)
Also. Loving your lululemon gear. I picked up the running vest that you had on the other day. It is so thin but so warm. Great purchase!


Oh we were in Vegas! Northern utah is covered in snow… so nice to sneak away to a bit warmer temperatures! I am so happy you love the vest, I need it in another color now! I hope your day is a wonderful one, Molly!


Oh no, poor Skye!! Hoping she’s better today.
Have a wonderful Christmas Janae ?


Oh, I hope Skye wakes up feeling 100%.

I had a Reindeer Run with friends this morning. We opened our presents. Church this evening. My daughter was chosen to bring up baby Jesus (I am bribing her with gummy worms, haha). Christmas tonight with my in-laws.

Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family!


Lots of preschoolers with Covid right now, if you can grab a rapid test it would be worth it. I am a preschool special Ed teacher and I see many of my students in their schools or daycares. So far the ones that seem like they have colds have all been positive. It’s not so hard on them though but I hope she feels better tomorrow!!


I hope Skye feels better! Is Beck still feeling better too?

You are starting to enjoy strength, that’s awesome!

We are having Christmas with my nieces, brother and sister-in-law today, so we’ll have dinner and open presents. Been wrapping gifts this morning! Also got in a quick bike workout and abs.

Merry Christmas Eve!


Covid hit our family this week…5/6 of us:( my husband has had it the worst. All our normal plans have changed but making the most of time together…it is a gift. Also, focusing on the real reason we have Hope…Jesus! Praying you are all healthy asap! Merry Christmas!


Hi Janae! Happy Christmas Eve! We were at Solitude earlier, it’s gorgeous here! So glad snow came in.
Hope Skye feels better soon for the holidays!


it’s about to turn -30C here, coldest Christmas in 50 years…the worst thing isn’t the cold, but realizing that I was 13 50 years ago, yep, actually older than the parents and possibly grandparents of all the people I know….and oh yeah, that’s -22F…..tomorrow’s run should be interesting…it’s a good thing I already have 3 adult kids


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