(Shorts, shirt, shoes, glasses)

Brooke ran two miles with me, and then she biked with me while I ran another two miles.

IMG 2735

IMG 2741

Last time seeing Knox as an eight-year-old!

IMG 2749

IMG 2753

She told me this watch was her Garmin.

IMG 2782

IMG 2770 1

Not much better than the peach shakes from Marleys.

IMG 1725

Skye was invited to go swimming with a friend.

IMG 2785

He needs three baths a day lately.

IMG 2788

I have worn these NONSTOP the last 1.5 days (my feet haven’t touched the ground without OOFOS or shoes on), and I cannot believe how much better my foot feels.

IMG 2795


Tell me three things you have going on today?

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The joy on Brooke’s face running with you is absolutely precious! Three things going on today: 1) we are enjoying a cool snap where I live and it’s AMAZING, so my husband and I will take the dog for a nice, long walk and then I will probably get out for a short easy run (my long run day is tomorrow), 2) also need to do a strength workout because I hate strength training and put if off 3) date night, including sunflower picking at our friend’s farm and a trip to our local indie bookstore. Have a great Saturday! :)


I hope she always loves running as much as she does now! Enjoy every second of the perfect weather. That date sounds like a blast, can we double with you? Have an awesome long run tomorrow and you are not alone with your feelings of strength training! Thanks Emily!


I so love that Brooke ran and biked with you! So fun, and her smile says it all ?
Happy almost birthday to Knox!!
We’re in Colorado! Yippee! After about a 3hour delay in leaving, long story, we finally got to my mom’s late last night. First thing on my list, is to go for a run in the crisp clean air! Then we’ll e helping my mom with some stuff around her house, then dinner with my sisters. I think I mentioned this yesterday, but I haven’t seen my family in person since before the pandemic! It felt so good to hug my mom!
Tomorrow is the football game, then sadly we have to fly home. But we are going to enjoy every second of being here.
Have a great Saturday and relaxing Sunday. ?


Wendy! I am so happy to hear you are in Colorado!
It gave me goosebumps to hear that you were able to give your mom a big hug after such a long time apart. Enjoy dinner with your sisters too! I bet that cold crisp air felt like heaven after the heat you’ve experienced in California! I hope this weekend feels like it lasts forever and that you’ll be able to make it back out to Colorado again soon. Thanks Wendy you are the best!


Hi Janae! Love those shorts on you! I can’t believe Knox and Brooke are growing up so fast.. they were just Skye’s age! I’ve been trying to figure out what’s on your tv in the last pic..
Anyways I’m off for my long run. Happy birthday to Knox!! Wishing him a great year ahead!


Amy!!! Seriously. I swear they are basically teenagers these days! It’s Cruella, I’m embarrassed how many to me so have watched it. Have you seen it? I hope you had the best long run. Happy weekend.


Love your blog and your positivity! The Oofos sandals were recommended to me by my running coach when I had plantar fasciitis and they were a game changer. I NEVER go barefoot or in socks in the house any more (we have almost all hardwoods).


This makes me so happy to read. Oofos are changing our lives! I cannot believe the difference they are making. Our house is all hardwood too. Thank you for your sweet words, Janet… they mean a lot to be. Enjoy your weekend!


Oofos are the ONLY thing that have cured my Plantar Fascitis!!!! Tried PT, chiro, Graston, massage, stopped running, Ultrasound, laser therapy, cupping. Only Oofos have worked!!!! Never ever go barefoot in the house again or it starts to come back with in one day.


Crazy!!! I seriously cannot believe the difference they are making for me. So happy they keep your feet happy. We should send the inventors of oofos a gift basked. Happy weekend Monica!


I did eight miles this morning and am just relaxing with a cup of coffee. The marathon is one week away!


Ahhhh one week away! So so excited for you. Happy tapering and keep me updated on it all. Cheering for you.


Two miles? She is doing great! She must have a great coach! ;)
I did my last long run today before 26.2. Yikes!
Now I need to prep for my husband’s century ride tomorrow. I have to think of bike running signs. I’m used to running signs!


Thanks Molly. I hope she continues to love Running forever. Last long run!! I can’t wait to see how your marathon goes you have trains so hard and you are so ready. Good luck to your husband I want to hear about how it goes for him too!


Painting a barn where my daughter takes horse lessons. Getting some elliptical time in, because painting barns isn’t enough ! haha And… going out for a well deserved meal somewhere.


You were busy!! I hope you had a delicious meal out?


I love those jeep pajamas, so you know the brand? I’m definitely looking into the oofas!


Hey Gen!! The brand is Cotton On Kids! You will love the oofos!

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