(Shirt and leggings)

Sometimes I attempt to hold them at the same time.  Nine miles @ 8:23 average with my feet happy starting 14 minutes into the run.

SOMETIMES we have a seamless morning getting out the door for school.

IMG 2431

Sometimes Baretta takes Skye on a walk.

IMG 2167

Sometimes I go to Target alone when the older three are at school, and Beck is napping at home while Andrew is there doing school.   It feels like a mini-vacation.

IMG 2473

Sometimes Andrew and I fit into the same shoes… like his bike shoes:)

IMG 2172

Sometimes Beck will lean in his head to snuggle.

IMG 2284

Sometimes I have the hardest time believing that he is almost a one-year-old!

IMG 2262

Sometimes Andrew knows the best way to my heart… I came home to a three-pack of these socks.  I’ve researched for 20+ years on the best running socks and have finally found them.

IMG 2357

Sometimes it makes me way too happy that the kids want to race (picture with my running friend’s son:).  They did a 3k yesterday!

IMG 2529

Sometimes your cheek muscles are tired at the end of a race because you are smiling so much.

IMG 2530

Sometimes you have a side ache but show how incredibly strong you are by not quitting!

IMG 2499 2

Sometimes you don’t want to race and instead pour Gatorade on top of your head;)

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Sometimes I want to sit and listen to their race recaps all night long.

IMG 2528

Sometimes you walk around the grass barefoot and do plantar fasciitis stretches multiple times in a park… runners are strange.

IMG 2514

She finished her Marathon in a MONTH!

IMG 2526


Tell me your run today!

Tell me something weird that runners do!

What is your SOMETIMES for the day?

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Congratulations, Brooke!!!!!!!!! What a great accomplishment! I can’t wait to read your running blog someday!


I’m showing your comment to her when she wakes up! Thanks Lee and have the best day❤️


3k! That’s amazing! They’re crushing it!
I love those lulu socks too!
My run is a warm up, 2 @ gmp, 10x 600 at about 10k-5k pace, cool down. Not many workouts left! :)
Sometimes I wake up and just know I’m going to crush a workout. (And sometimes I wake up and know I’m not lol).


Okay, this workout sounds amazing! I want to do this next time I am marathon training. Boston is so close and you have trained SO hard. Cannot wait to see you reach your goals! Hahaha I know that feeling well. This one you are going to crush?


Hahaha one of my favorite things on walks with my dog is when I see a young kid walking a dog and depending on the size of the dog I’ll wonder who is walking who.

Sometimes I lay in bed instead of getting up right away because my bed sounds much better than changing into workout clothes ;) Then I’ll get up and do it but the bed just sounds better some days.


Hahaha it really is so funny… I wonder if Baretta even knows Skye is there;). Sometimes I feel the exact same way… maybe we all need less comfortable beds haha. Have the best day, Marueen.


Sometimes you have to move around your training schedule to accommodate life. I have things to do both mornings this weekend and can’t get in my long run, so thinking about doing it after work on Friday. Is that crazy?! Feels weird to me not to do a long run on a weekend morning haha. So my today run would be speed, tomorrow rest, and Friday 10 miles!


ABSOLUTELY! That is a sometimes for all of us! I love that plan, Mariah. I used to always do my long runs on Friday after school when I was a teacher because of my weekend schedule. Go rock it (and it totally does feel weird, I agree)! 10 miles wahoo!


Way to go Brooke and Knox!!! And way to go Brooke! I would love to hear their race recaps too ?
Sometimes I absolutely love getting up real early, when the house is completely quiet, and sneaking out for a run before the sun comes up. I’m doing that right now! Not sure how far I’ll go, but I will love it.
So glad your foot was feeling happy. It’s frustrating when injuries/niggles pop up right before a race.
Have a really good day Janae ?


I need to have them sit down and type them out (they are so good at typing now too). What a great idea, thanks Wendy. I’m with you on that one, it just feels so right to sneak in some time before the world gets busy. YOU TOO!!


Good morning Janae and everyone!
my run today is also something weird…I am flying from Oahu to Florida for business and just finished up a 30 minute run at 2:30 am HST. We runners are weird about getting in those miles! I will be a much better seat companion to whomever sits next to me for the long day of travel. :-)
Congratulations to Miss Brooke for crushing that marathon! Way to go!!


HEY Amanda! Hahah yes that is definitely weird… but all of us runners get it and encourage it ha. SO glad you were able to get in some movement before travel, that is a must for me too. Thanks friend and safe travels.


Yay! Brooke! I’m so happy for her that she discovered the love of running early!
I’m also happy your foot is feeling better!!! That’s what happens when you’re proactive and take care of things RIGHT AWAY.’
And yes… I remember those “mini-vacations” to Target very well, ha ha. Fun times!


Hey Jenny! Thank you so much, I am so excited for her running future. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Hi Janae! It is so incredible to see your kids taking after you with their love of running. I have been following you since Brooke was a baby and your life was VERY different than it is now. I just couldn’t be HAPPIER for all of you. It must touch your heart deeply that they have an interest and love for the same things you do in life. I know it does….because I don’t even know all of you and it touches MY heart deeply.

Have a great day!


Donna, well your comment made me tear up. Thank you so much sweet friend. It really feels like things have completely changed and I feel so grateful. Thank you so much for being my friend and please keep in touch!


Yahoo, Brooke!!! Way to smash that goal!


Corey! Thank you so much! I will show her your comment when she gets home!


Brooke is crushing it!
I did a run with 4 miles at marathon pace. Starting to get nervous but trying to put all the faith in my coach and myself-and my glutes!


Trust trust trust the training. You’ve done the work, that goal is YOURS! Way to get in those 4 at MP! You are amazing Molly:)


Sometimes I crush my favorite 10 mile Oahu loop, then pack up and fly home to California. Sometimes the next run is miserable but I know it will get better.




Brooke: Congratulations on your marathon in a month! Your mom and all her running/blog friends are so proud of you! :)


Showing her this comment when she gets home from school today! Thanks Jen, it means a lot. Hope your day is a beautiful one.


Does the school do a prize for the marathon in a month? That’s cool! I’d love to start up some kind of running thing at my kids school.

So before your foot felt good at the 14 min mark, how did it feel? If my planter doesn’t feel good at the start I’m afraid to keep on running thinking it worsen. But yours got better.


Yes! They do a little prize for each kid, they are very motivated by it. It hurt with each step… not enough to take away wanting to run/some joy but each step hurt but just got better with time. I hope that yours is able to get better and better. Such an annoying injury!


Great job Brooke!
You are determined!

She is growing up to be close to her mom in determination and a heart of goodness!

Beautiful family :)


Sometimes you wake up tired and don’t feel like doing your weight workout. So you do half of it because half is better than nothing.

Congrats Brooke! She is looking so grown up these days!


Yay for Brooke and Knox! That’s awesome!

But also – your hair! It is looking really good! It really suits you that length!


Hi Janae! My husband and I met you and your family by the pretzel store at University Mall a couple weekends ago, we were visiting from New Mexico with our 3 kids. I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you! I read a little bit of your story on your blog and I’m very touched. You guys are awesome examples of positivity and perseverance! I hope you have an awesome day!


THIS MADE MY DAY! I am so happy to hear from you. I loved talking with you! Next time you are in Utah, let me know and let’s meet at a park with our kiddos. I hope you do too and thank you to you and your husband for serving our country!

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