Race Week + Skye’s Heaven + St. George MUSTS & Meet-Up Info!

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

It’s race week!  13.1 is happening on Saturday, which will be the first time I’ve raced that distance in over two years.  Every time I race a half-marathon, it is usually part of the buildup towards a marathon which means I have no idea how to taper this week—> I would love some tips in the comments.

On Saturday I was able to do some speed with friends.  My foot held up pretty well, which made me very excited about this race.

When we see these triangles (put up by my old coach), we know it is time to work;).

3-mile repeats (part flat, mostly down) @ 5:49, 5:40 & 5:35.  Thank you to OOFOS (<— these are making the biggest difference for me) for making this possible.  Ten miles total for the day.

IMG 2799

Let’s talk about the biggest event of the weekend.

A week ago, my sister invited us (Brooke and Knox were gone for the weekend) to go to a BYU football game with her.  I assumed Skye would be 10% excited when I told her, but I was very wrong.  She was 110% excited.  She carried Cosmo (the mascot) around with her every day, woke us up at 4 am to ask if it was time to go yet, put her outfit together days in advance, and it was all she could talk about.

IMG 2841

This human’s life was made.

IMG 2851

My brother-in-law gave us VIP treatment.

IMG 2883 1

Which included so many treats.

IMG 2861

And then he set up a time for Skye to meet Cosmo, and she was giddy.  Until she met him… and then she was terrified of him;).  Her love for Cosmo quickly turned to a strong love for the cheerleaders.

IMG 2894

It was a night she will never forget, and it was beyond worth staying up 5 hours past our usual bedtime.

IMG 2858

It’s Knox’s bday today! We cannot wait to celebrate with him tomorrow.  We will be playing Legos, eating pizza and whatever else he wants to do!


Hopefully, many of you are coming to St. George for the race in just a few days.  I’d love to meet anyone who is coming, so if you are around, want to meet up at the expo @ 3 pm on Friday (10/1) inside of the main entrance?  DM me on IG if you can’t see us right away so I can find you! I’ll be there for about 30 minutes and would love to pep each other up for our races and meet!

Don’t forget to read my race recaps here, here, here, and here if you want tips for the course!

While you are in town, I put together a list of a bunch of my favorites for you to do/see/eat!

Things to do:

If you have kids, Thunder Junction All Abilities Park is a must.  This place is amazing, and it even has a train that goes around the entire park along with a splash pad and a huge park.

IMG 4644

*Another one for kids—> the Children’s Museum is amazing and only $5.  My kids spend hours there happily.  Get there when it opens because it gets busy! There is also a fun splash pad right outside of it.  The Grip is another fun and indoor activity for kids… it’s a trampoline/obstacle course type place along with a roller rink.

*Glitter mountain—> it is a big pile of dirt that contains a bunch of gypsum, making it super glittery looking, and you can take a small piece with you as a souvenir.

*M&S Turquoise.  They have amazing jewelry at wholesale prices.  There are a bunch of fun stores next to it too!

*Sand Hollow or Gunlock (where we got engaged) are gorgeous reservoirs.

*Pioneer Park is the most amazing red rock area that gives you the city’s best views.  There are so many places to hike around that are kid-friendly.  We highly recommend taking food up to the top of one of the rocks to eat while you watch the sunset.   You can also rock climb here, which is a blast.

*Snow Canyon.  You will see parts of Snow Canyon during the race, but if you go inside the State Park, you will be even more shocked by the views.  There are awesome bike paths, sand dunes, and hikes.  Do not skip this area!

IMG 4496

*The Snake Hollow Bike Park!  They have sections for each level of bikers.

*There are SO many incredible hikes all over the place (check AllTrails), but the Dino Cliffs dinosaur tracks were one that my kids loved.  There are some dino tracks about .5 miles into the hike.

*As far as running goes, you will find that there are bike/running paths pretty much everywhere.  Check out AllTrails to find any trails near you, and Church Rocks are probably my favorite so far.

*You are less than an hour away from Zion, and I think that is a must!


*If you are in the mood for Mexican, you must go to Cafe Sabor.  The chips and salsa are marvelous, and so are the fajitas.

*Pasta Factory is a must for us (Andrew worked there for five years), and we love the breadsticks and Alfredo.

*VIVA CHICKEN.  My absolute favorite.  You will never experience better chicken in your life than from here:). Vegan and vegetarian options are offered too.

*River Rock Roasting Co.  The views are insane, and it is on the way to Zion if you are headed in that direction.  The food is perfect too—> pizza, sandwiches, salads, etc and I could sit on the deck all day and stare at the views.

*Sugar’s!  The desserts are insane, and they do things like serve burgers with donuts as the buns.

IMG 9351

*Bear Paw Cafe for the best breakfast/brunch.  There is usually a bit of a wait!

*Dutchman’s for a pink sugar cookie (or two or three).

*Morty’s Cafe for scone fries and burgers.

*Our favorite place for a treat is Nielsen’s Frozen Custard!

IMG 4662

*Farmstead!  We just discovered this one recently and will make a stop here every time we visit.

IMG 2267

It’s the perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

IMG 2266


Will you be in St. George this weekend?  PLEASE TELL ME!  Anything I should add to the St. George musts list if you have been there before?

Football games… Ever go to them?  Favorite team?  

Week of a half-marathon, give me your tips for tapering?  

What is your favorite race distance?

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Yay race week!! Enjoy the taper! My half is next weekend (Oct 9) so I’ll take all the taper tips too haha.

Aww glad Skye had so much fun!! When I was in undergrad at TCU I went to all the football games and loved it.


Thank you Mariah! I am so excited for your half marathon next weekend. I love all races so much! There’s just something so fun about college football games so glad you were able to go to so many. Have the best Monday!


Good luck in the 1/2! I’m doing it too. It’s my first race back in an over 3 year break in running. It will be a slow run/walk, but I’m doing it with a friend and am excited!
I won’t be down there early enough to meet up. But best of luck! I’m excited for you!


CHEERING SO LOUD for you Jan. I am so happy you are back running and I hope I get to see you at the race. Please say hi if you see me:). Have the best time with your friend running and I hope you have a beautiful day!


My first time to St. George. I have been really nervous about the downhills and if any of them are steep. I’m from Franklin TN just outside of Nashville so I hope the hills around here were enough?. Hopefully I will meet you and thanks for all the tips. I will read them again and again! Hope you have a great race!


Ah so fun to have a meet up! Also those donuts and pastries have me drooling over here…not what I expected for a Monday morning ha.

I haven’t gone to a football game in years but I have been to tailgates recently and those are great. Tailgate food is delicious!


I have never been to a tailgate. I need to change that fact. I hope you get a delicious pastry ASAP. They just make life better. Have the best Monday, Maureen!


Yay Race Week!!!! It is mine too ? I will send good vibes to St. George for you and you send me strong running vibes during the run for my first Half Ironman in Memphis….So excited to hear how awesome you do!


Hey Katrina! Happy race week to you too. Please let me know how your half Ironman goes. You inspire me big time, I can’t even imagine doing a half Ironman! Sending all of the strong running, biking and swimming vibes. You’ve got this!


Thanks for the recommendations! We’re bringing our 10 year old and needed some things to do with her. Good luck at the race! I’m running the half as well…so glad they added it this year. Was on course to do the full, but life happened!


Hey Amy! I’m so excited that you were coming to St George for the race. I hope to see you there! I hope your daughter loves St George too. Please let me know how your race goes and what you think of St George! Happy tapering!


Happy Birthday to Knox!!!
Yay for race week!! I am so excited for you! I wish I was going and running. One of these years I will.
You have talked about Pasta Factory and Viva Chicken for years!! I need to try both soon.
I’m not good a tapering for a half. I usually take 2 days of rest before the race, but like you, when I usually do half marathons, I’m training for a full, so I don’t taper.
Oh my goodness, Skye’s excitement for the BYU game… Yes! We love football in our family! I love to watch college games on Saturdays while doing things around the house, and we all love the NFL. Our team is the Denver Broncos, and we actually own season tickets in Denver :). Kind of a Bummer Skye ended up being a little afraid of the mascot, but that will probably change in a year or so.
Sounds like a really fun weekend.
Have a great Monday and start to your race week!


Wendy! I am so happy that you were able to go to Colorado this weekend. I bet it was the best to be with your mom again. It really is so hard to figure out how to taper for a half marathon. Rest is best will be my motto ha. Your family definitely loves football, and season tickets… that is awesome! Thanks Wendy. Have the best day!


Hi Janae! I gotta get to St. George next year it looks like so much fun! Way to nail those mile repeats so close to the race! Excited to see what you’ll do!!
Happy birthday to Knox and have a great day!


Amy! 2022 will be the year that you come to St George and race the marathon! You’re gonna love it. Thank you so much friend. I hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Happy Happy Birthday Knox! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Some day I will make it to Utah, have always wanted to see your state and after following you for the last nine years ( I think it’s been nine, discovered you right before Brooke was born) I most surely will!!


Connie! I love that we’ve been friends for nine years now! Please make a trip out to Utah and I will take you to all of my favorite things and we will have the best time together. Keep in touch and thanks again, have a beautiful day!


I am running the marathon this weekend in St. George. I ran it several years ago and loved it (which is why we are going back). It remains one of my favorite races. Good luck to you!


Jana! This makes me so so happy. It really is such an amazing race. I hope to see you there. Enjoy the taper!


Happy birthday to Knox! This is an exciting last year in single digits! And what a fun weekend for Skye. When I was growing up we always had season tickets to the Cal Bears games in the family section, those are great memories. I still get so excited when I hear their band play. Now if they only had those gigantic maple bars!!! Yay for race week!


Skye didn’t get bored during the game? We go to University of Tennessee games where we live but my youngest at 6 can barely make it through a full game and that’s with lots of concessions! My 8 year old is watching and following along more!
You make me want to visit St George! I live in East TN so that’s a big trip but maybe some day!


Yes, 2021 is so much more running for you! Cheering you on from here.

Thanks for the insider guide to St. George. It probably says a lot Andrew likes to eat at a place where he worked, and got an inside view. Good for them for staying in business so long.

Big 9 for Knox! Some think of 9 as the end of a cycle. Then onto a new cycle.


I will never run the Church Rocks trail without thinking of you for as long as I live. I feel like I should come to this meet up because it would be like returning to our origin story.
Good luck this weekend! You are going to do great! I’ll have Ross pray extra hard that your foot behaves. Eat at alllll those restaurants for me, please and thank you.
I want just one ounce of skyes energy.


Good luck on your race!! You’ve got this!

I would add a few of our St George faves:
Angelicas (formerly Irmitas) for the best street tacos —I like the chicken and sweet pork the best but all the options are delicious. Plus they have a yummy salsa bar
And Croshaws for pies. Love the lemon sour cream (need to get there when it opens because they sell out fast!) also their pot pies are delicious


Good luck on your half Janae!! I’m so happy for you that your foot is feeling good, and am seriously considering getting some Oofos now..

As for St. George recommendation, you should check out Tia’s Restaurant! They have a big range of food types, but the pupusas specifically were incredible when I visited. Sadly I was only in St. George for a day on my road trip and it happened to be a Sunday so everything was closed (except Tia’s, which is how I found it!) Guess I’ll just have to visit again in the future!

Happy birthday to Knox! I hope he has a wonderful day filled with all the best things :)

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